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Immortal prophecy, p.34

Immortal Prophecy, page 34


Immortal Prophecy

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“Kathryn…” Ally whispered in shock.

  The auburn haired beauty, clutching a dark-red flower in her hands, stood perfectly still. She was standing in a single shaft of moonlight, otherwise enveloped by the darkness in the room. Her blue eyes and bright-red lips stood out in contrast, to her pale white skin.

  Ally didn’t understand how or why Kathryn was here, in her room, but she had never been happier than right in this moment. Her best friend was alive!

  “I’m sorry that I let you down. I tried so hard to save you, please forgive me.” Ally was so elated that her friend was back, she hadn’t noticed the obvious changes in her.

  Why isn’t she saying anything?

  “Kat? Can you forgive me?” She asked, nervously awaiting the reply.

  As she was looking at the woman before her, waiting for a response, Ally felt herself draw in a deep breath, something wasn’t right…

  Kathryn had always been a beauty, but now she was breathtaking, ethereal and there was a sense of danger about her. A single word flashed in her mind…Vampire. Ally was instantly aware this wasn’t the girl she had loved and cherished for years. She was no longer her friend. She was her enemy. She had been turned.

  A single tear rolled down Ally’s face at this realization.

  “Kathryn! Talk to me! Say something! Anything! Tell me you are still you!”

  The creature before her hadn’t moved a muscle; her blue eyes turned a deep crimson red as she shook her head slowly.

  A tremor of fear ripped through Ally. “What do you want?”

  Kathryn, without taking her eyes off Ally once, raised her arm slowly and pointed one long black fingernail at her.

  “No!” Ally screamed in fear and disbelief. Her heart was breaking at the sight before her eyes. James and Adele had been right…she really had lost her best friend.

  The vampire before her smiled wickedly.

  “Wake up, Ally.” She whispered.

  Confused, she looked at Kathryn. Again, she heard the whisper telling her to wake up, but this time the voice was different, familiar but definitely not Kathryn.

  “Wake up, Ally.”

  Ally felt the falling sensation, then opened her eyes and sat up straight, searching her bedroom. There was nothing there. She knew as soon as she woke up, that she was alone in her room, with only the darkness for comfort. It had all been a dream.

  “What are they trying to tell me now?” Ally muttered to herself, as she put her head in her hands and let the tears fall from her eyes. Her heart broke all over again.

  Her best friend was lost to her and wanted her dead.

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