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I am providence the life.., p.178

I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES), page 178


I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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  “Temple, The”

  Tenison, E. M.

  Tennyson, Alfred, Lord

  Terence (P. Terentius Afer)

  Terhune, Albert Payson

  “Terrible Old Man, The”

  Terror, The (Machen)

  “Terror from the Depths, The” (Leiber)

  Tesla, Nicola


  Testimony of the Suns, The (Sterling)

  Texaco Star

  Thackeray, William Makepeace

  “Theobald, Lewis, Jun.”


  “There Are More Things” (Borges)

  Theroux, Paul

  Thin Ghost and Others, A (James)

  Thing, The (film)

  “Thing in the Moonlight, The” (spurious)

  Thing in the Woods, The (Williams)

  “Thing on the Doorstep, The”

  “Thing That Walked in the Wind, The” (Derleth)

  Things Near and Far (Machen)

  “Third Act, The” (Jackson)

  Third Annual Report of the Prov. Meteorological Station

  Thomas, Edward

  Thomas, Henry F.

  Thomas, James Warren

  Thomas, Jonathan

  Thomas, Norman

  Thompson, C. Hall

  Thompson, Denman

  Thompson, G. R.

  Thompson, Mrs

  Thompson, Robert

  Thompson, W. J.

  Thomson, Christine Campbell

  Thomson, J. Arthur

  Thomson, James

  Thoreau, Henry David

  “Thoughts” (Munroe)

  Thoughts and Pictures (Kuntz)

  “Thrawn Janet” (Stevenson)

  Three Heroines of New England Romance

  Three Impostors, The (Machen)

  Three Who Died (Derleth)

  Thrill Book

  Through the First Antarctic Night (Cook)

  “Through the Gates of the Silver Key” (Lovecraft-Price)

  Tickell, Thomas

  Tierney, Richard L.

  “‘Till A’ the Seas’” (Lovecraft-Barlow)


  Time and the Gods (Dunsany)

  Time Machine, The (Wells)

  Times Literary Supplement

  “To a Dreamer”

  “To a Movie Star” (Kleiner)

  “To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman . . .”

  “To a Young Poet in Dunedin”

  “To Alan Seeger”

  “To Alfred Galpin, Esq.”

  “To an Accomplished Young Gentlewoman . . .”

  “To an Infant”

  “To Anacreon in Heaven”

  “To Arthur Goodenough, Esq.”

  “To Charlie of the Comics”

  “To Chloris” (Munroe)

  “To Clark Ashton Smith . . .”

  “To Delia, Avoiding Damon”

  “To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany”

  “To Flavia” (Munroe)

  “To General Villa”

  “To George Willard Kirk”

  “To Greece, 1917”

  “To Howard Phillips Lovecraft” (Smith)

  “To Maj.-Gen. Omar Bundy, U.S.A.”

  “To Mary of the Movies” (Kleiner)

  “To Miss Beryl Hoyt . . .”

  “To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema”

  “To Mr. Finlay . . .”

  “To Mr. Kleiner, on Receiving from Him the Poetical Works of Addison, Gay, and Somerville”

  “To Mr. Munroe . . .”

  “To Mr. Terhune, on His Historical Fiction”

  “To Pan”

  “To S. S. L.—October 17, 1920”

  “To Samuel Loveman Esquire . . .”

  “To Saml. Loveman, Gent. . . .”

  “To Satan” (Loveman)

  “To the American Flag” (Hoag)

  “To the Eighth of November”

  “To the Members of the Pin-Feathers . . .”

  “To the Members of the United”

  “To the Members of the United Amateur Press Ass’n from the Providence Amateur Press Club”

  “To the Nurses of the Red Cross”

  “To the Old Pagan Religion”

  “To the Rev. James Pyke”

  “To ‘The Scribblers’”

  “To Xanthippe”

  “To Zara”

  Tolbert, Thurston

  Toldridge, Elizabeth

  Tolkien, J. R. R.

  “Tomb, The”

  Tomb of Perneb, The

  Toomer, Jean

  Torrance, Lew

  Tousey, Frank

  Townsend, Clyde G.

  Townsend, Francis E.

  Trail of Cthulhu, The (Derleth)

  Train, Oswald

  Transatlantic Circulator

  “Transition of Juan Romero, The”

  “Trans-Neptunian Planets”

  “Trap, The” (Lovecraft-Whitehead)

  “Travels in the Provinces of America”

  “Tree, The”

  “Tree-Men of M’Bwa, The” (Wandrei)

  “Tree on the Hill, The” (Lovecraft-Rimel)

  Tremaine, F. Orlin

  Trench and Camp


  “Trip of Theobald, The”

  Tri-State Times

  “Triumph in Eternity, A” (Loveman)

  Trollope, Anthony

  Troy Times

  True Blue

  Truesdell, Lucius B.

  Trumbull, John


  “Tryout’s Lament for the Vanished Spider”

  Tucker, Gertrude E.

  Turn of the Screw, The (James)

  Turner, C. M.

  Turner, J. M. W.

  Turner, James

  Turner, James (editor of Arkham House)

  Tutti i racconti

  Twenty-nine Poems (Strauch)

  Twenty-one Letters of Ambrose Bierce (Bierce)

  “Twilight” (Munroe)

  Twilight of the Idols (Nietzsche)

  “Twilight of Time, The” (Wandrei). See “Red Brain, The”

  “Two Black Bottles” (Lovecraft-Talman)

  Tyler, Casey B.

  Tylor, Edward Burnett

  “Types of Weird Story”

  Tyson, Donald

  “Ulalume” (Poe)

  Ullman, Allen G.

  Ulysses (Joyce)

  Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Junzt)

  “Unbroken Chain, The” (Cobb)

  Uncle Silas (Le Fanu)

  “Under the Pyramids” (Lovecraft-Houdini)

  Unhappy Far-Off Things (Dunsany)

  United Amateur

  United Amateur Press Association

  United Amateur Press Association: Exponent of Amateur Journalism

  United Amateur Press Association of America

  United Co-operative

  United Mine Workers

  United Women’s Press Club of Massachusetts

  Unknown/Unknown Worlds

  “Unknown, The”

  “Unknown City in the Ocean, The”

  “Unnamable, The”

  Unnamable, The (film)

  Untermeyer, Louis

  Unusual Stories

  Updike, John

  Upham, Ronald

  Upton, Winslow

  Utpatel, Frank


  Valkyrien, Valda

  “Valley of Unrest, The” (Poe)

  Van de Water, F. F.

  Van Dusen, Washington

  Van Vogt, A. E.

  Vanguard (publisher)

  Vanity of Human Wishes, The (Johnson)

  Varied Year

  Vathek (Beckford)

  “Vaults of Yoh-Vombis, The” (Smith)

  Venizelos, Eleutherios

  Venus in Furs (Sacher-Masoch)

  “Vermont—A First Impression”

  Vermont Country Store

  Verne, Jules

  Vernon, James

s Libre Epidemic, The”

  “Verses Designed to Be Sent by a Friend of the Author . . .”

  “Very Old Folk, The”

  Vestiges of Creation (Chambers)

  Victoria (Queen of England)

  Vidal, Gore

  Villa, Pancho

  Vincent, Harl

  Virgil (P. Vergilius Maro)

  “Vivisector, The” (Lovecraft-Galpin)

  Voltaire (François Marie Arouet)

  “Volunteer, The”

  von der Heide, Edna

  Voss, Richard

  Voyage of Discovery and Research in the Southern Antarctic Regions, A (Ross)

  Voyage towards the South Pole (Cook)

  Voyage towards the South Pole, A (Weddell)

  “Voyages of Capt. Ross, R.N.”

  W., E. M.

  WPA (Works Progress Administration)

  Walker, James J.

  Walpole, Horace

  Walter, Dorothy C.

  “Wanderer’s Return” (Shepherd)

  Wandering Ghosts (Crawford)

  Wandrei, Donald; and Arkham House; and R. H. Barlow; HPL on; on HPL; HPL’s letters to; influence on HPL; meetings with HPL; and weird fiction; writings by

  Wandrei, Howard

  War and Peace (Tolstoy)

  Ward, Fred

  Ward, Harold

  Ward, Samuel

  Warlord of Mars (Burroughs)

  Warning to the Curious, A (James)

  Washington, George

  Waste Land, The (Eliot)

  “Waste Paper”

  Watchers out of Time, The (Derleth)

  Watson, Stanley H.

  Wave, The (Blackwood)

  Waugh, Evelyn

  Waugh, Robert H.

  Wayland, Francis

  Web of Easter Island, The (Wandrei)

  Webster, Noah

  Weddell, James

  Weinbaum, Stanley G.

  Weinberg, Robert E.

  Weird Shadow over Innsmouth . . ., The

  “Weird Story Plots”

  “Weird Tale in English Since 1890, The” (Derleth)

  Weird Tales; art in; book publications by; HPL in; HPL’s ad in; and HPL’s editorship; HPL’s colleagues in; HPL’s revisions in; payments by; rejections by; submissions to

  “Weird Work of William Hope Hodgson, The”

  “Weird Writer Is In Our Midst, A” (Orton)

  Weiss, Henry George

  Weld, John

  Well Bred Speech (Renshaw)

  Wells, H. G.

  “Wendigo, The” (Blackwood)

  Wentworth, Benning

  “Wentworth’s Day” (Derleth)

  “Werewolf of Ponkert, The” (Munn)

  West, Nathanael

  West India Lights (Whitehead)

  Westbrook, Dr

  Westminster Street, Providence, as It Was about 1824 (Read)

  Wetzel, George T.

  “What Amateurdom and I Have Done for Each Other”

  “What Belongs in Verse”

  What Is Man? (Thomson)

  “What Makes a Story Click?” (Luten)

  “What the Moon Brings”

  “What Was It?” (O’Brien)

  “When the Gods Slept” (Dunsany)

  “Where’s the Woman?” (Jackson)

  While the Sirens Slept (Dunsany)

  Whipple, Abraham

  Whipple, Esther

  “Whisperer in Darkness, The”

  White, Edward Lucas

  White, Lee McBride

  White, Matthew, Jr.

  White, Michael Oscar

  White, Stanford

  White, William Patterson

  “White Ape, The.” See “Facts concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”

  White Buildings (Crane)

  White Fire (Bullen)

  “White People, The” (Machen)

  “White Ship, The”

  Whitehead, Mrs. E. L.

  Whitehead, Henry S.

  “Whither?” (anon.)

  Whitman, Sarah Helen

  Whitman, Walt

  Whittier, David H.

  Whittier, John Greenleaf

  “Who Goes There?” (Campbell)

  Who’s Who in America

  “Why the Milkman Shudders When He Perceives the Dawn” (Dunsany)

  “Wicked Clergyman, The.” See “Evil Clergyman, The”

  Wickenden, Mr

  Wieland (Brown)

  Wilde, Oscar

  Wilder, Thornton

  Wilkes, Charles

  “Wilkes’s Explorations”

  Willcox, W. B.

  “William Wilson” (Poe)

  Williams, Blanche Colton

  Williams, Charles

  Williams, Harper

  Williams, Roger

  Williams, William Carlos

  “Willie, Albert Frederick”

  “Willows, The” (Blackwood)

  Wilson, Colin

  Wilson, Edmund

  Wilson, Edward

  Wilson, Miriam Bellangee

  Wilson, Woodrow

  Wilt, Napier

  “Wind That Is in the Grass, The” (Barlow)

  Wine of Wizardry, A (Sterling)

  Winesburg, Ohio (Anderson)

  Wing, Eleanor Evans

  “Winged Death” (Lovecraft-Heald)

  “Winged Feet” (Jackson)

  “Winifred Virginia Jackson: A ‘Different’ Poetess”

  Winskill, Benjamin

  Winsor, G. MacLeod

  Winter Garden (Morse)


  Wise, Herbert A.

  Witch-Cult in Western Europe, The (Murray)

  “Witch-Makers, The” (Wandrei)

  Witch Wood (Buchan)

  “With a Copy of Wilde’s Fairy Tales”

  “Within the Gates”

  Wittie, Robert

  Wodehouse, P. G.

  Wolf, Howard

  Wolfe, Gene

  Wollheim, Donald A.


  Woman’s Home Companion

  “Woman’s Prey, A” (Jackson)

  Wonder-Book, A (Hawthorne)

  Wonder Stories

  Wood, Moses

  Wood, Mrs.

  “Wood, The”


  Woodberry, George E.

  Wooley, Natalie H.

  Woolf, Virginia

  “Work of Frank Belknap Long, Jr., The”

  World Disarmament Conference

  Worm Ouroboros, The (Eddison)

  Wormius, Olaus (Ole Wurm)

  Wright, Farnsworth

  Wright, Harold Bell

  Wright, Hubert A.

  Wright, S. Fowler

  Writers’ Club, The

  Writer’s Digest

  Writing the Short-Story (Esenwein)

  Wuthering Heights (Brontë)

  Wycherley, William

  Wylie, Willard O.


  “Xeethra” (Smith)

  Yardley, Edward

  “Year Off, A”

  Yeats, W. B.

  “Yellow Sign, The” (Chambers)

  Yergler, Rudolf

  “Yes, We Have No Bananas”

  Yesley, Mr.

  You’ll Need a Night Light (Thomson)

  Young, Charles Augustus

  Young, Edward

  Young, Francis Brett

  Young, Gig

  Young, S. Hall

  “Young Blood” (Jackson)

  Young Chemist, The (Appleton)

  “Young Folks Iliad in Verse, The”

  “Young Folks’ Ulysses, The.” See “Poem of Ulysses, The”

  Young Nova Scotia

  “Youth of Today, The”

  Youth’s Companion

  “Yule Horror”

  Yurregarth and Yannimaid (Farnese)

  Yuzna, Brian

  Zanger, Jules

  Zangwill, Israel



  Zola, Emile
br />   Books by S. T. Joshi

  Books Written

  An Index to the Selected Letters of H. P. Lovecraft (1980; rev. 1991)

  Lovecraft’s Library: A Catalogue (1980; rev. 2002)

  H. P. Lovecraft and Lovecraft Criticism: An Annotated Bibliography (1981; rev. 2009)

  H. P. Lovecraft (Starmont Reader’s Guide 13) (1982)

  Selected Papers on Lovecraft (1989)

  The Weird Tale (1990)

  John Dickson Carr: A Critical Study (1990)

  H. P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West (1990)

  An Index to the Fiction and Poetry of H. P. Lovecraft (1992)

  Lord Dunsany: A Bibliography (with Darrell Schweitzer) (1993)

  Lord Dunsany: Master of the Anglo-Irish Imagination (1995)

  The Core of Ramsey Campbell: A Bibliography & Reader’s Guide (with Ramsey Campbell and Stefan Dziemianowicz) (1995)

  H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (1996)

  A Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft (1996)

  Sixty Years of Arkham House (1999)

  Ambrose Bierce: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Sources (with David E. Schultz) (1999)

  The Modern Weird Tale (2001)

  A Dreamer and a Visionary: H. P. Lovecraft in His Time (2001)

  Ramsey Campbell and Modern Horror Fiction (2001)

  An H. P. Lovecraft Encyclopedia (with David E. Schultz) (2001)

  God’s Defenders: What They Believe and Why They Are Wrong (2003)

  Primal Sources: Essays on H. P. Lovecraft (2003)

  The Evolution of the Weird Tale (2004)

  The Angry Right (2006)

  Gore Vidal: A Comprehensive Bibliography (2007)

  Emperors of Dreams: Some Notes on Weird Poetry (2008)

  Classics and Contemporaries: Some Notes on Horror Fiction (2009)

  H. L. Mencken: An Annotated Bibliography (2009)

  Junk Fiction: America’s Obsession with Bestsellers (2009)

  Books Edited

  H. P. Lovecraft in “The Eyrie” (with Marc A. Michaud) (1979)

  H. P. Lovecraft: Four Decades of Criticism (1980)

  Sonia H. Davis, The Private Life of H. P. Lovecraft (1985; rev. 1993)

  Donald Wandrei, Collected Poems (1988)

  Clark Ashton Smith, Nostalgia of the Unknown: The Complete Prose Poetry (with Marc & Susan Michaud and Steve Behrends) (1988)

  Robert E. Howard, Selected Letters 1923-1936 (with Glenn Lord, Rusty Burke, and Steve Behrends) (1989–91; 2 vols.)

  The H. P. Lovecraft Centennial Conference: Proceedings (1991)

  An Epicure in the Terrible: A Centennial Anthology of Essays in Honor of H. P. Lovecraft (with David E. Schultz) (1991)

  The Count of Thirty: A Tribute to Ramsey Campbell (1993)

  H. P. Lovecraft in the Argosy: Collected Correspondence from the Munsey Magazines (1994)

  Caverns Measureless to Man: 18 Memoirs of Lovecraft (1996)

  Bram Stoker, Best Ghost Stories (with Richard Dalby and Stefan Dziemianowicz) (1997)

  Henry Ferris, A Night with Mephistopheles (1997)

  Arthur Machen, The Line of Terror and Other Essays (1997)

  Algernon Blackwood, The Complete John Silence Stories (1998)

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