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I Love You But Your Brother Keeps Me Wet

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I Love You But Your Brother Keeps Me Wet

  I Love You but Your Brother Keeps Me Wet


  Stephanie Wilson

  ©2018 Creative Flow Publications

  All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced in any for or by any electronic mechanical means, including photocopying, recording the author, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in review.

  Published by Creative Flow Publications

  First Edition

  This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to organizations, people; living or dead, events, establishments are strictly the product of the author’s imagination. All was used fictitiously.

  Contributing Author: Stephanie Wilson

  Cover Design: K & T Graphics

  Editor: Shawnna Robinson


  First, I want to thank God for life.

  I would like to thank my mother for being my support system, and my husband for standing in my corner, pushing me to always stay focused. To my five amazing children, you guys keep me going all the time. To my sisters; Tahj, Teara, and Eisha, my brother’s; Tyheed and Semaj, I love y’all.

  To the Creative Flow team; Coco and Valarie y’all the best, always there when I need advice and that extra push, much respect and love. To Bernetta and Tera, y’all the realist, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way, much love. To my family who’s been supporting me from the east coast to the west coast, I appreciate all the support. And to everyone else that supports me, thank you!!!

  Stephanie Wilson

  Chapter 1

  “Joy it’s time for you to get up.”

  I rolled over and looked at my mother, then looked at the digital clock that was on the night stand. It read 9:30a.m., it felt like I just went to sleep. I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. sending my resumé to multiple jobs. I got up, made my bed. I closed my door that mama left open; I hate when she does that. “Yeah, it’s time for me to get up out of here,” I said to myself. I love my mom to death, but she gets on my last nerve. I’m twenty-three years old and she act like I’m some kid. I went to the bathroom to handle my hygiene. I got out the shower, dried off, and applied lotion to my body. I started brushing my teeth and my phone went off, indicating I had new email. I darted across the hallway and damn near bust my ass tripping over the throw rug that was in the hallway.

  “Stop running in my damn house!” my mama yelled from her room.

  I got up and rubbed my knee, then grabbed my phone an opened my Gmail. The subject read: Come in for a face to face interview, so I opened the email…

  Good Morning Joy Anderson. This is Anthony Hunter, the owner of MBC Oil. I received your resumé and I’m very interested in meeting with you. I would like to set up a face to face interview. Call me at (212)765-2333. Hope to hear from you soon.

  I got up off my bed and started dancing in the middle of the floor. This job was just what I need. It pays $19.00 an hour, paid sick days and vacation, paid travel and yearly bonuses. I wrote the number down and dialed it. Waiting for the phone to ring, I bit my nails; a habit I need to get rid of.

  “Hello, thank you for calling MBC Oil, this is Anthony, how can I help you?”

  “Hi, this is Joy Anderson. I just received your email and I’m calling to set up the face to face interview.”

  “Ahh, Ms. Anderson, yes I’m very impressed with your resumé and work experience. Can you come in today? I would like to fill the position immediately.”

  “Yes! I would love to come in today.”

  “Great! Do you have a pen and paper for the address?”

  “Yes, I’m ready.”

  “Okay, its 703 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10036, 10th floor.”

  “Okay great what time can I come in?”

  “How about the next hour if that’s fine with you.”

  “That’s perfect, I will see you soon.”

  “Okay, see you soon.”

  We ended the call and I started dancing again. I went to my closet and pulled out a nice outfit. It was a red knee skirt that had a small slit in the back, a white blouse, and a pair of red Michael Kors shoes I got on sale at Macy’s. I placed my clothes on my bed. I went to the bathroom to plug up my curling iron and waited for it to warm up. Once it was good and hot, I applied curls to my 20” Indian weave. Once I was satisfied with my hair, I put my clothes on and applied a light coat of make up to my face. To finish it off, I put an even layer of MAC lip gloss on my lips. I did a double take and was happy with the woman staring back at me.

  I went in my room, grabbed my purse, wallet, phone and keys. I knocked on my mother’s door and entered. She was watching an old episode of I Love Lucy.

  “Mama, I have an interview, I will be back.”

  “That’s good baby, I hope you get it. Good luck.”

  “Thank you, mama.” I gave her a kiss on her cheek and walked out the door.

  I started my 2009 Honda Civic, my daddy bought me before him and my mom split up. I put the address in my phone, turned on the radio and listened to the directions from the GPS. The traffic was great. I pulled in the parking spot with thirty minutes to spare. Parking in the city is impossible, I was lucky to have found a spot right out front. I got out the car after double checking my hair and teeth. I walked inside the tall building and got on the elevator and took it to the tenth floor. The entire elevator was made of glass, I admired the view as it was going up. The bell dinged letting me know I was on the tenth floor. I got off the elevator and admired how large the office was. I was loving the space and all the large windows. I heard a door open and turned in that direction. What I saw had me ready to sign the new hire paperwork right away.

  I licked my lips and admired the tall dark handsome man that was approaching me. I assumed that this was Mr. Hunter. He stood about 5’8, sporting an all-black Steve Harvey suit with a black pair of Steve Harvey shoes. His dreads were freshly twisted, and they hung past his shoulders. He was wearing a pinky ring that shined so beautiful.

  “Hello, you must be Ms. Anderson?” He held out his hand for me to shake it.

  “Yes, but please call me Joy, Mr. Hunter.” I shook his hand and looked him right in his eyes.

  “Well, since we are doing first names, call me Anthony.”

  “Okay,” I said admiring all this man.

  “So, Joy, I see you have experience as an assistant and with customer service.”

  “Yes, I do. My last job was fresh out of high school. I was with the company for three years before they relocated. They wanted me to relocate with them, but I didn’t have any plans to leave New York at that time, I love it here.”

  “That’s great. So, you know how to answer phones professionally, send emails, invoices, set up appointments, transfer phone calls, and send over faxes, correct?”

  “Of course, I do!” I let out a small chuckle.

  “Well let’s do some role play. I will come in as if I have an appointment. I want you to greet me and we will go from there. Have a seat at this desk.” I sat down at the huge cherry wood desk.

  Anthony left out the room and came back in.

  “Good morning sir, welcome to MBC Oil, how can I help you?”

  “That’s good, but put a little more happiness in your voice. Let’s do it again.”

  He left out the room and I repeated what I said, but my voice was more cheerful.

  “That’s good, I like that. How soon are you looking to start working?”


  “Are you sure?”

  “Yes, I needed a job like yesterday,” I chuckled.

  “Okay, follow me to my office and we can start the new hire paperwork.”

  I followed
him to his office and it was nice. He had a smoke gray carpet, an oak wood desk and plenty of awards and degrees hanging on his wall. There were a few family pictures that were on the wall as well. I sat in the chair that was across from Anthony. He pulled out the new hire packet and highlighted the spots that I had to fill out. After I was done with the packet, he took a copy of my ID and Social Security card.

  “Okay, everything looks good. I have a technician coming in today to set up computers and phones. How about we go and have lunch, my treat?”

  “Okay, we can do that. Where shall we go?” It was now 11:30 and I was hungry for sure.

  “I know a place. Just follow me.”

  We got up and went to the elevator. Once we reached the first floor, we walked out the office building. I showed him my car parked right out front, and he said he was parked directly in front of me, and to follow him. He unlocked his all white Mercedes Jeep; he has a nice car. I knew I had to stack my paper if I was going to be his assistant; I had to be riding right. I got in my Honda and waited for him to pull out. I followed him and smiled from ear to ear, things are starting to fall in place. I dug in my purse, pulled out my cell and gave my girl Vivian a call. She picked up on the third ring.

  “Hey, love,” she answered.

  “Hey, how are you?” I asked.

  “I’m well, how are you? How is the job hunt going?”

  “That’s why I’m calling you. I got a job as an assistant at MBC Oil. Girl I’m so happy. The pay is good and the owner is fine as hell. He is taking me to brunch as we speak.” I was smiling telling her all about the job.

  “Wow, are you serious? That’s good you got the job. I’m happy for you, you deserve it.”

  “Thank you so much. It’s close to home and I don’t have to drive two hours every day like I was doing before.”

  “I know you happy about that.”

  “Yes, girl, but let me call you back, we’re pulling up to the restaurant.”

  “Okay, call me later. I have to get ready for work myself, love you.”

  “Okay, have a good day. I love you too.”

  I pulled up beside Anthony and we got out of our cars at the same time. We walked inside Catch New York, the food smelled amazing from the outside. He opened the door for me and the host greeted us. She walked us to our table and handed us menus. She took our orders for drinks while I decided on what I wanted to eat, everything looked so damn good. She came back with our drinks and took our food orders. I decided on jumbo shrimp, grilled salmon and potatoes. Anthony ordered the seafood towers, it came with lobster, king crab, shrimp, oysters, clams and mussels.

  “So, Joy, are you in a relationship?”

  “No, I’m single,” I smiled.

  “What about you, are you in a relationship?”

  “No, I’m single as well,” he responded and gave me a wink.

  Our food came and it looked amazing. Anthony lowered his head and was saying grace; I did the same. It’s not every day you see a man praying over his food. I took a bite of my food and it tasted so good; I will be making a trip back here. I took a sip of my drink and Anthony was staring at me smiling. I smiled back and shook my head. We finished our food and he paid the bill. Walking back to our cars, he received a phone call. I continued walking, but I overheard him talking about me to whomever was on the other end. I smiled hearing him talk about me and my work history. I got in my car and waited for him to do the same. We went back to the office and there were a few technicians running wires to a few computers.

  “This here will be your desk. You can bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable,” Anthony said pointing to the desk I sat at earlier.

  “Okay, do you have an estimate of how many clients you will be dealing with?”

  “I have a total of twelve now, but we will be growing, trust me,” he winked at me.

  “How many other employees will there be?”

  “My brother Kevin is my business partner. You will be seeing him from time to time, and I have eight other employees.”

  “Okay, that’s cool.”

  “Tomorrow is our grand opening. The furniture people will be here in a few. Would you like to help me decorate?”

  “Yeah, I can do that.”

  The door opened and a man that walked in the room was sexy. He had on a red and white Stacy Adams suit with matching shoes. He had a low fade and the perfect smile.

  “What’s up bro, it’s starting to look really good in here.” The guy looked around the office space.

  They dapped each other up. I stood there and looked at these two men. I hope I can hold it together with all this sexy floating around the room.

  “Kevin, this is our new assistant Joy, she’s starting today. She’s the one I was telling you about on the phone.”

  “Hello, Joy, nice to meet you.” He picked my hand up and kissed it.

  “Nice to meet you as well, Kevin.” I was standing there blushing like a school girl who just got her first kiss.

  “Excuse us while we go to my office,” Anthony spoke. His tone was kind of different.

  “Okay, that’s fine. I will let you know when the furniture company comes.” I sat down in my chair and pulled out my cell phone.

  “Okay, thank you.” Anthony and Kevin walked to the back.

  I opened my Snap Chat and started taking a few selfies and tagged it ‘My New Job’. I was so happy I had to brag about it on Facebook. The comments were coming in. I replied to a few of them before a knock on the door interrupted me. I got up and opened the door, it was the furniture company. I asked them to wait here while I went and got Anthony.

  I walked to the back. I was about to knock on the door, when I overheard Anthony saying how he was thinking of hooking up with me. I smiled, but I know business and pleasure won’t work. I needed a job more than I need some dick right about now. I knocked on the door and waited for the okay to enter. I poked my head in and let them know the furniture company was here.

  “Okay, I will be right there,” Anthony said.

  I closed the door and walked back to my desk. Anthony and Kevin came to the front and greeted the man and his crew. They told the men where to put the office desk and chairs. Anthony asked me to take a few of the pictures and hang them in the hallway. I grabbed the pictures and hung them up. I set up a few of the large plants and then placed a couple of small plants on my desk. After we were done setting up, it was almost six. I was ready to go home and get out these shoes.

  “Thank you so much for your help, Joy. You were a big help today,” Anthony thanked me.

  “You’re very welcome.” I smiled at him.

  “You can go on and head home. See you back here at 9:00 a.m. The grand opening will be at 11:00, so be ready to smile and shake a lot of hands.”

  “I will be here, and I can’t wait. Have a good night guys,” I said speaking to both Kevin and Anthony.

  I grabbed my purse and left to get on the elevator. I got on and a hand stopped the doors from closing. Kevin got on and smiled at me. These two men are going to drive me crazy. I smiled back at him, he moved some hair that was in my face and placed it behind my ear. I instantly got wet. I haven’t had a man touch me in a long time. This elevator ride felt like it was taking forever. The bell finally rang and he held the door for me. I walked off and put a little switch in my hips.

  “Okay girl, I see you,” Kevin said rubbing his hands together and licking his lips.

  I looked back at him and smiled. Yeah, I was being a bit flirtatious, but I didn’t care. I got in my car and he waved bye as I drove past him. I waved back and enjoyed my ride home.

  I got home and kicked my shoes off and laid across the couch. Sleep was starting to take over my body, so I got up off the couch and drug myself to the shower. I turned the hot water on full blast. I grabbed my Aqua Kiss body wash from Victoria’s Secret, being that’s the only thing I can get from there, considering I’m what you call a BBW. I stand 5’3, 200 pounds, but I wear it very well. I have a c
ute round face, hazel eyes, and a body that will make a blind man do a double take. I washed my body a few times and rinsed off. I applied lotion to my body, brushed my teeth, set my alarm for eight and went to bed.

  Chapter 2

  My alarm woke me out of my sleep. I stretched my body and got out of bed. I made my bed and went to my closet to decide on what to wear. I pulled out a pair of high waisted dress pants, a pink top, and a black blazer. I decided on flats today. I plugged up my flat iron, brushed my teeth and styled my hair. No makeup today, I want my natural beauty to show. While getting dressed, my phone went off.

  It was a text from Anthony: Today is the big day, wear that big smile and positive attitude.

  I replied: Yes, boss man, I will be on my way shortly.

  I sent the message and continued with my finishing touches. I grabbed my purse and went to tell my mama I was going. I knocked on her door, but no answer. I twisted the knob, but it was locked. I pulled out my cell to call her. I heard it ringing in her room. I waited for her to pick up, but she didn’t. I called again, but a man answered, I looked at the phone then put it to my ear.

  “Where is my mama?” I said with an attitude.

  My mom opened the door fixing her robe and hair. I tried to see who was in her bed, but she had the door cracked real tight.

  “Hey baby, you look nice. You must have gotten the job.”

  “Yeah, I did. I’m leaving now,” I spoke still trying to see who was in the room.

  “Okay, have a good day.” She closed the door and locked it.

  I didn’t have time for this. I powerwalked down the hall and jumped in my car doing 60 all the way to work. I made it to work at 8:50. I grabbed my purse, applied a few sprays of Aqua Kiss body spray, locked my door and hurried to get on the elevator. When I walked in, there were about eighteen people in the room.

  Everyone looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and walked to my desk. I put my bag down then walked over to the table that had refreshments. I grabbed me a water bottle, a bagel and some grapes. I walked back to my desk and ate before it was time to set up for the grand opening. Kevin came in the room and greeted a few people, then walked to my desk and took a grape off my plate. I looked at him and he smiled at me. He’s lucky his ass is cute or else he would have gotten cussed out.

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