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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES), page 177


I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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  “Probable Adventure of the Three Literary Men, The” (Dunsany)

  Problem of China, The (Russell)


  “Proposed Authors’ Union, The”

  Proust, Marcel

  Prout, Mearle

  Providence, RI


  Providence: A Modern City (Kirk)

  Providence Amateur

  Providence Amateur Press Club

  “Providence Amateur Press Club (Deceased) to the Athenaeum Club of Journalism”

  Providence Astronomical Society

  Providence Athletic Association

  Providence Crushed Stone and Sand Co.

  Providence Detective Agency

  Providence Gazette and Country-Journal

  Providence Evening Bulletin

  Providence Evening News

  Providence in Colonial Times (Kimball)

  “Providence in 2000 A.D.”

  Providence Journal

  “Providence Observatory Forecast”

  Providence Opera House

  Providence Public Library

  Providence Times

  Providence Tribune

  Pryor, John Clinton

  “Pseudo-United, The”

  Psychiatric Dictionary (Hinsie-Campbell)

  “Psychic Phenominon of Love, The” (Davis)

  Psycho (Bloch)

  “Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme”

  Public Opinion (Lippmann)

  Pugmire, W. H.

  “Pulp Magazines” (Bolitho)

  Pulptime (Cannon)

  Pumilia, Joseph


  Purple Cloud, The (Shiel)

  Putnam’s Sons, G. P.

  Pynchon, Thomas

  Quabbin Reservoir

  quantum theory

  Queen’s Enemies, The (Dunsany)

  “Quest of Iranon, The”

  Quinn, Seabury

  “Quinsnicket Park”

  Radcliffe, Ann

  Rahs, E. P.

  Railo, Eino

  Railroad Man’s Magazine

  Railroad Review, The



  Rankin, Hugh

  Ransom, John Crowe

  Rape of the Lock, The (Pope)

  Raphael’s Ephemeris

  Rasselas (Johnson)

  Rathbone/Rathbun, John

  “Rats in the Walls, The”

  Raymond, Clifford

  Read, Francis

  Read, Thomas Buchanan

  Reader, The (Alden)

  “Reading Lamp, The”

  Reagan, Ronald

  Realms of Being, The (Santayana)


  “Recapture” (Fungi from Yuggoth)


  “Recognition” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Red Book

  “Red Brain, The” (Wandrei)

  “Red Robin, The” (Jackson)

  Reed, William

  Reeve, Clara

  “Regner Lodbrog’s Epicedium”

  Regnum Congo (Pigafetta)

  “Remarkable Document, A”

  Remembrance of Things Past (Proust)

  “Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson, A”

  “Renaissance of Manhood, The”

  Renshaw, Anne Tillery

  “Reply to The Lingerer, A”

  “Report of the First Vice-President”

  “Request, A”

  “Research of a Biblio, The” (Wetzel)

  Résumé with Monsters (Spencer)

  Resurrected, The (film)

  “Return, The”

  Return, The (de la Mare)

  “Return of Hastur, The” (Derleth)


  Revi-Lona (Cowan)

  “Revolt of the Home Gods, The” (Dunsany)

  Reynolds, B. M.

  Reynolds, Florence

  Reynolds, George W. M.

  Reynolds, Jeremiah N.

  Rhoades, James

  Rhode Island Journal of Astronomy, The

  Rhode Island Journal of Science & Astronomy, The

  Rhode Island National Guard

  Rhode Island School of Design

  Rhodius, Apollonius

  “Rhymes from a Suburb” (Dunsany)

  Rice, Anne

  Richardson, Leon Burr

  Rick Dale: A Story of the Northwest Coast (Munroe)

  Riddle and Other Stories, The (de la Mare)

  Riddle of the Universe, The (Haeckel)

  Rights of Periodicals, The (Morton)

  Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The (Coleridge)

  Rimel, Duane W.

  Rinehart, Mary Roberts

  Ripples from Lake Champlain

  Rise and Fall of the Cthulhu Mythos, The (Joshi)

  Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth (Palgrave)

  Ritter, Mrs. W. S.

  Rivals, The (Sheridan)

  “Road to Ruin, The”

  “Robert Ervin Howard: 1906–1936”

  Robinet, Lee

  Robinson, Edwin Arlington

  Roerich, Nicholas

  Rohmer, Sax

  Romance of the Forest, The (Radcliffe)

  Roosevelt, Franklin D.

  Roosevelt, Theodore

  Root, Katharine Metcalf

  Roots of Horror in the Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft, The (St Armand)

  “Rose for Emily, A” (Faulkner)

  “Rose of England, The”

  Ross, James Clark

  Roulet, Jacques

  “Round Tower, The”

  Rousseau, Victor

  Rowe, Nicholas

  “Rowley, Ames Dorrance”

  Royle, Nicholas

  “Ruat Caelum” (Saunders)

  Rud, Anthony M.

  “Rudis Indigestaque Moles”

  Rugg, Henry W.

  Ruppert, Conrad

  Russell, Bertrand

  Russell, James L.

  Russell, John

  Russell, Robert Leonard

  Russell, W. Clark

  “Rutted Road, The”

  Ruzella, Peter, Jr

  “S. S. L.: Christmas 1920”

  Sacher-Masoch, Leopold, baron von

  “Sacrifice to Science, A” (Danziger)

  St Armand, Barton L.

  St John, J. Allen

  St John’s Churchyard

  St. Petersburg Evening Independent

  Saintsbury, George

  “Salem Horror, The” (Kuttner)

  Saltus, Edgar

  Salvaging Self-Esteem (Renshaw)

  Samples, John Milton

  Sampson, Robert

  San Francisco Examiner

  Sandalwood (Smith)

  Sandburg, Carl

  Sandusky, Albert A.

  Sanger, Alma B.

  “Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree” (Hartmann)

  Santayana, George

  Sargent, Stanley C.

  “Satan’s Servants” (Bloch)

  Satellite Science Fiction

  Saturday Review of Literature


  Saunders, F. W.

  Savile, Frank Mackenzie

  Sawyer, Laurie A.

  Saxo Grammaticus

  Saxton Herald

  Sayers, Dorothy L.

  Scarborough, Dorothy

  Scepticism and Animal Faith (Santayana)

  Schilling, George S.

  Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.

  Schnabel, William

  School for Scandal, The (Sheridan)

  Schopenhauer, Arthur

  Schorer, Mark

  Schultz, David E.

  Schvchavadze, David

  Schwartz, Julius

  Schweitzer, Darrell

  Science-Fantasy Correspondent

  Science Fiction Fan

  Science Fiction League

  “Science Library, The”

  “Science of Astrology, The” (Hartmann)

  “Science versus Charlatanry”

/>   Scientific American

  Scientific Gazette, The


  Scituate Reservoir


  Scott, Howard

  Scott, Robert

  Scott, Sir Walter

  Scott, Winfield

  Scott, Winfield Townley

  Scott-Elliot, W.

  Scottsboro case

  Scream for Jeeves (Cannon)

  Scribner, Charles

  Scribner Book Shop

  Scribner’s Sons, Charles

  Sea Demons, The (Rousseau)

  Sea Gull

  “Sealed Casket, The” (Searight)

  Searight, Richard F.

  Searles, A. Langley

  Seasons, The (Thomson)

  “Seaton’s Aunt” (de la Mare)

  Sechrist, Edward Lloyd

  Seckendorff, Samuel

  “Secret Cave; or, John Lees Adventure, The”

  Secret Doctrine, The (Blavatsky)

  “Secret in the Tomb, The” (Bloch)

  “Secret of the Grave, The”

  Secret Service

  Sedgwick, Ellery

  Seeger, Alan

  Selected Letters

  Selected Papers of Bertrand Russell (Russell)

  Selected Poems (Jackson)

  Selected Poems (Smith)

  Selections from Whitman (Whitman)

  “Selenaio-Phantasma” (Galpin)

  Selwyn & Blount

  Senf, C. C.

  Serviss, Garrett P.

  seven cryptical books of Hsan

  Shackleton, Ernest

  “Shadow—a Parable” (Poe)

  “Shadow out of Time, The”

  “Shadow over Innsmouth, The”

  Shadow over Innsmouth, The

  Shadow over Innsmouth and Other Stories of Horror, The

  Shadows on the Rock (Cather)

  Shadowy Thing, The (Drake)

  Shafirkin, Simyon

  Shakespeare, Mlle

  Shakespeare, William

  “Shambleau” (Moore)

  “Shambler from the Stars, The” (Bloch)

  Shaw, George Bernard

  Shaw, Joseph T.

  Shaw, Lew

  She (Haggard)

  Shea, J. Vernon

  Shea, Michael

  Shehan, Edmund L.

  Shelley, Mary

  Shelley, Percy Bysshe

  Shepherd, Harry

  Shepherd, Wilson

  Sheppard, Alice

  Sheridan, Richard Brinsley

  “Sheridan’s Ride” (Read)

  Sherman, Sidney

  Sherman, French & Co.

  Shiel, M. P.

  “Shining Pyramid, The” (Machen)

  Shining Pyramid, The (Machen)

  Shiras, Winfield

  “Shop in Go-by Street, The” (Dunsany)

  Short, Charles

  Short Story, The (Hall-Langland)

  Shreffler, Philip A.

  “Shunned House, The”

  Shunned House, The

  Shuttered Room, The (film)

  Shuttered Room and Other Pieces, The

  “Sideshow, The” (Hart)

  Siegel, Jerry

  Sign of Fear, The (Derleth)

  “Sign of the Dragon” (Eddy)

  “Silence—a Fable” (Poe)

  Silver Clarion

  “Silver Key, The”

  Sime, Sidney H.

  Simmons, William J.


  Simon & Schuster

  “Simple, Percy”

  “Simple Speller’s Tale, The”

  “Simple Spelling Mania, The”

  Simpson, Wallis

  “Sin-Eater, The” (Macleod)

  Sinclair, Upton

  “Sir Thomas Tryout”

  Sitter, Willem de

  “Skull-Face” (Howard)

  Slater Avenue School

  Slayer of Souls, The (Chambers)

  “Slaying of the Monster, The” (Lovecraft-Barlow)

  “Sleepy Hollow To-day”

  Smith, Alfred E.

  Smith, Charles W. (“Tryout”)

  Smith, Clark Ashton; as artist; and R. H. Barlow; HPL on; on HPL; HPL’s letters to; and HPL’s work; and Samuel Loveman; and pulp fiction; writings by

  Smith, E. E. “Doc”

  Smith, Mrs. J. G.

  Smith, Louis C.

  Smith, Simon

  Smith, Sir Thomas

  Smith, William Benjamin

  Smith, William H.

  Smollett, Tobias

  Snow-Shoes and Sledges (Munroe)

  Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities


  “Softly, Edward”

  “Solar Eclipse Feature of June Heavens”

  “Some Causes of Self-Immolation”

  “Some Current Motives and Practices”

  “Some Dutch Footprints in New England”

  Some Imagist Poets

  “Some Notes on a Nonentity”

  “Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction”

  “Some Repetitions on the Times”

  Somerville, William

  Something about Cats and Other Pieces

  Sommer, William

  “Song of the North Wind” (Jackson)

  Songs at the Start (Guiney)

  “Sonnet Study”

  Sonnets of the Midnight Hours (Wandrei)

  Soper, Cleveland C., Jr.

  “Sorcery of Alphar, The” (Rimel)

  “Sorrow of Search, The” (Dunsany)

  “Sors Poetae”

  Soul of Love, The (Toldridge)

  “Soul of Man under Socialism, The” (Wilde)

  Souls of Black Folk, The (Du Bois)

  Southey, Robert

  “Space-Eaters, The” (Long)

  Space Vampires, The (Wilson)

  Spanish-American War

  “Spear and Fang” (Howard)


  “Spell of the Blue Stone, The” (Rimel)

  Spence, Lewis

  Spencer, Truman J.

  Spencer, William Browning

  Spengler, Oswald

  Sphinx, The (Loveman)

  “Spider, The” (Ewers)


  Spink, Helm C.

  Sport of the Gods, The (Dunbar)

  Sprenger, William


  Squire, J. C.

  Squires, Richard D.

  Stanley, John H.

  Stapledon, Olaf

  Staples, William Reed

  Star Atlas (Upton)

  Star Rover, The (London)

  “Star-Spangled, Banner, The”

  “Star-Treader, The” (Smith)

  Star-Treader and Other Poems, The (Smith)

  “Star-Winds” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Starrett, Vincent

  “State of Poetry, The”

  State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations at the End of the Century (Field)

  “Statement of Randolph Carter, The”

  Static Electricity

  Station X (Winsor)

  Stedman, Edmund Clarence

  Steele, Joel Dorman

  Stein, Gertrude

  Stephen Daye Press

  Stephens, Ann Sophia Winterbotham

  Stephens, James

  Sterling, George

  Sterling, Kenneth

  Stern, Philip Van Doren

  Sterne, Laurence

  Stevens, Francis

  Stevenson, Robert Louis

  Stickney, Corwin F.

  Stockwell, Dean

  Stoddard, Richard Henry

  Stoddard, William B.

  Stoker, Bram

  Stone, Lee Alexander

  Stormonth, James

  “Story, A” (Whittier)

  Story of Atlantis and the Lost Lemuria, The (Scott-Elliot)

  Story of Exploration and Adventure in the Frozen Sea, The (Holmes)

  Story of Philosophy, The (Durant)

“Story of the Last Trump, The” (Wells)

  Story of the Stars, The (Chambers)

  Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The (Stevenson)

  Strange Eons (Bloch)

  “Strange High House in the Mist, The”

  Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, A (De Mille)

  Strange Stories

  Strange Story, A (Bulwer-Lytton)

  Strange Tales

  “Stranger from Kurdistan, The” (Price)

  Straub, Peter

  Strauch, Carl Ferdinand

  “Street, The”

  Street & Smith

  Street Strolls around Charleston, South Carolina (Wilson)

  Strength to Dream, The (Wilson)

  Stross, Charles

  Strysik, John

  Studies in Pessimism (Schopenhauer)

  “Suggestions for a Reading Guide”

  Suhre, Edward H.

  “Suitable Surroundings, The” (Bierce)

  Sullivan, Jack

  Sully, Genevieve K.

  Sully, Helen V.

  “Summer Sunset and Evening, A”

  Sunday, Billy

  Sunlight and Shadow (Gough)


  Sunshine of Paradise Alley, The (Thompson)


  “Supernatural Horror in Literature”

  Supernatural Horror in Literature

  Supernatural in Fiction, The (Penzoldt)

  Supernatural in Modern English Fiction, The (Scarborough)

  Supernatural in Romantic Fiction, The (Yardley)

  Supramundane Stories

  “Survivor, The” (Derleth)

  Survivor and Others, The (Derleth)

  Suter, Paul

  Sutton, David A.

  Swan Point Cemetery (Providence, R.I.)

  Swanson, Carl

  Sweeney, Ella

  “Sweet Ermengarde”

  Swift, Augustus T.

  Swift, Jonathan

  Swinburne, Algernon Charles

  Switch On the Light (Thomson)

  Sword of Welleran, The (Dunsany)

  Sylvester, Margaret

  Symmes, Mrs. William B.

  “Symphonic Ideal, The”


  Symphony Literary Service

  Système du monde (Laplace)

  Taft, William Howard

  “Tale of Satampra Zeiros, The” (Smith)

  Tale of Terror, The (Birkhead)

  Tale of the Body Thief, The (Rice)

  Tales (Library of America)

  Tales of Magic and Mystery

  Tales of Mystery (Saintsbury)

  Tales of Soldiers and Civilians (Bierce)

  Tales of Terror

  Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Derleth)

  Tales of the Folio Club (Poe)

  Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque (Poe)

  “Tales of the Marvellous and the Ridiculous” (Wilson)

  Tales of Three Hemispheres (Dunsany)

  Tales of War (Dunsany)

  Talman, Wilfred Blanch

  Tanglewood Tales (Hawthorne)

  Tanner, Kenneth

  Targ, William

  Tarkington, Booth

  Tarzan of the Apes (Burroughs)

  “Task for Amateur Journalists, A”

  Tate, Allen

  Taurasi, James V.

  Taylor, Harold Z.



  “Temperance Song”

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