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 part  #20 of  Brother From Money Series


Unbreak My Heart_BWWM Romance

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Unbreak My Heart_BWWM Romance

  Unbreak My Heart

  Brother From Money 20

  A sexy pregnancy romance by Shanade White of BWWM Club. Features another free bonus book.

  Brian has made the discovery of a lifetime during his career as a researcher in the Amazon.

  But his time is cut short when he falls sick with malaria and has to return home to Alaska and into Heather’s care.

  And as they spend more time with each other, they begin to fall in love.

  Yet Brian still thinks that his heart belongs in the Amazon…

  Just as Heather finds out she is pregnant with his baby!

  She needs his support now more than ever.

  But will his work be more important than his love for Heather and his growing family?

  Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Shanade White of BWWM Club.

  Suitable for over 18s only due to super hot sex scenes!

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  Chapter 1

  Heather had been sitting at her desk in the research lab for hours but had accomplished little, it was hard to work when it was such a beautiful evening. She’d been in Alaska for over two years now, and she’d learned to deal with the cold and dark of winter but summer was what kept her there. The long days meant that no matter how long she worked in the clinic or the research lab, there would still be a little light left at the end of the day for her to enjoy the beauty of the Alaskan summer.

  When she’d taken the job, she hadn’t realized just how much she was going to enjoy living in this wild place. Growing up in the city it had seemed foreign at first, but soon she’d begun to love the quiet and camaraderie of the small community she’d joined. As the only doctor for hundreds of miles around she’d become close with a lot of her neighbors and considered them her friends. But what she loved most about Homestead was the research lab that came with the clinic, a state of the art facility that a lone researcher like herself could have only dreamed of under normal circumstances.

  She’d worked hard to get herself out of the neighborhood she’d grown up in but thanks to a keen intelligence, bordering on genius level, and the help of her parents, she’d managed to do it. It had taken sacrifice not only from her but from her parents who had given up a lot to see that their daughter took full advantage of the intelligence she’d been given. Her mother had worked her regular job then cleaned houses on the weekend, and her father picked up any odd job he could find so that they could pay for tutors to take over where the school fell short.

  Their sacrifice paid off when she’d been given a full ride scholarship to Harvard after she graduated from high school two years early. It had been difficult to leave her parents, especially as young as she was, but she made friends easily and thanks to a vigorous schedule didn’t have time to miss home. She was only twenty when she completed her undergrad with top honors and went on to medical school where she discovered not only her love of medicine but of research as well.

  Oncology research had snared her early in her residency, the lure of curing the disease attractive to her logical mind. She cruised through her rotations, learning as much as she could not only about medicine but about human nature and the way people dealt with sickness. It wasn’t until she was nearing the end of her residency that her first disappointment came along. A searing rejection from a grant committee based, she believed, solely on the fact that she was an African American woman.

  They hadn’t come right out and said it, but when she'd walked into the room, they all began shifting the papers spread out in front of them as if they were looking for the answer to a question they’d forgotten to ask. After only a few questions they’d ended the interview without any explanation except that she wasn’t what they were looking for, that they needed someone with more experience. She’d been devastated and slunk out of the room, the grant had been for new researchers, a chance to get that experience they claimed was holding her back.

  It wasn’t the last rejection she’d get; no matter how solid her credentials, when it was time for the personal interview she was turned away empty handed. Once she was finished with her residency it became clear that a career in research might not be in her future so she'd taken a job in one of the inner-city clinics where she could at least make a difference. But she never gave up hope, applying for any research grant she could find, hoping that persistence would pay off. And it had, she thought looking around the lab and smiling. Homestead had become not only her home, but her entrance into the world of cancer research.

  A knock on the door of the lab startled her, making her jump but then she saw that it was Amanda and realized how late it had become. Waving her friend into the lab, she turned back to her computer and began shutting it down, wishing that she’d accomplished more that day. Lately she’d been feeling the burnout of her busy schedule. Trying to balance her patients and her research could be difficult at times, but tonight would be just the thing she needed to recharge her battery.

  “Why aren’t you ready to go yet?” Amanda demanded when she saw that Heather was still in her lab coat.

  “I just need a couple of minutes to close this thing up and we can go,” Heather said, cleaning up the papers on her desk.

  Amanda looked at her, then said, “You’re not going dressed like that. Come on Heather, loosen up a little.”

  Heather stood up from the chair and pulled off the lab coat to reveal a pair of jeans and tank top. “Is this okay with you?” she asked, turning in a circle.

  Amanda made a little grunting sound in her throat and crossed the room, then she pulled the band out of Heather’s hair and fluffed it up. “I don’t know why you pull all this wonderful hair back all the time,” she said, satisfied.

  “It’s just easier.” Heather said, looking at her friend suspiciously. “You haven’t done something I’m not going to like have you?”

  Amanda held her hands up, “Don’t worry, I got the message, no more fix-ups. But…”

  “Amanda, I don
t have time in my life for romance, we’ve been through this before,” Heather said with a huge sigh. “Maybe someday, but right now I just want to concentrate on work.”

  “I still don’t understand why you can’t do both,” Amanda said, then when Heather started to speak, she added, “I promised not to get involved in your love life and I’ll stick to that promise, but when you’re ready let me know, I have the perfect guy in mind for you.”


  Brian sat down on the bed and leaned over, his head cradled in his hands waiting for the nausea to pass. He knew that it was dehydration making him feel this way, but he hadn’t been able to hold anything, including water, down for the last twelve hours. Cursing his luck to have caught Malaria just as he’d made the most important discovery of his career, he struggled back to his feet and over to the lab. He’d have to get medical attention and soon, but before he left the remote village in the Amazon, he had to get the samples packaged and ready to go.

  He heard the tent zip open and then closed, but didn’t look up from what he was doing, afraid that if he did he’d mess up the transfer and destroy the sample. His assistant, Josh, waited patiently as he finished what he was doing, but as soon as the last box was filled and the top sealed he rushed to Brian’s side.

  “Now can we go?” he asked, helping Brian back over to the bed where he sat down heavily.

  “Yes, just let me rest a minute then I need to call my brother Theo,” Brian said, laying down and closing his eyes.

  “The boat is ready to leave as soon as we get there,” Josh said, loading the packages into a canvas bag and setting it by the door.

  Brian waited for the latest wave of dizziness to pass, then sat up. “I need you to do something for me,” he said, trying to get to his feet.

  Josh rushed to his side and pushed him down on the bed again. “Anything you need,” he said, satisfied when Brian laid back down.

  “First, promise me that you won’t call my mother, she’ll only make things worse. If you need to talk to someone call one of my brothers,” he said, taking deep breaths until a wave of nausea passed.

  Josh didn’t answer. “If you want to keep your job, don’t call my mother,” Brian said, prying open his eyes to look at Josh, who raised his hands and nodded his head.

  “Okay, I won’t call your mother but you have to protect me when she finds out I didn’t,” Josh said, trying to inject a little humor into the situation.

  Brian gave him a weak smile, “That’s a deal. I also need you to make sure that those packages get where they’re supposed to go and fast. I don’t have an address for the one going to Alaska only a post office box number, but the number for the lab is in my phone, call them and get one.”

  Brian fumbled in his pocket and handed his phone to Josh, “I think you’d better call my brother for me,” he said, then passed out.

  Heather and Amanda were just walking out of the clinic on their way to the little harbor in Homestead to watch the Fourth of July fireworks when Heather’s phone rang. She thought about ignoring it but picked it up at the last minute. There was such a long silence on the line that she had to say hello twice before a man’s voice on the other end came over the phone.

  “I’m trying to reach Dr. Snyder,” the man said.

  “This is she.” Heather answered, trying to recognize the voice.

  There was another long pause, then the man asked, “Is this the Dr. Snyder who’s been working with Dr. Taylor on the Amazon project?”

  “Yes, this is she.” Heather was beginning to lose her patience, especially when there was another long pause.

  Finally, the man said, “My name is Josh Bradley and I work with Dr. Taylor. I’ve got some specimens that I need to send to you but all we have in the file is a post office box number in Anchorage, I need an address where I can have them delivered to you directly.”

  Heather’s annoyance instantly evaporated, “Oh, well we don’t have a post office here, but we do use a courier service out of Anchorage, I’m sure they can get them to me. I wasn’t aware that Dr. Taylor would be sending us any more samples, I thought we’d finished with the mushrooms.”

  “It appears that there’s a fungus that grows on the mushrooms and Dr. Taylor wants it tested as well,” Josh answered.

  Heather’s heart began racing with excitement, no one had said it but she knew that they were looking for a cure for cancer, it wasn’t stated anywhere but she could read between the lines. “Send me your email address and I’ll send the information right over. When can I expect the samples?”

  “It’s going to take several days, but the media Dr. Taylor used should last for two weeks, more than enough time to get them to you.”

  Heather was sitting in the bow of Daniel’s boat, her eyes glued to the sky as shower after shower of colored light filled the sky then faded away. She’d always loved fireworks and a boat in the middle of Homestead Bay had to be the best place in the world to watch them. There were no city lights to dim the brilliant colors and Seth Montgomery had spared no expense on the display, drawing crowds of people from hundreds of miles away, it was one of the ways he showed his gratitude to not only his employees but the native people who lived on the land he managed.

  Although slightly mesmerized by the fireworks, Heather couldn’t forget the conversation she’d had on the way over here. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Dr. Taylor would only be sending out samples to the satellite labs if he thought he’d found something and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on them. As if that thought wasn’t enough to distract her, the fact that the sample was a fungus was even more intriguing. But she was here to enjoy the holiday, tomorrow would be soon enough to dig into some research on fungus so she pushed it from her mind and looked to the sky again, determined to enjoy the night and put work from her mind.

  As the last brilliant sparks disappeared from the sky, a silence fell over the harbor, the only sound the lapping of the ocean against the boats anchored there. The shrill ringing of a cell phone was the first sound to pierce the silence, causing the entire harbor to erupt with annoyance. It only took two rings to figure out that the sound was coming from their boat then Theo jumped to his feet, cursing and pulling his phone from his pocket.

  He jabbed his finger into the phone, then said, “This had better be an emergency,” before disappearing down the stairs to the bedrooms below.

  He was gone for a long time and Heather could tell that Amanda was beginning to get nervous, but finally he emerged from below deck. One look at his face told Heather that whatever the call had been about, it wasn't good. Amanda was on her feet immediately and Heather followed her, thinking to be moral support, but when she got to Theo, he pulled her down the stairs and into one of the bedrooms, Amanda trailing after them.

  “Theo, what’s going on?” Amanda asked, when the three of them were in the bedroom with the door closed.

  “That was Josh, my brother’s research assistant calling to tell me that they think he’s got Malaria,” Theo said, pulling Amanda into his arms and taking several deep breaths. “He’s been avoiding treatment for days, something about getting samples ready to mail and a cure for cancer.”

  “Where is he?” Amanda asked, already making plans in her head.

  “On a boat coming down the Amazon, they’re heading for a hospital in Macapa,” Theo said, then added, “He made Josh promise not to call my mother, said that it would only make things worse.”

  “We have to go to him.” Amanda said, “I’ll start making phone calls.”

  “Wait, I want Heather to go with us,” Theo said, surprising both women.

  “What? Me? I don’t really know anything about Malaria, we didn’t exactly see a lot of cases in the city,” Heather said, then added, “Your brother needs an expert, someone who knows the disease and treatment.”

  “But if you’re there I’ll know that he’s getting the very best care available. I trust you Heather, I don’t know them and my brother’s life might be
on the line,” Theo said.

  “I’d have to figure out some things, I’ve got samples coming from…” All of a sudden Heather made some connections. “Did you say your brother’s assist is named Josh?”

  “Yes, why?” Theo asked..

  “Is your brother’s name Brian?”

  “Yes, he’s got his PHD in botany but he doesn’t use the title very often, he’s been in the Amazon Basin looking for a cure for cancer,” Theo answered, still confused.

  Heather only stared at him, her mouth open, too shocked to discover that the man she’d been working with all these months was Theo’s brother. It had never occurred to her that Dr. Brian Taylor was the other Taylor brother, the one they never talked about, the one who had a strained relationship with the family.

  “So, will you go with us?” Theo asked, the look on his face so full of hope she couldn’t refuse.

  “When do we leave?” she answered, not sure what else to say, there’d be plenty of time to explain later.

  Thanks to the Taylor billions, it didn’t take more than a few hours to arrange for a private jet to fly them to Brazil, and Heather was a bit ashamed to admit that she was excited about the trip. By early morning, they were boarding the most luxurious plane she’d ever seen. It had a full kitchen, a salon with comfortable couches and chairs, and full-sized beds that could be closed off with heavy curtains. She’d planned to tell everyone about her connection to Brian Taylor, but as soon as the plane was off the ground, one by one they disappeared into the sleeping area and she decided that it might not hurt to get some sleep herself.

  By the time the plane landed in Macapa Brazil later that day, they’d all had a long nap and a gourmet meal and were feeling better. As soon as they climbed into the big car and drove away from the airport, Theo and Daniel were on their phones, trying to find out where Brian had been taken and any news of his condition. Amanda and Amber were equally busy making arrangements for someplace for them to stay while they were there, which left Heather plenty of time to watch the beauty of the city pass her by.

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