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Immortal prophecy, p.21

Immortal Prophecy, page 21


Immortal Prophecy

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  If it didn’t, well at least she’d saved two people. She didn’t regret her decision. It was the right thing—the only thing that she could do. Leaving people in the hands of the vampires just so she didn’t have to face danger and death wasn’t something she could live with.

  She hoped the immortals had showed her so she would find a way to change the outcome, but she wasn’t certain.

  Everyone had been telling her from the start she couldn’t fight her destiny, and they were right. What it meant for the prophecy if she died, she didn’t know, but it wasn’t for her to decide.

  However, Ally had decided riding here today that no matter what she wasn’t dying until Damian and Kat were safe from the vampires. Then death could come and whisk her away, but not a second before. Ally would stare death in the eye and tell it to go to hell until she’d achieved that.

  “Looks like it should be condemned,” Ally commented, looking at the house from a safe distance.

  “I think that’s the idea, Ally,” Chase said, stating the obvious.

  She turned and glared at him.

  “We all have our parts to play, and we stick to the plan,” Ally said looking pointedly at Chase. “No renegade missions.”

  “If I have the chance to kill Natalia, I’m taking it,” Chase said coldly.

  James nodded in agreement while Ally looked at them both like they had two heads. “She is your sister, Chase.”

  “She was,” he said with no emotion. “Now she is Vincent’s vindictive puppet that’s wrought destruction and chaos long enough. My sister is literally dead.” As he turned to face her, his eyes softened, and she saw the unshed tears he attempted to hide.

  She nodded. There wasn’t anything she could do to stop him from achieving his goal and when the dust had settled, Chase was the one who had to live with whatever decision he made, not her.

  The plan was to leave the horses here out of sight and walk to the house. Hopefully, that way no-one would see them approaching. The cover of the surrounding forest would provide them with the camouflage need.

  Ally had lost her heart to this place and this man. She wouldn’t have changed coming here or meeting him for anything. As far as she was concerned life without him was no life at all.

  They hurried through the bush with James leading the way, Ally followed behind and Chase covered the rear, in case of a surprise ambush from the vampires. They’d both agreed Ally would be kept safer by staying in between them.

  As luck would have it, they met no-one and there was nothing to alert them to any signs of danger. The closer they got to the house the less the forest seemed alive. Everything around them had begun to die and rot, the birds no longer sang in the trees. She didn’t even hear a cricket or frog.

  She whispered to James, “Do you hear that?”

  “What?” he asked on full alert.

  “Nothing. No birds, crickets, nothing. And the vegetation around here is dying and rotting.”

  “That means that a vampire is in residence nearby. Nothing can stand being near the pure evil that resonates out of them.”

  “Right,” she said taking it all in. This was a visual on how evil vampires were, and the creatures that caused this had Kat and Damian.

  Something bothered her about Kat’s abduction. A few things didn’t add up. She analysed all the information she’d been given about the situation, and found she was left with more questions and no answers to the ones she initially had. Why had Chase been left alive and not taken with them? How did they figure out they’d be there? And was Kat a pawn in the game of cat and mouse between Vincent and herself or was there something more to it she hadn’t figured out yet?

  They were getting closer to the house, closer to her doom, unless she did something quick. The answer was right there in front of her, taunting her, but she couldn’t see it. She stopped in her tracks and turned on Chase. “Why did they take her?”

  He was startled for a moment then said, “I hadn’t thought about it, but I suppose it’d be to lure you out so they could kill you before the prophecy was fulfilled.”

  She nodded. “Why weren’t you killed or taken with them?”

  Chase thought about it and his shoulders slumped. “To send the message back to ensure you’d come and find them.”

  James had stopped walking and listened to the information unfolding with concerned interest. He’d only thought of getting them back safely, he hadn’t considered the finer points of the situation. Ally was right. Something was off.

  Now she understood why she would die.

  It wasn’t because she was destined to, that fate had changed, or she’d altered things somehow. It was because she was unprepared. Ally experienced a strange relief knowing she’d done nothing wrong to change the fates. The vampires had conspired against them and put Ally in the line of danger before she was ready.

  Vincent wanted her dead. He’d planned this from the start. Kat was the bait to lure her out before she was ready so he could finish Ally off. It was simply a chance coincidence that Damian was there as well.

  James interrupted her thoughts. “It’s a trap.”

  Ally nodded. “My thoughts exactly. So, what do we do?”

  “We go home,” he said without hesitating. “I am not putting you at risk.”

  She was getting so frustrated with his attitude. “James, look around would you. I am at risk no matter what. My role in life is to be at risk. My bloody destiny is to be at risk. Fight it all you want but the danger will find me whether I hide or not, and death seems imminent, unless we get smarter than these damn vampires.”

  He was taken aback by what she’d said, but she was right. He didn’t want to admit that to her, but she was. The prophecy girl had a simple purpose, kill or be killed, if you narrowed it down to the fine point.

  “Alright, so what do you suggest we do then?” he growled.

  Chase cleared his throat. “I have an idea if you two love birds have finished bickering.”

  He earned himself a glare from them both which he returned with a wicked smile and a gleam in his eye that inevitably meant trouble. “Obviously I have the least to lose here, so I’ll go in as bait and you two find a way down to the basement and get them out.”

  James looked thoughtful. “You realise that’s a suicide mission.”

  Chase rolled his eyes. “I know what I’m doing. Ally’s the one that was chosen to fulfil the prophecy, and she must be kept safe at all costs.”

  “We agree on something,” James said dryly.

  Ally glared at James. This wasn’t the time for petty arguments.

  “What would you do James if it was Ally in there?”

  James answered begrudgingly, “I’d go in as bait.”

  “Thank you,” Chase said smugly. “I think I’ve made my point.”

  Ally stared at him. “So, let’s say for a moment we go with this crazy idea. You have to have more of a plan than going in as bait.”

  “I’ll wing it,” he said. “We can stand here arguing about it, or we can all agree on it. I’m going in there as bait regardless, so make your choice, work with me or against me.”

  Ally put all her effort into giving him the best death glare she could muster and then turned to James begging for backup.

  “I don’t like it either, little one, but he’s right. We need a new plan. He’s the one with the least to lose, and if we work together, we might just save his sorry arse,” James said with a gentle smile towards Chase.

  “This is insane!” Ally exclaimed.

  They both looked at her, waiting for her to agree.

  She threw her hands up in the air as a sign of defeat. She turned to Chase. “If you get yourself killed in there out of pure stupidity, I’ll find you in the next life and kick your arse.”

  James looked on proudly as his human soulmate threatened an immortal without a second thought.

  Chase looked over Ally’s head to James. “I understand now why you sometimes call her your little spitfire.”
  Ally looked at him indignantly and slammed her foot down onto his. Chase made a noise that was a combination of pain and surprise, whilst James was leaning against a tree so as not to fall over from his silent vibrating laughter. Ally turned on her heel and walked back to James, who earned a glare for laughing.

  “Sorry,” he said pulling himself together.

  “Chase,” she said turning back to where he stood behind her. “Go act bait like and we’ll find a way in to rescue Damian and Kat.”

  He smiled at them both then said, “Despite being slapped in the face and having my foot stomped on, it was an honour to have met you, Ally. I deserved both those things, and if I don’t survive tell Kat I love her and,” he trailed off for a moment, “tell Mackenzie I’m sorry I didn’t make it back.”

  Ally looked at him bemused. “Make sure you don’t die and you can tell them yourself.”

  “Don’t wait for me, just get them and go. I’ll find a way back.” With that he took off towards the house so fast he was just a blur.

  “Are you ready?” James said to Ally.

  “As I’ll ever be,” she said.

  James took her hand and led her half crouching, half running towards the house. They made it there without incident and leaned their backs flat against the wall.

  “There has to be a way in that won’t give our position away,” James muttered.

  Ally looked around and saw a trap door in the ground beneath her feet. “James,” she whispered and pointed to the door below. He smiled and nodded. It looked undisturbed, so it hadn’t been used in a while. The vampires may not have even known it was there.

  They crouched on either side of it and carefully lifted the door. Beneath them, they heard laboured breathing and hoped it was Damian.

  James lowered himself into the hole first, if there was danger he would fight it.

  He looked around and adjusted to the darkness. Sunlight filtered in from the hole above him and a weak light from the candle in the wall sconce, but that was it.

  It was a dirt cell just as Ally had seen in her dream. James sensed there were vampires present, so he looked back up to Ally and motioned for her to come down. Ally let James help her in, and she was blown away when she looked around. “This is exactly what I saw,” she whispered excitedly.

  The laboured breathing was still rhythmic, and as they looked around the dark cell, they both noticed a figure crouched in the corner.

  “James?” he whispered in disbelief.

  “Damian!” James said as he ran over to the figure. “We’re getting you out of here.”

  Ally watched the middle-aged man in the corner with a quiet awe and wonder, this was her grandpa.

  James picked him up and carried him back towards Ally.

  “Where’s Kat?” Ally said alarmed. “I don’t see her anywhere, she was supposed to be here with Damian.”

  Damian’s weak scratchy voice was barely audible. “Natalia took her.”

  “Oh, God,” Ally whispered as her heart jumped into her mouth. “What has she done to her?”

  “I don’t know.” Damian looked at Ally with sadness. “I tried to stop them, but I’m so weak.”

  “Come on we have to get him out of here.” As James uttered the words, a screech of hatred came from inside the house. All three turned towards the sound and stared.

  “Chase obviously got their attention,” Ally said as they moved back to the trap door as quickly as possible. James could be out in a second but not with Ally or Damian holding him back.

  He urged Ally back up through the hole. Once she was back up on top, she helped James pull Damian through the hole to freedom.

  Damian collapsed from sheer exhaustion once he had made it to the grass. The vampires had kept his blood so low that he was just barely alive. They never let him reach close to full strength because he’d kill them.

  James came up behind them and helped Damian to his feet, while Ally went around to his other side, and together they supported Damian and ran for the cover of the forest.

  Ally turned to James. “I’m not leaving without Chase or Kat.”

  James growled a sound of displeasure. “Chase knows what he’s doing, Ally, and we don’t even have any idea where she is. We have to get Damian and you back home.”

  “I’m not leaving my friend,” she said.

  They made it back to the forest and took cover. “Call Henry and tell him to bring the car. We can’t take Damian all the way home on horseback.”

  “I can do it,” Damian said weakly.

  “Another argumentative one in the family,” Ally said as she rolled her eyes.

  James scoffed. “If you think I’m argumentative you’re in for a treat. Damian is legendary.”

  The man beside him smiled weakly, then looked between James and Ally as he said, “Thank you for saving me.”

  “I’m only sorry I didn’t know you were alive earlier,” James said, bitter with guilt.

  “How did you find me?” Damian uttered.

  He looked to Ally proudly. “Your granddaughter had a dream you were alive, and that dream led us here.”

  Damian’s eye fluttered in surprise. “My granddaughter?”

  James smiled down at his older brother. “Ally is your granddaughter but we can discuss all of this later.”

  Damian turned to Ally, and she smiled down at him. They shared a moment, and Damian felt a tear roll down his cheek. His mind was racing. He had a granddaughter and a son or daughter somewhere out there. Warmth stole through him.

  A male scream of anger ripped through the forest and broke the moment.

  “Chase,” Ally uttered with fear in her voice.

  She was about to run out of instinct towards him, he needed help. But she stopped when a high-pitched voice filtered through the trees. “Ally, come out, come out, wherever you are.”

  It taunted her, but she didn’t know who it was, she’d never heard that voice. Ally made an educated guess it was Natalia, and she looked to James for confirmation. The fear in his eyes confirmed that it was. She looked through the trees trying to establish where the voice had come from, but she couldn’t see anyone.

  Ally looked back to James to ask him what they should do when a movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.

  A beautiful blonde, tall as the sky and as entrancing as a full moon, walked from behind the house with someone in her grasp. She squinted to see who was being held.

  The closer they came to the forest the more Ally could focus on the person in her grip. It was Chase as she’d expected. Natalia had him in a death grip. She was poised and ready to kill him in a second without the slightest hint of remorse if her current stance was anything to go by.

  “Come out of your hiding place, Ally, or Chase dies,” the vampire called shrilly.

  Ally didn’t know what to do, but her mind was made up a second later when another vampire came around the corner to reveal a second prisoner. She appeared unconscious, and the sunlight bounced off her red hair. She’d recognise her best friend anywhere. Kat was in the arms of that vile creature, and Chase couldn’t save her. He couldn’t save himself in the predicament he was in.

  Ally made a split-second decision and turned to James with an expression of sorrow. “I’m sorry,” she said and ran before James registered what was happening.

  She heard him breathlessly behind her, “Ally, no!”

  It was a trap, but they had Kat. James would protect Damian, and she hoped that eventually Chase would save himself, but she didn’t know if it would be in time to save his soulmate.

  She would have to show no fear and let her instincts guide her if she wanted a chance at surviving this. “Natalia,” Ally said as she slowed and sauntered closer towards the vampire goddess.

  “The little prophecy girl. We finally meet.” Natalia’s lip curled into what appeared to be an attempted smile.

  “Psychopath that took my best friend. We finally meet,” Ally returned with a smile that was anyt
hing but friendly.

  Natalia dropped the pretence of being nice at that comment and warned, “You won’t defeat Vincent, Alessandra. I’ll kill you myself before you get a chance at fulfilling that god damn prophecy.”

  “A bit over confident, aren’t you, Natalia?”

  “I’m a vampire, and you’re just a pitiful human. How could you defeat me?” she asked arrogantly.

  “You forget, I’m not just any pitiful human. You said it yourself, I’m the prophecy girl.” She paused and flicked her gaze to Chase who winked at her. “Surely that gives me an edge.”

  She sauntered towards Natalia again. If she could throw her off enough, Chase could deal with her, and she’d grab Kat from the vampire.

  “So, you think you can beat me, little girl?” Natalia said getting agitated.

  That’s it Natalia, Ally thought, lose control of your emotions.

  “I know I can,” she returned with the same arrogance Natalia had shown.

  Natalia screeched in hate and anger.

  James watched from the sidelines, terrified to move in case he threw Ally off, but he couldn’t stay and watch her die. “What the hell is she doing?”

  Damian smiled. “Living up to the Carlisle and McConnell reputation. Can you imagine Adele or myself standing back from danger when someone we love is in trouble?”

  “No,” he said sounding defeated. “Why did I expect anything else?” If he wasn’t so scared he would have been proud of her for risking everything to save those she loved.

  “Go help her. I’ll stay here out of sight,” Damian whispered.

  James nodded. He took the long way so if he was seen they wouldn’t discover where Damian was taking cover. The last thing he wanted was to see the vampires take his brother again.

  He looked at Ally and Chase to decipher what he could do to help them the most and then doubled back around the house. He’d take the vampire holding Kat by surprise and throw Natalia off enough for Chase to free himself and do away with the creature that was once his sister.

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