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Unbreakable Bond

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Unbreakable Bond

  Unbreakable Bond

  By Sharon Cummin

  Copyright © 2018 Sharon Cummin

  All Rights Reserved

  Warning: This story contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for those under the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious and the age of 18 and older. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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  Chapter 1

  Chapter 2

  Chapter 3

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  Chapter 1


  Parker was able to get the twins the weekend after Christmas. We hadn't told any of the kids about the baby or about us getting married yet. Those were things we wanted them to hear when they were all together.

  We'd already given the twins the gifts from my family, and we were all sitting around in the living room when Parker told them we had something to say. The twins and Jenny sat nervously waiting, while Jeff and Jake could have cared less.

  “You're all going to be big sisters and big brothers,” Parker said, and Jenny jumped to her feet.

  “Another baby,” she said, as she looked at me.

  “A baby?” Sarah asked, as she got to her feet and headed for Parker. “Really, daddy? I've always wanted a baby brother or sister.”

  “It's not that exciting,” Jenny said. “Believe me. I have two little brothers already.”

  “I'm excited,” Sarah said. “I'm the same age as my brother. He's actually older by two minutes. I can't wait to have a new baby.”

  “How do you feel, Sam?” Parker asked his son.

  “It sounds cool,” Sam replied.

  “What about you two?” Parker asked Jeff and Jake, but neither of them replied.

  “The baby can share my room,” Sarah said.

  “The baby will have his or her own room,” Parker said. “We're adding on two more rooms to the new house.”

  “That's good,” Jenny said.

  “You're not happy about your mom and me having a baby together?” Parker asked her, as he got down on his knee to get closer to her.

  “You seem like a good daddy,” she answered. “We won't have to move away from you too, will we?”

  I felt that shit hit me right in the center of my chest, and before I could open my mouth to speak, Parker was already on it.

  “There's no way you'll ever be moving away from me, Jenny,” he said.

  “Are you sure?” she asked. “I really like you.”

  “I'm sure,” he said, as he pulled all of the kids close to him. “I love you all so much. How do you feel about me marrying your mommy?”

  “Really?” Jenny and Sarah asked at the same time.

  “Would you be my daddy?” Jenny asked.

  “How would you feel about that?” he asked her.

  “I would love that,” Jenny answered.

  “I would too,” Sarah said. “Then you'd be my sister.”

  “Then we'd have two mommies,” Sam said, as he scooted over closer to me.

  “Would that be okay?” I asked him.

  “Yes,” he said, as he nodded his head.

  Jeff walked over and stood between my knees, and Jake moved toward Parker.

  “Daddy,” Jake said, as he stood up next to him.

  Parker looked at me with misty eyes and smiled.

  “I think we're good,” he said, as he pulled Jake in close. “Really good.”

  Chapter 2


  I drove the twins home while Cassie got the three kids ready and tucked them into bed. Sarah wasn't even to the door yet when I heard the words baby and married fly out of her mouth. The look on my ex's face wasn't a happy one. What the fuck she'd care, I had no idea. We were nothing to each other and hadn't been for a very long time. She shut her front door, the one that used to belong to me, without even looking my way, and I was good with that.

  As soon as I got back, I planned to throw my woman over my shoulder and bury my cock so fucking deep inside of her. Between working on the house, the holidays, and worrying about telling the kids, I was beat, and I needed my woman's body beneath me.

  When I walked in the door, the lights were out. No way, I thought. That shit was not okay. I locked up, walked down the hall, opened Cassie's bedroom door, and flicked the light switch up, ready to have a serious talk with my woman, but the view in front of me had me swallowing my words. There she was, on the bed, on all fours, wearing only my jersey. When she turned her head and looked back at me from over her shoulder, I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her.

  I grabbed my t-shirt at the hem and pulled it up and over my head. Then I undid the button and zipper on my jeans with my eyes glued to hers. The second I grabbed the waist of my jeans and boxers and shoved them down my legs, her eyes moved to my cock, and she licked her lips.

  “Make up your mind, princess,” I said. “You want it deep, or you want to suck it?”

  She was off the bed and on her knees before I'd even gotten my pants kicked off. I looked down at her and knew I'd never want another woman for the rest of my life.

  Her hands slid slowly up my legs before she wrapped one around my shaft and began stroking me. Her tongue came out and licked across my tip. Then her mouth opened wide and took me in. When I tapped the back of her throat, I let out a moan. Before I had the chance to move in deeper, her hands gripped the backs of my thighs, and she took me in as deep as she could. She sucked me so damn hard, as she pulled me from her mouth. Then she took me deep again. My head fell back, and my woman took my cock so fucking deep over and over again. My hand moved down to the back of her head, and I thrust my hips forward. When she moaned around my cock, and the vibrations moved through me, I couldn't take it. I grabbed her hair to pull her from me, but her grip on my thighs tightened.

  “Cassie,” I warned, but instead of letting go, she sucked me even harder. “If you don't get up, I'm going to come down your throat, princess.”

  What did she do? My girl gave a slight nod and began moving me out and back into her mouth even faster.

  “That's what you want, isn't it?” I asked. “You want me to fill that cocky mouth with my cum.”

  She moaned around my cock, and she let go of my right thigh. When I looked down, I saw her hand move down between her legs, and I couldn't take it another second.

  “Suck it, baby,” I said, as I wrapped my hand in her hair and thrust in deep.

  She looked up at me, and all I could think about was how damn beautiful she was, down on her knees, waiting to swallow everything I had to give her. I pulled back and thrust in a few more times. Then I moved in deep and filled her mouth. She swallowed every bit of me. Then she pulled my cock from her mouth and licked it clean.

  “On the bed,” I said, as she got to her feet with a smile on her face.

  She crawled slowly up the bed on her hands and knees, and I couldn't help but spank her sexy ass. When she jumped but kept moving, I did it again. I could see her
juices dripping down her thighs and knew she wanted more, but that would have to wait. I reached forward, grabbed her legs, and pulled them out from under her. Then I quickly pulled her down the bed, causing my jersey to ride up her body, and flipped her over. She looked up at me with her bottom lip between her teeth, and I dropped to my knees.

  Without a second thought, I dove between her legs and had her crying out my name in seconds. Her hands held tight to the sheets, as her hips moved in rhythm with my mouth. I wasn't going easy on her, and when her ass scooted up the bed a bit, I grabbed hold of her hips and kept right on going. My tongue was thrusting in and out of her while my finger rubbed her clit. When I pulled back, my tongue and finger switched places. I thrust one finger in deep, and then I added another. She was moaning and calling out to me while I fucked her deep. Just when I hit that perfect spot inside of her, I took her clit between my teeth, and she cried out, as she came so damn hard around my fingers. She rode out her orgasm, and her body fell slack against the bed. Just when her eyes began to close, I stood over her.

  “I'm not done with you yet, princess,” I said roughly.

  “Parker,” she whimpered.

  I pulled her down the bed until her legs were hanging off of it. Then I flipped her back onto her belly.

  “On your elbows, with your ass in the air, baby,” I said, and she moved to accommodate my request.

  I grabbed her hips and pulled her even higher. Then I slid my hand between her legs and thrust a finger into her. She cried out, and her back arched, which made my cock even harder than it already was. I pulled my hand back, and I spanked her ass. That had never been something I'd wanted to do, not until her cocky mouth had me constantly thinking about it. Seeing my print on her ass had my cock ready to explode.

  “Hang on,” I said, and she moaned.

  I lined myself up, moved into her deep and fast, and she cried out my name. I knew I'd never get tired of hearing my name leave her lips. When I pulled out and thrust back in, I felt her ass push back against me and knew she needed me just as much as I needed her.

  I was fucking her hard and deep when I heard her beg for more. My hands moved to her shoulders, and I held her tight, as I began pounding into her as deep as I possibly could. It didn't matter how close we got, it was never enough. We always wanted more. I was fucking her so hard that her feet were coming off of the ground with each thrust in, and we were both panting and moaning. I grabbed hold of her hair, turned her head, and my mouth crashed down on hers, but I didn't stop fucking her. My body was slamming into hers, and hers was pushing back against mine. We were truly one, and I'd never let that go. When she came around my cock, I swallowed her moans. Then I pulled back, grabbed her hips, and roared out her name, as I emptied myself into her.

  Her body fell down onto the bed, so I scooped her into my arms, carried her around the side of the bed, and let her down onto it gently. She scooted into the center, and I moved in behind her. When she flipped back toward me, she leaned her head on my chest and ran her fingers up and down my stomach.

  “We're getting married before the baby gets here,” I said, not wanting to wait another second to make her my wife. “When do you want to do it?”

  “We haven't even gotten the house ready, Parker,” she said. “Why don't we just wait until we're completely moved in. If it takes until the season starts, we'll just wait until it's over. That will give us time to plan, and it won't be stressful.”

  “Not going to happen, Cassie,” I said, and I meant it. “We will be married before our baby comes.”

  She opened her mouth to say something, but I cut that shit right off.

  “I don't care if the wedding is big or small,” I said. “It could be at city hall, and I'd be fine with it. The only people we need there are us, the kids, and your grandma.”

  “My grandma is the only adult you're worried about?” she asked, with a laugh.

  “She's been on my side since the very beginning,” I said. “I will not disappoint her.”

  “You don't think the rest of them will freak out if we do it without them?” she asked. “You ready to take all the men on at once?”

  “If that's what needs to be done,” I answered. “The only one I want to be happy is you.”

  “And my grandma?” she asked.

  “And your grandma,” I said, with a laugh. “That woman scares me.”

  We both burst into laughter.

  “How were you when the twins were born?” she asked.

  “What do you mean?” I asked, unsure exactly what she meant.

  “Were you right there holding your wife's hand, or were you the kind of guy who just stood back and let it all happen?” she asked.

  “I wasn't there,” I said, all humor gone from my words.

  “What?” she asked, as she pushed up onto her elbow to look at me.

  “I was at an away game,” I said. “I wanted to be there. Please don't think I didn't. I didn't even know until they were both already here, and that shit hurt. We thought we had more time, but we were wrong, and I felt so damn awful.”

  “Oh shit!” she gasped, as she sat straight up. “I never even thought of that, Parker. I'm due during the season. What if you're not there?”

  “I'll be there,” I said, sitting up and pulling her close to me.

  “You don't know that,” she said. “Don't say shit you don't mean.”

  “I'll be there, Cassie,” I said, as I hugged her tight. “I'll figure it out.”

  “I should have known better,” she said. “We should have been more careful. How could we not have been careful?”

  “It wasn't like we did it on purpose, Cassie,” I said. “I'm so damn happy you're having my baby. Please don't make it sound like this is an inconvenience.”

  “I'm sorry,” she said. “I'm just as happy as you are. I'm just worried about being alone, with three kids, and going into labor. I guess I could just call Lauren, Lucy, or Sammie. You're right, it will be fine. I won't be alone.”

  Hearing her say that hit me right in the chest. I didn't want someone else being there for her when our child was born. I wanted it to be me.

  “I'll figure it out,” I said. “I'll be there.”

  I meant the words I'd just said to her. I didn't care what I had to do, I was not missing another one of my children coming into the world. That was not happening.

  Chapter 3


  Fourteen great-grandchildren were more than enough to get me to move. I wanted to spend the last of my days surrounded by little ones and big ones too. My kids and their families were my everything. It didn't matter if they had my blood running through their veins or not, I loved them all the same. If Carrie wouldn't have wanted to move, I would have been okay with that. Scott still ran a business in Michigan, and I was pretty sure they could have used some time alone. Between the rest of the gang, I could have traveled from house to house and never worn out my welcome. They loved me, and I loved them. We were the closest you could get, and I was so damn proud of that.

  I was sitting on the couch the day after Christmas, looking out Sammie and James' front window, when Carrie and Scott walked into the room. He sat next to me, and she sat next to him.

  “You serious about this?” he asked. “You really ready to move here?”

  “I am,” I said, as I turned toward them. “This is where I want to be. If you two aren't up for it, I get it.”

  “We are,” Scott said.

  “Really?” I asked. “What about your business and your parents' house?”

  “We're going to keep them both,” he said. “You can stay here, and we'll go back and forth when we need to.”

  “You don't have to do that,” I said. “There are four houses for me to go between here.”

  “We want to,” Carrie said, from the other side of Scott. “We talked about it last night and this morning. We're ready too. Our kids are here, and we want to be with them. It was bad enough James was here, but Cassie is now too. We wa
nt to be here when the baby comes, so we can help her and Parker. I miss Lucy and Lance too. We won't give up the house in Michigan. Scott said we could, but I won't let that happen. He'll cut back at the company, so we'll just go back and forth when we need to. We want to buy a house here. What do you think?”

  “Are you sure?” I asked. “I don't want you to do this for me.”

  “It's what we want,” Scott said, as he looked back at Carrie.

  “It is,” she said.

  They both had huge smiles on their faces, and I knew I had one to match. I was so proud of them, their kids, Lance and Lucy, and their kids too. Every single one of them were amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better family. They were perfect.

  “Where do we start?” I asked.

  “We find a house,” Scott said.

  We spent the next few days looking online and driving around to houses, but none of them were the one. Carrie and Scott wanted something big enough for the kids and parents to visit, but they also wanted something they could take care of. Carrie didn't want me to have to work hard when they'd need to be in Michigan. They asked my opinion of each house, but I watched their reactions and voted the same way they did. It was going to be their house, and they needed to be the ones to choose it.

  By the end of the week, we hadn't found the one, and I could tell Carrie was losing hope, so when Cassie and Parker sent a text inviting us over to see their new place, I jumped at it.

  “We could use the break,” I said, as I looked between Carrie and Scott.

  “I think you're right,” Scott said. “I can't even keep the houses straight anymore.”

  We got in the car and headed their way. I couldn't wait to see the house Cassie had picked. Was it huge? Were there more bathrooms than people? Did Parker talk her down to a smaller place? He was a ballplayer, so I knew she could have whatever she wanted.

  When Scott pulled up the driveway his GPS directed him to, I was shocked. The house was two stories, and it was beautiful, but it wasn't at all what I'd expected. There was a swing on the front porch and flowers lining the ground just in front of the porch. I could see myself sitting on that swing for hours.

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