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Immortal prophecy, p.13

Immortal Prophecy, page 13


Immortal Prophecy

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  The glaring question lingered, was she willing to risk her life to help them?


  Ally woke up in the indulgent king size bed. She was hopelessly in love with this room. The bedroom was decadent and spacious, with an open fireplace in the wall and an elaborate gold mirror above it. She’d discovered the pale blue damask wing chair and matching ottoman were as deliciously comfortable as the bed. She climbed out of bed and wrapped her fluffy purple gown around her, noticing the fireplace had already been lit, making the room toasty warm.

  Ally walked out onto the balcony and leaned against the rail. A blast of frigid air swirled around her and she pulled her gown closer.

  The scene before her was as breathtaking as it had been yesterday, the pale sun peeped its golden head from behind the mountains and valleys, throwing rays of sunshine across the land. The loch, she wasn’t sure how far away it was, caught the golden rays giving the appearance of diamonds floating on the surface. Any remaining tension from the last few days melted from her body.

  She walked back inside and stood in front of the fire to warm up.

  Someone knocked on her door.

  “Come in,” she called out.

  A timid young blonde girl with big blue eyes, who Ally guessed to be about eighteen, walked in with a tray of breakfast and coffee. “Good morning, Alessandra,” she said. “I have your breakfast tray”

  “A breakfast tray?” She could get used to this. “Ally is fine. And thank you,” she said with a grin.

  Mackenzie nodded. “Is there anything else I can get you?” the young girl asked as she placed the tray on the ottoman in front of the fire.

  “No, thank you. What’s your name?”


  “Oh. You must be Sophie’s daughter? I’ve heard a lot about you.”

  Mackenzie blushed. “That would be me.”

  “I assume your brother is back as well?”

  “Aye, he is,” Mackenzie answered.

  “What does he do here?”

  “He’s the stable hand.”

  “Stable?” Ally squeaked. “As in horses?”


  Ally clapped in delight. “That’s where I’m going after breakfast.”

  She could see that Mackenzie was a shy girl and didn’t want to press her too much further, but she had one last question. “It’s lovely you all work together. Are there more people that work here or only your family?”

  “It’s just our family.” She hesitated and fidgeted. “With James being different, he prefers to keep a low staff.”

  Ally chucked. “Probably a wise decision.”

  Mackenzie smiled and turned to leave.

  “It was nice to meet you, Mackenzie,” Ally called after her.

  “You too, Ally.” With that she slipped out of the room and closed the door.

  Ally sat down to eat her breakfast, which to her surprise included eggs benedict and a strong coffee. Ally squealed with excitement. One of her favourite dishes was eggs benedict and to have it delivered to her room with a coffee was a wonderful novelty. She eagerly ate her breakfast and murmured appreciatively.

  After breakfast, Ally wandered over to the wardrobe and grabbed her dark blue denim jeans, black long sleeve top, her super warm knee length black fitted trench, and boots.

  After a quick glance in the mirror, she left her room and walked down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen. She needed directions to the stables and figured that would be as good a place as any to find someone.

  Sophie sat at the table, eating her own breakfast of orange juice and toast. Hearing a noise, she looked up from her newspaper. “Good morning, Ally,” she said brightly.

  “Good morning Sophie,"

  “How was your breakfast, lass?”

  “Fabulous, I wanted to thank you. It’s my favourite.”

  Sophie smiled. “I may have cooked it, but someone else requested it for you.”


  “No. It was James actually.”

  Ally blushed. “That was very sweet of him.”

  Sophie studied her and Ally squirmed. “From what I gather, you’ve seen the worst of our James but once you get to know him more, you’ll see why we all love him.”

  Ally sat down for a moment. “We had a talk yesterday and cleared some things up. It’s all this prophecy stuff,” she waved her hands around. “And...”

  “Go on,” Sophie said.

  “It’s not that I don’t find him attractive.” She made a scoffing sound. “Anyone with eyes would. But it’s deeper than physical and that’s what scares me.” Ally couldn’t believe she was blurting this out to a stranger, but Sophie had such a mother energy about her that was soothing. Confiding in her felt natural.

  “Because he’s the real thing?”

  Ally nodded. “I think so, yeah.”

  She leaned over and patted Ally’s hand. “You’re not the first woman to feel that way. Henry scared the hell out of me when I first met him.”

  Ally scrunched her eyebrows. “Really?”

  “Oh yes,” she chuckled. “He spent six months chasing me. And did I lead him a merry chase. But he never gave up. We girls want to meet ‘the one’ and when we do, we go running the other way.”

  Ally laughed. “Seems that way.”

  “Be honest with him about how you feel, and if I know James, he will understand.”

  “Thank you, Sophie.”

  “You’re welcome, my dear.” She gave her a wide smile. “Trust your instincts, Ally. They won’t lead you astray.”

  Ally looked thoughtful for a moment then said. “Your daughter mentioned there was a stable on the property. Would it be alright if I had a look?”

  “Of course, it’d be alright. In fact, you can save me a walk.” Sophie jumped up from the table and grabbed a picnic basket off the bench. “Could you take this with you and give it to James?”

  Ally frowned. Why did James need a picnic basket?

  “Now to get to the stables, you head out that door onto the terrace, turn left and follow the gravel path. You’ll see them once you turn the corner a few metres down.”

  Ally memorised the instructions and walked towards the terrace doors.

  She wandered out the door to the terrace and down the steps finding the path at the end of it. As she followed and turned the corner, the stables came into view. She stopped short. Behind the stables lay a view of the emerald mountains that left her breathless. Ally could not get over the beauty of this place. “Is there anywhere around here you don’t have a breathtaking view?” she wondered aloud.

  Movement near the stable caught her eye. James stood talking with another young man, who was holding a graceful snow-white horse. It sensed her presence and looked at her, then threw its head back and whinnied in greeting.

  James heard the horse whinny and followed its line of sight to see Ally walking towards them. She was staring at the horse. James watched her walk over and longed for the day she looked at him that way. He turned to Logan, the stable hand who held the horse. “I’ll take it from here.”

  Logan looked towards Ally then back at James and winked. “Aye, James.”

  “Saddle up Cooper, would you?” he instructed without glancing at Logan.

  Logan laughed and sauntered off to saddle the horse.

  Ally felt James’ eyes on her. She looked across to where he stood. The other man, presumably Logan, had disappeared. Now it was James that held the white beauty in place.

  As she drew closer, he stepped forward to meet her. “How was your breakfast?”

  Her eyes lit up as she answered, “It was delicious, and sweet of you to organise it for me, thank you.”

  “I heard a rumour somewhere it was high on your list of favourite foods.”

  He was trying so hard, she could see it, and her heart warmed a little more to him.

  “The rumour is true, I wonder where you heard it?”

  “I’m afraid I cannot reveal my sou
rces, lass,” James said with a grin. “I have another surprise or two for you.”

  She eyed him warily. “And what would they be?”

  He turned to the beautiful white horse beside him. “This.”

  She looked confused for a moment before it dawned on her. The horse was her surprise. She stared at him, speechless. “The horse?” she asked breathlessly.

  “Logan found her six months ago. She’s a rescue horse.”

  Ally frowned and patted the horses neck. “What happened to her?”

  “Abandoned in a field and left to fend for herself.” The corners of his mouth turned down. “Logan brought her here, and she’d been recuperating ever since.”

  Ally shook her head. “She looks wonderful. I don’t understand?”

  “She didn’t look anything like this when we first got her.”

  “How sad.” She moved in closer to her new horse. “Poor girl. We’ll take loving care of you here.”

  She turned to James and threw her arms around him. “Thank you, James. You’ve made a dream of mine come true.”

  He put his arms around her and savoured the feel of her pressed up against him. James hadn’t known she’d wanted a horse and thanked whatever lucky stars had put the notion in his mind. He knew she loved animals and with the rugged terrain in the area, riding a horse was often the easiest way to get around, unless you were an immortal.

  Riding horses was a passion of his. When he’d been born cars were centuries from being invented. It’s what he’d grown up with, and that familiarity was the reason he’d never stopped. It calmed him and released pent up tension.

  He loved his cars too, but it wasn’t the same.

  She extracted herself from his embrace and smiled up at him. “Does she have a name?” Ally asked as she stroked her horse’s muzzle.

  He studied the way she touched the horse, unconsciously and reverently. He groaned internally. He was jealous of a horse. What was this woman doing to him?

  “She doesn’t have a name yet.”

  “No name?” Ally gazed adoringly at the beast. “We’ll have to rectify that, won’t we?”

  “Did you miss me last night?” he asked.

  “I did actually.” She smiled. “Did you find anything out?”

  “No,” he scoffed. “I don’t know why I’m surprised though. Old bugger always claims to have information and once he gets you there, he makes you drink ten million cups of tea and chews your ear off all night.”

  Ally giggled at the image James described. “He sounds lonely.”

  He grunted in response.

  She rolled her eyes. “At least it gave me some time to think about things, a lot of things.”

  His intense gaze landed her. “And?”

  “I’m scared,” she confessed. “I don’t want to be, but I am.”

  “I’d be more concerned if you weren’t scared. Facing death is not something to be taken lightly.”

  “I’m not just scared of that, James.” She bit her lip and remembered Sophie’s advice. “I’m scared of this.” She gestured between them and looked at the ground. “The intensity of it, the suddenness. Until two days ago, I’d only seen you for a minute, five years ago. And now?”

  “Ally, look at me.”

  Ally glanced up, tears glistened. “I realise you’re scared, little one,” James said tipping her chin up to look at him. “It’s intense, its sudden, and I wish we could have done this another way, I really do. But Vincent found you. And we couldn’t wait any longer.”

  “It’s not sudden for you.” She pointed out.

  “No, it’s not.” He had no choice but to agree. He could’ve said it wouldn’t have mattered to him, sudden or not. But he didn’t want to make it worse. He was glad she wanted to be honest with him. He was gaining her trust, and he wouldn’t break the fragile bond that was developing between them. He wasn’t human, he had to remember that. For him, soulmates and the intensity was something that’d been breed into them. But for Ally, it was different. She wasn’t just dealing with him and their relationship. She had the prophecy to contend with. The simple fact her mind hadn’t crumbled with all the revelations was a miracle. He’d told her yesterday what he fought against, and he would continue to do so until the time was right for her. “I love you, Ally and I’ll wait for as long as it takes. I won’t give up on you or us.”

  Ally gazed at him, her green eyes sparkled. “You love me?”

  He gazed back. “I do. Why do you think I’ve made such a mess of things? Only a man in love could do that.”

  She laughed. “I suppose so.”

  He loved her? Why was she so surprised by that? She knew he wanted her, and she was his soulmate, but love her? No, she hadn’t expected that so soon. Did she love him? Her heart thumped in response and his words created a warm glow that flowed through her.

  He spoke again. “Do you know what I want from you?”

  She raised an eyebrow.

  “Besides that.”

  She shook her head.

  “I only want you to let me support you in any way I can.” He cradled her face in his hands. “Let me help you and guide you through this world of mine.”

  “The world around me has changed. It’s so dark and scary now.”

  His eyes softened. “It always was, sweetheart. You just never knew before.”

  She shrugged. “I guess so, yeah.”

  “Even in the darkest night, the stars will shine and the moon will glow.”

  “That’s very poetic.”

  “You do that to me.” he leaned in and kissed her softly. “I meant what I said, Ally. You only have to ask and I’ll be there, in whatever way you need me.”

  “When you say things like that, you are very tempting.”

  “I’ll have to say more of them,” he said, then let go of her face, and grabbed her hand. “Now, let’s take that horse of yours out for a run.”

  She enthusiastically nodded. She couldn’t wait to take her out for a ride.

  “Logan, bring Cooper around,” he called out to the stable master.

  Ally handed James the picnic basket and eagerly climbed up onto her beautiful horse. “I was wondering why Sophie gave me that.”

  “I may have planned this outing yesterday while you slept.”

  She laughed. “Of course, you did.”

  “Now about your horse, she’s an Arabian, a bit flighty and headstrong, but the most enchanting creature I have laid eyes on.” He grinned. “And she seems to have a sweet temperament that she shows to a few select people.” He paused, patted her muzzle and looked up at Ally. “She reminds me of you, actually.”

  “You’re far too observant,” she said with a smile.

  He laughed. “I’ve been told that often.”

  “Ah, here’s my horse, Cooper, and this is my stable hand, Logan.”

  “Here you are James, all saddled and ready to go,” Logan said as he handed the reigns over.

  “Thank you. Logan, this is Ally.”

  “Welcome to Scotland, Ally. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you,” he said as he gave James a nudge.

  Ally giggled as James squirmed. “It’s nice to meet you too, Logan. I met your sister, Mackenzie, this morning.”

  “Seems you’ve met the entire clan,” he said with a wink.

  James wanted to move. He didn’t like other men around Ally. It was crazy, he knew that, but immortals could get a little edgy with other single men around. Logan sensed the vibe and went back to tending the horses in the stables.

  James turned to Ally. “Are you ready?”

  “I am,” she said as a slow smile broke over her face.

  “Have you thought of a name yet?”

  She smiled at him, like she had a secret.

  “What are you smiling about?” he asked.

  “I thought of a name which I think is very appropriate.”

  “And that would be?”


  “It’s definite
ly appropriate,” he agreed.


  Ally and James rode out together through the Scottish Highlands in companionable silence for the first half hour. She was so caught up in her surroundings. The loch they came upon was still and peaceful with grassy banks surrounding it. Ally, still seated upon Destiny, looked around in awe.

  James came to a stop and his gaze rested on her as her eyes sought his. A wave of guilt mingled with desire ran through her. His words played over in her mind. He asked so little of her and would wait for as long as it took. She’d be a fool if she’d didn’t let him help her and guide her. One way or another Vincent was coming for her, and after her first encounter she was intelligent enough to realise it’d be better to be prepared.

  As for her feelings for him, she’d be lying to herself if she said she wasn’t falling in love with him. But she knew him enough to recognise it was all or nothing. He would never accept anything less than everything she was, and she wouldn’t be able to give him that, until she sorted out the mess of information and emotions swirling around her head.

  From the way he was looking at her, she was either yelling her thoughts at him again, she trusted him now not invade without permission, or they showed on her face.

  “What’s wrong?” he asked.

  She bit her lip. “Was I yelling again?”

  “No,” he answered. “Your expression changed.”

  She gave silent thanks she hadn’t been projecting her thoughts. “I was just thinking about what you said and I want you to help me.”

  He lit up from the inside out. “Whatever you need, little one.”

  She smiled. “I understand what the immortals purpose is, but I don’t know what they’re capable of, what they can do, and all that stuff.”

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