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Immortal prophecy, p.17

Immortal Prophecy, page 17


Immortal Prophecy

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  Everyone nodded in agreement with her plan.

  Ally continued, “I want input on the plan, but we shouldn’t risk the lives of Sophie and her family in this.”

  “Absolutely.” James said.

  Adele and Chase nodded their agreement.

  “We want to help,” Mackenzie added.

  “And you will, just not with the battle,” Ally reassured her. “We will need meals tonight if you could organise that, Sophie. Eating is the last thing any of us want to do, but we should be practical for Kat’s sake. We won’t be any use to her if we aren’t.” She turned to Logan. “We’ll need Destiny, Cooper, and another horse saddled and ready tomorrow morning at dawn. Henry, I need you on standby to bring us a car should we need one. I won’t bring you anywhere near danger though, I promise.” Ally smiled at him. “Mackenzie can you organise a guest room for Chase?”

  Ally turned to Chase. “You’ll stay here with us until we find her, and I don’t want to hear any arguments.”

  “I had none, but thank you,” Chase said, holding eye contact a moment longer than was necessary. He didn’t mean anything other than gratitude, but James didn’t like it and moved to take his place beside his love. She naturally leaned into him. “Tomorrow we’ll set out on a tracking mission. We can go back to the airstrip where it happened and see if they left any clues behind that we can follow. In the meantime, I want each of you three,” she motioned to James, Adele, and Chase, “to contact every single immortal you know. See if they can tell us anything about where we could find Natalia or anything to do with the vampires. And one of us should stay behind in case the vampires decide to pay a visit to Carlisle Manor. We can’t leave the Muir’s unguarded.”

  “I will stay behind and protect them. You need Chase and James with you, Ally.” Adele offered.

  “Thanks, Gran, but are you sure?”

  “I am, sweetie. Besides, I’m an old woman. What use would you have for me?” She grinned.

  “Adele, you’re younger than me,” James quipped.

  “But you seem to have aged better,” she said with a wink.

  Ally leaned in closer to James, once people had begun talking among themselves, she whispered, “I want to talk about things later when we’re alone.”

  “We’re going to be alone later, are we?” he said with a sultry smile and gleam in his eye.

  “Not that alone time, but I want to read the prophecy remember?”

  “I’m growing on you, aren’t I?” he teased.

  Ally smiled. “You know you are.”

  “I told you you’d come around.”

  She teasingly punched him in the arm. He mocked her with a show of pain.

  Adele stood off to the side, watching Ally interact with James. They really were a perfect match, and they seemed so much more comfortable this evening than they had before the ride this morning.

  She’d watched her granddaughter grow so much over the last few days. Ally had really found herself in this land, with James and with her destiny. People were already looking up to her and following her without question. It was a small start, but it was promising. The incident with the vampire seemed to strengthen her resolve. She had expected Ally to go to pieces the first time she met with a vampire, but then she’d met Vincent and survived to tell the tale. The girl was made of stronger stuff than Adele gave her credit for. She wished that Ally’s parents were here to see her, they would have been so proud. It was hard for Adele watching her only daughter’s child walk the path that she was, but some things were bigger than our own needs and wants. Ally seemed to have a firm grip on that concept ever since her message from the ancients and seeing the damage vampires could inflict.

  Adele wondered what else happened on the ride that Ally hadn’t mentioned. Something had changed between James and Ally. She had an inkling of what may have happened, but she couldn’t be sure. Whatever it was, she was happy about it. Ally would need James in the times ahead, and it was better for all involved if they worked together instead of arguing.

  Sophie excused herself to go start dinner. They’d need a good hearty meal in their bellies for tomorrow. It wasn’t much, but if that was all she could do to help, then she would do it to the best of her ability. Sophie’s heart went out to Ally and Chase. They had both lost someone dear to them. Sophie thought back to when Chase had entered the room, and Ally had flown into him. Ally had courage taking on an immortal. It was deserved, but she’d never would have the nerve to do it.

  Mackenzie walked into the kitchen. “Do you need a hand?”

  Sophie jumped and turned around to face her daughter. “Oh, Mackenzie. You startled me. I have it covered for now, but come back once you’ve made the room up for Chase. I’ll need help then.” She studied her daughter for a moment. “Are you alright, sweetheart?”

  Her lower lip trembled. “I’m scared that Chase won’t come back, or he’ll come back different like he was when he first arrived. That wasn’t Chase.”

  Sophie walked over and pulled her daughter into a warm embrace. “We must hope for the best but be prepared for the worst in case, my sweet girl.”

  Mackenzie nodded.

  “Why are you so worried about Chase?”

  Mackenzie shrugged and blushed. “He is a nice guy, and it’d be sad if he changed or got killed.”

  Sophie wondered why she hadn’t seen it before. Her daughter was in love with the one man she couldn’t have.


  Sophie hugged her again. “Oh, my dear girl, I had no idea.”

  “I never told you,” Mackenzie mumbled. “I couldn’t be with him, I’m not his chosen soulmate, so what was the point?”

  “Unrequited love isn’t easy but in this situation, you can take heart it literally isn’t you. The immortals are different to us. You can see that just by looking at James and Ally. They each have only one person they can ever truly be with.”

  Mackenzie mulled that over. “It’s so romantic but it’s a tragedy in waiting,” she said at length.

  Sophie hadn’t grasped what she was getting at. “Why?”

  “Think about it Mum, there’s only one person out there for them. First, they must find them, and then they must keep them safe from all types of dangers for eternity. I realise there aren’t fights to the death between immortals and vampires every other day but what if it happened, and you lost your one true love forever?”

  “You’re a very astute young lady, Mackenzie.”

  “Thanks Mum. Don’t tell Dad, but I got that from you.”

  Sophie laughed and promised to keep it to herself.

  “It may seem like a substantial risk to someone on the outside like you said, but if you felt what they feel for each other, I think even someone like you who plays it safe would throw caution to the wind and grab onto it with both hands.”

  Mackenzie shrugged still not convinced the concept of soulmates was a good one.

  Sophie phrased it differently. “Let me ask you this. You see what Ally and James have between them. Would you risk your life for a chance at a love like that with Chase?” Sophie asked. She wanted her daughter to understand that some things in life were worth the risk.

  Mackenzie sighed wistfully imagining what it would be like if she was Chase’s soulmate and concluded her answer was an easy one, “I would.”

  Sophie embraced her daughter once more and then sent her on her way. “Now run along and sort out his room. Make sure it’s perfect. That is the least we can do for the poor man.”

  Unbeknownst to Sophie and Mackenzie, Chase had been in the corridor listening to every word. He hadn’t meant to eavesdrop. He’d been coming in to get a glass of water when he heard his name and stopped. Chase listened to the conversation. Mackenzie had been so worried about him that it touched him, but he also discovered she was in love with him. That he didn’t see coming.

  Looking back, the signs had been there over the years, but he hadn’t seen them. Chase always thought she was beautiful and sweet, and there’d
been a spark if he was honest with himself, and still was. The last time he laid eyes on her, she would have been fifteen. Still just a young girl. That was four years ago. He had been away seeing the world while Mackenzie had matured, now there was something more substantial brewing between them. Kat was his soulmate. Wasn’t she? Chase was beyond confused. Kat was lost somewhere out there, and here he was thinking about another woman. Some soulmate he was turning out to be. Something wasn’t right. He shouldn’t even be noticing another woman. He should speak with James about it later, but the priority was getting Kat home safely. He wandered back upstairs to the lounge room lost in his thoughts about the two women who had suddenly occupied his heart and soul, each in their own ways.


  James watched Chase sneaking looks at Mackenzie throughout dinner. She seemed oblivious as was everyone else but something was wrong. Chase’s soulmate was out there somewhere at the mercy of Natalia, and he was slyly looking at the housekeeper’s daughter.

  I told them he was trouble, but no-one would listen, James grumbled.

  Chase caught his gaze, flushed and looked away, refusing to lift his gaze from his plate after that. James had to sort this out before anything happened. He’d observed in past encounters Mackenzie had a soft spot for Chase, but he’d assumed it was unrequited. After tonight he wasn’t so sure.

  He needed to speak with Chase when the chance presented itself, in the meantime he’d keep a close eye on them both.

  Ally looked up from her dinner. He turned his face towards hers before she worked out what he was looking at. She’d work it out before long on her own if this kept up without him tipping her off.

  She had a gleam in her eye that he recognised as trouble. “What’s caught your attention?” she asked.

  “Just staring into space.” He turned away, knowing he couldn’t look her in the eye and lie.

  She studied him for a minute, and he squirmed under her scrutiny, until she changed the subject. “Where can we go tonight to talk? I don’t want to be interrupted.”

  His mind filled with all manner of images that took place in many of the different secluded spots on the property, but she wasn’t referring to that. He inwardly groaned, she wanted to discuss the conversion, the vampires, and the prophecy.

  Damn it, Chase. Why did he have to stick his nose in? They could’ve relaxed and got to know each other without the drama that was unfolding before his eyes. Drama which was only getting worse by the minute, he thought as he saw yet another sly look in Mackenzie’s direction from Chase.

  To his credit, the man looked torn and like something was seriously disturbing him.

  Ally nudged him. “Is Chase doing ok? He seems even worse since dinner started.”

  “He’ll be fine. The man is just scared and worried about his soulmate.” He put emphasis on the last word knowing Chase could hear him. It seemed to do the trick for the guilt and shame was written all over his face.

  Ally shrugged, and no doubt went back into her own little world that involved any number of plots and schemes to get Kat back.

  “Dinner was delicious, Sophie,” Adele said. “Thank you.”

  Sophie lit up at the compliment.

  “Our Sophie has quite a talent in the kitchen,” Henry said, his voice full of pride. She smiled widely at him, you could see the love between them. They were the human version of soulmates, true love.

  Adele looked at the three immortals before her. “You’ve all got an early start, and we don’t have a clue what tomorrow will bring, so you should all get some rest.”

  Chase agreed and thanked Sophie for the meal. He needed time alone to process things. Excusing himself, he rose from the table and headed for the third floor to his bedroom.

  Adele, Ally, and Mackenzie occupied the second floor, with James in the master on the first and Sophie and Henry in the servant’s room on the lower ground floor. Sophie and Henry’s room was very different from the traditional servant’s room, having every luxury known to man in there. James treated them as family, so they were accommodated as such. Logan normally slept in the stable master’s cottage that was detached from the house, but given the situation they found themselves in, he was staying in the room opposite Chase on the top floor.

  As he trudged up the stairs, Chase heard Mackenzie call out his name. He stopped and turned around.

  “Do you need anything else before you go to bed?” she asked.

  Images flashed across his mind, conjured by her innocent question, of the two of them locked in a passionate embrace. He regained his focus as another more detailed image stole his breath away.

  Finally, he choked out, “No, thank you.”

  She frowned at him. “You’ll get her back. Don’t worry.”

  He didn’t correct her misconceptions and just said goodnight.

  She turned and walked out of sight. He caught his breath and made his way up the stairs again. “Why he doesn’t get an elevator installed, I’ll never understand,” he grumbled aloud.

  “You’re an immortal. You shouldn’t need one,” a voice called from behind.

  James was coming to take a piece of him. Great.

  “Even immortals get tired, James.”

  “There is something we need to discuss.” James’ glare always had him quaking in his boots, and tonight was no exception.

  He didn’t want to talk right now, all he wanted to do was sleep. But he knew better than to argue when James was angry. “What’s that?”


  “What about her?”

  “What’s going on Chase? You have a soulmate; these things don’t happen when you do.”

  Chase snapped, “You think I don’t realise that? I have no bloody idea what’s going on James and its tearing me apart. My soulmate in the hands of vampires, and I’m haunted by thoughts and feelings for another woman.”

  James’ expression darkened, his eyes grew flinty. He opened his mouth but Chase held up a hand to stay him. “Something is off, but this has been one of the worst days of my life, and yelling at me won’t help either of us or the situation.”

  James nodded. “We’ll discuss this tomorrow then.”

  “Thank you.” James hadn’t been his biggest supporter, but he was a good man and despite his feelings towards him, he was being fair and reasonable, even willing to help. He turned away and refused to stop until he reached the bedroom, he was done talking for one night. What he needed was a strong drink and a soft warm bed.

  James watched him climb the stairs and turn the corner. He’d never seen this before. He wasn’t sure what to think about it. Was Kat his soulmate? Had they made a mistake?

  Either way it needed to be dealt with, but first he had business of his own to handle. Ally was waiting for him in the lounge room. He found that he was bursting with excitement at the idea of spending time alone with her, even if it wasn’t exactly the alone time he had in mind.

  HE LED ALLY TO THE door of his room and opened it. She saw where he had taken her, and she was suddenly uncomfortable. “Why are we going into your bedroom?” she asked.

  He smirked and then put her mind at ease by saying, “This is the only room in the house where we won’t get interrupted.”

  “How convenient,” she quipped, as James nudged her through the door.

  She took in the room and turned in a small circle. It was huge. She turned to James. “This isn’t a room. This is half a house.”

  “Do you like it?” he asked.

  Ally looked at James like he had two heads. “Do I like it? Of course, I do. It’s beautiful,” she said in awe. “I thought I loved my room, but I’ve changed my mind. I want this one.”

  “It’s yours anytime you want it.”

  A wicked grin spread across her face. “Oh, that’s so sweet. You would move into my room and give me this one.”

  “That’s not what I meant,” he said as he drew her into his arms, “and you know it.”

  She smiled at him, and he lea
ned down and kissed her softly.

  She felt bereft when he pulled away and fought the urge to pull him back.

  He kept her hand in his. “Come with me.” He led her over to the pale blue couch in front of the fire. The room was in an L-shape, hiding the balcony until she reached the couch.

  “A balcony too,” she said her eyes wide. “Now I definitely want to switch rooms.”

  He smirked and said, “I’m sure you can work out how you gain access to this room.”

  “That’s called coercion.”

  James gave her a lazy smile. “Perhaps, but I’m not above it to get what I want.”

  She studied him. “I doubt there is much that you wouldn’t resort to, to get what you want.”

  He wasn’t sure how to take that. “That sounds like an insult.”

  She looked surprised and hurried to explain. “Not at all. I admire you for it.” She got up and wandered over to the french-doors leading onto the private balcony. “You know what you want, and you won’t let anything stand in your way. You won’t accept defeat. I envy that.” She sighed.

  He walked over to where the crystal decanter of whisky sat on the sideboard. He gestured to Ally with an empty glass.

  “Is that whiskey?” she asked, as she sat on the couch.

  “Scottish whiskey. Sixteen years old, single malt and one of the best in the world,” he said, as he admired the glass before him.

  “Sounds like you know what you’re talking about.” She curled her legs under her. “I wouldn’t be able to tell a good one from a mediocre one.”

  “Ah, but that’s because you’ve never had a good one. If you had, you’d be able to tell the difference straight away.” He handed her a half-filled glass, the whiskey sloshed the sides as she grabbed it. “Now this is exceptional. In fact, I have plans to produce one that’s even better.”

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