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Immortal prophecy, p.11

Immortal Prophecy, page 11


Immortal Prophecy

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  “He won’t go too far,” Sophie said. “Not with you around. Try going outside and down the steps in to the garden. He likes to sit outside and stare at the mountains when something is bothering him. Done it since he was a boy.” Sophie had a wistful smile on her face.

  “Thanks.” Ally got up and went in search of James

  He was on a rollercoaster ride with Ally. One minute everything was going well and he was sure she’d softened towards him, then he’d do something and she pulled back. Up and down, up and down. He wondered if all relationships were like this. He remembered Damian and Adele having their moments in the beginning. But didn’t she understand that all he wanted was to protect her? This world of his was foreign to her. Vampires weren’t cuddly little playthings that wouldn’t kill you if you asked them nicely. Surely her encounter with Vincent had made her aware of that. She was mere seconds from death for god sakes. But no, his Ally was as stubborn as a mule, and damn him for a fool if that wasn’t something he loved about her.

  How could he make her realise that her safety was the most important thing? And that was twice now he’d stormed off. He wasn’t normally so bad tempered but then again, he wasn’t normally keeping his woman out of immediate danger.

  Prior to Vincent finding her—and wasn’t that just a lucky break for him—danger had been something on the horizon. Something that would eventually find its way to her. The danger was now right in front of them. And it was making him a little loopy. Honestly, he didn’t even know if she stood a chance. If he taught her, trained her, convinced her listen to his concerns about her safety then maybe.

  The way things were going, he didn’t like their chances of success. It wasn’t even about saving the immortals anymore. Not for him. They could all go to hell for all he cared, but the prophecy had said she’d face Vincent no matter what. And that meant no matter what she’d stare death in the eye. He had to find a way to get through to her. If he just kept her alive, they’d have a chance. If she died then what was the point of making her fall in love with him? He picked up a leaf that’d fallen from the grand oak he sat beneath and twirled it around between his fingers.

  Her energy and emotions swirled around him long before she reached him. She didn’t have a concept of what the immortals were capable of, but he didn’t intend on telling her that part just yet. If she knew he sensed her emotions on top of reading her mind, she’d be out that door and back on a plane before he’d even blinked.

  If only he understood why she held herself back from him emotionally. She was scared and pissed off her choices had been taken away from her, he got that, he’d be pissed off too. But what was it about him that had her running scared? He was desperate to discover the answer. Prying it out of her might work, but he doubted it.

  “Would you like some company?” she asked before sitting beside him.

  He schooled his expression into a welcoming smile, but the emotion didn’t quite reach his eyes. Patting the spot beside him, he said, “I would.”

  She sat and pulled her knees up, resting her chin on them. The view from here was the same as she’d seen when they got off the plane. The second time around, it still took her breath away. “I didn’t realise nature could be this beautiful.”

  He nodded and kept his gaze firmly forward.

  Ally leaned over and gave him a nudge. A real smile rested on his lips this time. She was surprised by how relieved she was to see it. “We need to talk.”

  The smile dropped. “I may not be human, but those words never end with something good,” he said, eyebrows raised.

  “Well, need to chat then,” she corrected. “I wanted to talk to you about things.”

  “What things?”

  Ally titled her head. Had she really hurt him so badly? She’d hadn’t felt him pull back before, and she found she didn’t like it one bit. “I want to set some boundaries.”

  “For what?”

  “For what I’m comfortable with and what I’m not.”

  He turned to look at her. “I’m listening.”

  “The mind reading.” She held up her hand when he opened his mouth. “You get your turn in a minute. It’s a natural thing for you to do. I get it. And it turns out you’re not the only one who has been doing it, but it’s not natural for me. And I don’t want my thoughts censored.”

  “I’m not an ogre,” he growled. “Censoring your thoughts never once went through my mind.”

  Ally huffed. “This is exactly what I mean. It never occurred to you because it’s natural to you. Do you think I want you hearing something that might hurt you? Or upset you? No. But that will probably happen if you’re listening all the time.” She took a breath. “And I never said you were an ogre.”

  “I appreciate that, but if I heard something I didn’t like, then I figured it was my own fault. All I’ve ever tried to do is keep you safe.”

  “I know. And thank you.”

  He acknowledged her thanks with a nod. He was still holding back though. It was really annoying her. “What is wrong with you?” her voice rose with every word.

  He shrugged.

  Ally was ready to slap him. “I came out here to have a grown-up conversation about things, try to compromise and you are holding yourself back from me. Why?”

  “I could say the same thing to you, Alessandra.”

  She furrowed her brow. “And since when is it Alessandra?”

  “Since you’re more concerned about your freedom being taken away than you are about making sure you don’t die.” He stood up and glared at her. “And compromise? You came out here telling me what I could and couldn’t do. That isn’t compromise. That’s dictating.”

  She got up and poked him in the chest. “How dare you accuse me of being dictating when that’s all you’ve bloody been so far. You took me out of the country without my consent. Dominating much?”

  “You think I’ve been dominating, do you?” He took a step closer, his eyes darkening. “You have no idea how dominating I can be, Alessandra.”

  She took a step back.

  “Do you have any idea how much I’ve been holding back since I met you? Do you have any idea what my immortal nature demands I do every minute I’m with you?”

  She took another step backwards and found her back up against the oak tree. Her heart pounded in her chest, but not from fear. This was James the immortal again. The one she’d seen when Vincent had her in his clutches. “What does it demand you do?” she asked.

  His hands settled on either side of her head, trapping her. “It demands I claim you in every conceivable way.” Her eyes widened. “That I make your delicious body mine.” His gaze lowered and moved over her body. A shiver ran through her and heat pooled low in her belly. His gaze moved back to her eyes and his finger trailed down her neck and chest, halting at her heart. “That I take your heart and soul and merge them with mine.”

  Her heart thumped at his words.

  “You want me, Alessandra. Your body responds to my touch. I could have you begging for me, without any compulsions. If I beckoned, you would come.” He moved his hand back up to her face, and cradled her cheek. “You want me as desperately as I want you, but you fight it.”

  “James,” she breathed.

  He snaked his hand around her waist and drew her body against his. She felt weak. No-one had ever stirred her this way. She felt his breath on her lips as the anticipation surged through her with a force that took her breath away. James lowered his mouth upon hers, slowly and softly at first. Her knees buckled and he caught her, never breaking the kiss. He tasted of whisky, smooth, dark, and dangerous in substantial amounts. It was him.

  The passion passed from his lips to hers, and she heard him growl. The sound that bubbled from his throat sent a wave of lust surging through her. Strong hands made their way over her body reverently as he deepened the kiss. She pulled him closer to her and gave herself up to him.

  Reluctantly, James broke the kiss and attempted to catch his breath.

stared at him, eyes brimming with desire.

  He smiled at her, a real smile. “But I wouldn’t do that to you.”

  She blinked. “Do what?”

  He chuckled. “Seduce you into getting what I want.”

  “Oh, right, yeah.” The corners of her mouth turned down. She’d been fighting him, but after that, well she wasn’t entirely sure why.

  “You deserve better than that. I want this to be a clear-headed decision.”

  She had to admit that she wasn’t feeling very clear-headed. In fact, she was certain that James’ arms were the only things holding her up. Come to think of it, he’d pulled himself together and she was still a quivering jumble of sensations, how was he so unaffected after that?

  “I’m not unaffected at all. You have no idea how badly I want to keep touching you, and tasting you,” he answered her unspoken thought and held up a hand. “Before you get your feathers all ruffled, you’re shouting your thoughts at me.”

  She blushed at his words. “I can do that?”

  “Highly charged emotions make for louder thoughts.”

  She nodded.

  He turned his gaze to the sky. “The storm is upon us.”

  She looked up and was amazed to see that a storm had gotten so close without her noticing.

  “I have an idea I think you’ll love.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her inside.

  “What about our talk?” she asked, just realising that they hadn’t come to any agreements, besides how desperately they wanted each other.

  “We can talk later,” he said as he led her onto the top terrace. Someone had pulled the weather blinds down. He laid her down on the day bed. “Not what you’re thinking,” he smirked.

  “Reading my thoughts again?”

  “No, they’re just written all over your face.”

  She laughed and got comfortable. “What am I doing here?”

  “You wanted to have an hour of normality remember? I’m giving you that hour. Our talk and all the other stuff can wait a little while,” he said, as he sat down. “You love watching the rain. You always seem calmer when it’s raining.”

  She was touched. “You really were paying attention, weren’t you?”

  He nodded. “So, lie here, watch the rain, and find your calm place.”

  He’d aroused her body and now he was melting her heart. And for the first time, she didn’t have the will or the desire to fight it. “Are you staying?”

  He shook his head. “I don’t trust myself with you in a bed right now. Besides, I’m part of the abnormal, not normal.”

  “I’m beginning to like abnormal,” she whispered.

  He pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and laid a kiss on her forehead. “Relax.” He stood up and left her alone with the storm.

  She gazed out at the darkening sky, and let the pitter patter of the rain wash over her. All her tension melted away and her eyelids fluttered closed.

  12. DREAMS

  “Come quickly, we’re under attack!” An unknown immortal bellowed at the warriors assembled before him. “The vampires have descended upon us. We must defeat them. Follow me.” He lifted his sword high in the air and whirled his horse around.

  “Hurrah!” they all cried and surged forward behind the leader. One hundred immortal warriors had answered the call for help that the leader had sent out.

  Late that night as the moon sat high in the sky, the vampire army had taken the form of a light grey fog, descended upon the land of the immortals and commenced their bloody slaughter.

  “Damian, come quickly. We cannot defeat them. Something has made them our equal in strength. There are too many,” James communicated to his brother Damian with urgency and confusion.

  “What has happened, brother? It’s not possible they are as strong as us.”

  “I’m not sure, but it’s true. Our only chance of survival is with an army of immortal men but even then, I don’t know if we can defeat them, they have already taken half the village.”

  “We are coming from the south and will be there in five minutes. Do what you can, little brother.”

  Five minutes later they emerged into the chaos. The scene before him sent a chill through his soul. Blood was spilled everywhere. The lifeless corpses of men, women, and children were scattered on the ground. The earth cried out in pain.

  I must warn her to take cover where she is, Damian thought. I couldn’t bear it if she was destroyed too.

  He sent her the news via the way of their kind. “Our village is under attack from the vampires. You must stay where you are. Take cover and let no-one find you. I could not bear it if I lost you, my love.”

  His soulmate replied, “I will my love, please come back to me.”

  “I promise you I will come back,” Damian vowed then broke the connection. She curled into a ball beside the roaring fireplace he’d built for her in their home. The house lay within the mountains, concealed from the world. She’d be safe, but she couldn’t shake the terrible premonition her warrior would not come back to her, as promised.

  Back amid the chaos, Damian thundered the war cry to his men, “Attack!”

  His heart broke at the sight of the devastation. He would make the vampires pay for this.

  Damian steered his trusty steed into the throng and beheaded as many vampires as he could. They could burn the corpses later. This would be enough to stop them, for the time being.

  There were so many of them, and James was right. They were stronger than usual. It wasn’t making sense, something terrible had happened.

  The immortals had taken it for granted they could keep the vampires under control. They had grown complacent. Now, the evil ones turned it against them.

  He surged forward when he caught sight of his brother in the middle of a vampire circle. He was surrounded with no way out. Damian blocked out the screams of terror from the immortals, the sound of metal clanging against metal and the laughter of pure evil and victory from the vampires. James was the only person in his focus.

  He held his sword high in the air as he galloped forward. He then took out one of the vampires to make a hole in the circle and threw his other sword towards James at a speed that even the vampires couldn’t see. In less than a second James had caught the sword and sliced a vampire’s head off. Together they fought off every vampire in the circle. They’d always made an effective team on and off the battlefield.

  The air was filled with the cloying stench of evil and death. It stung his nose to breathe the tainted scent. He needed fresh clean air, but he had to help his men.

  Damian took in the sight before him again. His men had killed all but a few remaining vampires, but as with any battle, a few good men of his own had been lost, but at least they had died with honour, protecting their people.

  Damian had been blessed with an analytical mind that made him a brilliant leader. He could make battle plans in a second and revise them just as quickly. His natural charm and charisma also inspired his men.

  “What the hell happened tonight? Why are they as strong as us and how did they get into the village unnoticed?” he asked James, who was still mounted on his black stallion.

  “It’s our blood,” James said. “They drank the blood of an immortal, and by pure accident discovered it made them our equal.”

  “How do you know?”

  “They’re vampires,” he said with sarcasm. “They had to boast about what’d happened.”

  “Idiots. At least they took the hard work out of guessing.”

  “Our village has been destroyed. Women, children, and men have been lost tonight,” James said with vehemence. “And for what? Nothing. We were so complacent in thinking we were unbeatable. Those bastards just sauntered on in and killed half the village.”

  “Little brother,” Damian laid a hand on James’ shoulder. “Our people will never be the same. We must learn from this and take precautions to ensure this never happens again.”

  James let out a humourless laugh. “It should ne
ver have happened in the first place.”

  “How did they get in without being detected?” Damian asked.

  “It appeared a light fog was settling over the village. Then the fog transformed into an army of vampires. It was just luck I was on the balcony when it happened.”

  Damian scratched his chin in thought, “It appears there’s a lot we don’t know about the vampires.”


  “Tomorrow we will start on a plan to rid the world of their evil stench, as we should have done in the first place, but tonight we must see to the needs of every immortal left and begin to put this place back together,” Damian said.

  “It will be a long time, if ever, before our kind can heal from this abomination.”

  Seated on their stallions, James and Damian looked over the carnage before them. They both felt defeated and heartbroken over what had happened tonight.

  James turned to his big brother. “Where do we begin?”

  “Let’s see to the wounded,” Damian said. “I’ll order my men to torch the vampire corpses and dig graves for all the people we’ve lost tonight.”

  “We’ll have need of the prophecy girl after all,” James reflected. “I never understood what the prophecy was about until tonight.”

  “Before tonight we wouldn’t have needed her. Now I only pray that we can find her when she is born,” Damian said with conviction. It’d be like finding a needle in a haystack, but if the prophecy had been written, somehow, they would find her.

  “We should have been prepared for such an attack, and put measures in place to prevent this kind of thing happening.”

  “Hindsight, little brother, hindsight.”

  With heavy hearts, they saw to their respective tasks.

  Ally awoke from her sleep and stretched out like a cat. The rain belted against the cover surrounding the terrace, and she heard thunder in the distance. The sky was an ominous dark grey with flashing lightning bolts. She couldn’t help but be in awe of the power of the storm. Mother Nature was a force to be reckoned with. Despite the severity of the weather, it relaxed her even further. She pulled the quilt back up to her shoulders and watched the display. It wasn’t long before she drifted back into sleep, full of more dreams.

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