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Unexpected Consequences

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  “That might be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Zeke moans. I glance up at him through hooded lids, chuckling at the unadulterated lust in his dark brown eyes. Hands weave into my long red hair, guiding me up and down as Jeff fucks my mouth. Zeke’s head falls to the back of the couch, turning to meet Jeff’s heated gaze. “If she learned this in one of those books, I’m going to start emailing authors to thank them,” he laughs.

  “Shut up,” Jeff sighs, twisting at the waist to silence Zeke the best way he can. I gaze up their bodies as I move to take Zeke into my mouth, clenching my legs together to ease the pressure building there. There’s something about watching the way Jeff devours Zeke’s mouth that fuels my own need. I’m not sure if it’s possible to have an orgasm without a single touch, but I’m pretty sure I’m getting close. My body is throbbing with need for them, begging me to take what I need.

  “Fuck!” Zeke breaks their kiss, shouting when I take him deep and fast, sucking hard. “I’m going to fucking blow if you keep that up.” His hips buck wildly off the couch so furiously, I’m worried that even my strong reflex may not keep me from gagging as he hammers into the back of my throat.

  When Jeff pushes my hand away from his body, I tilt my head in question as I continue licking up and down Zeke’s length. “I have an idea,” he informs me, pulling me away from Zeke as well before pulling his jeans back over his hips. “You stay here,” he instructs Zeke. I’m clueless as to what the good doctor has planned for the rest of the evening, but with the determination he’s showing as we nearly jog to the bedroom, I have no doubt it’s going to be fun.

  Things between the three of us have been absolutely amazing since we cleared the air and everyone has had a chance to get used to the different dynamics we share. There’s only one problem, and I plan to remedy that tonight.

  “Do you have your bag in the closet?” I ask as Mary closes the door behind me. She sits on the end of the bed, taking off her walking cast. I cringe, hoping I didn’t hurt her with the way I manhandled her down the hall. She’s had that damn thing so long I sometimes forget she’s still healing.

  “Yeah, why?” That’s exactly what I needed to hear from her. The problem with a relationship like ours is that all three of us like to Top, which isn’t really possible since someone always has to be the more submissive one. Mary, being the easy-going woman she is, has taken on that role the majority of the time we’re all together.

  I haven’t seen her in action, but I’ve heard stories from Tommy and Dylan about how amazing she is with floggers. Tonight, Zeke’s going to be in for a bit of a surprise because I want to see what she’s made of. And if I happen to have a bit of fun in the process, all the better for everyone.

  “I need you to get out every flogger you have. Pull over the bench if you need to so you have somewhere to set everything,” I instruct her. She nods, listening for the next piece of information. “Then, get the cuffs clipped for both his wrists and ankles. I’m going to go get him while you set up.”

  I dig in my own bag, reaching for a blindfold. To make this work, I don’t want him to know what or who is coming at him. I’m sure he’ll figure it out seeing as Mary is much more sensual and I give him the more extreme release I know he needs.

  “What’s going on?” Zeke asks, reaching for my legs as soon as I’m within reach. He leans forward so his mouth is only inches away from my body. It would be so easy to pull my pants down and make him suck me off right now. It seems he has the same idea when his fingers grip my waistband, pulling my jeans to the top of my thighs. “Mmmm, it’s only fair that I get a taste since Mary did.”

  I need to stop him. I don’t want to, but I fear I won’t be able to call time-out once his lips wrap around my—

  “Yes, Zeke,” I hiss, resting my hands on his shoulders. For someone who says he hasn’t been with a man before, he sure as hell knows what he’s doing. His hand slides between my legs, one finger dipping in the crease of my ass. I allow the moment to consume me as I start pumping my cock deep into his mouth, holding at the back of his throat a second longer with each thrust. “Don’t you dare gag,” I warn through gritted teeth.

  He pulls back slowly, swirling his tongue from side to side along the underside of my dick. When he takes me again, one finger slowly presses past the ring of muscle, seemingly zeroed in on my prostate. “Zeke, I’m going to blow,” I groan, feeling my sac draw tight against my body. I want to stop, but there’s no way I’m going to miss this opportunity. Maybe it will take the edge off while we torment Zeke.

  “Give it to me,” he begs, looking up at me with a look so filled with emotion, it buckles my knees. “Please, I want every fucking drop.” I bite my lip hard in a failed attempt to stay silent as my body erupts into Zeke’s mouth. He continues massaging that magical spot, prolonging my orgasm, causing me to scream in pleasure.

  “Glad I came out to find you two,” Mary laughs, gliding across the room to wrap her arms around me from behind. “That was one hell of a show you two put on.”

  If I was capable of forming a coherent thought, I would apologize for letting things get out of hand. Okay, so I would apologize for not asking her to join us because there’s no way I’m going to apologize for what happened. That was exactly the release I needed after a stressful day.

  “So, you think you’ll be able to focus now?” she asks me, peppering my back with open-mouthed kisses, her nimble fingers tweaking the metal in my nipples. I have no clue how it’s even possible, but I feel my cock beginning to stir again at her touch.

  I feel Mary slide one hand into the back pocket of my jeans, retrieving the blindfold. “Don’t worry, Doc, I got this,” she laughs, moving me to the side so she can take my place between Zeke’s thighs. “I’m pretty sure you weren’t supposed to do that,” she admonishes Zeke playfully.

  I watch as she runs her hands over the short hair on his scalp. Zeke leans forward, resting his forehead on her stomach as she massages his head. She waits until he’s good and relaxed before covering his eyes. “You know what happens when you step out of line, right?”

  Jesus H, the sultry voice coming from that sweet mouth nearly cripples me. I’ve never been one to bottom, but the way my body’s reacting, I almost wish I was the one she’s getting ready to play with. She looks over to me, her eyes filled with desire. I nod, silently giving her permission to lead Zeke to the bedroom.

  “You can tell me to stop, Zeke,” she informs him as they walk down the hall. She would never say as much, but I know she misses having this outlet. From what I’ve heard, it’s almost an artistic outlet to her. “If you don’t want tonight to happen, tell us now and we’ll all go to bed. Once we’re in the bedroom, you know how to halt everything.”

  It never occurred to me that Zeke might not be up for her taking the lead. When we’re all together, I’ve been in charge simply because that’s what comes most naturally to me. I hold my breath as I wait for Zeke’s response, hoping he’s as into this idea as I am. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the two of us tag-teaming Zeke since the night Mary and I went on our first solo date. We had to change our plans that night because of where Zeke’s head was at and the opportunity hasn’t arisen since then.

  “I’m good,” Zeke responds. I suck in a sharp breath before taking two quick steps until my chest is pressed against his back.

  “You’re good, what?” I growl in his ear, quickly nipping before I pull back. If he wants this, he’s going to remember his manners.

  “I’m good, Mistress. Sorry, Sir.” We haven’t even done anything to him and he’s already starting to slip into that blissful headspace. The slight slur in his speech does nothing for the need I’m trying to push aside for the time being. He’s been this way with me from the first time we were together. I think it freaked him out at first, how easily I could bend him with nothing more than my voice or a simple touch, but now, I think it’s safe to say it’s one of the things we love about one another.

  I shake my head, try
ing to clear that thought out of my head. Sure, I like the guy and all, but love? Fuck, do not confuse love and carnal desires, Armstrong. Keep your head on straight.

  Mary looks back at me when she realizes I’m no longer following them. “Everything okay?” she asks, genuine concern in her voice. It’s not that commanding voice from moments ago, this is pure Mary. I nod, quickly catching up to where she’s waiting just outside the bedroom door.

  “Ready?” I ask, trailing my tongue along the contour of her neck. So far, she’s been the one having all the fun teasing us tonight, it’s about time she experience what it feels like. I cup the juncture between her thighs, feeling exactly how ready she is. If I hadn’t promised her this, I swear, I would pick her up and throw her down on the bed so I could taste the juices seeping from her body.

  I want to reach up and pull this fucking blindfold off my face. I can hear the mewls of pleasure coming from behind me and want to watch as Jeff taunts our girl. My senses are heightened thanks to the fact that I can’t see and it’s driving me batshit crazy. I can hear every moan, smell their combined arousal filling the air.

  “You ready?” Jeff breathes across my shoulder. The simple feeling of his hot breath across my skin has my cock twitching. I nod, overwhelmed by the feeling of him biting my neck as Mary’s hands graze along the worn cotton of my t-shirt, gathering the fabric in her hands as the backs of her fingers trace along my sides.

  “This way,” he commands, wrapping his strong hand around my bicep, pulling me to the center of the room. My knees bump into the footboard and my legs instantly part, assuming the position I know is going to be demanded of me. “Arms up,” he instructs, wrapping the leather cuffs to my wrists. The clips snick over the eye hooks and I test them, knowing there’s no way I’m getting free without his permission. He roughly grabs my ankles, spreading my legs far enough apart to reach the hooks near the floor.

  Never in my life have I felt as exposed as I am right now, spread eagle with my arms and legs bound to the bed. To make matters worse, I can’t see a fucking thing going on around me. I can hear Jeff and Mary whispering somewhere to my left, but I can’t make out the words. The moment I hear the rustle of sheets on the bed, warm breath attacks my chest, sending shivers throughout my body. Firm lips attach themselves to my sensitive nipple, biting and tugging painfully.

  “Fuck, Jeff,” I groan, feeling him laugh in response without easing up on my flesh. His tongue flicks the small hoop captured between his teeth. Heavy metal music starts playing softly from across the room, nothing you would typically associate with intimate moments and I know tonight has nothing to do with making love or any of that sappy shit. Tonight is about fucking. Kinky, hopefully painful, fucking.

  Leather falls tickle the length of my spine and my entire body tenses. I’ll admit that I’ve thought about what it would be like to have Mary in this position over me since hearing Tommy talk about seeing her in action at parties, but now that she’s behind me, anticipation has me threatening to explode like an awkward teenager. “You like that?” she whispers in my ear.

  When I feel her hands wrap around my chest, I’m pretty sure I’ve died and gone to heaven. And then, she blows my mind further, sliding her chest against my back, a seductive dance as Saving Abel plays from the iPad. She bites my ass once she’s crouching behind me, reaching between my thighs to give my full-blown hard on a quick stroke. “I think he likes being trussed up like this.” From the warm air grazing the hair on my thighs, I know she’s looking around to see Jeff’s continued assault on my chest and abs.

  “Someone do something! Please!” I cry out. I need to slip out of my own mind before I come hard all over myself.

  “You heard the man,” Jeff laughs and Mary’s body instantly disappears from behind mine. Before I have time to fully process the loss of her body against mine, I feel the soft thud of leather against my back. I bite down hard on my lip to keep from begging for more. I need the pain, the pleasure.

  I lose myself in the music, the rhythm of each strike of the flogger across my back and thigh timed perfectly to the heavy beat of the newest song. Mary stops momentarily before resuming her cadence with a new flogger. This one stings more than it thuds, the tips of each fall biting into my skin, leaving a split-second of pain before the next strike. My head lolls to the side, my body lacking the ability to hold it upright any longer.

  When Jeff’s hand circles my erection, I let out a soft moan, slipping further away, cherishing the pain behind me and the all-consuming pleasure below my waist.

  “How are you doing?” Mary asks when she stops again. I want to tell her I would be better if she hadn’t stopped, but I can’t. I can’t fucking think about anything, much less speak. I can’t even protest when my dick pops out of Jeff’s mouth, leaving me craving the return of their hands and lips on my body.

  After what could be seconds or minutes, I’m not really sure, I feel hands sliding up each of my arms, releasing me from my bonds. They repeat the same seductive caress down the length of my body until they reach my ankles. I shake out my wrists to get the blood flowing again, waiting for someone to tell me what happens next. This feeling is better than any drug out there and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted.

  “Lay down on your back,” Mary demands in a hoarse voice. Her own breathing is labored and I wonder if she and Jeff have been taking care of one another during these breaks. I do as I’m told, scooting up until my head is on the pillows, bared for my lovers. Freedom is the only way to describe how I feel knowing I’m at their mercy.

  Still surrounded by darkness, I strain to hear what’s going on around me. A bag zips, but I’m not sure if it’s Mary putting away her toys or one of them pulling out more. I can’t help but smile when I hear the scrape of my nightstand opening. There’s only one reason anyone ever opens that drawer, and I’m hoping he pulled out two condoms, not one.

  “You’re right, he is fun to play with,” Mary giggles. Her knees press against my thighs and I remind myself I haven’t been told it’s time to pull off the blindfold. I can imagine her leaning over my body to kiss Jeff and I want to watch. I want to reach up, pulling her over me so I can bury myself deep inside her drenched channel. I know she’s soaking wet right now because I can smell her, the scent so intoxicating it nearly makes my mouth water with need.

  “Hold this,” Jeff instructs her. The snick of a cap tells me that whatever she’s now holding is about to get lubed. My ass cheeks clench, and I let out a deep breath, knowing we’ve officially hit the pure pleasure part of the evening. Mary’s body moves away as Jeff moves closer. He parts my thighs as he straddles one leg. “Wider,” he demands and I give him the access he wants.

  The plastic is cold as he slowly inserts it, allowing my muscles to accept more until I feel the massager fully seated against my sensitive gland. “Fuck,” I groan as Jeff shows Mary how to adjust the angle and pressure. “I can’t… holy shit… please, I need to come,” I pant, feeling my balls tightening with impending release.

  “You know the rules,” Jeff chides me. I can hear them kissing as Mary’s nails scrape across my upper thigh. She tentatively reaches for the prostate massager, squeezing more lube on the shaft before shoving it deeply inside. “We’ll let that just sit there,” he tells her.

  I’m going to lose my mind in about fifteen seconds if they don’t— the tear of a foil packet interrupts my thought. Jeff’s firm grip rolls the latex down my shaft and he purposely grazes the stimulator, making my muscles clench around it.

  “Please, Sir, I need to…” And then, I’m home. I don’t have time to finish pleading for release because the walls of Mary’s pussy grip my shaft as she eases herself on top of me. There’s no better feeling than this, I’m sure of it.

  “Are you okay, Mary?” Jeff asks as I hear him opening another condom packet. I groan, trying to figure out how in the fuck I’m supposed to hold off when my ass is filled and I’m about to feel my cock pressing against his with only a thin layer of skin betwee
n us.

  “I think you need to be more worried about him,” Mary moans, leaning over to capture my mouth with hers. She nips at my lower lip, pulling back and releasing over and over. I can’t take it anymore and I don’t give a shit if Jeff punishes me for it later. I yank off the blindfold so I can stare into her emerald eyes as she rests above me. I reach between our bodies, taking one perfect tit in each hand, kneading the flesh, pulling them to my mouth.

  “Oh my god, Zeke,” Mary moans as I latch onto one pebbled nipple. Her skin is salty from the thin sheen of sweat glistening in the dim light. “Jeff, now, please!”

  The tables have turn and it seems we’re now both at Jeff’s mercy. The way we like it. I look up and see him staring at my mouth as I continue suckling and flicking my tongue over her nipples. She throws her head back as she starts grinding her body against mine. “Jeff!” she cries.

  I watch out of the corner of my eye as Jeff positions himself behind her, gently pushing her body against mine. There’s a collective gasp as he breaches the puckered hole of her ass. Inch by agonizing inch, he eases into her, the pressure building along my own cock challenging my will to remain still. He squeezes my shoulder and I know it’s time. Mary lies over me, kissing me passionately as Jeff and I get into a rhythm. He pulls out as I bury myself deep in her core, bumping against that tender spot guaranteed to make her scream and pull out as he pushes deep into her backside.

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