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Immortal prophecy, p.20

Immortal Prophecy, page 20


Immortal Prophecy

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  James sat in the chair off to the side of the fire. “Where are they?” he asked.

  She shrugged her shoulders. “That’s the problem. I don’t know exactly.”

  “Tell me about the dream, and we can figure it out.”

  She nodded and hesitated. “We’ll need to tell Gran.”

  He nodded. James didn’t blame Adele for moving on, but he knew how she’d feel when she discovered Damian was alive. “It can wait until morning,” he said. “There is nothing she can do tonight.”

  Ally agreed with the idea and told him about her dream.

  “So, they’re in a dirt cell with no daylight,” James repeated aloud looking for clues to where they might be hidden. “Obviously it’s underground.”

  “But that is about all we know.” She moved from the fire to the couch feeling toasty warm. “Could it be a basement?”

  He thought about the validity of her suggestion, she might be onto something. “It could be, but where?”

  “That I don’t know,” she said discouraged. “They must be in Scotland. At least that narrows it down a bit.”

  “All of Scotland is still a big place, Ally.”

  “Not all of Scotland, it must be somewhere nearby,” she said.

  “How do you figure?” he asked.

  “We spoke to Chase this afternoon, and I had the dream just now which gives us about a twelve-hour gap.”

  “They could be anywhere if that’s our time frame.”

  She glared at him. “Let me finish.”

  “The things that happened in my dream wouldn’t have taken place at the same time I had it. They would’ve happened earlier. She woke up five minutes before they threw her in the cell. If knocked unconscious, then how long before she woke up?” she asked.

  “It depends on how they knocked her out.”

  “Try to be helpful.” She glared.

  “I’m being realistic,” he replied.

  “Well sometimes you should be creative, James. Radical ideas can sometimes lead to radical discoveries, and right now we need one.”

  He got up and moved to the fireplace, leaning against the mantle he stared at the dancing flames. His brother was alive, and they didn’t know where to start. James felt so helpless, but Ally was right. They needed to be creative, but where did they start?


  “I’m sorry, Ally. I feel so guilty. And now I wonder if I gave up on him too easily and who knows what tortures he has endured all these years in the hands of the vampires.” He grimaced.

  “You can’t blame yourself. I know you would’ve done everything you could.”

  “Thank you, Ally,” he said. “I appreciate what you’re doing.”

  She shrugged. “You’d do the same for me. So, what do we know?”

  He shook his head. “We have to determine where this cell is.”

  “I still think it’s a basement which means they’re being kept in a house.”

  “But which house?”

  “Do you know everyone around here?” she asked.

  “Not everyone but I know a few close by,” he said not sure where she was leading.

  She paused a moment. “The house would have to appear unoccupied. Can you think of places like that around the area?”

  James looked back into the fire and studied it for a moment. Then he looked up at Ally with excitement dancing in his eyes. “There was a house that Damian and I found once, it was only an hour from here, it appeared abandoned but something about it didn’t seem right. We never went back to find out what was going on because he went missing, and I forgot all about it until now.”

  “Then we start there,” she said decisively. Hopefully, they’d find Kat and reunite Damian and Adele. “I still think we should leave at first light, we can’t risk the vampires at full strength.”

  “I agree, we can tell Chase and Adele of our findings in the morning.” He walked over to Ally and took hold of her hand. He pulled her up and into his warm embrace. “Thank you, little one. You’re amazing.”

  She warmed all over. What girl didn’t want to be called amazing?

  “Now let’s get you back into the warm bed,” he said with a wicked smile.

  She smiled back at him with an expectant glance towards the bed. She wasn’t quite ready to be with him yet, but she knew it would be soon. She wouldn’t be able to fight the temptation much longer.

  They crawled back into bed and Ally fell into a deep sleep.

  James sat up on his elbow and watched her sleep for a while. “I love you, Ally,” he whispered into her ear. Then rolled over and stared at the ceiling for the next few hours.


  Ally woke curled up in James’ arms. Breathing a sigh of contentment, she was amazed by how right it was to be lying there. He stirred next to her and she rolled over to stare into the beautiful eyes she would recognise anywhere.

  “Morning,” he said still shaking off the sleep.

  “Morning,” she smiled dreamily.

  He kissed her on the forehead. “Did you have any more dreams?”

  She frowned. “No.”

  He nodded. “The abandoned house it is then.”

  She rolled onto her back and stared at the ceiling for a moment. “We aren’t telling Gran yet.”

  “We can’t keep this from her.”

  “I don’t want to cause her any unnecessary pain. I saw the guilt and heartbreak in your eyes when I told you. What if I’m wrong? She’d be better off not knowing anything until we’re certain.”

  “Is that really what you want?”

  “It is,” she said firmly. “We’ll tell Chase once we leave.”

  “We have to leave soon, the sun is rising,” he observed.

  She looked out the window, the sun was indeed coming up above the mountains. The mist from the night coiling its wispy arms around the ground. She pulled back the covers and grabbed a gown that was hanging on the back of the door. The gown belonged to James, but she was cold and he’d have another. Ally was startled when a knock sounded at the door.

  “Come in,” James said.

  Sophie opened the door and came through with a breakfast tray and steaming hot coffee.

  Ally could’ve hugged the woman, she needed a coffee this morning.

  “I figured you’d be in here,” she said with a sly grin.

  Ally turned a shade of crimson with embarrassment.

  “Coffee, Ally?” she asked as she handed her a cup. “I thought you might need one.”

  Ally smiled gratefully. “Thanks. You were right.”

  Sophie set the tray down on the coffee table in front of the fire that had reduced to embers during the night. She lay more wood and set it alight, then walked back to them. “There that should be toasty soon.”

  “Thank you, Sophie, for everything,” said James.

  “Don’t go talking like that,” she scolded. “I expect all three of you back here soon safe and well.”

  James and Ally both smiled at her. “We’ll try our best, Sophie,” he said.

  They were all aware of the risk they were taking. There were no guarantees that everyone would return safely.

  “Ally, your grandmother wants to speak to you before you leave,” Sophie said, then turned around and left the room.

  Ally took her coffee out onto the balcony. She wanted to watch the sun make its upward journey over the peaks and terrain. She prepared herself for the day ahead, not really knowing what it would bring. If they found Kat and Damian, there would inevitably be a battle. She wasn’t ready for it, but it didn’t matter; this was about saving their loved ones. Her life was changing more with each day, and she had to accept that.

  Ally trembled as she thought about the vampires. She didn’t have many defences against them, but she would use all she had. James was going into battle alongside her, but he would have enough trouble keeping himself safe. He’d make her the priority, but she couldn’t risk losing him out of a misplaced sense of duty. She need
ed to protect herself.

  James appeared beside her and wrapped his arm around her. “Everything will be fine.”

  “We don’t know that,” she snapped.

  He looked at her startled. “I’ll keep you safe, Ally.”

  “Keep yourself safe.” With that she turned and walked back inside.

  James stayed outside a moment, staring after her. He had no idea what’d happened or why she’d snapped at him like that?

  Ally put down her coffee and left to go to her own room. She needed to get her head together. Battles and the possibility of losing someone she loved today weighed heavily upon her. The fear she was wrong about Damian being alive was eating a hole in her heart. If she was wrong about the dream, then Kat wasn’t alright either. Even if she was right, who knows what might have happened between now and then?

  Ally took the curling stairs two by two to reach her room before anyone came upon her, she didn’t want to talk. She needed to get ready for whatever it was that would come. More than anything, she wanted a shower to clear her head before getting dressed and making her way downstairs.

  Half an hour later, Ally emerged from the shower less bemused and helpless. She walked over to the walk-in robe and grabbed her favourite jeans, black v neck top, and her fleece lined black knee-length jacket. She got dressed and pulled on her black boots and took a deep calming breath before she went downstairs to find Adele.

  Adele sat in the kitchen talking with Chase and Mackenzie when Ally walked in. They all stopped talking, and she had the distinct impression they’d been discussing her. Adele walked over and drew her into a warm embrace.

  “What’s that for?” she asked.

  “Can’t I just give my granddaughter a hug?” Adele asked, feigning innocence.

  Giving her a side smile, Ally said, “I’ll be fine,” with a confidence she didn’t have.

  “Of course you will.” Her Gran was being positive, but she didn’t blame her for being nervous. Chase and Mackenzie watched on in silence.

  She looked over Adele’s shoulder and smiled at them. “Morning guys.”

  They both greeted her in return.

  “You ready for this, Ally?” Chase asked.

  She shrugged her shoulders. “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

  Mackenzie was scared the man sitting next to her may not return. But then she found herself heartbroken at the prospect he would return with his soulmate in tow. She didn’t wish any harm to come to Kat and hoped for her safe return, but she didn’t want to sit around watching Chase and his soulmate in the throes of new love either.

  Mackenzie liked to think she had a quiet inner strength, but some things even the strongest person couldn’t handle. Chase laying his hand on hers shook her out of her musings. A spark of energy ran through her body starting in the place where he’d touched her. She jumped from the sensation and looked up to meet his deep brown eyes.

  They held eye contact for a moment longer than was appropriate. Mackenzie was the first one to shy away. He leaned in and whispered, “Be careful while we’re gone. I don’t want to come back and find out something has happened to you.”

  She looked at him startled and saw something swimming in the depths of his eyes. She didn’t know what it was or what to make of it, but it was something intense. All she could do was nod her head and say, “I will.”

  He seemed relieved that she’d agreed to his request. Unable to make any sense out of what had just happened, she shook her head. Mackenzie might have read the situation unfairly, but her instincts told her he was showing more than just friendly concern. And that was not supposed to happen in his situation.

  James had come down to find Chase and Mackenzie sitting at the table involved in something while Adele and Ally were standing together talking. He was still questioning her decision to keep the information from Adele about Damian, but it was Ally’s call and he wouldn’t disrespect her by divulging the information she’d shared with him. She was right though, there was a small chance that Ally was wrong, and it would break Adele’s heart all over again.

  Ally sensed James was nearby and looked up to find him staring at Chase and Mackenzie with an inquisitive air.

  What’s going on there? She wondered as she focused her attention on Chase and Mackenzie. She watched and saw Chase’s hand upon Mackenzie’s and the way they were lost in each other’s eyes. Ally frowned. What was going on between them? She felt James’ gaze resting upon her. She looked back at him with questions in her eyes. He knew something about those two he wasn’t sharing, and she intended to find out what it was.

  James must’ve read her expression or mind for he announced it was time to get going. They all said farewell and the ones staying behind would be waiting for their safe return with Kat.

  As they left, Ally saw Chase and Mackenzie sharing a longing gaze. He claimed to be Kat’s soulmate yet she was in the hands of the vampires and Chase was making eyes at another woman. She couldn’t fathom it. But there were more important things to focus on.

  She followed Chase and James out of the house to the stables. Logan waited with three horses. Destiny whinnied at Ally. “Hi, girl,” she said as she walked over and stroked the white mare’s muzzle.

  Logan wished them all luck and sent them off on their way with a wave.

  Ally’s plan had been ingenious, a vampire would hear a car coming and investigate. If they heard a horse or two wandering by, they’d think nothing of it.

  They rode in silence for the first hour wanting to get as far and as fast as possible. Choosing to take the horses over James’ car had put them at a speed disadvantage, but it would give them the added benefit of a silent arrival once they reached their destination.

  Ally slowed and rode next to James while Chase rode in front. “It’s time to tell Chase,” she said.

  James nodded and called him back “Chase. Stop, we need to talk to you.”

  Chase stopped and dismounted next to a slow running creek just in front of them. Ally and James rode up beside him and dismounted. James led all three horses over to the creek.

  Chase sat down under the tree. He was sure they wanted to talk to him about Mackenzie, and it wasn’t a conversation he needed to have. Chase still wasn’t sure what was going on himself.

  Ally walked over to Chase and sat waiting for James before she told him about the dream. Chase appeared nervous and uncharacteristically quiet. Her heart went out to him.

  James having refreshed the horses let them wander nearby and walked over to Chase and Ally. He sat next to Ally and with a shared glance she told Chase what they had been keeping from him. “I’ve been having dreams, and we think they are prophetic. Last night I dreamed that Kat was being held by Natalia and a few other vampires, which we knew, but there was a man in the cell with her,” she paused.

  Chase felt sick. What man was she sharing a cell with? Was she in danger from him? Was she safe? He looked at Ally, urging her to continue.

  “I believe the man she is sharing the cell with is Damian.”

  His eyes widened, and they flicked to James, who nodded affirmatively and then back to Ally who was looking at him with a mixture of joy and sadness. He thought of what this would mean if she was right. “Have you told Addie?” he asked them.

  “No,” Ally answered. “I didn’t want to tell her until we had him home safe.”

  “That was a wise decision.” He looked off to the side for a moment, and then said, “I was there when she lost Damian the first time. She wouldn’t survive it a second time.”

  James nodded. “It was hard on all of us, but Adele took it the worst. I was glad when she moved on, but she did it as a reason to keep going.”

  “I’m sure any soulmate would want their loved one left behind to move on,” she said.

  He looked at her quizzically for a moment then said, “I would want my soulmate to move on, but I wouldn’t be able to.” Emotion flashed over his face and was gone before she registered what it had been.

What of Kat?” Chase asked. “Is she alright?”

  Ally shrugged her shoulders. “She was when the dream ended, but now...” she trailed off.

  “What?” Chase demanded.

  “The vampire that left her said Natalia would be back for her later.”

  He slammed his fist into the ground beneath him. “Damn you, Natalia.” He stood up and stormed off. “I should’ve killed her when I had the chance. I’ll regret it for as long as I live,” he said over his shoulder.

  They watched him walk away and knew he’d come back, but he needed to calm down first. He would be no use to anyone with his emotions making him react erratically. Everyone needed to go in with a clear head.

  Ally stared in the direction Chase had walked for a while thinking about how things were ending before James brought her back to reality. “Ally, is there something you aren’t telling me?”

  He was far too perceptive for his own good.

  She was hiding a secret from him.

  There’d been another dream last night.

  Ally had seen in her dream, there was a possibility that to save Kat and Damian’s life, she’d have to give up her own. But she’d be damned if she was telling James that. He’d throw her on Destiny and drag her back to the manor. That was not an option. “I’m just worried about everyone.”

  He smiled and pulled her in for a warm embrace that she memorised for it might be the last.

  Reluctantly, she pulled back and gazed into his eyes for possibly the last time. “Let’s get going, we can take Chase’s horse and catch up to him. He can’t have gotten far.”

  They got back on their horses and James grabbed Chase’s by the reins. They’d been riding for ten minutes when they caught up to Chase, who was brooding under a tree. “I figured you would find me quicker than I could walk back,” he said.

  James rolled his eyes. “Come on, Chase, we have to get going. The house is only an hour’s ride from here.”

  He nodded and then pushed himself up with a cat like grace and jumped onto his horse. The three shared a look and then nudged the horses as fast as they could go. Time was of the essence.

  James, Ally, and Chase rode hard until an old abandoned double storey house came into view. The roof tiles had fallen off and was overrun with weeds around the outside. It looked like an old hunting lodge of sorts, made from logs and the veranda had begun to lean. They dismounted a few hundred yards away. Ally trembled. If all went to plan, she was about to rescue her best friend, Kat, and her grandmother’s soulmate, Damian.

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