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Immortal prophecy, p.15

Immortal Prophecy, page 15


Immortal Prophecy

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  “I can!” she shouted over her shoulder.

  “Let Destiny do all the work, just hang on,” he recommended.

  “I know what I’m doing, James,” she snapped and urged Destiny to go faster. The gate was upon them. She let Destiny have her head again. The horse knew what to do. Ally trusted her implicitly.

  James watched in terror as Destiny and Ally approached the gate. His heart caught in his throat as Destiny jumped. “Thank god,” he said when they’d landed safely on the other side. He’d backed off to give her room, now he urged his own horse faster and let him jump the gate.

  He called to Ally to keep going. “Don’t stop until you see Logan or the stables.”

  She nodded back to him.

  Logan came running around the corner of the house. His relief was visible upon seeing Ally and James. He heard two horses thundering towards the house and people yelling. Logan wasn’t sure what to make of it, but it couldn’t be good.

  Ally stopped when she reached him and jumped off Destiny. She handed over the reins and waited for James to catch up to her and do the same.

  “Is everyone alright?” James asked breathlessly once he’d dismounted.

  “Aye, what’s happened?” Logan asked, his eyes wide with concern.

  James sighed with relief. “We had an uninvited guest on our ride.”

  “A vampire?” Logan asked shocked.

  “Aye, a vampire.”

  Logan scratched his head. “How would they know where you live, let alone where you were?”

  “I’m not sure but I intend to find out,” he said not hiding the fact he was visibly shaken and concerned for everyone’s well-being.

  “Hold on,” Ally said, as something obvious occurred to her. “It’s daylight.”

  James and Logan both looked at her and said, “Aye.”

  Ally rolled her eyes. “Aye," she mocked. “What is a vampire doing running around in the daylight, or is that a myth?”

  James looked at her. He’d been so focused on the vampire that was chasing them, he hadn’t even noticed that crucial point. “No little one, that’s not a myth. They shouldn’t be ‘running around in daylight’.”

  “So, why were they?” she asked.

  “Remember your dream, they descended upon the village in a fog, today it was a thunder cloud. What had they done to become our equals?”

  She replayed the dream, and it dawned on her. “The immortal blood.”

  “Aye, back then they only would’ve known about a few things it would grant them. That was fifty years ago.”

  “So, you think now they’ve had fifty years to experiment and perfect things they discovered they can get about in daylight?”

  He grimaced. “That is exactly what I’m thinking.”

  “Hmmm, that’s not a good thing,” Logan said with obvious worry.

  “Don’t worry, Logan. We’ll deal with it.” James said and slapped him on the back. “Just don’t go too far from the grounds for now, just in case.”

  “Aye, James,” he said as he led the horses to the stables to tend them.

  She took his hand and held it in hers, pulling him in the direction of the house. “Let’s go find Gran and tell her what’s happened. She might have some ideas that will help us.”

  He stopped and looked at her. “Are you alright? You seem very calm, and although I’m impressed with how you handled things out there, it worries me.”

  She smiled and said, “I came to a few conclusions on the ride back home.”

  “Tell me later.”

  “I will.” They turned and walked up the stairs to the terrace and inside to the kitchen.

  Sophie walked into the room, just as they were arriving. “Back already?”

  “We had an unwelcome guest,” Ally said.

  Sophie looked to James, who confirmed it by nodding his head.

  “What? They don’t even know where the house is? And how could they know where you were?” she asked, confused and concerned.

  “Logan asked me the same questions, and I don’t have any answers.”

  “This is very troubling indeed.” She sat down and put her hand to her cheek. “What are we going to do?”

  James considered telling Sophie he had no idea, and that they were all doomed but he had to at least try to inspire some hope. “We need to speak with Adele. The three of us will work something out.”

  Ally reached out and took his hand again to comfort him. He looked down at their joined hands then into her eyes. He hoped the gratitude was conveyed in them. James didn’t want to worry Sophie, but this was serious and Ally seemed to understand that without being told.

  “Everyone here is ok?” he asked, appearing calm.

  It was only a mask that was being held in place by a thin thread. If she didn’t get him out of here soon, it was in danger of slipping. And she knew he didn’t want to upset Sophie any more than he had to.

  “I think so,” Sophie said. “I saw Henry and Mackenzie not fifteen minutes ago.”

  “Good, then everyone is fine.” James said.

  Sophie was fidgeting so Ally gave her a small task to keep her busy. “Would it be too much trouble to ask you for some coffee?”

  Sophie smiled. “Not at all my dear.” She got up and fussed about in the kitchen making a pot of coffee.

  James smiled at Ally. “Thank you,” he whispered.

  “Now we just need to find Gran,” Ally whispered back.

  Adele popped her head in the kitchen with a big bright smile and said, “Did I hear my name mentioned?” She saw James and Ally holding hands and smiled, then she looked at their faces and her smile dropped. “What’s happened?”

  “A vampire,” Ally said.

  “In broad daylight?” Adele exclaimed.

  “So it would seem,” James replied.

  “You’re both alright?”

  “Fine, but we figured it was best to tell you what happened,” Ally replied.

  Adele noticed how calm Ally was and looked to James for more information. He just shrugged his shoulders and looked down at Ally lovingly.

  Sophie brought over a pot of coffee and four cups. Ally served while James relayed what had happened, in detail, except for the part where they’d lost control.

  Adele couldn’t seem to make heads or tails out of it either. “This is a big problem.”

  “But what’s the solution? That’s the bigger problem,” James said with a growing frustration. He felt helpless, and it was not something he liked. Ally, Adele, Sophie, Henry and their family were all in danger. At least, Adele was an immortal and Ally was half immortal, but the rest of them were only human. If they were attacked when he wasn’t there, they wouldn’t stand a chance and depending on how many creatures attacked, they may not stand a chance even with him present. He wiped his hand over his face to remove some of the frustration. It seemed he was always running at a disadvantage these days, be it with the vampires or Ally. They needed to find a solution and fast.

  Ally spoke up and grabbed their attention. “It’s time I learnt to hold my own against these guys.”

  Adele nodded in approval of Ally’s idea.

  They both turned to James. His expression made it obvious that he was reluctant to agree with the plan. “You’re only half immortal, Ally,” he pointed out. “I don’t want you anywhere near the vampires yet.”

  She fixed him with a stare. “I don’t want to be anywhere near them either and I don’t intend on seeking them out, but the reality is that one found us today. I need to know what I am capable of as a half immortal and what I can do to defend myself should the need arise.”

  He studied both women sitting opposite him. Seeing their determined faces, he concluded he’d lose this argument. He agreed Ally should be prepared, but he didn’t know what she was capable of at this point, and he didn’t want to tempt the fates by teaching her yet.

  However, logic won the day. He had to teach her, she was the prophecy girl. They were only delaying the inevitabl
e by keeping her in the dark. He nodded in agreement. “I’ll teach you, but promise me you won’t take on too much in a battle until you’ve become a full immortal.”

  “I promise.”

  “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?” he muttered to himself.

  Ally and Adele chuckled at him.

  “When do we start?” Ally asked.

  “We might as well start this afternoon, but I need to make a few inquiries beforehand about the latest information. Another immortal might’ve come across this before.”

  “I’ll do the same,” Adele said.

  James was grateful for the help. “Thank you.”

  “Have you heard from Kat?” Adele asked Ally.

  “No, I haven’t, actually.”

  Adele appeared surprised. Fear slithered through Ally’s body. “Chase is an immortal, right?”

  “Aye, he doesn’t act like one though,” James answered with a voice full of annoyance.

  “Don’t you like Chase?” Ally inquired.

  “He needs to grow up,” he replied.

  Adele rolled her eyes at him. “Chase is a fine young man.”

  James snorted. “He’s an idiot.”

  “Why is he an idiot?” Ally asked.

  “He never grew up and takes nothing seriously.”

  “And you take everything too seriously,” Adele retorted.

  James’ face became indignant. “I do not.”

  Ally laughed at his expression.

  “I told you he was a bit serious,” Adele winked at Ally.

  “Obviously,” Ally said joining in the fun, glad to have a moment to be normal again.

  James glared at them both, then something important dawned on him, Chase knew the location of the house and that they’d taken Ally there.

  “I’ll kill him,” he growled as he jumped to conclusions.

  Ally and Adele looked at him confused.

  “Kill him for not taking things seriously? That seems a bit extreme,” Ally said.

  “No, not that. It’s possible he gave away our location.”

  It was Adele’s turn to be indignant now. “He would never.”

  “Are you sure? If they threatened him with something important enough, he might give away our location,” James said.

  Soulmates could be used as pawns in this game of life and death with the vampires. He had no clue what the circumstances may have been, but he was certain that something had happened.


  “I don’t believe it,” Adele said. But as she looked at things from James’ point of view she wondered. “I’ll call him.” She pushed up from the table and left in search of her phone to make the call.

  Ally looked at James. “Should I call Kat?”

  He put his arm around her. “Just wait. Adele will find out what is going on.”

  His face became pained, she could see the internal struggle he was facing.

  That wasn’t a good thing.

  “What aren’t you telling me?”

  “The thing is, vampires will use anything and everything at their disposal to get what they want, and sometimes they take something from an immortal that’s irreplaceable.” He looked at her, and the sadness weighed on his heart. How did you tell someone that their best friend might be dead?

  “That’d be their soulmate, right?” Her expression twisted in horror. “Oh God, Kat.”

  He held her close. “I’m sorry, my love.”

  Her heart rate increased, the room grew hot and stuffy. She couldn’t breathe.

  James sensed her inner turmoil and wanted to help her. He pulled her face up to meet his, looked deep into her eyes, and whispered in a voice filled with compulsion. “Relax, little one.”

  Her emotions calmed, but her mind still whirled with questions. What happened to them? Were they ok? Was Vincent behind this?

  Adele would have good news when she returned—she hoped.

  “Whatever happens, we’ll get through this,” he said with a false confidence.

  Adele came back into the room, eyes glistening and face ashen.

  Ally’s heart jumped into her throat. She couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe.

  The next words confirmed her worst fears. “It was Chase.”

  “I knew it!” James thundered.

  “What about Kat?” Ally asked with hesitation.

  Adele looked at Ally for a moment before replying, “The vampires have her. He doesn’t know if she’s dead or alive.”

  Ally gasped, and James pulled her close.

  “What happened?” he asked.

  “An ambush when they got off the plane. Someone knew their plans and arranged it.”

  “Natalia,” he hissed the word.

  Ally looked up at him. “Who is Natalia?”

  James looked ashamed and Adele looked stressed. “She’s Chase’s half-sister.” James answered. “Many years ago, Vincent became fixated with her, obsessed even, and we failed to save her. He stole her away from us, and he made her one of them.”

  Ally stared at him dumbfounded, there was a fate worse than death. “An immortal can become a vampire?”

  “Anyone be it human or immortal can become a vampire,” he said with sadness. “She is the reason they learned what immortal blood could do.”

  “And now this vampire has my best friend?”

  “Aye,” he sighed with defeat.

  Her best friend needed her. She wasn’t going to give up without a fight. “We need a rescue plan.”

  James looked at her incredulously. “What do you mean a rescue plan?”

  “I’m not going to sit around and do nothing while these creatures have Kat.”

  Adele glanced at her granddaughter. She admired her courage but this would be too dangerous for her.

  “We aren’t even sure where they are, or if she’s alive and what about your promise you wouldn’t go looking for the vampires,” James said, reasoning with her.

  “That was before.” Ally crossed her arms and stared at him.

  “I forbid it.” James said with finality.

  Her eyes narrowed. “You forbid it?” she scoffed. “You’re not my lord and master, James.”

  “I bloody well am.” James said indignantly.

  “No, you’re not. My best friend needs me. This is my life, and it’s my choice. If you think you can stop me, then you don’t know me at all.”

  James looked like she had slapped him in the face, she didn’t want to hurt him, but she wouldn’t let him stop her. “Now you either help me, or you continue being stubborn and I do this without your help and probably die.”

  He stared at Ally, defeated. “What choice do I have?”

  Ally turned to her grandmother. “Where is Chase and what does he have planned?”

  “He’ll be here within the hour. He was on his way when I called him. As for what he has planned?” She threw her hands in the air.

  Ally’s skills as a private investigator kicked into action. They needed a plan. More importantly they needed to do some groundwork to help them formulate a workable plan of attack. That was one thing she’d learned very early in her career. To find a mark successfully, you needed to do research, find out their habits and haunts. What moves they made and why? These skills would be useful to find the vampires and save Kat. “How do we track them? Do we have any idea where their lair or whatever you call it is?” she asked. “If we’re to find them, then we need to discover their habits.”

  “Vampires rarely stay in one place for long. Once the source of blood has dried up or too many vampires are around, they move on,” James answered.

  “Do they move around in a pack or stay solitary?” Ally was in detective mode now.

  Adele answered, “It depends, but being a group has benefits for the vampires. If they have a strong leader running things, they don’t have to worry about taking care of themselves. Life is easier. However, there are a lot of nomad vampires too.”

  Ally nodded taking the information in. “Whe
n Chase gets here, then I can get more specific information about what happened. Hopefully, he will give me what I need.” Ally lost herself in thoughts about potential scenarios the vampires would be found in. Everything that popped into her mind was something she’d seen or read in vampire books. None of it was probably true but there was the old saying where there is smoke, there is fire. Something floating around in her mind might work.

  James stood up and walked over to the terrace doors. He needed some air, so he slipped outside. The girls would continue planning whether he was there or not, and Adele could tell her as much as he could.

  Things were getting out of hand fast, everything was going against them. His greatest fear was that he would lose Ally, and with her going off to save her friend, she was running into certain death.

  Ally watched James walk out the door and her chest tightened. She turned to Adele, who put a comforting hand upon her shoulder. “He’s terrified of you encountering vampires so soon, sweetheart. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

  Ally sighed. “I don’t want to upset him, but if there is even a slim chance of rescuing her, then I have to take the risk. She’d do the same for me.”

  “He will come to see that, just give him time.”

  “A few hours ago, it was James giving me time.” Ally did not miss the irony of the situation before her. James was the pushy one, now it was her.

  “The world can change in the blink of an eye, and we have to adapt or get left behind,” Adele said.

  Ally looked at her grandmother and nodded. Her eyes flickered to James. He leaned against the terrace railing and stared straight ahead. She couldn’t see his face, but she saw from his stance that he felt helpless.

  Adele spoke again and caught her attention. “There is something else I have to tell you.”

  Ally braced herself for more unwelcome news.

  “Kat has gone through the conversion. She’s an immortal.”

  “What? I don’t understand.” She shook her head and frowned. “How is that possible?”

  “Chase believes she’s his soulmate, so he made her one of us.”

  Ally wondered if her head might explode. She hadn’t seen that one coming. And once again, she wondered what the process of conversion was. “Is this a good thing or a terrible thing now she’s an immortal?” Ally asked.

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