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Immortal prophecy, p.8

Immortal Prophecy, page 8


Immortal Prophecy

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  “Sorry, James. I had to choose. I chased him as far as I could, but I didn’t dare stray too far from Ally.”

  He nodded. “You made the right decision.”

  Adele wandered over to the counter and leaned against it, letting a sigh fill the room. “I don’t think the creature is hanging around out there, but I can’t be sure.”

  “He’ll be long gone by now,” James replied with a wave of his hand.

  “I thought she’d be safe here, at the house at least,” Adele murmured.

  James’ heart was heavy. “I’m beginning to think nowhere is safe.”

  They both sat down at the table to form a plan to get Ally out of the country that night.

  “We need to get her into a deep sleep to get her on the plane,” James said. “We both know she’ll refuse to go if given the choice.”

  “You’re right. I’ll take care of that. You stay out of sight.” With that said, Adele got up from the table to search for Ally.

  He nodded and made himself a coffee. It would be a long night.

  In her search for Ally, she found Kat and Chase. “Where’s Ally?” Adele asked, as she frantically searched the room with her gaze.

  Kat put her hand on Adele’s arm. “She’s on the terrace.”

  Chase and Kat shared a look. “Ally needed some air,” Chase mumbled.

  Adele looked from one to the other and then raised her hand to rest on her hip. “Why would she need some air?”

  Chase was about to be in a lot of trouble. He opened his mouth to speak, but Kat cut him off. “She knows part of it, Adele.”

  Adele looked at her with sheer disbelief, which quickly turned to fear and annoyance. She turned on Chase. “And how would she know anything?” They had a plan, Ally was to be told by them, not Chase. She watched him squirm. “Well, I’m waiting.”

  “She caught me off guard, Addie.” His answer was weak, but it was the best he had. And it was the truth. Ally had taken him by surprise.

  Adele was not pleased. “Surprised or not, you shouldn’t have told her.”

  “She needed to find out one way or another,” Kat pointed out. “Chase helped you get started.”

  She looked at Kat and was about to snap at her out of frustration, but thought better of it. Her nerves were frayed and she was panicking. None of this was Kat’s fault, and she was right, Ally needed to know and now things had been forced into the light.

  “What did you tell her?” Adele asked.

  “She already knew some of it herself,” Chase replied.

  “The bloody fortune teller, right?”

  Chase nodded and then relayed what he had told Ally.

  “Right, so there’s still a lot to tell.” Adele took a calming breath. “Kat, Chase will tell you who we are and what we’re doing,” she paused. “It’ll be dangerous, and I cannot guarantee your safety if you come. But, you’re like another granddaughter to me and a sister to Ally, so you have as much right to be there as any of us but,” She trailed off, unsure of the right words to say.

  Kat smiled. “I’m not sure what’s going on, but if Ally needs me, I’ll be by her side no matter what the danger. You can count on me Adele.” She embraced Adele. “And I love you too.”

  A tear welled in her eye but she held herself in check. “Thank you, my dear girl.”

  “Let’s go,” Chase said with a final look to Adele.

  “Remember what I said, Chase, I’ll hold you responsible,” Adele warned him with a sincerity that vibrated throughout the room.

  “I haven’t forgotten, Adele,” he all but growled. Adele loved Kat and Chase knew that, but she was his to protect now and no-one else’s. He would not tolerate interference from anyone.

  “This is getting out of hand already,” she muttered as she watched them leave. Adele turned to find Ally. It was time they told her everything.

  “Ally,” Adele said as she walked onto the terrace.

  Ally leaned against the railing staring into space. She jumped when she heard her name called and turned to look at Adele.

  “Oh, hi Gran,” she said sounding tired and worn out. Adele sensed the hurt and confusion radiating out of her granddaughter as she sidled up next to her. “What’s wrong, darling?”

  “Nothing. Just looking at the stars.”

  “They are beautiful,” Adele answered warily. This was going somewhere.

  “Do you think our destinies are written in them?”

  And there it is. Fighting back a mental groan, she forced herself to answer. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. They had a plan, and Chase had compromised it. “Sometimes, they are.”

  Ally studied her grandmother for a moment then turned back to the stars. “I always believed we made our own destinies. Nothing was foretold or preordained, things just happened.”

  Adele spoke softly. “You can’t hide from destiny.”

  Her shoulders slumped. “I suppose not.”

  Pushing off the railing, Adele looked at Ally. “We need to talk.”

  Ally didn’t even flinch or turn around. She had wanted to know, and now she’d been given a taste of the knowledge she craved, Ally wasn’t so sure she wanted it. “Do we have to?” she asked. She was so overwhelmed, she wasn’t even angry anymore. Numbness had spread through her mind and body.

  “There are things you need to know,” Adele began.

  She unwillingly turned to her grandmother. “I don’t think I want to know anymore.”

  Adele was surprised. This wasn’t like her granddaughter at all. Ally had spirit and courage. She wasn’t a shell. The girl who stood in front of her was a stranger. “Ally, come sit down.” She walked to a nearby rattan sofa and sat on it, dragging Ally with her. “What’s going on? This isn’t you.”

  “I don’t even know who or what I am.”

  “You are Alessandra DeCosta. One of the strongest, most loyal, and loving women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

  Ally looked at her grandmother dubiously. “Apparently, I’m also some sort of prophecy girl.”

  Adele took a deep breath. “That’s one thing we need to discuss with you.”


  “James and I.”

  “Right,” she said in an uncommitted way. “The guardian.”

  “Ally, you need to listen to this.” Adele was getting frustrated. If this attitude kept up, Ally was doomed. “Sometimes in life, our choices are taken away from us, for the greater good. It’s not always about what we want, but there is a reason you’ve been given this destiny.”

  “To ruin my life a little more?” she asked sarcastically.

  “Alessandra, I have never been disappointed in you in my life. Don’t make me start now, not when our entire race is on the line.” She was intentionally harsh on Ally, hoping that a bit of shock treatment might bring her out of the desolation she was in.

  Ally snapped her head around to glare at her grandmother, “How dare you. You betrayed me and then you have the gall to sit there and lecture me on being a disappointment. My parents died. You betrayed me. And James has betrayed me as well. My life has been taken out of my hands, and I don’t even know what I’m getting into yet, but if the fortune teller is anything to go by, it won’t be good. How much can one person be expected to take?” her voice rose with every word as the blood pumped through her veins. She was angry, hurt, and betrayed, but it was also good to let it out. Anything was better than that dark place where she’d been. She hadn’t been that low since her parents had died.

  Adele’s expression was one of delight and pride. “That’s more like it. I was beginning to worry.”

  Ally stared at her gob-smacked. “You baited me?”

  “Worked beautifully, didn’t it?”

  “I love you, but you have issues.”

  Adele laughed. Relief flooded through her as Ally had returned. She just had to hit the right nerve.

  “You’re not off the hook, Gran. You have some serious explaining to do before I decide if your deceptio
n was warranted or not.”

  “I would expect nothing less.”

  Ally yawned. “Can we discuss this in the morning? I can barely keep my eyes open.”

  Adele wasn’t expecting that. Normally, she was like a dog with a bone. “Are you sure?”

  “Yeah, I think after a good night’s sleep I’ll be better equipped to deal with all this.”

  Adele nodded.

  “There is one other thing, though.”

  Adele’s eyes flashed with apprehension. “What?”

  “Tell James I want my memories back.”

  Adele laughed. “I think that can be arranged.”

  “Good.” Ally got up off the sofa to go to bed. She could barely stand from the exhaustion. “Until the morning then.”

  After Ally left, Adele walked back to the kitchen. They could still compel her into a deep sleep and get her on a plane. She’d be angry, but they couldn’t wait until morning. Her life was in danger. Adele just hoped Ally would see reason when she woke up on the plane with them.

  James still sat at the table when Adele walked back in. “Coffee?” he asked.

  She smiled. “Yes, thank you.” Adele sat down and put her head in her hands.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked as he handed her a cup.

  She looked up and took it. “Things haven’t gone to plan, thanks to our dear friend Chase.”

  “Oh, for the love of God, what has the imp done now?”

  She laughed aloud. Chase and James had always had a rocky relationship. “Ally somehow figured out enough to put him on the spot, and he told her a few things.”

  James chortled. “I should have seen that coming. From what I’ve seen over the years, she’ll stop at nothing to learn the truth. But what set her off?”

  Adele shook her head. “I don’t know, there are so many questions in that aspect.”

  “I’d suggest we aren’t the only ones with questions. Do you want me to speak with her?” James asked.

  Adele took a sip of her coffee. “Ally wasn’t herself when I found her, and she doesn’t want to talk about anything until tomorrow, so it’s probably best if you wait.”

  “Should we be concerned?” he asked. He was more than a little worried about how much this was affecting her.

  Adele pursed her lips. “I don’t think so, she said she was tired, and needed a good night’s sleep before she could deal with everything she needs to hear.”

  James raised his eyebrows. “That’s fine, but we don’t have time to waste.”

  “I still plan on putting her into a deep slumber. Hopefully she’ll forgive one last betrayal,” Adele sighed.

  “It’s for her safety. I’m sure she would do nothing less if she was in your position.”

  “I hope you’re right, James, I really do.”

  James sat up straight in his chair and took a deep breath bracing himself for what he knew would be turbulent times ahead. “No time to waste then. We leave within the hour. Pack what you both need, and I’ll compel her to sleep. It should keep her that way until we’re in the air. I want to tell her everything before we reach Scotland. She can’t run away on a plane.” With that, he stood up and walked towards Ally’s room.

  “One more thing, James.”

  He stopped and turned back. “What?”

  “She wants her memories back,” she said smirking.

  James cocked his eyebrow. “So be it.”

  ADELE PACKED ONLY THE things she and Ally would need in the immediate future. They could get anything else they needed once safely settled at James’ house. Adele thought of the couple she had seen tonight. Ally and James were made for each other, and her heart filled with love for them, but inevitably, her own broke.


  Adele still remembered every exquisite detail about him. The man was perfection personified. His eyes had locked with hers and she found herself captured in their dark chocolate depths. Tall, muscular with golden-brown hair and a smile to die for. They’d spent many blissful years together before he was called into battle against Vincent. Her soulmate never returned, and she was left broken-hearted. There was nothing to do but go on.

  Adele had later found out she was pregnant and married a nice man she’d met shortly thereafter, it had taken her a long time to take their relationship to an intimate level. The first years of their marriage had been based on friendship and nothing more. Adele couldn’t fathom being with another man after Damian, but Jonathon learning of her pregnancy had begged her to marry him. He promised to cherish her and not ask for anything more till or if she was ready.

  To this day, she never understood what had inspired such devotion on such a small acquaintance, but she would forever be grateful to him. He raised Vivian as his own, never pushed her for more than she could give, and treated them with such respect and love. Jonathon never found out about the immortals or what Adele really was. Vivian had been told when she came of age and things weren’t as normal as they should have been, but they had decided together that they needed to keep the secret. Vivian told her husband before they married. She wanted him to know the truth. If he’d been oblivious, he might still be here today. But she doubted it, he would have laid down his life for Vivian and Ally. No matter the threat.

  She shook off her maudlin thoughts and finished packing. Nothing remained in Melbourne for her now. It was time to return to the immortal way of life. She could help her granddaughter take down the evil vampire that destroyed her life and took Damian from her.

  James trudged upstairs to Ally’s room. Coco, her ever-faithful dog was there beside her, looking at him. He gave her a pat and sat down by Ally’s side, watching her for a moment. She was perfect.

  His heart ached at the thought of losing her, but he was aware it may come to that if she couldn’t defeat Vincent. It was her destiny to fight him, but the outcome wasn’t certain. That part was up to her and her alone. James would stand by her until his last breath if that’s what it took, but it must be by her hand. He wiped his hand over his eyes, fighting off the despair.

  James gained control of his emotions. There was no time for that, he had to get Ally to fall into a deep sleep and then get her out of the house. He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, “Sleep, my little one.” She let out a deep breath and James felt her succumb. It was time to go, he scooped her up off the bed and left the room in search of Adele.

  She was waiting for them near the front door, gazing around the room. “I love this house,” she said.

  “You’ll return here one day, Adele.”

  “I think it’s time for me to return to the immortal way of life in my homeland, and Ally will need me in Scotland.” Adele picked up their travelling bags. “Did you get Coco?”

  James opened his jacket. Coco popped her head out and barked.

  Adele couldn’t help but smile. “Ally won’t realise at first, but she’s very blessed to have you in her life.”

  James cocked his head to the side and gave her a lazy smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Tell her that for me, won’t you? Something tells me I’ll need all the help I can get to convince her.”

  “She’ll come around. I promise.”

  They left the house without a backward glance. There was no time for nostalgia, they needed to move.

  James’ shiny black Mercedes was parked in the driveway. He lowered Ally onto the back seat, then put Coco in the passenger seat. She looked up at James with her soulful brown eyes. “Everything will be alright, girl. We’ll protect her.” Coco continued to gaze at him for a moment then dropped her head and fell asleep. James threw the keys towards Adele. She caught them with reflexes so fast the human eyes would have missed it.

  “Drive,” James ordered. All his softness from a moment ago gone. He was terrified for his love. They had to get away without incident. The sooner they were at his home the better. There, they would be surrounded by servants, who were more like family. They would help him protect her if they had to. In Melbourne, he was too
isolated and alone. There was no-one he could turn to. No-one who fully understood the gravity of the situation.


  The flight from Melbourne to Scotland was long but James took comfort in the fact they had the use of a private jet. It’d been necessary to take her out of the country. No airline would let her on board when she was unconscious.

  Seated in the beige leather seats next to Ally, he worried that he’d done the wrong thing stealing her away in the middle of the night. Should they have waited until morning? What was he supposed to do? Her life was in danger whether she wanted to admit it or not.

  James continued to torment himself for the first few hours of the flight. Adele, seated opposite him, seemed lost in her own thoughts as well. Neither spoke, each preparing themselves in their own way for what was to come.

  James dragged himself back to reality, he couldn’t take the torture any longer. “Adele, it’s time.”

  She bit her lower lip and nodded her reluctant agreement.

  James nodded and leaned in to whisper in Ally’s ear, “Forgive me.” He relinquished control of her mind and allowed her to wake. “Wake up, Alessandra.”

  Her eyes fluttered open.

  “Ally, sweetheart, wake up,” Adele coaxed.

  Ally opened her eyes and took in the scene before her as she shook off the fogginess of sleep. “Gran?” She turned and looked to the side. “James?” She frowned. Was this some strange dream? She remembered collapsing into bed and falling asleep.

  “Am I sleeping?” she asked them both.

  James replied, “No, you’re awake.”

  Ally looked from her Gran and then back to James again. Fear threatened to suffocate her. “I was in bed, and now I’m not.” She glanced around. “Why am I on a plane? And where are we going?”

  James and Adele looked at her with concern.

  “This was a bad idea,” James spoke telepathically to Adele.

  She flicked her gaze to his then back to Ally. She was tempted to agree, but they’d had no other choice. Otherwise, she’d never have been a willing party to what they’d done last night.

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