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Unconventional Reasons: A Reverse Harem Love Story

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Unconventional Reasons: A Reverse Harem Love Story

  Unconventional Reasons

  A Reverse Harem Love Story

  Olivia Saint

  Saint Publishing

  Copyright 2018 by Olivia Saint - All rights reserved.

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  6. A new beginning for Vanesa

  7. The game starts

  8. The surprise


  This book is a work of fiction entirely. Please be aware that the names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be taken as real.

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  First of all I want to dedicate this novel to everyone who is still looking for their soul-mate. Never give up.

  You never know when or where you will find this special person that will be part of your life and will fulfill all your wishes.



  I'm fifty. I have to agree with this fact and continue living. A new stage in my life, I hope full of new discoveries and achievements. Yes, I'm fifty years old just divorced woman with two adult daughters and a job I like, and to be honest without any idea how to become again a woman, I mean a loved woman. How to love, how to let somebody love me, how to let somebody enter my life and my heart again. What if after so many years do- existence with my ex-husband I forgot how it is to love? If it still possible to meet somebody and start from the begging? If it is real to rewrite my life. I am a half of my own century and almost without experience with a man. Hobos will believe if to say that to somebody. Yeah, Of course, I was having my husband, but we met when I was a young girl just finished a school. The boyfriends at school not calculating. My lover? No, he is also not the best example. He was the first and the one I try to be with except my all the time drunk husband. Yes I was cheating, and maybe perfect wife’s are not doing that but I also started not from amazing family life. And if to be honest he was for me not as a lover , more as somebody I can take a rest from my home routine and change a face from my favorite hated husband to not a much prettier lover. That's how looks my appalling realities. After twenty years of marriage, my husband little by little became a best friend of a bottle of whiskey and since that nothing and nobody could stop him from drinking. He had lost a job that year and one year after he lost his personality and human face. In fact, I got used after a while to his all the time smell of alcohol and cigarettes. That was meaning that he is still alive and came back home after who knows what doing and where all the day. Last ten years we were not even sleeping in one bed. Of course, nobody talking about sex. Just meeting each other in the kitchen in the morning, all other time he was somewhere who knows where or on his couch in the cabinet which with a time became his room of existing. In our small three-room apartment we were living like in two different worlds. And all of that was in front of our little girls. I was afraid to traumatize them so I never said anything, no fighting or crying in front of them just the silent expectation. My excerpt was enough for ten years. And then was the longest two years for me when he was not giving me divorcing threatening to left apartment just for him. Our younger daughter was just eighteen so I decided to wait at list she will finish her college not to ruin her world at least with this divorcing devising process. Now all of that in past. Since today all that life became my past life. But I still remember with the pain in my heart each day of last twelve years.

  I know I have to start my life since the begging again. But at fifty, I might be crazy. I'm not a girl anymore, but not yet a granny, I mean old woman. I'm a woman in the age, but not yet in wise age. Sounds strange. But it is true, my girls have twenty and twenty-five years old, so I have all possibilities to become a granny at any moment. But that will not mean I am old. To be a granny doesn't mean to be old, right? Oh, look at me, whom I'm trying to lie, my mirror saying to me I look too much tired of that life I was having, the hope in Love not living anymore in this eyes. Where is this smiley gambling woman? Where are her bright blue eyes full of life enthusiasm? So crazy to see myself and to realize my fifty while I'm still feeling I am thirty-five. In which moment it happen with me? When did my hair start to have at list fifty percent of gray color? Thanks to my genetic I don't have too many lines or pigmentation but anyways I do not look fresh and bright how I was. Who extinguished my inside light? My body could look better, according to my perfectionism. But to be honest for my age I have a good shape, a lot of women are jealous about it, for example, my colleague from work all the time making her acid comments, something like: "you look like a girl, how you keep your figure like that I cannot imagine. Of course, if I would have a life like you I would also look like that” what does she means saying that? Which amazing life of me she means I don’t know. I choose the position to agree with everything they saying to save my nerves and health. Never explain or share my family details with anybody. As for me, work is not a place for a friendship extremely my. But anyways as for me, I would change m
y body a little, I think maybe it needing a better tone. At list for that, I don't need to do a lot. Morning running will correct it fast plus the carrot juice with celery will make my skin again smooth and fresh. That is a really good idea. I should start it as soon as possible.

  So, from what to start my new life, my changing. Hmmm.... what if to die my hair in some totally different color? How long I haven’t changed my hairstyle, who knows...so maybe it is a time. So classic is this idea, I'm as a typical woman trying to change a life by cutting hair, ha-ha, at least it means I am a woman even after thirty-two years of marriage with this shit. Yes, to divorce was the best decision I ever made for my self. Now I am free. My girls are adult and I could do it without afraid of the divorcing can influent on them. He drunk all my nerves and my life juices. All I remember his drunk face from morning to night. The best he did are our princesses, thanks for that but how he shifted my life, my best age.... I should leave it and forget it. Now it is just in past and I'm happy I found a strength to do it.

  The phone is vibrating

  Hi, Vicki, now you are a free bird? My congratulations! What about a little celebration? - oh yes, little, what else can he propose, stupid. Hate him. Interesting if it is existing a system of divorcing with old, very old lover? Why is my life were just assholes? What I did wrong? I know I was made for better. But even my lover is not like a typical lover which somebody can imagine. I can portray him as a big round something on two legs. The word "short" would be perfect to describe him in everything from the size of his cock to his talent of lover and time of fucking. Why am I so lucky? No love, no sex, only my tired reflection in the mirror. My destiny is like that. Should I try to change it? hope at fifty it is not too late to have a second chance. Sorry, Alexander, coming back to you my friend...I'm started to think better to play with my fingers than to continue feeling myself your sharpener of a small pencil for five minutes:

  Hi, dear, not today – said Vicki.

  What happen? Are you ok?

  Oh yes, I’m just tired. Sorry…– she was not knowing how to finish.

  Ok, but let me know if something.... or better I will write to you later by myself. You know my wife is checking my phone, so, better if I will let you know alone.

  Amazing. Yes, that is my reality. The reality I let to exist in my life. Decided that tomorrow I will die my hair and since that will starts all my changing. Maybe I'm not enough strong to start again but I'm enough tired from what I have and for me, it is the best motivation. I am a teacher I have to be an example.

  My work, oh my, one more Saturday night without sleeping is waiting for me today. When I choose my job I could not even imagine I choose a life without privacy. Sometimes I am thinking I am married to my work. It is a second husband or one more kid. Could I imagine thirty-three years ago when I was a student of the best capital university of foreign languages that in nearest future I will make all my life rotating around my work and nor my kids? I couldn't even think that I will spend all my weekends nights with the student's notebooks. That each of my mornings will start from the collegium of all of the teachers in director office discussing the problems or the other people's children and ways to solve them, that I will be waking up when outside is still night not too late on my classes and coming back home who knows when. That I will live a life without the possibility to do mistake because I am a teacher I should be an example for my students. That from day to day I will have to find the different ways how to convince my sometimes lazy, sometimes without any wish to listen to me students, to make them be interested in the subject and understand how important for nowadays and modern people to know the English. Thirty-three years ago it was something out of common, something cool, and for selected. Was not so easy to found somebody talking English foot and it was not so necessary. But now it is a basic thing, everybody all over the world is talking English. Moscow is a huge capital, an international city full of foreigners and my students are still thinking they can decide if they should learn English or not. Where goes this world? Where is a logic of this kids? Of course not all of them like that. Thank God in biggest percentage I have a smart heads kids who are inspiring me a lot. With them, we are doing a lot of other interesting things except lessons. We even organized our theater at a school where all acting goes of course on English and Friday cinema club. Like that, I'm trying to make English more interesting and easy for them and to attract the other part of students to join us. Sometimes it works sometimes not, but I saw a result, the kids started to talk more and much better on English and the dictionary they are using now is more useful and free then the one they propose to use in school books, super official forms, which, to be honest, nobody is using in real life. I'm so proud sometimes of them and of my self and the things we could do together. For example month ago we did amazing performance "Cats" the musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Together with the group of parents, we did chic costumes of different cats, for preparing that we spend like three months of hard after class working. The teacher of literature before was working in a music school so she knows really good how to learn songs with kids. She prepares them incredibly good. They were looks very professionally even at those fourteen and sixteen years. One of the main parts of course was a choreography. At that important question, we were helped by the teacher of classic choreography, by the way, a husband of our director, and our new teacher of fitness. Before she was a winner in the European competition of aerobics, now after school in the second part of a day she is working in one of the most popular gyms as a personal trainer in “ Lama center” and as a teacher of group classes on weekends. Very hard working girl and as typical in our country - single. How can be, I am still not understanding? Young smart woman with sexy sports body, who has a good job, pretty on a face and still single. According to hurry home to the husband she is hurry to her second work and from there coming back home late and only the one who is waiting for her constantly there is her favorite cat Rossy. The single woman with a cat is not anymore just a hero of a romance she is a true person nowadays, seems like each third girl lives like that and waiting for her happiness. I'm really afraid that my own girls, my daughters can also have such future, honestly. Inside myself, I am worried a lot seeing that I am at my fifty spending less time at home then by them. Once I asked my older daughter Diana if she has a boyfriend and she looks at me so cold. Then I saw tears in her eyes. She asked almost screaming: ”Mom, what’s wrong with me?! Tell me! Please, tell me true, at least you…– Di was in hysterics, sobbing she cry out: “ Why, why am I like that, why my life is like this?! Am I ugly?” – “ No, of course, not, dear, how you just can say that?” – Vicki was trying to find a correct words – “You are my little princess… I mean I know you are not a kid anymore, but for me, both of you will be my little princesses forever. Look, Diana, my little girl, just look, how beautiful you are. Your big blue eyes, your sexy red lips.” – Vicki hug her shoulders –“How can you say that, daughter?" – She said and took her hand. Recently she push mothers hand and took out her. – “ No mam, you are not understanding! I am not asking about how do you love me, I am asking why nobody else likes me, I’m talking about males how you not understanding?! All my friends have boyfriends but me not, in fact, all of the boys I met treating me maximum as a friend. Of course I am not a miss universe but ...but.... but I am not a frog. So why nobody likes me, why am I at my twenty five celebrating my birthday with you according to be in sweet hugs of my boyfriend...the destiny is so unfair with me, mom”- and the tears rolled in peas on her white new jersey leaving transparent spots like in a rainy day when you forget your umbrella. Inside Vicki everything shrank and cringed. She felt painful of a daughter by her heart.

  My little girl was crying and I couldn't help anyhow. I hug her as strong as I can – "Listen to me Di, I know you think mother not understanding anything, but I am your mom. Your pain is my pain. My sun, believe me, one day everything will change, I promise it will certainly change. You have to believe and hope. Never give
up. You are so smart and beautiful girl, just look at you.Someone must love you. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will happen. Better try to use this time to develop your self. To improve your knowledge , to build a career, to do your hobby everything you want.” – She took her hand again – “ Diana, you have to understand one thing when you will have so dreamed family you will not have time for such things so use your time now as more as possible. Use each moment then not to regret that according to enjoy your time you were sitting home crying. I know in Russia twenty five is big age for a girl. A lot of girls are already have kid or even two. But for example in Europe or in America everything is different. People are still young for a family until thirty. Think about that my princess and don’t waste your time.Use smart every minute of your youth.” – Diana look in her eyes – “ I love you, mom. Maybe you are right in something. I am tired to be single that’s only the thing. But I am ready to wait on him how long it will be needed” – Vicki with the light smile said almost whispering – “ I love you too, my little. Everything will be ok. Just concentrate your self on you now. Soon or late you will meet your prince” – We smiled to each other but inside both of us were knowing that it is not so easy and it will not happen tomorrow. Seventy percent of our woman have a big afraid to left alone until to those last day , I mean for all life. It is not a fairy tales it a statistic of a single woman in our country. One man for each three woman. Crazy numbers and more crazy is amount of single harts. And each girl afraid that what if she will be the one of this statistic. My daughters are no exception. My younger daughter Elisabeth is also single. She made me be worried more then older one. Lissy is obsess with her scientific work in the field of biological research. For today this is the only thing that interests her. She doesn’t want to hear about any man or relations. Only a mad scientist was missing in my house. I want her to be a girl, to dress a skirts and go on dates and she is dressing comfortable jeans and each morning running to her laboratory until late evening. In one moment I started to think she has there somebody but then upset discovered that in that laboratory works only girls. Any of my persuasion to change it didn’t work. Everything that I can just to watch as a spectator in a movie. The worse this movie is a movie of the life of my daughter.

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