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Immortal prophecy, p.8

Immortal Prophecy, page 8


Immortal Prophecy

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An hour later, Alessandra emerged from her room, looking nothing short of a goddess in search of her god. Her long chocolate locks fell half-way down her back with the curls beginning near her shoulders. The dress looked as though she had been poured into it, and it gave her the confidence boost she needed.

  She decided on a smoky eye shadow to bring her vivid green eyes further into focus, and scarlet lip gloss to match the dress. It was an ethereal, otherworldly effect that she had mastered. For some reason, she was drawn to it, and it felt right to look this way. She felt beautiful, more graceful. Her posture had straightened, and something else she couldn’t put her finger on had changed.

  “It couldn’t all be the dress…Could it?” she wondered aloud as she left her room.

  Descending the steps with the grace and stealth of a jungle cat, she knew her senses were more alert tonight. Her grandmother’s charity balls always seemed to have a magical effect on her, but never before had she felt like this.

  At the end of the stairs, she made her way to the kitchen. Adele and Kat were sitting at the table in their gorgeous ball gowns. Kat was dressed in an elaborate jade green silk creation, which made her blue eyes sparkle and her auburn hair shine. She had naturally curly hair that had been pulled and twisted up loosely on top of her head. Adele wore a deep violet ball gown that matched her eyes perfectly, with her long dark hair pulled up in an extravagant creation and a matching violet mask. They both had a stunning natural look, and they were engrossed in deep conversation. It appeared the ladies were also knee-deep in scheming something, which more than likely involved her.

  “What mischief are you two planning?” Ally asked, as she entered the room.

  Kat jumped up from the table threw her arms around Ally. “It’s so nice to see you!! And you look incredible!”

  “Thanks, I’m glad you came,” she said. It was more than a little awkward, and Ally was unsure how to express what she was feeling. She hadn’t seen Kat in ages. “You look gorgeous too, by the way.”

  Kat blushed. “Thanks. Adele said there was someone she wanted me to meet, so I made an extra effort.”

  “Well, you look amazing. He’s a very lucky man.”

  Adele shared a look with her granddaughter. “You’re breathtaking Alessandra.” Her eyes misted over with unshed tears.

  Now it was Ally’s turn to blush. “Thank you. It’s the dress.”

  “Oh, pish posh! You have always been beautiful. You just never saw it.” Adele gave them both a big smile. “Now you girls have some champagne and get caught up.” She handed each of them a glass. “I’ll call you when your prospective suitors arrive. Now off you go.”

  Kat took Ally’s arm just like old times and started dragging her towards the veranda. “Come on, I want the gossip on this man Adele was telling me about.”

  So Gran didn’t mention the name, Ally thought. How strange.

  “And what about you? There is some suitor lined up for you as well,” Ally laughed as they took a seat at one of the many tables.

  Ally looked around and lost herself in the enchanting paradise. The lawns were decorated with fairy lights, and the big white silk tent stood tall and proud in the middle of the magical garden.

  Despite the cold it was beautiful outside and Gran had ordered enough outdoor heaters to melt the Antarctic. A cool, crisp breeze flowed past, tickling Ally back into reality.

  Kat was looking at her expectantly. “So, who is this god? It all sounds very romantic. You’ve met before but were kept apart by circumstances.”

  Ally looked at her curiously. “What has my grandmother been telling you?”

  “Just that.”

  “Yes, I met him once before. The morning that my parents…” her voice trailed off for a moment before continuing. “But I never saw him again so that part is true. However, as far as I know we haven’t been kept apart by circumstances,” Ally said with an amused smile.

  “She always was a good story teller,” Kat laughed. “What is his name?”

  “Well…this is the part where I expect you to run screaming towards the hills.” She looked at Kat trying to predict what the reaction would be when she revealed his name.

  “Why would I do that?” Kat asked, puzzled.

  “It’s a name you’ve heard before.”

  Kathryn started to speak but abruptly stopped. Ally could almost see the wheels turning in her mind, as the pieces of the puzzle all started fitting into place. Finally, Kat appeared stunned, the comprehension hit, and she had worked it out. “No, it can’t be…Are you telling me that you met him? The man who Madame Isabella predicted would enter your life?”

  “Yes, James Carlisle.”

  Kat’s face was alive with excitement. “You met him all those years ago and you didn’t tell me, Alessandra!”

  “Well no, not as such.”

  “Why not? We never hid anything from each other back then?” Kat said, sounding a little hurt.

  “Because it freaked me out, and I thought that if it freaked me out, then what would you think?”

  “Oh, Ally. I have stood by you through thick and thin haven’t I?”

  “Yes, it was me that became distant.” She looked at Kat. “I’m sorry. I just didn’t know how to deal with everything, so I hid from everyone.”

  Kat put her arm around Ally. “No one would know how to deal with what happened to you, honey. I’m just glad that I’m back in your life.” Kat drew her friend in for a hug. “I’ve missed you.”

  “I missed you too, Kat.”

  “No more secrets, ok? Even if you think it’s going to freak me out, you must tell me.”

  “Ok I promise.” Ally smiled at her newly returned best friend.

  “So tell me about James,” Kat said with a smile, full of glee and excitement.

  “There isn’t much to tell. All I know is that he is gorgeous, there was a definite spark, and he is apparently a friend of the family.”

  “So far he sounds great.” She paused as if deciding whether to ask the obvious or not. “Ally, what was he doing there that morning?”

  “That’s where things start getting freaky again.”

  “I’m listening.” Kat leaned closer in anticipation.

  Ally smiled at her then proceeded with caution. “Well it seems that Madame was right on a few things. My parents died. I met James and there was a secret.” She let the words hang in the air for a moment.

  “What?” Her best friend was clearly shocked and intrigued.

  “I don’t know what it was though. My parents said they would tell me in the morning. When I woke up, I found Gran and James in the kitchen, she told me that he was invited by my parents, because they had something to tell me, and I assume it involved him somehow.”

  Kat’s mouth was hanging open.

  “You’re catching flies,” Ally joked.

  “Oh please, you just tell me all that and expect me not to have my mouth hanging open.” She laughed with a twinkle in her eye. “So what does that mean? Is it something to do with the prophecy? Did they know about it? There are so many questions!”

  Ally let out a sigh. “Far too many questions that I fear will never be answered.”

  “But that can’t be right. Madame Isabella said, when you lost two people close to you, it will have begun.”

  “You’re right. But what has begun? She wasn’t really clear on all that,” Ally replied.

  “No, of course not,” Kat said with a wry smile. “They never are. Well, it seems we have a mystery to solve.”


  “Yes really! I’m appalled Ally. You're a private investigator, and you’re not investigating your own mystery.” Kat’s eyes twinkled mischievously.

  “Isn’t the point of my job to investigate other people?”

  “Well, yes, obviously. But put your skills to use for yourself, you goose.”

  Ally rolled her eyes. “I’ve been investigating Mum and Dad’s case, it doesn’t add up to me, but I never thought to check up on my own myst
ery. I guess in some ways, I don’t want to know. Who knows what I might find myself in the middle of? The thought of Vincent gives me the creeps.”

  “There would be something wrong with you if it didn’t. But, wouldn’t it be better to be prepared?” Kat pointed out.

  “Yes it would be.” Ally sighed defeated. “But what if it doesn’t come true?”

  Kat looked at Ally as if she had two heads.

  “Ok fair point. So where do we start, Miss Kathryn?”

  “I say we start with the facts. Your parents knew, so wouldn’t Adele know?”

  “I asked her, but she said that she didn’t know what they were going to tell me.”

  “Do you believe her?”

  “I think so. I don’t have any reason, not to trust her,” Ally said. She considered the possibility, her grandmother knew more than she was letting on.

  “What about James?”

  “What about him?”

  “He’s involved in this prophecy, and he was searching for you. So in theory, he would know what is going on.”

  “Yeah, that’s a possibility. But how do I find out? I can’t just walk up and say, ‘hey what’s this prophecy business about?’”

  “It’s not the worst idea you’ve ever had,” Kat laughed.

  “Very funny.”

  “Use your detective skills, Ally.”

  Ally nodded vaguely. “So tell me about your man?”

  “Subtle change.” Kathryn smiled. “I don’t know much just that he is tall, dark and handsome according to Adele.”

  “Good start though,” Ally replied.

  “It is, isn’t it?”

  “Does Romeo have a name?”

  “Chase Callaghan.”

  “Is he Scottish?”

  “He is. It’s like something out of a romance novel. I hope he is a highlander,” Kat said, giggling like a school girl.

  “You read too much Kat.” Ally looked at her glass and saw they both needed a refill. “Guests have started arriving. Your dark, handsome beau should be here soon.”

  “Yours too, Missy.”


  “Love one, thanks.”

  Ally got up. “Be right back.” She headed back inside towards the kitchen.

  She found the chilled champagne, poured two glasses, then turned around to head back to her friend. Adele was standing right behind her, causing her to jump out of her skin. “Oh, dear God Gran, make some noise would you?” she scolded with a smile.

  Adele was almost in tears from laughing so hard. “Sorry Ally, couldn’t resist.”

  “Crazy old woman,” Ally muttered, which only made Adele laugh harder.

  Once Adele managed to draw a breath she asked, “Where is Kat? Her man has arrived.”

  “She’s on the veranda. I’m heading back there now.”

  “Oh no, you’re not.” Adele took the glass from her hand.

  Behind her, a tall man reached out and took the glass from Adele.

  “Chase I presume?” Ally smiled.

  “Yes lass, that would be me.” He smiled at her and she instantly liked him. Chase was undoubtedly handsome with boyish looks and a natural charm, but he also seemed very sweet. The eyes always gave away a person’s true nature. His eyes were soft as clouds.

  Kathryn, you’re going to be very happy, she thought with a wicked smile.

  “Chase lets go! Kathryn awaits.” Adele smiled at Ally. “Your turn next honey.”

  “I can hardly wait,” she said with a hint of sarcasm.

  “Cheeky pup,” Adele whispered.

  “Nice to meet you, Chase,” Ally called after him.

  “You too, lass,” Chase said over his shoulder as Adele was marching him forward.

  Ally couldn’t help but giggle at the scene before her.

  Oh well, she thought, might as well head back out and see if I can watch the matchmaking from a covert corner somewhere. Ally made her way through the guests who had started to arrive. Some people she had never seen before, and some she knew but hadn’t seen since she was sixteen. She felt like she was gliding through the room, and every eye was on her. Normally, she would have shied away from the attention, but tonight she felt like she was someone else. She was revelling in it.

  Ally headed for the veranda to get a sneak peek at the scene unfolding between Kat and Chase.

  Adele popped out of nowhere again. “Now it’s your turn.”

  “Good God, Gran. You’re going to give me a heart attack before I even meet him at this rate.”

  “Pish posh!” she scolded with a smile. “James is here.”

  Ally felt the tension wind a knot in her stomach.

  “Turn around Ally, he is waiting for you.”

  Alessandra eyed her grandmother once and then began to turn. As she did, the crowd behind her parted to reveal the garden that had been transformed into a winter paradise. In front of the garden was a sight that stole the breath from her very lungs.

  It was him.


  Chapter Six

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