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Unexpected Consequences

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  “Everything okay?” I ask, shifting on the bed so I’m sitting with my back against the headboard. I pushed myself too hard today and my leg is throbbing.

  “Peachy,” Zeke mumbles, giving me a second one word answer in less than a minute.

  Jeff told me Zeke was moody before we left, but this is so much worse than I imagined. I reach for Zeke, pulling on his arm until he’s curled up next to me. He moves so his head is resting on my lap and we listen to Chris Isaak singing about falling in love.

  I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you.

  My hand traces slow circles across Zeke’s back. When the song starts a second time, I can’t help but wonder how long it’s been playing on repeat.

  If circumstances were different, I would be freaked out by the sentiment of the haunting song filling the void in Zeke’s bedroom. Instead, I allow my head to fall back, losing myself in the words the same way I assume Zeke has been while we were gone. I think it’s safe to say that none of us ever thought about finding the others. God knows I never thought about how perfect my life would be when I found two men to not only care about me, but who also cared about one another.

  Even though I was ready to explode with need just a few minutes ago, right now I would be content to sit in the dark, the men I didn’t plan to fall in love with holding me as we go to sleep.

  “It’s going to work out, Zeke.” I say the words with conviction because I have complete faith that if there’s three people who can make it work, it’s us. We each bring our own strengths to the table, fortifying one another.

  “I hope so,” he sighs, sitting up next to me. I lean into his touch when I feel him cupping my cheek. “I swear, I’m not a fucking pansy. I just…”

  I silence him with my lips, kissing him tenderly, not needing an explanation. It wasn’t long after meeting Zeke that I realized what a tender heart was hidden beneath his cocky, fun-loving exterior. It’s that side of him he hides from the world that I’ve been trying to resist for longer than I care to admit.

  Even though there have been plenty of opportunities, I haven’t told the guys about my time with Becky and Will. I’ve spent a lot of time actively not thinking about them because I’m not sure I’ve ever truly forgiven Becky. I have no doubt in my mind that she tried to enjoy spending time with me, but in the end, she couldn’t do it. She went into our relationship hoping to save her own, not because she wanted to open her heart to another person. There is a small part of me that worries sharing this with Zeke and Jeff would cause them to pull away even though I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that our group is nothing like what I had with Becky and Will.

  His fingers weave through my curls, holding onto me as if I’m a life ring in roaring waters. Like he’ll go under if he lets go. I slide my hand up the length of his torso until it’s resting over his racing heart. “I know, Zeke,” I assure him between kisses.

  Without breaking our kiss, I motion for Jeff to come in when a sliver of light breaks the darkness. He slides in behind me, wrapping his arm around both of us without asking for an explanation.

  I’ve been watching the time like a hawk since Mary left the spare bedroom, more than ready to get back to the way things used to be with us. The hard-on she left me with is dying for relief as I walk across the condo.

  What I find when I open the door is almost the opposite of what I’m expecting. Instead of a half-naked Mary and a fully-naked Zeke, I find Mary fully clothed, firmly attached at the lips to a half-dressed Zeke.

  In the dim light streaming in from the hall, I see Mary waving me toward the bed. I move in until my chest is pressed to Mary’s back, drawing them both closer to me. Even in the darkness, I can feel Zeke lift his head and stare directly at me.

  “Hey,” I say, needing something, anything, to fill the silence closing in around us. And then, the song starts again. Fucking Wicked Game. “Trying to tell us something?”

  I reach for Mary’s hips, slowly dragging her down the mattress until her head is lying on the pillows between us. Leaning over her body, I curl my fingers behind Zeke’s neck, pulling him to me.

  “Why are you doing this?” I ask, grimacing at my own accusatory tone. The man staring me down is not the same one I’ve spent most of my free time with since moving to town.

  Zeke has no choice but to maintain eye contact with me. That doesn’t mean he comes close to answering my question. Every time he pulls away from me, I tighten my grip, bringing him closer to me.

  It’s not until his head falls to my shoulder that I feel the weight of emotion crushing Zeke. His shoulders release the tension they’ve been holding as the song plays for what seems like the hundredth time.

  Mary’s body shifts beneath me, reminding me that we’re not alone. None of us are alone in this. That is what I need to make Zeke feel tonight. Burying my head in his neck, I give him the only promise I can for right now. “No matter what, we’ll always come back to this.”

  A slight nod is the only thing I get in return. I release him, laying down on Mary’s left. Zeke does the same on her right. I lay there in the dark, listening to Chris Isaak crooning the same melody over and over. Mary’s breathing shallows as she falls asleep, but I know Zeke is still awake. More than likely, he’s staring at the ceiling, same as I am.

  “Want to talk about it?” I whisper, not wanting to wake Mary.

  “Not really,” Zeke replies, rolling on his side, lacing his fingers with mine over Mary’s stomach. I roll to my side, propping my head on my hand so I can look at him. “I’ll be fine, it’s just going to take some time.”

  “Okay.” He’s still not the cocky man I’m used to sharing the bed with, but for the first time tonight, I trust him when he says he’s going to be able to get past this.

  Reaching for my phone, I groan at the realization that it’s barely six in the morning and I’m wide awake. I roll to my back and am reminded of what I hoped was only a bad dream.

  “Good morning,” Mary whispers, her brilliant green eyes barely open.

  I lean over to gently kiss her, gauging her response to me. If I was in either of their shoes, I’m not sure I would have stuck around with as emo as I was acting last night. Her tongue traces across my lower lip and I open to her, taking whatever she’s willing to give me.

  I turn on my side, my fingers skimming over the bare skin on her stomach where her shirt rode up as she slept. “About last night…” I start, unsure of what I can say to reclaim a bit of my manhood.

  “It happens, Zeke. Who knows, we might come home to Jeff listening to Sinead O’Connor or something tonight,” she giggles, successfully lifting the haze threatening to pull me under once again. “And if that happens, we’ll do the same for him. This isn’t going to be easy. And while you’re kicking yourself for how you reacted, think about how I felt when I walked into the room.”

  “Like you weren’t the biggest chick in the group?” I ask, allowing my hand to slide under the silky fabric of her shirt.

  “No. Once I realized what was going on, it showed me that you’re invested in this. In us.” She moves closer to me, twisting so her back is pressed into my chest.

  “It didn’t freak you out?” I ask, sweeping the hair away from her neck, feathering kisses across her shoulder.

  “Zeke, shut up and go back to sleep,” a gravelly voice chimes in from the other side of the bed.

  Mary laughs, swatting playfully at Jeff. It’s far from the first time we’ve awoke in the morning this way, but things feel different today. Although there was very little conversation last night, so much was conveyed in what wasn’t said that I know I’m not the only one who’s in deeper than they originally planned on.

  Jeff opens one eye, shaking his head at the fact that he’s the only one sleeping. He pulls a pillow out from under my head, using it to shield his eyes. “You two suck, you know that?”

  “Only when you ask nice,” Mary quips, tucking her fingers into the waistband of Jeff’s pants. She looks back at me and I
nod in agreement to her silent suggestion.

  I ease myself out of the bed, taking advantage of the diversion Mary is providing as she runs her sleek fingers along the ridges of muscle disappearing behind the fabric. Even concealed beneath the fabric, her hand captivates my full attention as she begins slowly stroking his shaft.

  “If I ask nicely, can I go back to sleep?” he grumbles, not moving to stop what he has to know is inevitable.

  “No can do,” I laugh, taking my place on his side of the bed. “You have to face the day sometime. Might as well start it with a smile.”

  Jeff might grunt in protest, but when he shifts onto his back, allowing us easier access, we know he’s giving us the green light. I make quick work of opening his pants, lifting his hips up so I can pull them off.

  With Mary still pumping his impressive erection, I lean over, licking the drops of pre-cum glistening at the tip. Just as I move to take him deeper in my mouth, I feel Jeff roll away from me. My body shifts with him at the realization that he’s not resisting me, he’s moving himself into a better position to pay much needed attention to Mary.

  Jeff makes quick work of ridding Mary of her button-down blouse before fumbling to free her ample tits from the bra she fell asleep in.

  “Fuck, I missed this,” Jeff murmurs as his hand disappears between Mary’s thighs. The scent of our combined arousal fills the air, supercharging the atmosphere around us. Caught up in watching as he thrusts two fingers deep inside of her at the same tempo in which he’s fucking my mouth, I momentarily lose my rhythm.

  “Don’t you dare stop.” Jeff’s impassioned plea spurs me on and I spread his legs further. Settling myself between his muscular thighs, I dip my head sucking one testicle into my mouth. “Jesus, you’re going to make me come!”

  “I think that’s the point,” Mary moans on the edge of her own release. “I need one of you, I don’t care which one.”

  “Are you sure you’re ready?” Jeff asks, leaning over to suck one of Mary’s pink nipples into his mouth.

  “God, yes,” she pants, grinding her hips to get the much needed pressure against her clit. “Please, Jeff, don’t make me beg.”

  “Zeke, get up here.” I look up at him through hooded eyes, any remaining doubt from last night pushed to the back of my mind. The look he’s giving me right now is filled with so much emotion it causes a lump to form in my throat.

  Rather than rush to follow his instruction, I ease my way up his body, savoring the taste of his skin with each open-mouthed kiss I place along his chest. When I reach his pecs, I flick my tongue across the flat disk of each nipple before tracing the intricate ink along his collarbone. It will never cease to amaze me, the secrets hidden behind this beautiful man’s straight-laced exterior during the day.

  Jeff reaches behind me, crushing our bodies together once I’m lying over him, staring directly into his nearly translucent eyes. “Our girl says she’s ready. Are you going to take care of her?”

  I’m left unable to respond when I feel two hands sliding between our bodies, wrapping themselves around my aching shaft. One masculine, one feminine, fingers laced together forming a perfect sheath. Jeff’s body shifts beneath me and he pulls away long enough to grab two foil packets out of the nightstand.

  “Sit back.” He props himself against the headboard once I’ve moved to the middle of the bed. It’s the first time since we started doing this that I feel somewhat self-conscious kneeling on the bed before both of them. That probably has more to do with the way they’re both eyeing my dick; Mary biting her lower lip, Jeff’s breathing shallow and erratic.

  When Jeff crooks a finger for me to come closer, I immediately comply. He quickly rolls the condom over my shaft. His hand wraps around the back of my neck, pulling me down so our foreheads are touching. “Go around behind her. Once you’re buried in her pussy, you’d better be ready because this morning, that ass is mine,” he growls. Given the possessive tone in his voice, there’s no doubt in my mind there will be nothing tender about what’s about to happen.

  Lining up my cock along the seam of Mary’s ass, I look over her shoulder to see my partners devouring one another in the hottest fucking kiss I’ve ever witnessed. I lift her leg, trying to carefully position myself so I don’t put pressure on her cast.

  Mary breaks their kiss, tossing her head back against my shoulder. “Quit teasing me,” she begs breathlessly.

  I want to go slow as I enter her body, but with as ready as she is for me and the fact that Jeff’s hand is gripping my balls, I allow the sensation to take over as I bury myself inside tight pussy. “Fuck, Mary!” I gasp as her body grips mine. “You feel so fucking good.”

  I almost lose it when I feel Jeff’s fingers graze my cock as it disappears into her again and again. I peer over her body, watching as he works her clit slowly.

  “Oh my…” Mary’s sentence is cut short as she tips over the edge, screaming as her muscles clench my cock, threatening to milk me dry.

  “Don’t you dare come,” I warn Zeke. I should have known he would be like a powder keg ready to explode this morning. No matter what he and I have, Mary’s pussy is like home to him. I don’t blame him. There’s just something about how responsive she is, the way her walls almost suck a man in to the hilt. She keeps moaning as a second orgasm floods her body and I pull away from her, quickly making my way around the king-size bed.

  “You’d better fucking hurry then,” Zeke groans, slowing his pace. “Can’t… last… much… longer…” His words are stilted as he gasps for breath.

  Spreading Zeke’s ass, I press two fingers deep inside giving him the only preparation he’s going to get this morning. “This might hurt,” I murmur.

  His body tightens as my sheathed cock presses past the ring of muscle. Mary’s hand reaches for Zeke’s thigh, gently soothing him past the discomfort. “Relax for him,” she whispers. “You know he won’t hurt you.”

  I still, not because of Zeke’s reaction to me, but because of Mary’s words. They’re so simple yet filled with meaning. I would do anything to keep from hurting either of them, and that goes so much deeper than physically.

  “Jeff, you can’t just sit there all day,” Zeke laughs, bringing me back to the moment. I’m the one left trying to catch my breath as he bucks his hips back, impaling himself on my thick cock.

  Zeke stills as I build the pace, allowing each thrust into his ass to propel him deep within Mary. Moans and curses fill the air as I lead them both over the cusp before I allow myself release.

  We lie there for what seems like hours in a sweaty, panting heap of naked bodies. “I think you two need to call in sick today,” Zeke sighs as I move to get out of bed.

  “Well aren’t you just Susie fucking homemaker,” Dylan laughs as he enters my kitchen. So what if I am packing lunches for Jeff and Mary while they get ready for work? That doesn’t make me less of a man, it simply means I’d rather spend a few extra minutes in bed with them each morning and do this than have them rushing from the moment the alarm goes off.

  “Fuck off! You’re just pissed because you’re not getting any action in the morning.” I push a plate of bacon and eggs his way. He can bitch all he wants about me taking up residence in the kitchen every morning for almost two months, but I know damn well he appreciates it. Tasha’s still dealing with morning sickness to the point where she has banned him from cooking anything, including coffee, before noon.

  Mary tosses her briefcase on the couch before joining us. She won’t be running a marathon any time soon, but the doctors were impressed with the way her leg is healing and she’s now in a walking cast. That’s a good thing because as awesome as she is most of the time, she was getting pretty pissy about the prospect of spending all summer with her lower leg wrapped in fiberglass.

  “Zeke, be nice to the poor guy,” Mary giggles, wrapping her arms around me from behind as I fill her travel mug. “It’s not like Tasha likes this anymore than he does.”

  “Doesn’t mean I’m no
t going to give him shit about it. Maybe he’ll think next time before he doesn’t bother wrapping it.” I turn in her arms, tilting my head down for a kiss. It takes everything I have to not throw her over my shoulder and go another round before she has to go to work. I know I’ll wish I had when I finally get my turn in the bathroom and have to smell the combination of her jasmine perfume and Jeff’s spicy body wash. “Seriously, I bet a lot more guys wouldn’t think twice if they realized the alternative is no sex and holding your girl’s head while she pukes half the day away.”

  “Seriously?” Jeff’s voice booms from down the hallway. “It would be nice if one of these mornings, I could come out and not have to listen to you two go back and forth. It’s like being back Delta Sig house in college.”

  If there was a way to avoid Mr. Sunshine in the morning, I would consider it. Even getting laid just about daily doesn’t help his stellar personality before there’s some caffeine coursing through his veins. I don’t want to think about what he would be like without his horizontal morning workouts.

  I kiss both of them goodbye, flipping Dylan the bird when he whines that he didn’t get his kiss. We have a long day ahead of us, so I have to get going. We’re meeting with one of our biggest prospective bands to date this morning. They agreed to pull off the Interstate long enough to listen to our proposal before heading south to Chicago.

  “So Zeke, are you ready for tomorrow?” Tasha quirks a smile over her water goblet when I visibly stiffen at her words. I love the girl like a sister, but she knows just how to douse a good mood. The high I felt all afternoon knowing that CapReed Productions accomplished something no other promoter in southern Wisconsin has been able to, is chased away by her innocent question.

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