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Immortal Prophecy, page 4


Immortal Prophecy

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  James sat back down. “I have an awful feeling about this, Adele.”

  “Stop worrying and have fun for once in your long, boring life.”

  “Hilarious, Adele.” He smirked at her over the coffee in his hand.

  “Go upstairs and make her forget what happened tonight, only a temporary block though.”

  James got up from the chair and walked toward Ally’s bedroom. What if he hadn’t gotten there in time? Vincent was so close to her. As he reached her bedroom door, he paused and collected himself. He needed to focus on the task at hand.

  “I still think it’s a bad idea,” he muttered as he put his hand on the doorknob. James opened the door. Silent as a mouse, he glided into the bedroom. Ally would never know he was there unless he wanted her to. He sat by her bed. She looked so peaceful in her whitewashed wooden bed, tucked up under the white sheet and violet quilt. Leaning in close, James whispered in her ear, “Alessandra, please forgive me. I’m doing this to protect you.”

  She rolled over towards the sound of his voice. “James?” she whispered.

  James froze and studied her. Was she still asleep? After a few moments, her breathing returned to a slow rhythm, and he knew she hadn’t realised that he was here. He let out the breath he’d been holding. If she’d woken and found him by her bedside, he wasn’t sure what she’d have thought. More importantly, he had no idea what his excuse would’ve been.

  But hearing his name was on her lips, her voice soft and husky from sleep. A voice that was the most seductive thing he’d ever heard, and Alessandra in bed, it was the most enticing sight he had ever beheld. His body sprang to life, and he wanted her with a fierce longing he’d never experienced before.

  James fought the temptation to brush his lips against hers and whispered in her ear once more. His voice filled her mind with an irresistible compulsion, “Forget the events of tonight, Alessandra.”

  All immortals and vampires could inject compulsions into their voice, leaving the victim no choice but to do what they demanded. She’d experienced the evil side of compulsion tonight with Vincent. He had compelled her to stay, and she hadn’t been able move a step. James had felt her struggle against it, but Vincent would’ve won in the end.

  He placed a light kiss upon her forehead. She was in a deep sleep. James moved to the chair next to the fireplace. There was nothing else to be done, so he got comfortable. He would spend the night guarding Alessandra as he had countless nights before, but never in such an intimate setting as tonight. It was heaven and it was hell.


  The following morning, Ally trudged into the kitchen to track down a much-needed coffee after her late-night stakeout. Her grandmother was brewing a fresh pot as she walked in. “I smell something delightful,” Ally said with a yawn.

  “Late night?”

  “Yeah.” The morning was frosty so she was rugged up in her gown, track pants, and slippers.

  “Did you catch them?” Adele asked, making Ally her usual morning coffee.

  “Yeah, I think so,” she answered as she sank into a chair at the table and rubbed her hands over her face.

  Adele handed her the steaming mug and studied her for a minute. “What do you mean?”

  Ally scrunched her eyebrows together and tried to remember last night, but after a certain point, she couldn’t. Her mind was foggy. “I remember seeing my mark, Sarah, come home. And then some guy was in her apartment, but that’s all I remember.”

  Adele sat next to Ally and put her hand on her arm. “You’re exhausted, honey. Don’t worry too much about it.”

  “Hmm.” She shook her head to clear the fog. It was like the memories were there, but she couldn’t access them. How strange.

  “It’s just a sign you’re getting old and senile like me.”

  Ally looked at her over the cup of coffee in her hands and raised an eyebrow. “Gee, thanks, Gran.”

  “Have I ever told you I don’t know what I’d do without you, Ally?” Adele asked, her face looking older than her years.

  “Is everything alright, Gran?” Ally looked at her, and she caught a flicker of emotion in her eyes. It was so quick if she’d blinked, she’d have missed it.

  Adele turned around and fiddled with the espresso maker. “Everything is fine, sweetie. I only wanted you to know how much you mean to me, and that I’d be lost without you.”

  Ally smiled at her, then walked over and gave her a hug.

  In truth, Ally needed Adele, and Adele needed Ally. They’d been the only ones left after her parents had passed. They’d relied on each other and life would’ve been a lot harder if they hadn’t had each other during the last five years. There’d been tears, love, and laughter, sometimes all at once. Grief was such a strange thing. Sometimes she wanted to cry her eyes out, other times she was as angry as hell, and sometimes she wanted to laugh hysterically at the situation. Ally had considered that she might be going mad until she saw her grandmother acting the same way.

  Adele changed the subject before she confessed to the crime of memory suppressing. “You’re coming to the masquerade tonight, aren’t you?”

  Ally cocked her head to the side and laughed. “It’s a bit hard not to when it’s being held in the house.”

  Adele faced her again and shook her head. “So, that’s a yes, then?”

  “I’ll be there.”

  “Good. There’s someone I want you to meet.” Adele moved back to the table and sat down.

  “Who?” Ally asked.

  “You’ve met him once before,” Adele said, as she looked at her granddaughter with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

  Ally’s breath arrested in her chest as her mind whispered his name. Could it be James? She wondered with a hope that bordered on desperation.

  Adele couldn’t hide the wide smile that crept over her face as she delivered the news. “James Carlisle.”

  Ally froze in part fear and part excitement. The man she’d been dreaming of for five years was coming here tonight.

  Adele continued without waiting for a response. “He’s in town, so I figured it’d be nice to catch up with him. The last time he was here.” Adele’s voice broke. It was hard for either of them to talk about her parents, the pain still fresh in their minds.

  “I miss them too.” Ally’s eyes watered at the memory of that day.

  “And I’ve invited Kat,” Adele said, changing the subject. “You girls haven’t seen each other in far too long.”

  “Yeah, it’s been a while.”

  It was time to see her again, put the past behind them, but then she remembered James was coming. And after Vincent last night, did she really want a reunion?

  Would Kat remember his name? She’d never told her she met him that morning. It was something she’d wanted to keep to herself.

  “I’d better go get myself a dress to wear.” Ally stood, walked two steps then she froze in place. “Vincent,” she whispered, repeating the name that sent chills of dread tingling down her spine. Sheer terror shot straight through her. She looked at her grandmother. Adele stood still, staring at her with undisguised concern.

  “Who is Vincent?” Adele asked, fighting to keep the tremble from her voice.

  Ally couldn’t understand why she’d thought for the briefest moment she’d met him last night. “Someone I hope I never meet,” she whispered and bit her lower lip. “I thought the strangest thing.” She paused. “You’re right, I must be overtired.”

  Ally trembled. She couldn’t remember all last night, and she had the horrifying feeling she’d met Vincent. But that wasn’t possible, was it? She wouldn’t forget meeting him, any more than she’d forget meeting James.

  Adele rushed over to hug her granddaughter. “You need to go upstairs and spend the day relaxing.”

  “Yeah,” she murmured and turned to go upstairs. “Ergh, I can’t,” she grumbled. Shopping was the last thing she needed to do today. “I don’t have a dress to wear. I need to go buy one.”

  “I wa
s going to surprise you later, but I’ve taken care of that for you. Go on upstairs and I’ll bring it up.”

  Ally shrugged and walked up the stairs to her bedroom. She stepped out onto her balcony for a breath of crisp fresh air, hoping it would jog her memory. She leaned on the railing and lost herself in thoughts as she waited for Adele to bring up the dress.

  It was sweet of her grandmother to organise a dress for her and to rekindle the friendship with Kat. They’d been so close that Ally had considered Kat to be the sister she’d never had.

  As for James, if he’d been an ‘old family friend’ who was so important, he would have been spoken of at least once in the last five years, or before that for that that matter. Nothing made sense. Did her grandmother know more than she let on? And of course, there was the gleam in her eye when she had spoken of inviting James. She was up to something, and that made Ally more than a little nervous.

  The thought of James did strange things to her body she’d never experienced before. He’d been in her presence for all of five minutes, and he still haunted her to this day.

  There was a knock at her bedroom door. “It’s just me, darling. Are you ready to see your dress?” Her grandmother sauntered into the room, holding the dress behind her back.

  Ally nodded, and Adele held up the dress.

  She let out a small gasp and brought her hand up to her throat as she stared in awe. It was the most beautiful dress she’d ever seen in her life. It had a stunning, simple elegance about it. Made of deep scarlet silk that fell to the floor with a low square neckline, intricate scalloped lace off the shoulder sleeves and a slight gathering at the back creating a delicate bustle. She knew she would feel like a princess in this dress.

  “It was mine, then your mothers," Adele whispered, her eyes glistening. “And now, it’s yours.”

  Ally was rendered speechless by the dress and the beautiful sentiment behind it. Her eyes welled with tears of happiness. One escaped and rolled down her cheek.

  Adele wiped it away with her thumb. “She would’ve loved nothing more than for you to have it and wear it tonight.”

  “Thank you, Gran,” she said.

  “I have accessories, too.” Adele pulled a pair of matching scarlet red stilettos, and a silver half mask with a scarlet feather from behind her back. “These are all new though.”

  “Oh my.” Ally sighed in delight. “They’re beautiful as well. Thank you so much.” She shook her head.

  “You deserve it, Ally.” She drew her in for a hug. “Besides, you need something extra special to wear tonight,” she added with a wink.

  “And why would that be?” Ally asked feigning innocence.

  “James, of course,” Adele said and looked her square in the eye. “You’re destined to be together, Ally.”

  “Say what now?”

  Adele chuckled at her stunned expression. “You need someone like him, and he needs someone like you.”

  “Doesn’t he get any say in this?”

  “Yes and no.”

  What a strange answer. “Let’s see what happens. I might think he’s a total jerk.”

  Adele laughed again. “You won’t.”

  Ally focused her attention back on the dress and took it from her grandmother as if it was sacred. “This dress.” she let the words hang in the air.

  “Was made for you, darling, he won’t be able to resist you.”

  “I don’t know, Gran. You’re still beautiful. He might lavish his attentions on you.” She winked.

  Ally thought her grandmother was beautiful. Even though she was in her mid-sixties, if Ally didn’t know better she’d say Adele wasn’t a day over forty. Her long brown locks still reached half-way down her back and her bright violet eyes still shined with the intelligence of Einstein. Her ivory skin had few wrinkles and appeared to be as smooth as Ally's was. Given the age difference, it was remarkable. Ally hoped she’d inherited whatever gene handled that.

  “Oh, rubbish girl.” Adele giggled. “I’m far too young for him.”

  “Young? Don’t you mean old?” Ally questioned.

  Adele glanced at her and then answered, “Young at heart, my girl. He is far too serious for me.”

  “He isn’t too serious, is he?” Ally asked, concerned.

  “I just prefer someone more fun loving.”

  Ally shrugged off her gran’s odd comments and stood in front of the full-length mirror, holding the gown up against her. “It’s been so long since I wore a dress.”

  “Far too long if you ask me,” Adele huffed. “Tonight, we shall change that.”

  Ally looked at her grandmother and rolled her eyes, but Adele was surprised by what she saw. Happiness, excitement, and nervousness shone through Ally’s eyes. It had been so long since Adele had seen anything but sorrow, loneliness, and confusion swimming in their green depths. James was already working his magic, and he didn’t even know it yet.

  “Now go lose yourself in that book you’ve been dying to read.”

  “Thanks, Gran.”

  “You’re welcome, sweetie. I’ll bring up another coffee soon.”

  Ally picked up the latest historical romance she’d bought last month. She loved nothing more than getting lost in a book. Some days she was convinced she’d been born in the wrong century. She would’ve been more suited to the days when men were chivalrous, women wore beautiful dresses, and everybody rode horses. It sounded magical and romantic to her.

  It was one reason she had loved her grandmother’s annual masquerade balls. She always imagined she’d been transported back to another century for the evening. Adele shared Ally’s love of all things historical. She used to tell her the most romantic stories about a warrior and his love in Scotland. They were so real, she’d swear her Gran was telling her about something she’d experienced.

  A few hours later, Ally was so relaxed she was in a state of bliss, and moved over to the bed to stretch out. Before she knew what had happened, she was sound asleep, dreaming of faraway lands, chivalrous men on horses, ball gowns, and parties.

  Adele crept into the room a few hours later and sat beside her on the bed. It was tempting to leave her sleeping. Ally looked so peaceful and content, but Ally would want time to get ready.

  That Ally also remembered Vincent’s name troubled her. Maybe James was right, and this was a bad idea, but what’s done was done, and she was finding out the truth tonight, anyway.

  She gave Ally a gentle nudge. “Time to wake up, sweetheart.”

  Ally opened her eyes and stretched. “Gran?”

  “Time to get up.”

  “Oh, what time is it?”

  “It’s just on four, you’ve got plenty of time.”

  “Thanks,” Ally said fighting the fogginess of sleep. “When is Kat getting here?”

  “She’ll be here in about an hour, so you girls have time to catch up before the party.”

  Ally nodded and got up out of bed.

  Adele was about to leave the room when she turned around. “I’ve invited someone here tonight I think Kat may be interested in. They’d make a wonderful couple. Her life might even change in ways she could never imagine.”

  Ally’s mouth fell open. “What did you say?”

  “That I invited someone for Kat.”

  “No, you said ‘her life might even change in ways she could never imagine.’”

  Adele moved back towards Ally. “Is everything alright, sweetie?”

  “Oh God, it’s happening again.”

  “What’s happening again?”

  “The predictions,” Ally said as she sank onto the bed. “The predictions are coming true again.”

  “Predictions?” Adele’s eyes lit up as she realised Ally was talking about the fortune teller’s predictions all those years ago.

  “Yeah,” Ally murmured, frowning.

  “You never told me what she said.”

  “To be honest, I wanted to forget about it and pretend it never happened.” Ally felt the panic swell within and
threaten to consume her.

  “If you want to tell me I’ll listen, but if not, I won’t push it.” She paused. “But, if there was something I needed to know you’d tell me, wouldn’t you?”

  Ally snapped out of herself, she was freaking her grandmother out. “Yeah, of course. I’m sorry Gran. I didn’t mean to worry you, I was just surprised.”

  “That’s ok, honey. I’m here for you if you need me.”

  Ally didn’t know what she’d do without her Gran, she was so accepting of everything. “Thank you.”

  “Now, go get ready.” Adele smiled and headed for the door, calling over her shoulder, “And wear your hair down, curled at the bottom. I think it will complement the dress perfectly.”

  “Oh, let me guess. He likes girls with long dark hair falling over their shoulders,” Ally quipped.

  “Try it and see what happens,” Adele said as she left.

  Rubbing her eyes, she went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. It was just a coincidence, but look what happened last time I went with that theory.

  Ally walked back to the bedroom and laid the dress on her bed before she spotted Coco dozing on her pillow. On seeing Coco, she changed her mind and hung the dress over the door. Ally loved her baby girl, but she could not be trusted with clothes. It seemed her dog thought clothes were a wonderful sleeping place. The newer and cleaner, the more desirable it became for Coco.


  An hour later, Ally was ready. Her long locks fell half-way down her back, with curls beginning above her shoulders. The dress looked as though she’d been poured into it, and it gave her the confidence boost she needed. Smoky eye shadow brought her vivid green eyes further into focus and scarlet lip gloss to match the dress. It was an ethereal, otherworldly effect she’d mastered. She was drawn to it and it felt right to look this way. She felt beautiful and more graceful. Her posture had straightened and something else she couldn’t put her finger on had changed.

  “It couldn’t all be the dress. Could it?” she wondered as she left her room.

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