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Man of the House: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

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Man of the House: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

  Table of Contents

  Book 1: Stepdad Fantasy

  Book 2: Stepdad Fantasy 2

  Book 3: Stepdad Fantasy 3

  Book 4: Stepdad Fantasy 4

  Book 5: Stepdad Fantasy 5

  Book 6: Dating the Old Man

  Book 7: Dating the Old Man 2

  Book 8: Dating the Old Man 3

  Book 9: Dating the Old Man 4

  Book 10: Dating the Old Man 5

  Book 11: Pop Her Cherry

  Book 12: Pop Her Cherry 2

  Book 13: Pop Her Cherry 3

  Book 14: Pop Her Cherry 4

  Book 15: Pop Her Cherry 5

  Book 16: Two Girls, One Stepdad

  Book 17: Two Girls, One Stepdad 2

  Book 18: Two Girls, One Stepdad 3

  Book 19: Two Girls, One Stepdad 4

  Book 20: Two Girls, One Stepdad 5

  Book 21: Virgin Stepdaughter

  Book 22: Virgin Stepdaughter 2

  Book 23: Virgin Stepdaughter 3

  Book 24: Virgin Stepdaughter 4

  Book 25: Virgin Stepdaughter 5

  Book 26: Naughty Stepdaughter

  Book 27: Naughty Stepdaughter 2

  Book 28: Naughty Stepdaughter 3

  Book 29: Naughty Stepdaughter 4

  Book 30: Naughty Stepdaughter 5

  Book 31: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage

  Book 32: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage 2

  Book 33: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage 3

  Book 34: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage 4

  Book 35: Amanda’s Virgin Voyage 5

  Book 36: Dating a Married Man

  Book 37: Dating a Married Man 2

  Book 38: Dating a Married Man 3

  Book 39: Dating a Married Man 4

  Book 40: Dating a Married Man 5

  Book 41: Diana’s Dalliance

  Book 42: Diana’s Dalliance 2

  Book 43: Diana’s Dalliance 3

  Book 44: Diana’s Dalliance 4

  Book 45: Diana’s Dalliance 5

  Book 46: Stepdaughter Attraction

  Book 47: Stepdaughter Attraction 2

  Book 48: Stepdaughter Attraction 3

  Book 49: Stepdaughter Attraction 4

  Book 50: Stepdaughter Attraction 5

  Book 51: Ana Takes it All

  Book 52: Ana Takes it All 2

  Book 53: Ana Takes it All 3

  Book 54: Ana Takes it All 4

  Book 55: Ana Takes It All 5

  Book 56: Two Girls, One Lover

  Book 57: Two Girls, One Lover 2

  Book 58: Two Girls, One Lover 3

  Book 59: Two Girls, One Lover 4

  Book 60: Two Girls, One Lover 5

  Book 61: Group Actions

  Book 62: Group Actions 2

  Book 63: Group Actions 3

  Book 64: Group Actions 4

  Book 65: Group Actions 5

  Book 66: Younger Lover Affection

  Book 67: Younger Love Affection 2

  Book 68: Younger Love Affection 3

  Book 69: Younger Lover Affection 4

  Book 70: Younger Love Affection 5

  Book 71: Her Vegas Sensual Night

  Book 72: Her Sensual Vegas Night 2

  Book 73: Her Sensual Vegas Night 3

  Book 74: Her Sensual Vegas Night 4

  Book 75: Her Sensual Vegas Night 5

  Book 76: Rancher’s Virgin Daughter

  Book 77: Rancher’s Virgin Daughter 2

  Book 78: Rancher’s Virgin Daughter 3

  Book 79: Rancher’s Virgin Daughter 4

  Book 80: Rancher’s Virgin Daughter 5

  Man of the House: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance

  Book 1: Stepdad Fantasy

  Copyright © 2015 All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.

  This story has erotic themes and is suitable for adults, 18+ only.

  Table of Contents

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter One

  The wind was cool on Maddy’s face. She savored the feel of it, enjoyed the way it caressed her face. She enjoyed the beach at night. Coming here allowed her to unwind, to get a grip on the tumultuous life she had lived so far.

  The sound of the waves calmed her. Her thoughts first turned to her father. She had never known him, didn’t even know his name. The concept of a father was so confusing to Maddy, because she had had so many who tried to fill the role over the course of her life.

  There was the man whose seed had fertilized her mother’s womb, of course. The mystery man who she was never going to meet, the man who had wanted nothing to do with her. He had left her mother when he found out that she was pregnant.

  For the longest time her mother, Justine, had raised her on her own. She had only been nineteen when Maddy was born, yet to become used to the rigors of adulthood. Yet she had been thrust into it, thrust into a world that she did not fully understand.

  She had been a good mother, all things considered. However, raising a child alone is no easy prospect. Maddy suspected that this was why her mother had been so happy with Caleb.

  Caleb was the man her mother had married when she was twenty nine. Maddy had been ten back then, and Caleb had been six years younger than her mother at just twenty three. He had been very loving, and had absolutely adored Justine from what Maddy could remember.

  He was the first man who had really stepped up to be Maddy’s father. The first man she had ever referred to as such anyway, who fulfilled the prerequisite requirements that enabled him to be called a father. He had taken care of Maddy, loved her as if she were his own daughter.

  To her, she was his daughter until disaster struck. Two years after her mother married Caleb, she got cancer and died very suddenly. It had all happened so fast, when Maddy thought back to that time in her life, she could barely remember any details. All she could remember was the astringent smell of a hospital room and her mother’s emaciated face, drained by the cancer of the warmth and joy she had exhibited all her life.

  Maddy separated her life into two distinct categories. The first portion was her life before her mother had died. The second portion was after she succumbed to the cancer.

  Caleb loved Maddy, but he was not prepared to raise a daughter approaching her teens. He was only twenty five after all. Caleb had his own life to build, and he knew that he would never be able to be the father that Maddy deserved.

  That was when Maddy had moved to her Aunt Matilda’s place. She had been more than willing to take her in, considering that she had never been able to have any children of her own.

  Caleb had not simply thrust Maddy into her aunt’s arms, however. He had tried for six months to take care of her, difficult though it was.

  Eventually, however, he got an offer for a really good job that would allow him to travel the world. This, coupled with the fact that he simply wasn’t mature enough to take care of a girl that was going through puberty, had led him to the decision that Maddy would be better off with Matilda.

  And she had been. Maddy had lived a good life so far with her aunt Matilda, fulfilling her ever need. She loved her a lot, and Maddy loved her right back. Her Uncle Robert had been her surrogate father for the past nine years, the second father figure she ever had, and the third father if she counted the man who was her biological father.

As Maddy looked back, she realized that she had been quite upset with Caleb for what she thought was abandonment. She had initially resented him for suddenly entering her life, for forcing her mother to share the love she possessed between her daughter and her new husband.

  Children often did not understand the nuances of adult life. Now that Maddy was older, with a foot through the door to adulthood, she realized that a lot of the things she had felt back then hadn’t been valid. Yet she had felt them anyway. She had been abandoned by one father, and she didn’t take kindly to what she looked at as Caleb abandoning her either.

  Caleb had not abandoned Maddy, however. He had stayed in touch all of these years, telling her of his adventures, of the time he spent in Venice, of his trip to the Amazon when his company had sent him on trip to Brazil. Maddy envied him his freedom, the ability to wander the world and get paid for it. She had always felt kind of trapped living here with her aunt.

  Over the years, Maddy had stopped thinking of him as her father and more like her friend. It had been inevitable. The age gap between them wasn’t that big, and Caleb had never pretended as though he had any control over the way Maddy chose to live her life. He had always respected her decisions, and only ever imparted advice when she asked for it.

  Maddy sighed and stood up. His latest letter had probably arrived by now. She loved the fact that they wrote each other letters that they put actual physical effort into communicating with each other. It made everything seem more genuine. It made every word they said to each other feel like it was more... loving in a way. Modern technology had made it so easy to communicate that actually putting effort into writing something down, making it personal as if it were a piece of the person writing it, became so much more potent.

  With these thoughts in her head, Maddy began to walk home. She hummed a song to herself, listened to the sound of the waves fade as she left them behind her. She got into her car and drove home. She had eagerly anticipated his latest letter. Currently, Caleb was in Florence. He had not yet told her of his exploits in that city, and the adventures he had there. Maddy couldn’t wait to read his letter finally, to learn about this latest experiences in life.

  Chapter Two

  Maddy came in and smelled the delicious aroma of her Aunt Matilda, cooking dinner.

  “Hey, Aunt Matilda,” said Maddy, walking into the kitchen where her aunt was cooking dinner. By the smell of it, she was making pasta and garlic bread. Her aunt was a fantastic cook. She really could cook anything she set her mind to.

  “Hey sweetie pie,” said Matilda, kissing Maddy on the forehead.

  “Where’s Uncle Robbie?” said Maddy, looking around to see if her uncle was sitting in the living room opposite the kitchen.

  “He got a late night call,” said Matilda. “You know how it is, part of the job. At least he’s going to be paid more for this work.”

  Uncle Robbie was a plumber who advertised that he would come to fix your problem at any time during the day. Being a twenty-four-hour plumber was hard work, as he often got called to fix people’s faulty pipes at odd hours of the night, sometimes even at three in the morning, but he earned good money for it. Most people were absolutely useless when it came to plumbing, especially in the suburbs where Maddy lived with her surrogate parents.

  However, despite the fact that he earned good money, Matilda and Robbie had never really been wealthy. They had always gotten by, and they had never had to compromise on anything, yet they had never been able to enjoy the finer things in life after Maddy had come into the picture. Having a daughter to take care of was expensive. There was allowance to give, books to buy, food to provide, and so many different things that came with being parents.

  As a result, the relatively luxurious lifestyle that Matilda and Robbie had enjoyed before Maddy came along pretty much ended when they adopted her. Maddy knew this, even thought her aunt and uncle never said it outright, it made her feel extremely guilty.

  She sometimes wished that her life had been different. She had never thought of herself as a victim. She had always looked at her past as a way to harden her skin, make her stronger than she would have been otherwise. She just wished that she didn’t have to feel so guilty about how difficult she had made the lives of her aunt and uncle who had always loved her very much and never made her feel unwanted.

  Dinner was served. Maddy ate with her aunt, and they talked about a number of things.

  “So how’s Ronald doing?” asked her aunt. “You two seem to be getting pretty serious.”

  “I guess,” said Maddy. Ronald was her boyfriend, an absolutely adorable guy with a cheerful disposition and fire truck red hair. She liked him a lot, but wondered if she really loved him. He had said the three words to her before, though she hadn’t said them back.

  She just wasn’t sure that she wanted to make that kind of commitment. She didn’t exactly know why, it was just so odd to be committed to love when she was only twenty one years old, despite the fact that Ronald was a great guy who would do anything for her.

  “Have you guys thought about what you’re going to do once you’re done with college?” asked Matilda, taking a bit of pasta as she spoke.

  Maddy was about to start her last semester at her university. Ronald lived in the dorm, but Maddy’s aunt and uncle just couldn’t afford it so she still lived at home. He was in the premed program and a real hotshot in that department too, one of the best students in his class.

  Maddy was a pretty great student too. She was studying English literature and absolutely loved the major she was in. She knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

  “I definitely want to go into teaching,” said Maddy. “When I graduate I’m going to apply for a teacher’s license and start looking for jobs.”

  Her aunt smiled and said, “It’s so great that you know exactly what you want to do with your life. There aren’t many girls who are as confident about what they want to do after they graduate.”

  “Ronald’s looking at some pretty great internships,” said Maddy. “But he wants to get into research first. He wants to study the theoretical and academic side of medicine before going into practice. That’s always been his thing. Sitting in the lab, understanding how medicines work. He wants to be the one to make a medicine that will cure AIDS.”

  “He seems so ambitious,” said Matilda.

  Maddy had to admit that he was. She sometimes felt as though she wasn’t ambitious enough for him. The way Ronald was, he seemed to think that any work that did not absolutely change the world was not work that he wanted to be involved in.

  The way one spent his or her life had to be exceptional. Either one had to earn an incredible salary, or help people every day, or take part in revolutionary research or have legions of adoring fans.

  Maddy on the other hand did not care for such things. She didn’t want to be famous or rich. She didn’t mind not being able to help people in some enormous, dramatic way like finding the cure for some disease that was killing people all over the world. She was perfectly content with the vision she had of her own future. Being a teacher, earning enough to live a comfortable life, helping one child a day to become a better person, these things would be enough for her.

  Maddy always felt that Ronald found this extremely odd. He never said it outright, he was too nice for that, and it didn’t really affect their relationship but the fact remained that Ronald and Maddy’s goals for their future were completely incompatible, no matter how much they loved each other.

  Maddy and her aunt spoke this way for quite some time. Eventually, dinner was over. Matilda had to get a little bit of work done, and Maddy was tired after a busy day. Besides, she wanted to get upstairs as quickly as possible, especially after her aunt told her that she had gotten a letter from Caleb that was up in her room.

  Hence, once she was done Matilda washed her dishes, she made herself a mug of hot cocoa and ran up to her room. She had been waiting for this letter for days, and now that it was here every second
she spent not reading it seemed like a waste of time.

  Chapter Three

  Maddy saw Caleb’s letter on her desk and tore the envelope open. The letter was long, several pages in fact. He had obviously wanted to share every single detail with Maddy.

  Maddy lay down on her bed, curled up, sipped her cocoa and began to read. Florence seemed lovely based on the way Caleb had described it. He told her that it was a place that was stuck in time, that it still seemed as though the Renaissance was occurring while he was there, even though it had happened centuries ago.

  He spoke of his work. Caleb worked for a company that provided guided tours for museums and ancient places, the kinds of things that a place like Florence was full of.

  He got to travel to a new place every month, and was paid a generous amount of money along with being provided hotel accommodations. It was clear that Caleb loved his job, but at the same time, Maddy gleaned from his words that he was a little tired of living in hotels and not having a home to return to.

  The nature of his job made it so that he just went from one location to the next. Once the job was done and the tourists had been shown everything that was interesting in the city, they left. Caleb was allowed to stay in the city for two more weeks before he had to travel to a different destination to provide assistance to more tourists.

  He usually came back to the States but he just lived in an apartment provided by his company. It was an apartment devoid of character. It had nothing that really made it his. It was just an empty space where he could rest his head for a couple of weeks before he had to get back into the hectic schedule of being a tour guide by accompanying the next tour group to the next city.

  Maddy couldn’t possibly imagine why he wouldn’t absolutely love this life. What was not to love? He got to see so many things, and he earned good money in the process.

  While he was abroad, he was constantly at work, often working sixteen to eighteen hours a day to ensure that his tour group was satisfied and had everything that they could possibly need, but this didn’t matter all that much. He got two weeks off every month, after all, so he essentially got to work the same amount of time as everyone else. It evened itself out.

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