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Unexpected Consequences

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  As the song ends, I take a step back, running my hands along her sides. It’s not the way she makes my cock stir in my shorts that I notice first, it’s the fullness in my chest. With Mary by my side, I feel complete.

  I reach for the hem of her tank top, slowly bunching it in my hands before lifting it over her head. The music continues in the background as I take my time removing each piece of clothing until Mary is standing in front of me, her long hair draped seductively over her shoulders.

  “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’re a hopeless romantic,” she says breathlessly. It’s taking everything in me to keep from pushing her down on the bed to bury myself so deep inside her body I’ll need a road map to find my way out. She’s that beautiful, inside and out.

  “Don’t judge me, but I will admit I had to do some searching online this afternoon for the music.” I expect her to laugh, knowing all of this is out of character for me, but she doesn’t. Instead, she closes the distance between us, sliding her hands between my shirt and skin, pushing it over my head.

  Her arms lock behind my neck, pressing her bare skin to mine. “Thank you,” she whispers as she begins peppering kisses across my chest. I watch as she slowly drops to her knees, reaching for the button on my shorts. “This is beyond perfect, really.” When she looks up at me through hooded green eyes, I swear my knees just about buckle.

  “Mary,” I mutter as she slides my shorts and boxers over my hips, kicking them aside when they hit the floor. Always full of surprises, she runs her hands along my legs, thighs, abs and chest as she stands, causing my entire body to shiver. “I need you, baby.”

  I barely recognize my own voice right now, each word is choked as I give her this time. She takes my hand, leading me closer to the bed and my cock twitches. I’m not sure I have ever felt a need this great. The sound of Alison Kraus fills the room and Mary turns to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “Dance with me, Jeff.”

  And so we dance. Again. This time, we’re skin to skin in a dance that’s both erotic and pure. When the song ends, I lean her back on the bed, admiring the way her light ivory skin contrasts with the deep blue comforter. “You’re absolutely gorgeous,” I tell her, bending down to taste her. As our tongues glide back and forth, taunting and exploring one another, I settle over her, propping myself up on my arms.

  “Jeff, I need you,” Mary moans. I know exactly how she feels. The way her hips arch off the bed allows my cock to slide between her wet folds. With one wrong move, it would be so easy for me to slide inside of her. There’s absolutely no way to describe how badly I want to feel her without that thin barrier separating us, but I can’t do that right now, no matter how much I’m aching to. Perhaps that will be a talk for the near future, but I’m not going to ruin this moment for something so serious.

  “We’ll get there, baby,” I promise her. I move to her side, knowing that I won’t be able to resist if I don’t. I take one pink nipple in my mouth as my fingers begin tracing the lines of her body. Releasing her, I exhale softly, causing her to shiver, her nipple tightening even harder. “God, I love you so much,” I breathe into her hair, burying my face there for a moment until I regain my composure. I knew tonight was going to be different, but I didn’t expect to feel this level of emotion with her.

  Cupping her face in my hand, I hover over her, my mouth so close we’ll be connected if she lifts her head a fraction of an inch. “Beautiful,” I mutter, closing that gap. This time, I take my time savoring the way her lips feel beneath mine, the way she moans softly into my mouth.

  As Jeff reaches beneath his pillow, coming back with a condom between his fingers, I find myself ready to break out in tears. It’s as if the flood gates on all of our emotions have been fully opened and there’s no way we can hold back now.

  “Stop looking at me that way,” Jeff chuckles as I turn to watch him sheathing himself.

  “What way?” I ask coyly, one arm crooked over my head, keeping my body on display for him. I run my tongue between my lips, watching the way his eyes track my movement.

  “I warned you before, you can’t tease me without expecting payback,” he growls as he positions himself over my body. He rocks his hips back and forth, the head of his cock nudging my clit, sliding through my folds, but refusing to breach the place I need to feel him.

  “Oh god, Jeff, please make love to me,” I beg. He’s killing me slowly, dipping his head to take a nipple between his teeth, pressing his hips against mine, grinding and pulling back.

  “As you wish,” he whispers, finally pushing inside. I moan loudly as I feel his cock move deeper within my core until I can accept him to the hilt.

  “Did you just quote a movie line?” I ask as we lie still for a moment, both of us trying to catch our breath. We haven’t even done much of anything, but the anticipation has been enough to work us into a frenzy.

  “Again, don’t judge me,” he chuckles, beginning to move in time to the music. My heart melts when he stares at me with eyes darkened to sapphire by his lust and starts singing again. I’ve never had a man sing to me before tonight, so having him singing love songs as he makes love to me is a moment I will never forget.

  We continue at our languid pace, neither of us wanting to rush the first time we’re alone together. I finally reach a point where I’m not sure I can take the edge he has me on any longer. “Jeff, I need to come,” I plead with him.

  “Together,” he says, quickening his pace slightly, grinding against my clit, giving me just the right pressure inside and out. Within a minute, I’m screaming out his name as my muscles clench around him, milking him dry.

  “That was amazing,” I sigh as he finally rolls off of me. He disappears into the bathroom to dispose of the condom, coming back with a warm washcloth. I never understood why a woman would want a man doing this for her, but the care and reverence Jeff is showing me right now lights the fire within my core again, even though I’m not up for a repeat performance. Not yet.

  Jeff pulls the comforter over our bodies as I curl into him. It’s barely eight o’clock, but I could easily go to sleep. “Watch a movie with me?” Jeff asks, reaching over for the remote. I’m not a huge fan of having a television in the bedroom, but cuddled up to Jeff, watching the newest blockbuster in the Batman franchise, I can definitely see that there are benefits.

  “We can’t fall asleep,” I remind Jeff a while later. We made a pact to one another that on nights when two of us are out together, we will always come back to a party of three.

  “I know, I just wanted a little more time with you,” Jeff sighs.

  As it turns out, both of us caved to exhaustion and fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms. When I wake, I glance toward the window and see it’s a pitch black night. “Jeff, we have to head back,” I whisper, gently shaking him.

  “We’ll take my truck,” he tells me a few minutes later as he’s getting dressed. “I’ll run you by tomorrow to grab your car.”

  It seems pointless to me for him to have to drive out of his way in the morning, but I don’t think either of us is ready to part ways, even for the fifteen minutes it would take to drive back downtown. I grab a few things out of my car and pull it into the garage, climbing in next to him once I know my vehicle is secure.

  “So, this love thing…” I begin, staring straight ahead. Jeff reaches for my hand, lifting it to tenderly kiss each finger.

  “You’re not having second thoughts, are you?” Jeff asks. I look at him, shocked that he could even think such a thing. If there was any moment of doubt, it should have been cleared up as soon as I walked into his bedroom. Heck, if I hadn’t been in love with him before that moment, seeing how much effort he went to would have sealed the deal.

  “Not on your life,” I laugh, swatting at him playfully. “And you can’t take it back, either. I was just wondering where things are at in your mind when it comes to Zeke.”

  I don’t want to put a damper on our evening, but I feel the need to know. I’m not sure
what I will do if this isn’t as serious for Jeff all the way around as it is for me. I didn’t feel the need to ask Zeke the same question earlier because he wears his heart on his sleeve. I was more worried I would be the one left behind in his mind, but luckily that didn’t happen.

  Jeff taps the steering wheel as he drives, not answering my question. Someday, he’ll learn how much it freaks me out when he does this and he’ll stop. “What I feel for Zeke is nothing compared to what I feel for you.” My heart sinks to my toes at his admission. Today is starting to feel like a roller coaster that never stops.

  “Hey, it’s not like that,” he soothes, seeing my lips pursed tight. “What he and I share is completely different, but I’m as devoted to him as I am to you.” Now I’m thoroughly confused. I’m dying to ask him how he can say that, but I don’t feel that it’s the time or place. I stare out the side window, wishing I could get out of the truck and take a long walk by myself. Clear my head a bit.

  The condo is dark when we walk inside. As nice as it is to have peace and quiet for a change, it means that Zeke still isn’t home. And if he’s still at the club, odds are good that we’ll have the after bar party here again tonight.

  “You okay?” Mary asks, noticing the tension in my shoulders. Part of me regrets telling her about my family because I can tell she’s watching me like a hawk, trying to see if I’m upset that he’s out. I am, but I’m not going to say anything to her about it.

  He’s been doing this nightly for almost two weeks. Before long, it will become second nature to him to go for drinks every night and that is what I can’t handle.

  “I’m fine,” I assure Mary, leading her to the living room. I turn on the TV, sitting on one end of the couch, inviting Mary to lay with her head on my lap. Stroking her silky hair, I begin to feel more at ease.

  If I want to have any hope of making things work around here, I need to stay rational. It seems the more emotionally invested I become, the less I’m able to think clearly and I don’t like it. There’s no way to know for sure that Zeke will continue going to the bar nightly after the band leaves town. For all I know, he could be completely sober right now, treating this as a business function as opposed to a night out with the guys.

  Mary dozes on my lap and I turn on my video game. I look at my phone and see that it’s nearly two in the morning. It won’t be long now before I know if we’re having company tonight since the bars are getting ready to close. I toss my phone on the end table and start a new instance in the game. My eyelids are heavy, but I refuse to lie down until I know Zeke is home safe. At this point, our together time will be nothing more than sleeping, but it will be the three of us.

  Gaming lasts all of about ten minutes before I give up, too tired to focus. I stare out the window, appreciating the beauty of the Capitol dome illuminated against the black sky. My thoughts drift to Zeke once again, this time thinking about the questions Mary asked.

  I wasn’t lying when I said my feelings for the two of them can’t be compared. With Mary, I feel an overwhelming need to have her by my side, talking, laughing and making love. With Zeke, the feelings are much more primal. Sure, there are times when I enjoy spending time with him, but there’s something deeper there. It’s the look he gets in his eye when I lower my voice, commanding him to do something. The way his cock stirs when I touch the back of his neck. The way every fiber of his being submits to me when we’re together.

  Zeke is the first person I’ve wanted to have in my life as more than a play partner. I want his heart and soul as well as his body. I never want him to stop wanting to please me. I’m not saying I want him as my slave, but what I do want from him is his submission. I think we both know that he does better when I do take a more active role as his Dominant, but thinking isn’t enough. I want to sit down and have a long talk with him so I know for sure.

  When Zeke still isn’t home by three-thirty, I’m not sure whether I am more pissed or worried. I’ve tried calling him a few times and it keeps going to voicemail. I called Dylan’s phone, which was answered by a groggy and cranky Tasha, and she said they came home shortly after eleven and she hasn’t seen him since.

  Finally, at three forty-seven, my phone rings. “Hello,” I answer gruffly, hoping Zeke will realize that as happy as I am that he’s okay, I’m going to wring his neck for making me worry like that.

  “Hey, did I wake you?” Zeke asks, his speech slightly slurred. I grind my teeth, biting back every shitty comment I want to hurl at him. How could he go out drinking knowing that we all agreed to end the nights together if we weren’t that way from the start?

  “Nah, I’m just sitting here with Mary sleeping on my lap, wondering if your dumb ass remembered where you live,” I snarl.

  “Look…” hiccup, “I’m sorry…” hiccup, “I gave the guys a ride back to the hotel and we were sitting there talking for a while.” I can’t make out the noise in the background, but it doesn’t sound like he’s still in a hotel room.

  “Please tell me you’re taking a cab home?”

  “Um, about that…” This can’t be good. I hope against hope that he’s going to tell me he’s broke and needs me to meet him out front. Or that he decided to walk home and took a wrong turn because he’s been drinking. “I need you to come and sign for me.”

  Sign for him?

  “Zeke, it’s late,” I grumble. “What are you talking about?”

  “Well, I kinda, sorta, might have gotten pulled over on my way home.” I lunge off the couch at his words, cringing when Mary wakes with a shriek. I put my hand over the microphone on my phone. “Sorry, baby. Go back to sleep.”

  “Is everything okay?” she asks, standing to rub my back. How am I supposed to tell her how very not okay everything is? The night I open up to Mary, that I start thinking about what the future holds for Zeke and me, one of my worst nightmares comes true. I shake my head, turning my attention back to Zeke.

  “Where are you?” I grind out, grabbing my keys off the table. When Mary follows me to the elevator, I tell her to go back inside. There’s no point in both of us being out in the middle of the night. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

  I walk up to the booking desk, letting them know I’m here for Zeke. Lucky for him, this is his first DUI charge, so he doesn’t have to spend the night as long as someone will sign stating that he won’t drive for twenty-four hours.

  “Hey, Jeff!” When Zeke comes bounding around the corner, he’s almost chipper. The man just had to call me in the middle of the night to pick him up at the police department and he’s acting like nothing’s wrong. “Sorry about the trouble. I told them I was fine to drive, but they wouldn’t cut me a break.”

  I turn away from him without saying a word. What do you say to a man who’s trying to place blame for his bad decision on the officer who pulled him over? Nothing. I hear Zeke running down the hall behind me and I keep walking.

  “You’re pissed, aren’t you?” he asks as we get into the truck. This time, I look at him, dumbfounded that he’s being so dense. Of course I’m upset with him. He could have killed himself, or worse, someone else who wasn’t as stupid as him. I turn the key in the ignition, driving around the block to head back to his place.

  I pull up in front of the building and don’t put the truck in park as I wait for him to get out. I need to go home. If I stay, we’re both going to say things we’ll wish we could take back in the morning.

  “I said I’m sorry,” Zeke says quietly. I wish he would just get out of my truck. “Jeff, come upstairs and go to sleep. You can bitch at me tomorrow if you want, but we all need some sleep.”

  I shake my head, staring out the windshield. I can’t look at him right now or I might let him convince me to stay. This is a hard limit for me, one of the very few deal breakers I have. “Get out,” I demand. “I can’t be around you right now, Zeke. Go upstairs and tell Mary I will call her tomorrow to get her car back to her.”

  “Don’t do this, please,” Zeke begs. He seems to
have sobered up quickly now that he realizes how badly he’s screwed up. I shake my head, hitting the unlock button, hoping he’ll take the hint.

  I watch his back as he disappears inside the building. I know I’m doing what I have to do for my own sanity, but I’ll be damned if I don’t feel as if someone just ripped my heart out of my chest.

  I’m not sure what the fuck that was all about, but now I’m making the walk of shame into my own apartment. Jeff wouldn’t even fucking look at me and that killed me more than anything. He didn’t give me a chance to explain what happened tonight. Out of everyone I know, I expected him to be the one person who would understand that I wasn’t stumbling drunk, I just happened to have enough after we got to the hotel that I was over the legal limit.

  Any hope of sliding into my bed unnoticed so I can hopefully wake up in the morning and realize this was all a shitty dream dies the moment I put my key in the door. Mary’s sitting at the kitchen counter, sipping a cup of coffee while she waits for me to get home.

  “Where’s Jeff?” she asks, looking past me, expecting to see the other third of our so-called happy group. “What’s going on?”

  I can’t talk to her right now. Until I can sort this out with Jeff, I’m the asshole. I’m the one who fucked up and now it looks like real-life has crashed in around us. I toss my keys on the table and kick my shoes off, not really giving a damn that they’re in the middle of the walkway.

  “Zeke, talk to me!” she shrieks, following me toward the bedroom. “Zeke!” I keep walking until she catches up to me, reaching for my arm and spinning me around to face her.

  “What do you want me to say?” I groan, staring down into her green eyes. I fucking hate myself for the pain I see in them right now. “Once again, I fucked up. Jeff’s not talking to me and I have no fucking clue why. End of story.”

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