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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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Mathews, Martha Helen

  Matin des magiciens, Le (Bergier-Pauwels)

  “Matter of Uniteds, The”

  Matthews, Brander

  Maturin, Charles Robert

  Maugham, W. Somerset

  Maupassant, Guy de

  Mauran, William Lippitt

  Maxfield, Julia A.

  May, Arthur P.

  “Maynwaring, Archibald”

  Maynwaring, Arthur

  Mazurewicz, Edward T.

  Mead, William Rutherford

  Meditations and Contemplations (Hervey)

  “Medusa: A Portrait”

  “Medusa’s Coil” (Lovecraft-Bishop)

  Mellon, Paul

  Melmoth the Wanderer (Maturin)

  Melting-Pot, The (Zangwill)

  “Members of the Men’s Club of the First Universalist Church . . ., The”

  Memoir of Roger Williams (Knowles)


  Mencken, H. L.

  Mengshoel, E. L.

  Merlin’s Ring (Munn)

  “Merman, The” (Bloch)

  Merritt, A.

  Merritt, John

  Merritt, Pearl K.

  “Message to America, A” (Seeger)

  Messala, L. Valerius

  “Messenger, The”

  “Metal Chamber, The” (Rimel)

  Metal Monster, The (Merritt)

  Metamorphoses (Ovid)

  “Metaphysical Poets, The” (Eliot)

  Metcalf, Mildred

  Metcalf, T. N.

  Metcalf family

  “Metrical Regularity”

  Metropolitan Museum (New York)

  “Metzengerstein” (Poe)

  Mexican Civil War

  Meyrink, Gustav

  Michaud, Marc A.

  Michel, J. B.

  Michener, James

  “Middleton, Lilian” (pseud. of S. Lilian McMullen)

  Migliore, Andrew

  Miller, Caroline

  Miller, Hayes P.

  Miller, Joaquin

  Miller, Percival

  Miller, Reginald

  Miller, William, Jr.

  “Million Years After, A” (Root)

  Milton, John

  Mind Parasites, The (Wilson)

  Mind Power Plus

  Miniter, Edith

  Minnesota Quarterly

  Minster Hall

  “Mirage” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Mirage on Lovecraft (Chalker)

  Miskatonic University

  Miske, J. Chapman

  Missbaum, A.

  “Mississippi Autumn, A”

  Mitchell, D. M.

  “Mive” (Jacobi)

  “Mocraft, Horace Philter”

  “Modern Business Man to His Love, The” (Owen)

  Modern Science and Materialism (Elliot)

  Modern Science and the Illusions of Professor Bergson (Elliot)

  Modern Tales of Horror (Hammett)

  Modern Temper, The (Krutch)

  Moe, Donald

  Moe, Maurice W.

  Moe, Robert Ellis

  Moffett, Harold Y.

  Moitoret, Anthony F.

  Monadnock Monthly

  Monk, The (Lewis)

  Monk and the Hangman’s Daughter, The (Voss)

  “Monody on the Late King Alcohol”

  Monroe Clothes

  “Monster-God of Mamurth, The” (Hamilton)

  Montelone, Paul

  Montgomery Ward

  “Moon, The”

  “Moon-Bog, The”

  “Moon Pool, The” (Merritt)

  Moon Terror, The (Birch et al.)

  Moore, C. L.

  Moore, Edgar

  Moore, Thomas

  “More Chain Lightning”

  More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (James)

  More Seven Club Tales (Austin)

  More Shapes Than One (Chappell)

  Morris, William

  Morrish, Ethel Phillips

  Morrow, W. C.

  Morrow, William, & Co.

  “Mors Omnibus Communis” (Lovecraft-Greene)

  Morse, Asa

  Morse, Richard Ely

  Morte d’Arthur (Malory)

  Morton, James F.; and amateur journalism; HPL on; on HPL; with HPL in New York; HPL’s letters to; meetings with HPL; and Paterson Museum; as revisionist; and weird fiction; writings by

  Morton, Thomas

  Mosely, James Mather

  Mosig, Dirk W.

  Moskowitz, Sam

  Mosley, Sir Oswald

  Mother’s Love Songs (Toldridge)

  “Mound, The” (Lovecraft-Bishop)

  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

  Mr. X (Straub)

  “Mrs. Miniter—Estimates and Recollections”

  “MS. Found in a Bottle” (Poe)

  Muffin Man

  Mullaney, Bridget

  Mumford, Lewis

  Munn, H. Warner

  Munro, Harold W.

  Munroe, Addison P.

  Munroe, Chester Pierce

  Munroe, Harold Bateman

  Munroe, Kirk

  Munsey, Frank A.

  Munsey magazines

  Munsey’s Magazine

  “Murders in the Rue Morgue, The” (Poe)

  Murray, Margaret A.

  Murray, Will

  Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)

  Musgrave family

  “Music of Erich Zann, The”

  Mussolini, Benito

  “My Favorite Pastime—Flirting” (Griffin)

  “My Favourite Character”

  “My Friend—H. L.: A Poet of the Old School” (Munroe)

  “My Lost Love”

  “My Opinion as to the Lunar Canals”

  Myers, Gary

  “Myrrha and Strephon”

  “Mysteries of the Heavens”

  Mysteries of the Worm (Prinn)

  Mysteries of Udolpho, The (Radcliffe)

  “Mysterious Ship, The”

  Mystery Magazine

  Mystery of Choice, The (Chambers)

  Mystery Stories

  “Mystery of Murdon Grange, The”

  “Mystery of the Grave-yard, The”

  “Mythology for the Young”

  Mythos Books

  Myths and Myth-Makers (Fiske)

  N., S. P.

  NRA (National Recovery Administration)

  “Nameless City, The”

  Nameless Cults (Junzt)

  Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, The (Poe)

  Narrative of the Exploring Expedition . . . (Wilkes)



  National Amateur

  National Amateur Press Association

  National Co-operative

  National Council of Teachers of English

  National Enquirer

  National Magazine

  Nauck, Mrs. Wilhelm


  Necronomicon (Alhazred)

  Necronomicon Press

  Nelson, Robert


  “New Department Proposed”

  “New England”

  “New-England Fallen”

  New England Primer

  New English Canaan or New Canaan (Morton)

  New Republic

  New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (Campbell)

  New Way, The (de Castro)

  New York Public Library

  New York Detective Library

  New York Dramatic Mirror

  New York Evening Post

  New York Herald Tribune

  New York Sun

  New York Times

  New York Tribune

  New York Weekly

  New York World

  New Yorker

  Newcomb, Simon

  “News Notes” (United Amateur)

  Newton, Dudley

  Nick Carter Detective Weekly

  Nietzsche, Friedrich

  “Nietzsche as a Practical Prophet” (Galpin)

p; “Nietzscheism and Realism”

  Nigger-Man (cat)

  “Night Gallery”


  Night Land, The (Hodgson)

  “Night Ocean, The” (Lovecraft-Barlow)

  Night-Thoughts (Young)

  “Night Wind Bared My Heart, The” (Jackson)

  “Nightmare Lake, The”

  Night’s Black Agents (Leiber)

  Night’s Yawning Peal (Derleth)


  “No Transit of Mars”

  “Noble Eavesdropper, The”

  Northanger Abbey (Austen)

  Not at Night! (Asbury)

  “Not at Night” series

  “Note on Howard P. Lovecraft’s Verse, A” (Kleiner)

  Notes & Commonplace Book . . .

  “Notes on ‘Alias Peter Marchall’ by A. F. Lorenz”

  “Notes on Verse Technique”

  “Notes on Writing Weird Fiction”

  “Novel of the Black Seal” (Machen)

  “Novel of the White Powder” (Machen)

  Nurse, Rebekah

  “Nyarlathotep” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  “Nyarlathotep” (prose-poem)

  “Nymph’s Reply to the Modern Business Man, The”

  O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories (Williams)

  O’Brien, Edward J.

  O’Brien, Fitz-James

  “Observations on Several Parts of America”

  “Oct. 17, 1919”


  “Ode for July Fourth, 1917”

  “Ode to Florence” (Greene)

  “Ode to Selene or Diana”

  Odes and Sonnets (Smith)

  Odyssey (Homer)

  “Of Evill Sorceries Done in New England . . .”

  Of Human Bondage (Maugham)

  Official Organ Fund

  “Ol’ Black Sarah” (Dwyer)

  “Old Brick Row, The”

  “Old Bugs”

  “Old Christmas”

  “Old Egyptian Myth . . ., An”

  “Old England and the ‘Hyphen’”

  Old English Baron, The (Reeve)

  Old World Footprints (Symmes)

  Ole Miss’

  O’Leary, Jeremiah

  Oliphant, Margaret

  Oliver, John A. Westwood


  Omnibus of Crime, The (Sayers)

  “Omnipresent Philistine, The”

  “On a Battlefield in Picardy”

  “On a Modern Lothario”

  “On a New-England Village Seen by Moonlight”

  “On Acknowledgments” (Dunn)

  “On Collaboration” (Lovecraft-Kleiner)

  “On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder”

  “On Receiving a Picture of Swans”

  “On Receiving a Portraiture of Mrs. Berkeley, ye Poetess”

  “On Religion”

  “On the Aryan Question” (Huxley)

  “On the Cowboys of the West”

  “On the History of the Man-like Apes” (Huxley)

  “On the Ruin of Rome”

  “On the Creation of Niggers”

  “On the Death of a Rhyming Critic”

  On the Genealogy of Morals (Nietzsche)

  “On the Methods and Results of Ethnology” (Huxley)

  “On the Trail of the Past”

  “On the Vanity of Human Ambition”

  Onderdonk, Matthew H.

  “One of Cleopatra’s Nights” (Gautier)

  O’Neail, N. J.

  O’Neill, Eugene

  Onions, Oliver

  “Only a Volunteer” (Miller)

  “Ooze” (Rud)

  “Open Letter to the Clergy” (Morton)


  Oriental Stories

  Origin of Species, The (Darwin)

  Ornaments in Jade (Machen)

  Orton, Vrest

  O’Shaughnessy, Arthur

  “Ossian.” See Macpherson, James

  “Other Gods, The”

  “Our Apology to E. M. W.” (Russell)

  “Our Candidate”

  Our Natupski Neighbors (Miniter)

  Our Police (Mann)

  Ouronoskopia (Wittie)

  “Out of the Aeons” (Lovecraft-Heald)

  “Outpost, The”

  “Outsider, The”

  Outsider, The (Wilson)

  Outsider and Other Stories, The

  Outsider and Others, The

  “Oval Portrait, The” (Poe)

  Overland Monthly

  Ovid (P. Ovidius Naso)

  “Ovid’s Metamorphoses”


  Owen, Olive G.

  Owings, Mark

  Owyhee Avalanche

  Owyhee Land and Irrigation Company

  Oxford Latin Dictionary

  Ozell, James

  “Pacifist War Song—1917”

  Page, Brett

  Page, Thomas Nelson

  “Paget-Lowe, Henry”

  Pain, Barry

  Pall Mall Gazette

  Palgrave, Sir Francis

  Papy, Jacques

  Paradise Lost (Milton)

  Parker, Charles A. A.

  Parkman, Francis

  Parks, Joseph

  Parnell, Clarence

  Parnell, Thomas

  Partridge, John

  Passing of the Great Race, The (Grant)

  Passmore, John

  “Pastoral Tragedy of Appleton, Wisconsin, A”

  “Pastorale” (Crane)

  Pastorals (Pope)

  Patches of Sunlight (Dunsany)

  Pater, Walter

  Paterson Rambling Club

  “Pathetick History of Sir Wilful Wildrake, The”

  Pattee, Fred Lewis

  Pauke’s Quill

  Pauwels, Louis

  Pawtuxet Valley Daily Times

  Pawtuxet Valley Gleaner

  “Peabody Heritage, The” (Derleth)

  “Peace Advocate, The”

  Peace Poems and Sausages (Bush)

  Pearse, Padraic

  Pearson, Edmund

  Pellucidar (Burroughs)

  “Pendrifter, The” (Crane)

  “Penelope” (Starrett)

  Penguin Classics

  “Penseroso, Il” (Milton)

  Penzoldt, Peter

  Perelman, S. J.

  Perry, Mr.

  Pershing, A. V.

  Perspective Review

  “Perverted Poesie; or, Modern Metre”

  Pervigilium Veneris

  Petaja, Emil



  Phantastique/The Science Fiction Critic

  Phantom of the Opera, The (film)

  Phantom of the Poles, The (Reed)

  Phantom Public, The (Lippmann)

  Phantom Ship, The (Marryat)

  Philbrick, Clarence Horace

  Phillips, Abby

  Phillips, Annie Emeline. See Gamwell, Annie Emeline Phillips

  Phillips, Asaph

  Phillips, Edwin E.

  Phillips, Emma (Corey)

  Phillips, Ethel M. See Morris, Ethel Phillips

  Phillips, George

  Phillips, James

  Phillips, James Wheaton

  Phillips, Jeremiah

  Phillips, Jeremiah W.

  Phillips, Lilian Delora. See Clark, Lillian Delora

  Phillips, Mary C.

  Phillips, Michael

  Phillips, Mr

  Phillips, Robie Alzada Place

  Phillips, Roby Rathbun

  Phillips, Sarah Susan. See Lovecraft, Sarah Susan Phillips

  Phillips, Theodore W.

  Phillips, Walter H.

  “Phillips, Ward”

  Phillips, Whipple Van Buren


  Philosopher’s Stone, The (Wilson)


  Pickering, William H.

  Pickford, Mary

  Pickle for the Knowin
g Ones, A (Dexter)

  “Pickman’s Model”

  “Picture, The”

  “Picture in the House, The”

  Picture of Dorian Gray, The (Wilde)

  Pierce, Frederick Erastus

  Pigafetta, Filippo

  “Pigeon-Flyers, The” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Pine Cones

  Pinero, Arthur Wing



  Pittenger, William

  Pizzano, Cahrles

  Place, Stephen

  Place Called Dagon, The (Gorman)

  Place of Hawks (Derleth)


  Plaisier, Jennie K.

  Planck, Max

  Planet, The



  Plays of Gods and Men (Dunsany)

  Pliny the Elder (C. Plinius Secundus)

  Pliny the Younger (C. Plinius Caecilius Secundus)

  Pluck and Luck

  Plunkett, Joseph

  Pnakotic Manuscripts

  Poe, Edgar Allan; aesthetics of; compared to HPL; HPL on; influence on HPL; and Frank Belknap Long; reputation of; residences of; and weird fiction

  “Poe-et’s Nightmare, The”

  “Poem of Ulysses, The”

  Poemata Minora, Volume I

  Poemata Minora, Volume II

  Poems for Midnight (Wandrei)

  “Poetical Punch’ Pushed from His Pedestal, ‘The”

  Poetical Works (Holmes)

  Poetical Works of Jonathan E. Hoag, The (Hoag)

  “Poetry and the Gods” (Lovecraft-Crofts)

  “Poetry of John Ravenor Bullen, The”

  “Poetry of Lilian Middleton, The”

  Poetry out of Wisconsin (Derleth-Larsson)

  “Poets of Amateur Journalism” (White)



  Polo, Marco

  Poly-Olbion (Drayton)

  “Pool, The” (Jackson)

  Pope, Alexander

  Popular Astronomy (Newcomb)

  Popular Fiction Publishing Co.

  Popular Magazine

  “Port, The” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Portable Novels of science, The (Wollheim)

  Porter, Wesley H.

  Portrait of Ambrose Bierce (de Castro)

  “Post-Christmas Lament, A” (Dunn)

  Poster, William

  Pound, Ezra

  Powell, Anthony

  “Power of Wine, The”

  Practical Astronomer, The (Dick)

  “Practical Geometry”

  Practical Psychology and Sex Life (Bush)

  “Prayer for Peace and Justice, A” (Thomas)

  Precious Balms (Machen)

  Presbyterian Advocate

  Prescott, William H.

  “President’s Message” (Greene)

  “President’s Annual Report, The”

  “President’s Message” (National Amateur)

  “President’s Message” (United Amateur)

  Price, E. Hoffmann

  Price, John M.

  Price, Robert M.

  Price, Vincent


  Primer of Greek Literature, A (Lawrence)

  Primitive Culture (Tylor)

  Prinn, Ludvig

  Prior, Matthew

  Prisoner in Fairyland, A (Blackwood)

  Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft, The (Gissing)

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