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Immortal prophecy, p.16

Immortal Prophecy, page 16


Immortal Prophecy

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Adele began packing only the things she and Alessandra would need in the immediate future. She decided it was best to pack light and get anything else they needed once safely settled at James’ house. Adele thought of the couple she’d witnessed tonight. Alessandra and James were made for each other, and her heart filled with love for them, but inevitably, she felt it break for herself.


  Adele still remembered every exquisite detail about him. The man was perfection personified. His eyes had locked with hers, and she found herself captured in their dark chocolate depths. He was a tall muscular man with golden-brown hair. They had spent many years together in a constant state of pure bliss before he was called into battle against Vincent. Her soul mate never returned, and she was left broken-hearted. There was nothing to do but go on.

  She met her husband a few months later and decided to marry him, since the man she was supposed to be with had died, and she was with child. Adele had loved Jonathon dearly, and he had raised Vivian as his own. But he was not her beloved soul mate, Damian.

  She shook off the thoughts. It was still heartbreaking to think of Damian after all this time.

  Adele knew that nothing remained in Melbourne for her now. It was time to return to the immortal way of life. She could help her granddaughter take down the evil vampire that destroyed her life and took Damian from her.

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