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Immortal Destiny (The Immortal Prophecy Saga)

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Immortal Destiny (The Immortal Prophecy Saga)

  Immortal Destiny


  Samantha Adams

  Copyright © 2013 by Samantha Adams.

  All rights reserved

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used factiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without permission from the author.

  ISBN (eBook Edition) 978-0-646-90616-4

  Cover Design by Regina Wamba


  I always knew that my destiny would be a dangerous one but never once did I think it would end this way...

  I had always thought Vincent would be the one to end my life.

  Lying in the pure white snow, vibrant red drops of blood surrounding me, a crimson flower cradled in my hand, my final thoughts before I give in to the darkness surrounding me are of James.

  My love, my life, my soulmate…


  Chapter One

  Tristan staggered toward the mines with a scowl on his face. He scanned the woods around him, but couldn’t sense anyone except the lone vampire guarding the entrance. As he got closer, he pasted a smile on his chiselled face.

  The vampire guard glanced up at the newcomer. “What do you want?”

  Tristan leaned against the mouth of the cave. “I’ve come to see an old friend.”

  “Yeah.” The vampire glared at him. “And who might that be?”

  Tristan smiled and a wicked gleam entered his eyes. “Vincent.”

  The guard scoffed. “The master isn’t expecting anyone today, so shove off.”

  Tristan growled, grabbed the guard’s knife and dug it deep into his heart. “Perhaps he just forgot to tell you.”

  He shoved the bleeding vampire to one side and stormed inside the caves. The air smelt like death and he felt his throat constricting against it, so he simply stopped breathing. It was one of the moments he was thankful that he was the undead. Breathing was a not necessity to life anymore.

  A young female vampire in a long black dress approached him. “Hello,” he called out with the most charm he could muster under the circumstances. “Where can I find Vincent?”

  The brunette’s eyes narrowed and she hesitated. “Who might you be then?”

  “An old friend,” he replied, then flashed a heart stopping smile. “Maybe after I’m finished with him, I could come and find you.”

  The suspicion dropped from her eyes. “He’s down that tunnel, the first room on your left.”

  “Thanks, sweetheart.”

  He almost felt guilty for deceiving her, but if she was part of Vincent’s following then she was more than likely wicked to the core.

  Tristan walked down the freezing dark tunnel and found the room the vampire had directed him to. He took a step back and kicked in the door. The sound of splintered wood filled the room and it landed with a loud thud on the hard, concrete ground.

  Tristan spotted Vincent amongst the other vampires immediately and smirked at him. “You need better guards.”

  “Evidently…” Vincent drawled. “I’m surprised to see you of all people here.”

  “Curiosity,” Tristan answered. He walked inside the room and leaned against the grey stone wall with his arms folded across his chest. “I wanted to know why you were here.”

  Vincent narrowed his eyes at Tristan as he rose from his throne at the end of the room. He stalked intently towards Tristan, while the lesser vampires cowered around him. He hissed and swished his arm to his followers. “Leave us!”

  He would not have it known to everyone that he was having problems with taking out Alessandra. Vampires were a fickle group and at any sign of weakness, he might find himself no longer their feared leader, but a pile of ash on burning rubble.

  “It’s rather fortunate that you have arrived, Tristan. I could use your help.”

  Tristan scoffed. “You needing my help? Things must be bad.”

  A low growl escaped Vincent’s throat. “I’ve found the prophecy girl.”

  Tristan raised one eyebrow. “Well, forgive me old boy, but I don’t see the problem. If you know who she is, then isn’t she as good as dead already?”

  Vincent let out a self-depreciating laugh and paced the room. “It was supposed to be that easy, but as fate would have it, it’s not. She’s guarded by those Immortals, and we can’t seem to get past them.”

  Tristan couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his face. “Story of your life, isn’t it, Vinny boy? The immortals have been getting in your way for centuries.”

  Vincent flicked his wrist, throwing all his telepathic power behind it, and flung Tristan across the room in a fit of rage. Tristan slammed into the stone wall, the force of the impact sending hairline cracks up the wall. The barren room began to shudder, threatening to cave in around them. The mines weren’t built for vampires fighting. Not that it would have killed either of them, but it would have been a damn nuisance digging their way out of the crumbled heap.

  After a long moment, the shuddering began to subside and rumbling sounds that had echoed throughout got softer, turning to nothing more than a soft whisper.

  Vincent stalked over to where Tristan lay in a crumpled heap against the wall and looked down at him, a challenge in his eyes and a smug expression written on his face. “Do not test my patience, child.”

  “Temper, temper,” Tristan retorted.

  Vincent straightened and walked with an unnatural grace back to his throne. He sat down with one leg crossed casually over the other and picked up the crystal goblet on a small gold table beside him. The smell of human blood filled Tristan’s nose and his mouth began to water.

  “Ours has never been an easy alliance,” Vincent said. “But I think we can both agree that Alessandra, our little prophecy girl, needs to die.”

  Tristan shrugged. “What’s it to do with me? It’s not my arse on the line. She’s meant to kill you, remember?”

  Vincent glared at him. “I’m not worried about her killing me. How could she? I’m a vampire and she is just a human. I’d snap her like a twig if she came near me.”

  “So why the desperate need to kill her then?”

  “She’s my enemy and I have a reputation to uphold.”

  Tristan rolled his eyes and pushed off the wall and turned to leave. “Good luck with the prophecy girl,” he called over his shoulder.

  “Why the rush, my young friend?” Vincent asked, suddenly more friendly than he’d ever been. “Come and partake of what we have on offer here.” He gestured towards the door and Tristan shuddered to think what might be happening outside the walls.

  “Thanks, but I prefer to dine alone.”

  “Hmmm…well before you go, come and meet my new pet.” His eyes lit up at the mention of this ‘pet’ with what he assumed was pride in some grand plan Vincent had pulled off. No doubt it was underhanded and full of manipulation, one of Vincent’s strong points. But you don’t get to be the leader of the vampires by being an angel, he mused.

  Tristan was led through a maze of stone tunnels in the underground mines that Vincent had converted into his hideout. They walked past a group of scavengers feasting on forgotten corpses. It seemed they were out in force today. He didn’t bother to hide his disgust. They were the lowest of all vampires and didn’t even bother to hunt for themselves, they just fed on everyone’s left overs. He didn’t know why Vincent had let them in considering his hatred of them, but he never
did anything without a plan or cause behind it. They would play into the big picture somehow.

  They came to a stop at the end of the current passageway. Vincent opened the door and walked in, expecting Tristan to follow. He walked through the doorway and frowned. “I think you need a new decorator,” he said sarcastically.

  Red velvet couches and too many black cushions to count were the first thing to catch his eye as they walked in. A large gold gilded mirror had been hung over a makeshift fireplace, and the stone walls added to the ugliness of the room.

  “Kathryn, my darling,” Vincent rasped. “I want you to meet, Tristan.”

  Tristan had been too busy looking around the room to notice what he said, until his eyes landed on Natalia and the exquisite flame haired beauty Vincent was standing behind.

  He gave a quick nod in the direction of Natalia, before his gaze was drawn back to the girl beside her. She sat on one of the hideous velvet couches facing the doorway that Tristan now stood in, clasping a crystal goblet, identical to the one Vincent had, in her hand.

  As he looked at her, Tristan felt something begin to move deep inside him.

  I don’t believe it…it’s not possible.

  His knees threatened to give way and the room melted away to nothing. He could see Kathryn looking at him, the confusion reflecting back at him in her eyes. Somewhere in the room he heard a man clearing his throat, and the connection was broken. He shook his head slightly to clear the fog that had taken residence in his mind.

  “Quite a beauty isn’t she,” Vincent said.

  “She is,” Tristan replied as he looked at Kat. Her pale cheeks began to flush a soft pink, and she quickly turned her head the other way.

  “She’s the key to destroying Alessandra.”

  Tristan’s brow furrowed. “How?”

  “Kathryn was her best friend before Natalia captured her and turned her into one of us.” He smiled at Natalia. Her face lit up and her mouth took on a smug expression.

  “Always there to do his bidding aren’t you, Nat,” Tristan said smartly.

  Her growl filled the room before Vincent waved his arm. “Natalia.”

  The growling was silenced, but Tristan didn’t miss the daggers shooting from her eyes in his direction.

  “Back to the matter at hand,” Vincent said, redirecting the conversation.

  “Which is?” Tristan asked.

  “I need you to make Alessandra think that Kathryn needs her help. I’m certain that you can get her away from the immortals under the guise of helping her dear friend,” he said patting Kat on the shoulder.

  Tristan watched her closely as Vincent laid a hand on her and noticed the slightest shiver run through her body at his touch. It made him wonder if she really was one them, or if she was still a mostly good vampire with a thirst for human blood.

  Tristan stood silently and watched Vincent intently before asking the most important question. “Who are the Immortals guarding her?”

  “Damian and James Carlisle. The other problem we have is that James is also her soulmate.”

  Tristan furrowed his brows together and exclaimed, “You want me to go up against James Carlisle and kill his soulmate! Are you insane?”

  A low growl emitted from Vincent’s throat. “You will do this!” he roared.

  “Or what?”

  “I will kill you where you stand.” The tone of his voice made it clear that it wasn’t an idle threat.

  “You and what army?”

  Natalia moved off the couch within a heartbeat and stood crouching in front of him, ready to pounce. She hissed and leaned forward. He didn’t want to destroy her, but he could and would if it came to it. “Always ready to defend your love, aren’t you, Nat. Remember he will get tired of you too one day.”

  “No, he won’t!” she arrogantly shouted back.

  Vincent smiled wickedly.

  “I almost feel sorry for her,” Tristan said.

  Meanwhile, he saw that Kathryn was not leaping to defend her new master. He could see the loyalty towards Vincent was not there yet, but it wouldn’t take long before it would be. He knew that from experience.

  “Alright, I’ll help,” he said with a sly glance to Kat before continuing. “When this is done, I get Kathryn.”

  Vincent’s eyes flashed with fury, and Natalia smirked.

  “Those are my terms, take it or leave it,” he said as he turned to leave.

  He heard Natalia whisper to Vincent. “We don’t need her after this anyway. It’s just you and me, like it’s always been…”

  Vincent didn’t agree. He wanted Kathryn, not Natalia. She was getting old and boring. Kat was a shiny new toy with an innocence that Natalia had lost long ago.

  Tristan knew he had left Vincent in a tight situation. He needed Alessandra out of the way, but he wanted Kathryn. In the end, need won out over want.

  “You can have her,” Vincent ground out.

  Tristan broke into a smile that lit up the dank, obnoxious room and a wicked gleam shone in his eyes. His mood was so buoyant that he couldn’t resist one last poke at Vincent before leaving. “You have a deal, old boy.”

  Tristan looked at Kat again before he turned and walked out the door, into the dark tunnels and back the way he came.

  “Don’t forget our deal.” The eerie voice floated after him bouncing off the walls of the mine shaft.

  He shrugged it off and walked out into the light, enjoying the familiar feeling of something beating in his chest and thoughts of the red haired beauty that had changed his life forever.

  Chapter Two

  “Kat?” Ally choked out as she stared intently at the auburn-haired beauty before her. “What are you doing here?”

  She pulled the covers back on her bed and made a move to jump out and run over to her friend, but something stopped her. An unnatural air had filled the room and her senses began to scream at her. She stayed where she was and took another look at Kat. Blue eyes and dark red lips suddenly stood out in contrast to her deathly white skin. The rays of the moonlight made her skin appear almost translucent.

  Oh no…

  “Kat,” she started, but hesitated to finish the question. “Are you a vampire? Did they turn you?”

  Her only reply was silence that was getting thicker with tension by the moment. Retreating further into her bed, she considered calling for James but she knew that would only end with Kat really being dead.

  She tried to think, tried to reason, but nothing came to her. Her mind was too foggy from the shock of seeing her here, but she didn’t miss the way Kat’s eyes followed her every move, stalking her. A shiver of unease ran throughout her and the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.

  “Why are you here?” She asked as she bit her lip. “What do you want from me?”

  Kat’s eyes turned a bright crimson red and she raised her arm slowly and pointed one long black fingernail at her.

  “No!” Ally screamed.

  The fate James and Adele had warned her of had come to pass…

  Kat wanted her dead.

  The new vampire before her smiled wickedly and whispered, “Wake up, Ally.”

  Confused, she looked up at Kathryn. Again, she heard the whisper telling her to wake up, but this time the voice was different, familiar but definitely not Kathryn.

  “Wake up, Ally.”

  Ally felt herself falling and then her whole body jumped, immediately waking up her up. Her eyes scanned the room but they saw nothing. She was alone in the darkness.

  “What are the immortals trying to tell me now?” she muttered. She put her head in her hands and let the tears fall from her eyes.


  James lay in bed, trying to sleep but not having much luck. He rolled over, trying to find the illusive comfortable spot that had been thwarting him all night. He let out a sigh and gave up on sleeping.

  He got out of bed, put on his jeans and grabbed a jumper from the wardrobe. Deciding some fresh air might help, he walked over to the
balcony door and stepped outside.

  There are too many things interrupting my sleep lately.

  Leaves rustling in the distance caught his attention. He looked closely and saw someone running away. Their unnaturally fast pace suggested it was an immortal or a vampire.

  “Ally,” James whispered intently, then ran back inside and up the stairs to Ally’s room.

  He softly rapped on the door, and to his immense relief she called out, “Come in, James.”

  He opened the door, walked in and sat down on the bed with her, taking her hands in his own. “How did you know it was me?”

  She let out a pent up breath. “Intuition.”

  “Why are you awake?” he asked. “Is everything alright, little one?”

  She turned on her bedside lamp and looked up at him. The soul-destroying grief was obvious in her green eyes.

  “What happened?” He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He could see something was wrong and wondered if it had anything to do with the person running away.

  After a while, he slowly pulled back and brushed her hair out of her eyes. “Sweetheart, tell me what’s wrong.”


  “Kat’s death wasn’t your fault, little one,” he said as he took her hand in his again. “You can’t feel guilty for what happened. Natalia and Vincent are responsible for that.”

  “No, you don’t understand!” Ally practically shouted. “She was here, or at least in my dream she was here. You were right, James. She’s a vampire…”

  James’ face turned to stone and his body tensed. “So you think it was a prophetic dream, not just a nightmare?”

  She glared at him. “I’ve had enough to tell the difference by now.”

  James nodded knowingly. “Tell me what happened in the dream.”

  Ally’s expression was a mask of confusion as she took a deep breath and relayed the dream.

  When she had finished, James wrapped her up in his arms and laid her down in the bed. She curled into his warm, strong comforting body, and held on so tight, like he was her anchor. All the while, James just held her, whispering comforting words and playing with her hair. There was nothing he could do to take the pain away but if this helped his beloved, then this was what he would do.

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