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Immortal prophecy, p.3

Immortal Prophecy, page 3


Immortal Prophecy

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  She stuck her chin in the air calling his bluff. “Yes, he does.”

  Coco was still at her side, loyal as ever, a low growl emitting from her. Ally willed her to be quiet. She couldn’t bear it if he hurt her beloved Coco. She had to distract him again, or she and Coco would die.

  This was not how she’d planned this playing out, but she was still breathing, so she must have been doing something right.

  A cruel glint crept into his eye and sent a shiver of unease running through her.

  Or not.

  “Well then, where is he?” Vincent challenged.

  She didn’t answer quick enough and convinced him of what he already knew. James did not know where she was. His casual pretence dropped in an instant as he took a step toward her and she was drawn into his arms before she even blinked.

  His voice had taken on a rasping quality she likened to the sound of damned souls clawing their way out of hell. “This was fun, dear.” He leaned in closer. “But, now it’s time for you to die.”

  Oh crap.

  Ally was powerless to stop him. Her neck exposed, she knew this was the end for her. His breath was a mere centimetre away from her neck when he paused. And that’s when she felt it. Energy vibrated all around them, like being caught in the middle of a thunderstorm, with lightning cracking all around. The electricity that flowed through and around her, while surreal, was not unpleasant.

  “He has come then,” Vincent murmured as he let her go. She stumbled and fell to the ground. Relief poured through her, but she had no idea what had made him drop her. Then she heard it in her mind. A voice like smooth whiskey that flowed through her soul and warmed her insides. “I’m coming, Alessandra.”

  It was familiar to her, but she couldn’t place it. Within moments, she knew who it belonged to. James Carlisle, the man who’d haunted her dreams for five years. If Adele hadn’t known who he was, she would’ve been sure she made him up. Come to think of it, was this an illusion her brain had created so she didn’t have to face the knowledge that her demise was imminent? Nothing tonight seemed real.

  James appeared out of nowhere and was standing between her and Vincent. His eyes fixated on his opponent. Ally was again struck by his appearance and the energy which radiated from him. James didn’t appear human at that moment. She looked him over from head to toe, taking in the fine cut of his jeans and pale blue shirt. The man before her could have just stepped off a vogue cover shoot.

  Ally looked for Coco to make sure she was all right, having fallen on her. Coco was fine and sat next to her, as they both watched the two males in front of them. James and Vincent circled each other like two king cobras dancing before one devoured the other. Ally was entranced, and despite the dire circumstances, she couldn’t help but admire the strange beauty of it.

  James never took his eyes off his opponent, but she felt his anger and disgust radiating off him in waves. She saw how tense and rigid his body was. James was ready to spring at his enemy without a second’s notice.

  She watched him with a fierce concentration and silent admiration. James was as perfect as she had remembered him to be all those years ago, but he was different. The man she met at sixteen was sweet, kind, and gentle. The man before her tonight was strong, dangerous, and lethal. Despite this, Ally was safe with him around. She knew he would protect her.

  She was still lost in her thoughts when she heard his voice again. “Alessandra.”

  Confusion swam across her face, James hadn’t moved or give her any sign he’d spoken. Ally was still trying to decipher what was happening when he spoke again. “Get into your car and drive home as fast as possible. Lock the doors and don’t let anyone into the house.”

  Was that James’ voice in her head giving her instructions? Ally was starting to believe she had lost her mind.

  Nevertheless, she scooped Coco into her arms and got in the car with a quick backward glance towards James. She didn’t want to leave him now he was here again, but she didn’t want to sit and cheer from the sidelines in case Vincent came after her again.

  Ally sped away as fast as she could. As she drove, the angelic voice filled her mind, “This isn’t finished, Alessandra. I will come for you again. You will not fulfil the prophecy.”

  With those final words lingering in her head, she decided first thing in the morning, she’d ask her grandmother about Vincent. Adele would look at her like she was crazy, and that would be that, she hoped. Surely, one part of the damn prediction would be wrong, and she prayed with everything she had, that it would be this part.

  3. FOUND

  James had come so close to losing Ally tonight. He needed to keep a closer eye on her and not underestimate his nemesis. “You won’t win this, Vincent,” he growled, as he held Vincent’s malevolent gaze.

  Vincent was evil, but he wasn’t a fool, nor was he weak. The task would’ve been straightforward if he’d met with a lesser vampire tonight, but it would be Vincent. There was too much at stake to send a minion in his stead. If the prophecy was fulfilled, Vincent would become a pile of ash.

  “Oh, I think you’re wrong, James,” Vincent drawled. “I may have missed an opportunity tonight, but I will not lose.”

  “An opportunity?” James furrowed his brow before a slow smirk emerged. “You didn’t even know she was here, did you?” He laughed, mocking the vampire who stood before him. “I gave you too much credit.”

  Vincent’s muscles tightened the tiniest degree, but it was enough for the immortal to notice. James crowed in delight. “It was pure chance you found her tonight. Admit it.”

  “I admit nothing.” Vincent coiled his muscles to strike. “It doesn’t matter how I found her. Only that I did and she’ll be dead soon enough. Then I will continue to wipe out the rest of you. Plague that you are.”

  “That’s rich coming from the undead,” James retorted. “The prophecy will be fulfilled and you will die, but for real this time. No more walking dead for you.”

  “I don’t think so, my old friend. Besides, if I’d killed your lover tonight it would have been too easy, and where would the fun be in that? I do like a challenge after all.” He smirked at James and waited to see if he’d rise to the bait.

  What made him think we’re lovers? I need to talk with that girl.

  Vincent saw the flash of surprise in James’ gaze. “Ah, I should have guessed. She played me well. I’m not ashamed to admit I considered taking her captive for a while to see what it was about her that made you, the oh so moral James, do something as wicked as taking a lover.” He smirked then continued. “She appeals in a strange way, I’ll grant you that, but that kind of thing just makes it all too messy in the end, don’t you think?” Vincent taunted some more. He lived for these mind games. Unfortunately for Vincent, it wasn’t often he found himself in intelligent enough company to do it. But twice now this evening he’d played mind games with clever people.

  “There’s nothing sinful in taking a lover. I simply object to using women the way you do.”

  “Oh, but I don’t have a soulmate. You do. Isn’t that being unfaithful to your unknown beloved?”

  James narrowed his eyes, disgust plain in his gaze. “Enough with the games, Vincent.”

  He shrugged and feigned boredom. “Oh alright. One more thing though. She has no idea what she is, does she?”

  “No, she doesn’t.” James’ anger increased by the minute. First, he was pissed because Vincent had found her and then not only was he degrading Alessandra, but then he’d suggested he might’ve taken her as what, some kind of sex slave to be killed after he tired of her? He gritted out the next words, “Thanks to you, her parents died before they told her.”

  Vincent smirked. “Someone should tell her, you know. Maybe I will, before I kill her.”

  At those words, James’ temper exploded. He flew at his enemy and caught him off guard. Vincent was knocked to the ground, but in a split second he was back on his feet, ready to rip James’ throat out. James side stepped at the last
second and used the elemental power endowed to all immortals.


  A ball of fire materialised in his hand. He threw it at Vincent, who dove to the ground to avoid it, but the fireball hit him with full force straight in his blackened heart. A thunderous roar of loathing and agony pierced the silent night.

  Vincent recovered from the shock of a direct hit to the heart and was livid. His eyes bulged out of their sockets, and he was losing blood at a rapid rate, but he’d stopped the fireball from burning him inside out. “You’ll pay for that, James!”

  “Yeah, yeah,” James retorted and rolled his eyes. “The bad guy always says that.”

  The blow James landed would have killed a lesser vampire on the spot, but Vincent was stronger. He would have to replenish his blood supply and heal the charred wound, but he was far from death. Despite the many myths regarding vampires humans had created, they had no problem with garlic or crosses and a stake to the heart didn’t turn them to dust. The only way to kill a vampire was to inflict a mortal wound so the vampire’s blood drained out or incinerate their bodies. The creature’s existence depended on blood. Take that away and the vampire was a cold dead corpse. Or in the case of a fireball — a pile of ash.

  “This isn’t finished,” Vincent spat. His body vanished before James’ eyes, and all that was left was a crimson dotted fog that flew off into the night sky.

  That was the other thing humans got wrong, they couldn’t turn into bats. They could, however, shift into fog. An annoyingly good disguise and a fast way to travel.

  James was tempted to go after him and finish this, but he needed to check on Alessandra. Things were not going as he’d planned.

  Ally breathed a deep sigh of relief when her grandmother’s house came into view. It was a place she had always felt safe and loved, and with the hysteria burning through her mind, safety was what she needed.

  The enchanting off-white home was at the end of a street lined with trees, in a quiet neighbourhood. It had been built on a large, lush green piece of land that was scarce in suburbia these days. The wrap around veranda that skirted the house was a blissful space to sit and get lost in a book on the old-fashioned day bed. Every bedroom had a private balcony, an unusual feature that Ally loved, with an attic that added to the old-world charm.

  Ally pulled into the driveway, parked her car and sat staring into space. Coco looked at her with big brown eyes and barked once. Pulled out of her reflection on what had just occurred, she shifted her gaze to the dog. “I’m alright, Coco.”

  Can’t I pretend none of this ever happened? She was desperate for that to be a choice, but she knew it wasn’t.

  Ally got out of the car in a daze, her actions robotic as she put her key in the lock and opened the front door. It swung wide as the hinge let out a squeak. She kept meaning to oil that. The house was dark, except for the light in the hall that Adele always left on for her when she worked at night.

  Ally crept through the darkened house. She had to speak with her gran, but not tonight. She needed sleep. As she crawled into bed and pulled the covers up, her last coherent thought was about James. He was back in her life. She didn’t understand how or why, but that was the one thing that made her want to believe that tonight was real. Sleep found her, but she was haunted by dreams of the man who tried to kill her and the man who had saved her.

  Not long after she’d fallen asleep, Adele crept into the room to check she was alright.

  “My darling girl, if only we could save you from this nightmare,” She whispered, then left the room.

  James was waiting for her when she went back downstairs, his face ash and sullen. “Adele, he’s found her.”

  “I know, James.”


  The enticing aroma of fresh coffee filled the kitchen as Adele and James sat at the white provincial table, to concoct a plan for Ally’s safety. The prophecy was in motion and Ally was no longer safe living the life she had been. Vincent wouldn’t rest until she was dead and there was no chance of Ally fulfilling her destiny.

  “She knows nothing of the immortals, the prophecy, or Vincent and his kind. The best thing to do is hide her away, until she comes to terms with things. She needs to be told everything to have a chance of defeating him.” James’ patience wore thin with the situation.

  Adele sighed. “That may be true, but she’ll never agree.”

  James stood and paced around the kitchen. The jade and other soft green tones against the white walls had a calming effect on him, but it was temporary. Alessandra was in danger, nothing would keep him calm for long. He stopped pacing and slumped back down into the chair opposite Adele. “I understand it’s a lot for her to take in and accept, but she must. There’s no other choice, there never was. She was just left in ignorance for an extra five years when her mother and father were killed.”

  “You’re right. I don’t like it, but you’re right. Her ignorance of the situation nearly got her killed tonight.” Adele was racked with guilt for not telling Ally the truth, but the girl had lost her parents. It hadn’t seemed right. “If you hadn’t been tracking her thoughts and alerted me, I would never have known. I’ve become a little too complacent about things.” Adele’s eyes filled with worry and regret. She took a sip of her coffee as James eyed her with determination.

  “I’m taking her tonight, Adele. I will not wait for her to come to terms with this. She won’t accept it, she’ll refuse to believe it.” James ran his fingers through his hair in exasperation. “I heard her tonight. She was convinced Vincent was some guy who belonged in an asylum because she thought he was insane, not an actual vampire.” His mind was made up. He would take her with force if he had to.

  Adele stared at James with a determination that matched his. “You think it’ll be bad when she wakes up and I tell her? Take her away and see what happens. She’ll never accept you or the immortals if you do that.” Adele realised that it was the best way, but she had to argue on behalf of her granddaughter. Immortal men could be dominating and controlling. They assumed they knew best and females should follow orders. She couldn’t help but chuckle. James was ignorant of modern women. Ally would tell him exactly what she thought and do exactly what he told her not to do.

  “What’s so amusing?” he drawled.

  “Oh, James, you have a great deal to learn about women from this day and age. Things have changed a lot since our time.”

  He glared at her. “She’s my responsibility. I’m taking her.” His tone told Adele that no argument would be tolerated, but he would only take Ally out of here if she allowed it. The man didn’t understand what maternal instincts were capable of.

  Adele looked at him about to agree when she remembered. “I think she already knows some of this, James.”

  His frowned. “Impossible.”

  “It’s entirely possible.” She crossed her arms and leaned on the table. “Five years ago, she visited a fortune teller, and she told Ally something that distressed her, then after her parents died, she said the oddest thing.”

  James raised his eyebrow and waited for her to continue.

  “She said ‘My time as an ordinary girl is over. It’s begun’ and she said Vincent.” Adele’s mind raced.

  James sat up straight, taken aback. “I’d forgotten she said his name, and what a strange thing for her to say. She must know something.” He paused for a minute then continued. “But our theory is flawed, nothing had begun that day.”

  Adele took another sip of coffee still following her train of thought. “What if it had begun, but she was told something we weren’t? I wish I’d asked what it was,” she sighed.

  “So, let me get this right. She saw a fortune teller and was distressed by what she was told. Her parents are killed and then she says, ‘My time as an ordinary girl is over.’”

  “Exactly.” Adele’s face brightened, she was proud of herself for putting these pieces together.

  James scowled. “And you didn’t tell me earlier because?

  “Obviously I didn’t realise its importance at the time.” Adele glared at him.

  James sighed and put his head in his hands. “Sorry, I’m just going out of my mind here. I don’t know what to do.”

  She reached across the table and patted his arm. “Neither of us do.”

  He looked up and at her with soulful eyes that conveyed his thanks for her understanding.

  “I have an idea,” Adele said with a hint of excitement. “I agree we should take her away, but the ball is tomorrow night.”

  “And that’s important because?”

  “You have to be a female to understand, but the ball is also for charity. I can’t just ditch them now.”

  James admired her honour, but at times like these exceptions and a sizeable donation could be made. “Adele—”

  She held up her hand cutting him off. “Hear me out. We make her forget what happened tonight. She goes to the ball and feels like Cinderella, with her Prince Charming. You. Then we tell her the truth after the ball and take her to Scotland.”

  James looked at her, ready to dismiss the idea straight away, but then he pictured it for a minute. He had to admit the offer was tempting. One night with Ally before chaos reigned would be a nice memory to hold onto. He stood up and paced again, mulling it over.

  Adele smiled, knowing she’d won this battle.

  After two minutes, he stopped and looked back. “Straight after the ball, we tell her?” he clarified.

  “Straight after the ball. She’ll be here with you, me, and another immortal I invited. No harm will come to her. Everyone has a wonderful time and then we leave.”

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