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Man Of Steel
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Man Of Steel

  Man of Steel


  Jordan Silver

  Copyright© 2014 Alison Jordan

  All Rights Reserved

  Cover Design by Jordan Silver

  Cover Image by Vicki Jones Portraiture| Dreamstime

  Cover Model

  To all the butterflies who never let me forget why I do this. You rock

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

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  Chapter 1

  “Fuck!” One last hard thrust to bring her off and I was done. Well, not exactly, I always had a problem pulling out of her. The aftermath with my baby is almost as good as the sex, and that’s saying a lot because the sex is pretty phenomenal.

  Lifting my head from where I’d had it buried in her neck, I looked down at her sweaty, beautiful face. “Hey babydoll.” I brushed the hair back from her face and kissed her forehead while pressing my still throbbing cock deeper into her. I’ll never get enough of that smile, or that dreamy look she gets right after I’ve had her. Shit like that can make a man feel ten feet tall if he’s not careful.

  “Hey yourself.” She raised up to take my lips and I fed her my tongue before taking hers. “Umm, you taste so good, why do you always taste so fucking sweet?” We ate at each other’s mouths and she lifted her legs wrapping them higher around my hips while squeezing my cock inside her. “Still hungry huh?”

  For an answer she twisted her body beneath mine pulling me even deeper into her already wet heat. It didn’t take much for my boy to be at full stance again, and I set about feeding her greedy ass once more. Her sexual appetite just about rivaled mine, though I think I’ve got her beat by a nose.

  “I want you on your hands and knees.” Pulling out I flipped her over in one smooth motion and eased back in. One of the most beautiful sights in my world is watching her take me into her body. It’s the sexiest shit I’ve ever seen. “Tell me if I hurt you.” She nodded her head and flung her hair back getting into position. She knows the drill, when I’m riding I like to ride all the way. Wrapping her hair twice around my fist I put my free hand in the small of her back pushing down slightly until her body was curved just the way I wanted it.

  “Hold on beautiful.” She grabbed fistfuls of the sheets as I started stroking into her nice and slow. Lily’s five three to my six two and she weighs about a hundred pounds wet so when I’m fucking her like this I have to be very careful. Her little pussy can barely take me in the missionary so when I’m feeling like a little kink I have to always remember to keep a tight rein less I damage her.

  When her body adjusted to having my full length inside and she wasn’t showing any signs of discomfort, I upped the pace a little, while tugging gently on her hair. I’m a sick fuck behind closed doors; I’ll be the first to admit it. I like my sex dirty and hot, no inhibitions and no limits. As long as she’s with me and enjoying the shit I do to her, then it’s all good in my book.

  I could see her biting into her lip as she rocked back and forth on my cock, her eyes slits of pleasure as she drenched my meat with her sweet pussy juices again and again. Tightening my hold on her hair, I pulled her ass back harder with the hand in her back and watched as my cock slammed in and out of her tightness. That sight alone was enough to bring me to the brink, but when she started squeezing and releasing, massaging me with her pussy walls that was it. I growled long and hard before latching onto her neck with my teeth and spewing into her for the second time that night.

  I was too tired to do the cleanup so that shit will have to wait for the morning, so with one last kiss, I pulled her half way under me and dropped into oblivion. It had been another long night for me and the boys, and tomorrow didn’t promise to be any better.

  The feel of her softness beneath me helped me to sleep for a solid six before I was rolling out of bed again. I broke one off inside her before my eyes were even fully open. Morning pussy, especially when it was still wet from the night before, was it’s own special kind of treat.

  I dragged her limp form out of bed and headed for the shower. First order of business was brushing our teeth, since she’d turned teeth cleaning into a fucking science project with electric brushes and shit that were on timers. When that was done I turned on the water in the marble stall and set it to just below boil before we stepped in.

  I knew what was coming next; it’s like a pattern with us one that I never grew tired of. Bracing myself with my legs planted, I looked down at my cock that was already on the rise again. That first fuck of the morning was just to whet my appetite and hers, sort of like getting shit out of the way so we can really get down to business.

  She soaped me up first getting last night and this morning’s dried juices off my dick. When she was satisfied after teasing the ever-living shit out of me with her soft little hands, she got down on her knees; one of my absolute favorite sights.

  With water pounding down from four jets she licked my cockhead before gliding her tongue down my length. I folded my fists to keep from grabbing her hair, not yet. I didn’t start thrusting my hips forward until after she took me into her mouth completely. “Balls baby.” Her little hand came up to do my bidding and she squeezed my nuts just right, like she was milking the shits for all they were worth.

  Now I could fist her hair, just to add a little pain to the pleasure, she likes that shit. “Look at me babydoll.” Her eyes flew open and up as her cheeks became more distorted from having eleven and a half inches of cock meat stuffed in there. I thrust hard knowing that it would choke her off, I like that feeling around my cock too, as she choked and coughed trying to catch her breath.

  Pulling out of her mouth, I tapped her lips and cheeks with my bobbing cock before stroking hard. I fisted my cock and jacked it until I felt the blast coming. She knew what to do, and leaning back on her hands lifted her chest higher. The first volley of cum hit her right between her magnificent tits. Some ended up on her nipples and I even made it to her lower face. It was a beautiful paint job if I do say so myself.

  She fingered her pussy with one hand while using the fingers of the other to wipe cum from her body and feed herself. “Good girl.” I cleaned us both up and headed down to make breakfast while she puttered around the bedroom straightening up. Life was fucking amazing.

  Chapter 2

  “I have to make a run later baby, you’ll be okay here by yourself?” It was later that night and we’d both only been home a few hours from our respective jobs. When things are like they are now, I try to spend as much free time with her as possible, because even though I know she understands what’s going on, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I never want her to feel abandoned or like I’m taking advantage. She knows she’s not going anywhere regardless, but I’m not that much of a dick that I would use the fact that I’ve got her on lockdown to misuse her.

  She hated being alone in the big old house at night, not that I blame her; the world is full of sick shit. But I’ve made sure our place is secure and I’ve been teaching her how to take care of herself. I don’t mind that she feels safer with her man around, that’s part of my job. But every once in a while I have to go out at night, or sometimes even be gone for days on end. Those times I usually do
all I can to reassure her that she’s safe and I never take her fears for granted. She was one of the strongest people I knew but when it came to this shit there was no getting through to her.

  One of her friends had been attacked a few years back and the girls never forgot or really got over it. She’s full of piss and vinegar when it comes to me, but underneath all her bravado, my baby’s a girly girl who likes having her man at her back to keep the dark at bay. It’s fucked that I have to leave her to go protect someone else but it’s what I do. Seems like it’s what I’ve always done in one capacity or another.

  I use to be a detective in the big city; that was before cops started becoming politicians. I had no stomach for the bureaucracy bullshit and the game playing so I took early retirement. Not long after leaving, I opened my first bar, which had I known then where it would lead, I would probably have bought a damn Mickey D’s. Cops don’t usually hang out in those.

  Within weeks of my doors opening, it seemed like every disgruntled cop in a ten mile radius found his ass on one of my bar stools. I hadn’t intended my place to be a cop hangout but pretty early on it was obvious that that’s where shit was heading. If that wasn’t bad enough, I got caught up with a whole other element at just about the same time. The peace and tranquility I was after seemed out of reach by then. And life proved to be truly stranger than fiction. I’m not sure what I would’ve done different if anything, had I seen it coming.

  There’s nothing stranger for an ex cop than to have some of the degenerates he’d put away coming back into his life. Not set on destruction no, these freaks were looking for an alliance. Apparently, I was a standup guy in their book, the only trust worthy ‘pig’ they’d ever had the misfortune to get tangled up with. Lucky me. I was their chosen front man for an enterprise that, if not at the complete other end of the spectrum from my former profession, was pretty fucking close.

  I’d worked vice for a time, did a stint in narcotics, some time in violent crimes and for a time in my early years I’d tackled domestics, before ending up in homicide. I got tired of the revolving door, where the criminals were headed back out on the streets as fast as I put them away. I said fuck it and hung that shit up, it was just the last in a long line of grievances I had against a career I’d looked forward to since my childhood that hadn’t panned out. I guess I’d somehow glamorized the role after watching old films that were heavy on the serve and protect angle. There wasn’t much of that left by the time I handed in my piece and my badge.

  There were plenty who tried to talk me out of it but my mind was made up. I’d got into the business to save lives, to help the helpless, not to accept bribes and hide up shit if the perp had the right bank account. I was done all the way, there wasn’t much I could do about the illegal shit that was going on in the force but I’d be damned if I was going to let myself be tainted any farther.

  It was the only thing I had control over, my ability to walk away. And even with threats hanging over my head I’d walked. I was sure some thought I would spill the beans on their shady dealings but I knew better than to wade into that pool. The shit went to the top so there was no way for me to bring them down in the courts, why bother trying? There were other ways to deal with them if I was so inclined. So I’d countered their threats with some hard evidence of my own that showed them pretty much that I could take care of myself and they’d got the hint and backed the fuck off.

  All I wanted to do now was enjoy the benefits of having my own place and never again answering to anyone. No one except Ms. Holly that is, who was pretty sure she owned daddy’s ass and wasn’t shy about using that shit. In those early days after the force she was my mainstay, I measured my every decision against what it would mean for her future.

  So when a couple of the guys I’d put away in their misguided youth came seeking me out, I wasn’t exactly what you would call thrilled. I’d just turned my whole life upside down literally. I’d divorced my wife of almost ten years, leaving behind the most precious thing in my life, my little girl. Even with the new bar I felt at loose ends but I was determined to stay focused on this new avenue that I’d opened up.

  But no matter what I told myself, I couldn’t get away from the cop in my blood. So when these guys came to me with a proposition, it didn’t take long for them to talk me around and we ended up forming a sort of club I guess you could say.

  These guys were some serious hard asses that I’d put away for everything from drugs to carrying concealed when they were in their teens. I can’t say that I’d kept in touch with them much after I’d helped to send them up, though I had made an effort in the beginning before life got in the way. But for whatever reason they remembered me, and the way I’d handled them back then. I won’t lie, there was a sense of pride knowing that I’d made that much of a difference in someone’s life.

  Somehow these fuckers heard that I’d left the force and were now rivaling the cops for my ear. When I wasn’t listening to the same complaints I’d once had, the same things that had precipitated my leaving the force from my former colleagues. I was being bombarded by the ex cons turned bike crew vigilantes. They claimed that’s not what they were but the jury was still out back then. These days there’s no question as to what we are, but that too is reliant on who you ask.

  When they’d first told me what it was that they were into I have to say I was proud as fuck of the three misfit delinquents who’d apparently turned their lives around. Instead of terrorizing the neighborhood as they’d once done, these days the boys were into protecting their streets and the people who lived on those streets. Hearing that I played a part in their turn around wasn’t exactly hard on the ears either.

  After I’d heard them out and got the gist of where they were going it wasn’t long before I was onboard. And since it was such a great cause, something I believed in, I’d talked a few of my old buddies from the force into joining up. My new family hadn’t been too fond of that turn of events but once I’d convinced them of the benefits of having more eyes and ears spread out across the county they’d caved grudgingly.

  Chapter 3

  Now almost three years later, we have members in three states and the surrounding counties. Some were cops and some were ex cons, who’d done time for petty shit when they were younger like my guys, but we all had the same goals. It was humbling all these years later to realize that these guys had more integrity in their gut than most of the assholes I’d served with on the force. Here they were, the dregs of society; guys who’d been in some form of trouble at one time or another in their lives, but they’d chosen to turn their shit around instead of continuing down that road. The fact that they were a scary looking bunch of fuckers was neither here nor there.

  Some less informed beings equate us with the hell’s angels, but we’re of a different ilk. Our specialty is cross-country rides with a purpose; our focus is on women and children in fucked up situations. Either abused kids or women who were trying to get the hell away from some asshole who promised them forever and then subjected them to a life of hell. I guess you can call us a relocation organization since we’ve moved more women out of state and into protective shelters across the country than anyone else I know of.

  With all the manpower we now have and the differing levels of professionals, from lawyers to doctors and even CEOs and shit, our little enterprise had become something I don’t think any of us had expected. That was one of the reasons the guys had approached me, they were growing faster than expected and were in way over their heads. Plus not the one of them had any people skills and though I was a little rough around the edges or so I’ve been told, I still had a little more decorum than my boys.

  I was able to talk people of the higher echelons of society into supporting our cause. Men and women that I’d had reason to cross paths with in my former profession in one-way or the other. Most of them were only too happy to help out, for some people writing a check was just as fulfilling as being hands on.

  It wasn’t just the relocat
ion thing we had going either, there were the ride-alongs, the security detail, the rebuilding project. A whole fuck load of things that society needed that you never heard about on the six o’clock news. My favorite and most rewarding though, was protecting the little kids.

  That’s how I met my Lily. I’d run a kid whose dad had used her as an ashtray and a football into the hospital where she worked. She’d taken one look at me in my leathers and then looked at the kid and steam came out of her ears and nose. She was a good foot or more shorter, but that hadn’t stopped her from lighting into me and crowding me until she got me out of the room and away from her patient.

  “I’m calling the cops you overgrown jerk.” I just looked down at her in shock until I caught on to what was going on in her head. Folding my arms I stared down at the little ball of fire as she spat fury at me and threatened me with mayhem. When she started poking me in the chest, that’s when the fun really begun.

  I was hit in the gut by the strangest sensation, something I had no name for because I’d never experienced it before. I looked down past her finger to the rise in my dick. Her eyes followed mine and snapped back up in a hurry, like she’d seen something forbidden. “Seriously?” Now she was really flustered, her face pinked up and she swallowed hard before stepping back. And right then I wished I knew what she was thinking.

  “Seems like we’ve got us a situation here doc, so why don’t we do this? Why don’t you take care of my charge here and then you can give me your number and we’ll go from there? Say tonight at about seven.”

  “Humph, you sure do have a high opinion of yourself don’t you? Who says I’m interested? and besides maybe I already have a date.”

  “Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, break it.” She had nothing to say to that bold statement, but I noticed she hadn’t shot me down either. That wouldn’t have mattered either if she had, a man like me who’d been around the block a couple times before and after marriage, I knew what it meant when my body reacted this way to a woman. It meant for one thing, the sex was going to be fuck hot. In the back of my mind I started wondering how long she was going to make me do the dance before she’d let me take her.

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