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Unexpected Packages

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  “Beautiful,” he breathed, taking in the sight of her heaving breasts.

  A fresh wave of moisture gushed from Connie’s heated center when his lips locked onto her puckered nipple through the material of her bra before he unhooked the front clasps and pushed the material apart.

  “Absolutely beautiful,” he said again.

  Connie gasped her pleasure as he bit down on her hardened peak before pulling it into his mouth. She writhed against the knee that was now thrust between her open thighs.

  “Kenny, please,” she begged.

  She wasn’t sure what she was begging for exactly. For him to fill her or continue his assault on her breasts. Perhaps both.

  Kenny raised his head, his eyes glazed over with desire.

  “Please what? Tell me what you want, Connie,” he said, moving to lie beside her, his leg still between her legs keeping them apart.

  His hand moved from her heavy breasts across the swell of her stomach. He stopped once he reached her short pubic hairs. Connie thrust her hips upward hoping to let him know what she wanted.

  “I sense you trying to tell me something, but I’m a little unclear on what it is you want.”

  Having had enough of his play, she grabbed his hand and placed it at her dripping outer lips.

  “I want you to fuck me with your fingers,” she gasped as she moved his fingers against her throbbing clit.

  Kenny shoved two long fingers deep into her heated center. Her hips bucked off the bed to meet him. Those intrusive fingers thrust deeper, alternating his stroke between quick and slow and bringing her to a quick orgasm.

  “Oh ... Oh,” she panted, lifting her bare ass off the bed as wave after wave of pleasure moved through her.

  He pulled his fingers from her heat and spread her juices around her swollen clit, and then he moved them beneath her nose. She caught a whiff of her scent on his fingers before he lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked them clean of her juices. A fresh wave of cum gushed from her. She would never get used to the sight or the thrill she got when she saw him tasting her.

  “Mmm, tasty,” he said, smiling down at her, his head supported in his open palm.

  “Did that feel good, baby?” he asked, strong fingers moving against her swollen clit again. “I almost came with you. Just watching you fall apart makes me harder than I’ve ever been. Do you feel how hard you make me?”

  He grabbed her hand and placed her palm on the bulge between his legs. She moved her hand against his groin, feeling him harden at her touch. When she heard a sigh of pleasure come from him, she applied more pressure.

  “Oh yeah, baby, I like that,” he whispered softly against her ear.

  “I think you're wearing too many clothes,” she said, leaning over to lightly brush her lips against his.

  A soft chuckle sounded near her ear.

  “Then let’s do something about it.”

  He left her side to strip his boxers down and off. When he rejoined her on the bed, she felt his naked, heated flesh against her own.

  “This was the longest day of my life. All I could think about was how much I wanted to see you writhing beneath me in out of control passion. I want to see you cum as I put my dick in your swollen cunt. Don’t you want that? Don’t you want me inside you?” Kenny asked as he leaned down and began suckling the nipple closest to him again.

  Connie could barely form a thought, let alone an answer as he swirled his tongue around her sensitive peak.

  “Oh, yes. Please, Kenny,” she begged.

  She closed her eyes, savoring the feel of the weight of his body against hers. At the moment, she didn’t care whether or not Brenda was correct and Kenny would leave soon. All she cared about was the fact he was spreading her legs wide preparing to enter her. Sure, she realized she would have to wake up and face reality sooner or later. She just wasn’t ready to do that just yet. Not just yet.

  Chapter 20

  “Oh god, it’s only one o’clock,” Connie said to the empty store as she struggled to stay awake.

  She should have tried to get some sleep this evening while she’d been at Kenny’s house. Yeah, right. All thoughts of sleep had fled her mind as soon as he had lain down beside her. He had snuggled close with his arm thrown across her waist. For long minutes, she had lain there, trying to think restful thoughts, but her body had been on a slow burn the moment he had touched her. When she had rolled over on her side, it had been to find his eyes wide open shining bright with desire, ready and willing to help her find alternate ways to spend the evening. Well, that’s what she got because she was definitely paying for it now.

  The bell over the door jangled to alert her someone had entered the store. She exhaled deeply and raised her head prepared to greet the customer, but the words died on her tongue as she saw two impeccably dressed white women enter the store. They wore designer labels, she was certain of it. They looked the type not to wear anything else. Their high heels clicked on the store floor as they walked the aisles. Sure, the neighborhood they lived in had some pretty wealthy people in it, but at this time of night or morning rarely did she see anything more than jeans and a t-shirt walking into the store.

  “What are we doing in here again?” the redhead asked of her brunette friend.

  “We’re in here because I have the munchies like you would not believe, and I have nothing at home that will satisfy the craving.”

  The redhead gave her friend a bored expression.

  “I told you not to take that hit, but you didn’t listen.”

  Hit of what, Connie wondered. Then her eyes grew big as dawning came to her.

  “Well, I only did it because Doug wanted me to. And he is so hot. No way I could have looked lame and not have done it,” the brunette answered.

  An unladylike grunt came from her redheaded friend as they continued their stroll of the aisles, having stopped at the chips.

  “He wasn’t that hot. It was the weed making you think he was. That shit was so strong it could make a monkey look appealing,” she said, shaking her head. “Can you hurry up? I wanna get home so I can call Kenny.”

  Connie sat up from where she’d been leaning against the counter. Kenny. Had she said Kenny? She shook her head, laughing at herself. There were more guys in the world named Kenny than just hers. Hmmm. Her Kenny. She definitely liked the sound of that.

  “Are you crazy? It’s after one in the morning now. By the time I drop you off at home, it will be closer to two. Do you really think that’s the best thing to do?”

  “Yeah, well, he hasn’t answered any of my other calls during the day. I figure I need to catch him off guard,” she said, hunching her shoulders.

  “Why did you dump him in the first place? You obviously didn’t want him to leave?” the brunette asked shaking her head.

  The redhead looked at her friend, a disbelieving look upon her face.

  “Are you kidding me? He was always late.”

  Connie shook her head. Some men could be so inconsiderate. Kenny had only been late the one time. All other times he had surprised her showing up earlier than expected.

  “Yeah, but he eventually got there, right? And he always made up for it didn’t he?” the brunette asked her.

  “Well, yeah, he made up for it the times he actually showed up. But near the end he just stopped making the effort to show up, and he was always working. I never came first with him. I don’t even think I was a second or close third,” the redhead continued whining.

  Her friend turned to face her, a smile on her face.

  “Aw, something you have in common,” the brunette said, walking away from her friend.

  “Okay, so I take my job very seriously. But when some of my clients come to me, they barely have time to breathe, and by the time they leave, they not only have time to breathe but to enjoy life. Can Kenny say the same about being an investment banker?”

  Connie stood a little straighter. An investment banker. Her Kenny was an investment banker. Slow down, she told h
erself. There had to be more than one investment banker named Kenny in this city. She glanced around for the two women and located them by the freezer section.

  “Oh, I don’t know. I think it’s pretty relaxing to sit back and have someone else make me tons of money,” the brunette answered absently, opening the door of the freezer and peering inside.

  “Okay,” she said, handing the redhead some ice cream. “If he’s always late and his job is more important than you are, why do you want him back so badly?”

  “Duh, he was absolutely to die for hot. The connections I made when we did go out have put me in with a whole new type of client.”

  Connie had to put her hand over her mouth to keep them from hearing her laugh. She wondered what to die for hot looked like. An image of Kenny came quickly to mind.

  The brunette’s laughter flowed to the front of the store.

  “But he won’t even talk to you. It’s obvious he’s not interested in getting back with you any longer. I think you should let it go before you embarrass yourself further.”

  “I’m going to get him back. He’s merely playing hard to get,” the redhead said to her friend’s back, a frown darkening her brow.

  The brunette turned to her friend a patronizing smile on her face.

  “Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that, sweetheart, maybe it’ll be true one day. I told you not to nag him so much. So what he was late a few times. Now he’s not coming at all.”

  The brunette walked away from the redhead down another aisle. The redhead stood with her mouth open looking after her friend.

  “But that shit was annoying as hell, Alexis. He needed to be taught a lesson,” she said, rushing to catch up.

  The woman, Connie now knew to be Alexis, turned to face the other woman.

  “So tell me, Lori, how’s the lesson going? Why don’t you just face it? You threw away a perfectly good man,” she said, turning away.

  Alexis walked a few steps before turning back to Lori who was still standing in the same spot.

  “Maybe he’s found someone who isn’t such a nagging bitch.”

  Lori’s mouth opened in shock at her friend’s comment. Connie was a little surprised herself. Somehow she hadn’t expected people who dressed like they did to use such language.

  “Nagging bitch? I’m not a nagging bitch. You’re only saying that because you smoked that stuff. Wait until I remind you about this tomorrow,” Lori said.

  Alexis seemed to mull this over.

  “You’re probably right. Tomorrow I won’t be nearly as honest with you. So you’d better pay attention tonight,” Alexis said before turning to take another perusal of the candy aisle.

  Connie leaned against the counter, a smile on her face. This was better than any keep you awake medicine on the market. These two could have a reality show. She would watch. They were funny. Especially Alexis.

  “Oh, yeah,” Lori said. “You just see who’ll hold your hair back when you’re puking your guts out.”

  Alexis turned to face Lori in the middle of the aisle.

  “Look Lor, I’m your best friend in the whole wide world, and I love you to pieces. But you were wrong to dump Kenny, and we both know it. Now you want him back, and he’s not having it. Just get over it and move on to someone else. Doug had a lot of cute friends at the party. What’s wrong with one of them?”

  When they headed towards the register, Connie straightened. Her smile was in place as Alexis dumped an armload of junk food down. She glanced from the junk food to Alexis and saw she was smiling at her.

  “You know you have a really pretty face,” Alexis said. “I should know I’m a modeling agent. It’s my job to know these things.”

  Connie smiled at her and mumbled thank you under her breath. She began ringing up the items while Alexis and Lori continued their conversation.

  “Now why can’t you just find someone else? There are plenty of guys who’d jump at a chance to date you, and they’d probably be on time for at least one date out of the week.”

  Lori leaned a skinny hip against the counter and folded her arms across her chest. Connie glanced at her out of the corner of her eye and could have sworn she saw her bottom lip sticking out just a little. She even made pouting look pretty.

  “Because I don’t want anyone else. I want Kenneth Anderson Jamison dammit, and I will get him back.”

  Connie’s hand paused over the bag of chips on the counter. Had she just said Kenneth Anderson Jamison? Maybe she was talking about another Kenneth Anderson Jamison. Her mind ran back over the conversation she’d just been eaves dropping in on. He was always late. Hadn’t Kenny said he was running late to a date the night they’d met? Hadn’t his girlfriend dumped him? The Kenny they were talking about was always working. As an investment banker. Oh god, her insides screamed. Connie was functioning on auto pilot as she finished ringing up the other items on the counter. Her mind was going over everything that had been said since they had entered the store. Lori wanted Kenny back. She was going to call him when she got home. How many other times had she called him? The night Kenny had met her at the library she’d called him, but he hadn’t answered. How long would he continue to ignore her? The woman was gorgeous. And obviously quite determined.

  “And what if said Kenneth Anderson Jamison doesn’t want you?” Alexis asked, reaching in her teeny tiny purse and pulling out her credit card.

  She handed it to Connie and tilted her head to the side and continued gazing at her.

  “You ever thought of doing any modeling? You have great cheek bones.”

  Connie shook her head and took the card from her fingers. She hoped her own weren’t trembling like her insides. This couldn't be happening. Of all the convenience stores for Kenny’s ex-girlfriend to walk into she had to walk into hers. Wait, that was from a movie, wasn’t it? It didn’t matter. She tried not to stare at Lori as she waited for Alexis’ credit card to clear, but she couldn't help it. She had realized the woman was beautiful when she had walked in the store, but now as she stood directly in front of her, Connie realized breathtaking was more apt of a description. This was what Kenny was used to dating.

  Lori had long red hair that hung down her back. She had that perfect handful of breasts all men loved. At least, that’s what the books all said. She had a barely there waist with hips that flared ever so slightly. Definitely not the birthing hips her grandma always said she had.

  Connie pulled the receipt from the cash register and handed it to Alexis along with a pen.

  “If you would sign on the line please,” she mumbled.

  What the hell was Kenny doing with her if this was what he was used to? Talk about slumming. A dull throbbing began at her temple. Alexis handed her back the slip and grabbed her bag of goodies. She pulled out a card from her purse.

  “Give me a call if you ever consider doing any modeling. We have had great demand for full-figured models lately. I think you’d photograph well.”

  Connie took the card. Not really seeing it.

  “Thank you,” she said, watching them leave.

  “And thank you for making me face reality sooner than later,” she whispered to the now empty store.

  Chapter 21

  Connie sat outside Kenny’s house, early Saturday morning, debating whether or not she should go inside. The key he had given her just yesterday was burning a hole in her pocket. She could almost hear it taunting her with what she wanted versus what she knew was best for her own peace of mind.

  When leaving his house last night, she’d had every intention of returning this morning when she got off. Thoughts of how they’d spent the afternoon had followed her to work, but then she’d seen firsthand the type of woman he was used to. Knowing you didn’t fit the bill and having it smack you in the face were two entirely different things.

  Memories of Lori’s small perfect body had continued to haunt her for hours after she’d left the store. Thoughts of how he could have ever touched her own imperfect form tumbled over and over in her h
ead. No matter how many times she had reminded herself he had not only touched it but had tasted every inch of her failed to give her the comfort and security she needed.

  Connie ran shaky fingers through her hair and placed her head against her steering wheel. The headache that had begun when she’d realized the very perfect redhead was Kenny’s ex-girlfriend was now pounding a relentless beat against her temple. She had gone into this believing it a temporary thing. Then Kenny had done the unexpected, he had asked for her to give what they had a chance, and she had done the unimaginable. She had begun to believe it could be real. But last night she’d been faced with reality. She was on borrowed time with Kenny until he came to his senses and realized there were hundreds of thousands of women better suited for him than she was.

  “I am so far in over my head,” she said. “What am I going to do?”

  Ring … ring….

  She jumped up in her seat and hit her head on the roof of her car.

  “Dammit,” she yelled, rubbing the top of her head.

  She grabbed her cell phone from where it lay on the passenger seat beside her. A quick check of the caller id confirmed what she already suspected. A deep sigh moved through her body. Now or later it all added up to the same thing.


  “I was just wondering if you were planning on sitting outside in your car all morning.”

  The cheerful tone of Kenny’s voice on any other day would have brought a smile to her face. Today it only succeeded in adding to her misery. Had he spoken with Lori last night while she had been at work? Was that why he was so happy this morning? Were they in the process of working things out? Or worse had she been over. Turning her gaze towards the house, she saw his silhouette in the upstairs window. She wondered if that was his bedroom window. The thought brought unwanted memories of their time spent together in that room and the many things they’d done. Moisture pooled between her legs as her thoughts lingered on their time together. Never had anyone taken the time with her as Kenny had. He’d allowed her to not only explore his body, but he’d allowed her to discover what turned her on. She was going to miss that.

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