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Immortal prophecy, p.16

Immortal Prophecy, page 16


Immortal Prophecy

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  “To be honest, it could go either way. She might have the skills to escape, but she may not realise they’re available to her or how to use them. It depends on what Chase told her. On the other hand, they may use her now she has immortal blood running through her veins.”

  Ally grimaced. “I agree with James. Chase is an idiot.”

  “He can be.” Adele sighed.

  “If she’s an immortal, can’t we communicate with her now? Mind meld or whatever you do?”

  “We don’t mind meld, Ally,” Adele corrected. “It’s telepathy.”

  “Whatever you want to call it, can we do that?”

  “If she was conscious, then we might be able to, but the connection will be strongest with Chase, and he can’t get any response from her.”

  Ally’s shoulders slumped at the news. She didn’t want to jump to the worst-case scenario, but it wasn’t a good sign. She took a deep breath and shoved all thoughts of defeatism out of her mind. If there was ever a time to be optimistic, it was now. She glanced at James once more, her heart squeezing for him. Then she faced Adele. “So, what are we going to do about Kat? You agree with me, don’t you?”

  “I don’t like the idea of you being anywhere near the vampires at this point in time or ever, preferably, but I agree we need to get Kat back if she’s alive.”

  Ally didn’t even want to contemplate what might happen if Kat had become a vampire, but she needed to be prepared. “What happens if she’s been turned?”

  “Into a vampire?” Adele hesitated for a moment to give Ally a chance to back out, the answer would not be what she wanted to hear. Ally motioned for her to continue.

  Adele’s voice trembled as she spoke the awful truth. “Then she must die.”

  Ally gasped. “There has to be another way.”

  Adele shook her head. “If you ever have the unfortunate luck to meet Natalia, you’ll understand why. She was an immortal too, but all trace of humanity is gone. Insanity and evil are not a good combination.”

  Ally shook her head, unwilling to accept that outcome was the same for everyone. She’d met Vincent, and he was evil, there was no doubting that. But insane? No, she wouldn’t call him insane. “Surely every person is different?” She shared her thoughts with Adele about Vincent.

  She tilted her head and lifted her shoulders. “He isn’t insane in the same way that Natalia is.” She pointed to her head as she spoke. “But what he suffers from is a form of mental illness. He’s power-hungry and he’ll do anything to keep it and gather more. Not exactly a rational thought process, is it?”

  Ally had to agree with her on that one. “True. Something occurred while you were talking though.” She bit her lip. “I might be mental for even suggesting this, but what was Natalia like before she turned?”

  “She was a little odd,” Adele admitted.

  That was good. Well not good, but at least it showed Ally might be on the right track. “And Vincent?”

  She crossed her arms and studied Ally. “Where are you going with this?”

  “Just a theory. So, what was he like?” Ally persisted in her questioning, even though it seemed her gran was becoming reluctant.

  “I honestly don’t know. It’s not like we sit down for tea once a month.” Adele’s eyes narrowed. “Ally tell me this instant what you’re thinking before I invade your mind.”

  Now it was Ally’s turn to glare. “Don’t you dare.”

  Adele raised an eyebrow and rested her hand on her hip. “Ally,” she warned.

  “I wondered if when they were turned, their worst personality traits became their strongest traits. You said Natalia was odd, so she went insane.”

  Adele seemed to consider this for a moment. “Possible,” she admitted.

  “So,” Ally said. “Death may not be a possibility if Kat has been turned. We both know her. Her worst trait was temper tantrums.”

  “Temper tantrums, with super human strength and an inclination to kill is not an ideal outcome.” Adele pointed out. “Consider this, she has a tantrum and is in a rage, wants to kill anyway, so she wipes out an entire town.”

  Ally sat in shocked silence for a moment. She hadn’t considered that. That didn’t turn out to be very helpful at all. It seemed there was no other way, her friend was already dead, had become a vampire and would have to be killed anyway, or she was alone and terrified god knows where with one of those options about to become a reality. She didn’t like it one bit. But even if she had to keep Kat locked away somewhere till she could talk to her or something, she’d do it. She was that desperate to save her friend.

  Adele motioned to James. “He needs you, Ally. We can work out a plan when Chase arrives.”

  Ally nodded, got up from the table, and slipped outside the door to the terrace.

  She came up beside him and leaned over the railing. Ally said nothing waiting for him to talk if he wanted to. She had come out here to stand beside him when he needed her. Ally hoped that he understood that she would do that always, no matter what. Their relationship was still new and confusing, but she would be there for him, regardless.

  He stared out at the vast wilderness before him. “I want to protect you, Ally. But I’m losing control of the situation.”

  She looked up at him with love in her eyes, it touched him and warmed his heart. “You know how I’ve felt then,” she said. Ally wouldn’t have inflicted that upon her worst enemy, let alone this man who she was beginning to adore.

  He nodded. “I now understand why you reacted the way you did.” His face softened. “I’m sorry, Ally.”

  “Thank you, but I’m not angry at you anymore. All I want now is to annihilate those evil creatures,” she said with a conviction that surprised James.

  He leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

  She smiled up at him.

  “Me too, my little spitfire.”

  “I’m going back inside. Do you want to stay and clear your head a bit longer?”

  “I will stay,” he said, grateful that she understood.

  She walked inside then turned back. “Don’t be too hard on Chase, we both know you would’ve done the same thing.” He held her gaze for a moment before she slipped back inside.

  He didn’t want to admit it, but she was right. The sun was falling behind the horizon as he watched and waited for answers that wouldn’t come. He reflected upon how much life had changed in the last week. It was quite a revelation to feel what Ally had, and he only admired her more for the way she handled herself.

  Her conviction surprised and impressed him. With each passing day, she was becoming increasingly settled in her place and he was gaining the confidence that they weren’t doomed.

  James had thought he’d loved her five years ago, and the truth was he did, but it was nothing compared to what he felt for her now. Soulmates were destined to love but sometimes the all-encompassing passion impeded what it was about. Passion was an incredible emotion he’d never fully experienced until she walked into the kitchen that morning, but there was so much more to it than that. He respected her, cherished her, and valued her as Ally, not just as his soulmate or the prophecy girl, chosen by the powers that be.

  When Ally walked inside, she found all four members of the Muir family gathered around the kitchen table. She was met with looks of genuine sadness and horror. They had been with James for a long time but had never met a vampire before.

  Adele motioned her forward and drew her into the group.

  Henry spoke, “I’m sorry about your friend, lass.”

  Ally smiled as everyone nodded.

  “We will get her back,” Ally said with a feigned confidence.

  “Chase should be here soon,” Adele said with a trembling voice. “You’re all welcome to stay and hear what he has to say, but no-one will think any less of you if you leave.”

  Ally looked around at the faces that were forlorn, confused, and lost. These people needed guidance. Taking a deep breath to calm herself and gather her thoughts
together, she addressed the group. “This isn’t something that any of us want to know about or deal with, but it is a reality. Whether we are human, immortal or in my case both, this involves us all. It touches our lives whether we like it or not.” She looked at each person present. “As Gran said we won’t think any less of you, but I think it’s vital for you to listen to what Chase has to say. It might just save your life one day.”

  Unbeknownst to Ally, James entered the room and listened to her taking charge and guiding them. Hope sprang to life once more. This was the woman who could lead them to victory.

  Every person in the room was silent, mulling over what she’d said. James stayed quiet. It was imperative she convinced them she was the one in charge. It was her first true test as a leader, and he would need to stand behind her in this. He would guide and support, but she would lead.

  Sophie was the first to speak. “I agree with Ally. We should all stay and listen. It affects us all, and I think I speak for us all when I say we love James and would do anything for him.” She looked toward James as she spoke.

  Ally followed her line of sight and saw James had come back in. He leaned against the wall, watching her. He gazed at her with pride and gave a quick nod.

  Henry spoke up next and her attention was drawn back to the group. “Sophie’s right. We’ve never faced this before, but we all love you James, and Ally, even though I’ve only known you a brief time, you’re already part of our clan. We would do anything for you as well, lass.”

  As she looked around at the faces before her, she saw their love, acceptance, and confidence in her ability to lead them through this. It was a little overwhelming.

  James came up behind her to take his place next to Ally. He rested his hand on the small of her back. It felt so right for him to be beside her, she couldn’t imagine anyone else being there.

  The doorbell rang, and Henry left to go open the door for Chase.

  “Poor Chase,” Mackenzie whispered.

  Sophie gave her daughter a hug. “Everything will work out, you’ll see.”

  Mackenzie nodded into her mother’s shoulder.

  James worried about how Ally would handle listening to the story of Kat being abducted, but she had proven herself to be a strong woman already. “I’m very proud of you, Ally. You spoke like a leader.”

  “Thank you, I surprised myself, but it seemed right.” She turned her gaze up to his and cocked an eyebrow. “You’re quite stealth, aren’t you? I didn’t hear a sound when you came in.”

  He smirked. “One of the perks.”

  “If you’re going to keep that up, I’ll have to put a cat bell on you.”

  He chuckled and kissed her forehead. “My little spitfire, you make me laugh even in the darkest times.”

  Chase came in with Henry hot on his heels.

  He glared at James and Ally. “Glad to see someone can find enjoyment today,” he snapped.

  Ally was taken aback, this wasn’t the Chase she’d met just days ago. She realised the change was because of his fear for Kat, but there was no need to take it out on them. No-one had forced him to bring Kat to Scotland, he chose to do that, and somehow, they’d ended up as the bad guys? Ally would not put up with it. She stormed over to Chase and slapped him. “How dare you,” she uttered in disdain, her eyes spitting flames at him.

  “Indeed,” Adele agreed, and moved to stand behind Ally, putting her hands on her shoulders. “I warned you, Chase, if anything happened to Kat, you’d answer to me, but my granddaughter beat me to it.”

  A murderous rage fought to take hold of her. She fisted her hands at her sides as Adele’s grip became a little stronger. Was she getting ready to hold her back in case she lunged for Chase? It wasn’t a bad idea. Unnecessary physical violence wasn’t something she liked or stood for, but in this case, she’d loved to pummel him. Idiot.

  Chase narrowed his eyes at both women. “What the hell was that for?”

  “Implying that we aren’t upset that Kat is missing. You were supposed to protect her. But you didn’t!” Ally shouted. “And now we don’t know where she is, what’s happening to her, or if she’s even alive.” She tried to take a step closer, but Adele held firm. She gave her gran a glare.

  Adele responded with, “You’ll thank me later.”

  Ally rolled her eyes.

  “I tried to protect her!” Chase shouted back, defending his actions.

  She stared him down. He was a big guy, but he didn’t scare her. “It wasn’t good enough, was it?” The tension in the air rose to a fever pitch. “If it wasn’t for you, she wouldn’t be in this mess. And now everyone here,” she gestured to the Muir’s. “Is at risk as well because they know where the house is.”

  Chase opened his mouth to speak, but she silenced him with a hand in the air. He would listen whether her wanted to or not. “How do you think I feel about my best friend missing? I have known her all my life. You’ve known her for five minutes. If you’re going to be angry at someone, then you can damn well be angry at yourself.” She poked him hard in the chest. “Lose the attitude.”

  Chase’s eye had narrowed to slits, and James kept a close watch on his thoughts, just in case. Chase was an idiot as far as he was concerned, however he usually wasn’t a danger to anyone. But now? He wasn’t so sure, and he wasn’t willing to risk her safety. Chase just wasn’t himself. He was glad Adele had stepped behind Ally. The way Chase was behaving, it was better for Adele to be there. James standing behind her would only make the volatile situation worse. But he was ready to step in if necessary.

  Chase slumped down onto the chair behind him. He put his head in his hands. “You’re right. I’m sorry,” he moaned.

  “We all want her back, Chase,” she said in a softer tone than before. “You just need to lose the attitude.”

  She was firm but a fair leader who wasn’t afraid to pull someone back into line when they needed it. This was not the time for loose cannons and Chase was shaping up to be one hell of a ticking time bomb.

  Ally sat next to Chase and laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. She heard James utter a low growl and shot him a look, but not before removing her hand. “Tell us what happened. We need to know everything, so we can form a plan to get her back.”

  Chase glanced up and surveyed everyone in the room. Mostly he felt sympathy, but there was still an undercurrent of rage. He took a breath and spoke, “The night we left the masquerade ball, I took her home to her house. On the way, I told her of the immortals. I explained that we were soulmates, and she said she felt it too.” He smiled at the memory. “I said I wanted to go to Scotland to help and her place was with me. She agreed and said she wanted to help you, too. I explained the dangers, but to be honest, I don’t think either of us ever really thought we would be in trouble. We were so caught up in the moment and the romance of it all, we just figured true love would save the day, and that would be that.” He shook his head as if realising how stupid they’d been.

  “Go on,” Ally urged.

  “She packed her things, called her parents to tell them she was going to Scotland with you, and then we went back to my house, so I could gather my things for the trip as well. I was going to take her that night and only be a few hours behind you and James, but we decided we’d stay in Melbourne for the night and leave the next day. So, I arranged flights out of the country in a private jet, and we left yesterday. I started the conversion on the plane, and she was an immortal by the time we landed.”

  He stopped and gathered his courage to continue telling the story. “When we landed, just near my home, we were ambushed,” he trailed off reliving the event all over again in his mind.

  Everyone waited in silence for him to continue.

  “Natalia,” he said with a sadistic laugh, “was waiting with a greeting committee. There were ten of the bastards. We didn’t stand a chance. As we got off the plane, I heard Natalia’s shrill voice and knew we were in trouble. She taunted me, and I let my guard down for a moment believing sh
e was back and wanted to be good not evil, but I was dead wrong. She grabbed Kat before I blinked and said she’d kill her that instant if I didn’t reveal the location of you and Ally. What could I do? I couldn’t just stand there and watch my own sister kill my soulmate.” Chase was guilt stricken by the situation. After hearing his story, no-one in the room would have blamed him for what he did. They weren’t as careful as they ought to have been, but who would have seen it coming? Natalia shouldn’t have known where they would be.

  Chase looked at James with a heavy heart. “What would you have done in my position, James?”

  James wanted to take some of the guilt away that consumed Chase but he also spoke the truth when he said, “I wouldn’t have done anything different. Our soulmates are our lives, which makes them our biggest vulnerability if someone is willing to use them against us.”

  Chase gave him a sad little smile and continued, “I was so distracted by the thought of Natalia killing Kat and that they were out in the sunlight, I didn’t notice the two vampires who had crept up behind me. Next thing I knew I felt a burst of pain on the back on my head, and everything went black. When I came to, Kat was gone, everyone was gone.” He looked to Adele. “I ran straight to the house, got in my car and drove to the manor. The call from you came a few minutes after. There was no point staying and looking for Kat in the area.” He huffed a sigh. “Natalia was long gone and she won’t let her go anytime soon. Kat is the perfect bait to lure Ally out, and I handed her over on a silver platter.”

  Adele had softened towards him as well. She could see he’d been acting out of anger and fear.

  “So, what do we do now?” Henry asked, scrunching his cap in his hands.

  Ally looked up to find all eyes on her. Everyone was expecting her to come up with a solution. Right. And if she didn’t have the answers, then what? She grimaced internally and let her instincts guide her. “I don’t think we should attempt a rescue until tomorrow at first light. It seems vampires get about in the daylight now, but I have a hunch they’re still at their peak during the night. We should attack when there’s an advantage to us. If we are going in there, then we are going in to win, not walking into a suicide mission.” The more she spoke, the more she found her confidence. This was where she was meant to be, who she was meant to be.

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