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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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  “How to Become Familiar with the Constellations”

  “How to Make and Use a Telescope”

  “How to Write a Blackwood Article” (Poe)

  Howard, Daniel

  Howard, Hester Jane Ervin

  Howard, I. M.

  Howard, Leslie

  Howard, Robert E.

  “Howard P. Lovecraft’s Fiction” (Cook)

  Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Dreamer on the Nightside (Long)

  Howells, William Dean

  Hub Club

  Hudibras (Butler)

  Huerta, Victoriano

  Hughes, Charles Evans

  Hughes, Langston

  Hughes, Rupert

  Hughesdale Grammar School


  Hume, David

  Hunt, Lillian B.

  “Hunters from Beyond, The” (Smith)

  Hurston, Zora Neale

  Hutchinson, Anne

  Huxley, Aldous

  Huxley, Thomas Henry

  Huysmans, Joris-Karl

  Hyborian Age, The (Howard)

  Hylan, John F.

  “Hylas and Myrrha: A Tale”


  I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World)


  “Idealism and Materialism—A Reflection”

  “Idle Days on the Yann” (Dunsany)


  “Iles, Francis” (pseud. of Anthony Berkeley Cox)

  Iliad (Homer)

  Image-Maker of Thebes, The (film)

  Imagery Aids (Moe)


  Immigration Restriction League

  “Imparcial, El”

  “Imprisoned with the Pharaohs” (Lovecraft-Houdini). See “Under the Pyramids”

  “In a Major Key”

  In a Minor Key

  “In a Sequester’d Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walk’d”

  In Defence of Dagon

  “In Memoriam: Henry St. Clair Whitehead”

  In Memoriam: Howard Phillips Lovecraft (Cook)

  “In Memoriam: Robert Ervin Howard”

  “In Morven’s Mead” (Jackson)

  In Old Narragansett (Earle)

  In Search of the Unknown (Chambers)

  In Texas with Davy Crockett (McNeil)

  In the Confessional and the Following (Danziger)

  “In the Editor’s Study” (Conservative)

  In the Midst of Life (Bierce)

  In the Mouth of Madness (film)

  “In the Vault”

  “In the Walls of Eryx” (Lovecraft-Sterling)

  “In Vita Elysium” (Cole)

  Incantations (Smith)

  Incredible Adventures (Blackwood)

  Indick, Ben P.

  Ingram, John H.

  Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants, The (Campbell)

  Innsmouth, Mass.

  “Insomnia” (Jackson)



  “Instructions in Case of Decease”

  Insull, Samuel

  Interesting Items

  International Correspondence Schools

  “Introducing Mr. Chester Pierce Munroe”

  “Introducing Mr. John Russell”

  “Introduction, The”

  Introduction to American Literature, An (Borges)

  “Invisible Monster, The” (Lovecraft-Greene). See “Horror at Martin’s Beach, The”

  Invisible Sun (Wandrei)

  “Irish and the Fairies, The” (MacManus)

  Iron Working

  Irving, Washington

  “Is Chicago a Crime-Ridden City?” (Stone)

  “Is There Life on the Moon?”

  “Isaacsonio-Mortoniad, The”

  Isaacson, Charles D.

  Isis Unveiled (Blavatsky)

  Israfel (Allen)

  Italian, The (Radcliffe)

  “Iterum Conjunctae”

  Jackson, Fred

  Jackson, Ralph Temple

  Jackson, Shirley

  Jackson, Winifred Virginia

  Jacobi, Carl

  James, Henry

  James, M. R.

  Jefferson, Thomas


  “Jerusalem’s Lot” (King)

  Jesse James Stories

  Jewish Forerunners of Christianity (Danziger)

  Jimbo (Blackwood)

  “John Oldham: A Defence”

  John Silence—Physician Extraordinary (Blackwood)

  “John, the Detective”

  Johnson, A.

  Johnson, Alfred

  Johnson, Clarke Howard

  Johnson, Hugh Samuel

  Johnson, Samuel

  Johnston, Charles B.

  Jones, C. H.

  Jones, Edward Delbert

  Jones, Henry Arthur

  Jones, Stephen

  Jordan, Horace

  Jordan, Stephen J.

  Jordan, Winifred Virginia. See Jackson, Winifred Virginia

  Joshi, S. T.

  “Journal and the New Deal, The”

  Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, A (Johnson)

  Joyce, James

  Julius LeVallon (Blackwood)

  Jumbee and Other Uncanny Tales (Whitehead)

  Jung, C. G.

  Junior Literature: Book Two (Leonard-Moffett)

  Junzt, Friedrich von

  Jurgen (Cabell)

  Juvenal (D. Junius Juvenalis)

  Kalem Club

  Kamin, Martin and Sara

  Kant, Immanuel

  Kappa Alpha Tau

  Karloff, Boris

  Katherman, M. A.

  Kay, James

  Keats, John

  Keffer, Willametta

  Keil, Paul Livingston

  Keith, David

  Keller, David H.

  Kellerman, Stella V.

  Kelley, Earl C.

  Kelly, Muriel P.

  Kennan, George F.

  Kennedy, Mary F.

  Kenny, Robert

  “Kenton, Bernard J.” (pseud. of Jerry Siegel)

  Kern, Eugene M.

  Key, Francis Scott

  Kiernan, Caitlín R.

  Kimball, Gertrude Selwyn

  King, Stephen

  King Argimenes and the Unknown Warrior (Dunsany)

  King in Yellow, The (Chambers)

  King John (Shakespeare)

  King Kong (film)

  Kingman, Dr

  Kingsport, Mass.

  Kipling, Rudyard

  Kirk, George

  Kirk, William

  Kirtland Brothers

  “Kith of the Elf-Folk, The” (Dunsany)


  Klein, T. E. D.

  Kleine, George

  Kleiner, Rheinhart: and amateur journalism; and Sonia Greene; HPL on; on HPL; with HPL in New York; HPL’s letters to; meetings with HPL; writings by

  “Kleinst, Anatole” (pseud. of Alfred Galpin)

  Kline, Otis Adelbert

  Knight, Damon

  Knopf, Alfred A.

  Knowles, Horace B.

  Knowles, James Davis

  Koenig, Herman C.

  Koki, Arthur S.

  Körber, Joachim

  Krutch, Joseph Wood

  Ku Klux Klan

  Kuntz, Eugene B.

  Kürten, Peter

  Kuttner, Henry

  Ladd, James

  Ladd Observatory

  Laertius, Diogenes

  “Laeta; a Lament”

  “Lair of the Star-Spawn” (Derleth-Schorer)

  Lair of the White Worm, The (Stoker)

  Lake Breeze

  Lamb, Charles

  La Mettrie, Julien Offray de

  “Lamp of Alhazred, The” (Derleth)

  Landon, Alf

  Laney, Francis T.

  Lang, Andrew

  Langland, Joseph

  Lansing, Robert

  Lansinger, J. M.

  Laplace, Pierre Simon de
br />   Larsson, Raymond E. F.

  Last and First Men (Stapledon)

  Last Book of Wonder, The (Dunsany)

  “Last Feast of Harlequin, The” (Ligotti)

  “Last Incantation, The” (Smith)

  Last Laugh, The (film)

  “Last Pagan Speaks, The”

  “Last Test, The” (Lovecraft-de Castro)

  Latin Dictionary, A (Lewis-Short)

  Latin-English Lexicon

  Latin Literature of the Empire (Gudeman)

  Lawrence, Carroll

  Lawrence, D. H.

  Lawrence, Eugene

  Lawson, Horace L.

  Lazare, Edward

  Lazarus (Béraud)

  “League, The”

  League of Nations


  Lee brothers

  Leeds, Arthur

  Leeman, Tom

  Leet, William

  Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan

  “Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The” (Irving)

  Le Guin, Ursula K.

  Lehr, Mary Henrietta

  Leiber, Fritz, Sr.

  Leiber, Fritz, Jr.

  Leiber, Jonquil

  Leinster, Murray

  Lemke, William

  Lemon, Don Mark

  Lenniger, August

  Leonard, Sterling

  Leopard’s Spots, The (Dixon)

  Lescaze, William

  Lessons in Astronomy Including Uranography (Young)


  Level, Maurice

  Lévy, Maurice

  Lewis, C. S.

  Lewis, Charlton T.

  Lewis, Edna

  Lewis, Matthew Gregory

  Lewis, Sinclair

  Libbera, Jean


  “Life” (Crofts)

  “Life and Death”

  Life of Edgar Allan Poe, The (Woodberry)

  Life of Johnson (Boswell)

  Life of Reason, The (Santayana)

  “Ligeia” (Poe)

  Ligotti, Thomas

  Lincoln, Abraham

  “Lines on the 25th. Anniversary of the Providence Evening News, 1892–1917”

  “Link, The”

  Lippi, Giuseppe

  Lippmann, Walter

  “Liquor and Its Friends”

  “List of Certain Basic Underlying Horrors Effectively Used in Weird Fiction, A”

  Listener and Other Stories, The (Blackwood)

  “Literary Composition”

  “Literary Copernicus, A” (Leiber)

  “Literary Review”

  “Literature of Rome, The”

  Little, Myrta Alice

  Little Blue Light, The (Wilson)

  Little Essays in Love and Virtue (Ellis)

  “Little Glass Bottle, The”

  “Little Journeys to the Homes of Prominent Amateurs”

  Little Magazine

  “Little Sam Perkins”

  “Little Sketches About Town”

  Little Women (Alcott)

  “Littlewit, Humphry, Esq.”

  Lives of the Ancient Philosophers (Fénélon)

  Lives of the Philosophers (Laertius)

  Lives of the Poets (Johnson)

  Lloyd, John Uri

  Lock and Key Library, The (Hawthorne)

  Lockhart, Andrew F.

  London, Jack

  London (Johnson)

  London Adventure, The (Machen)

  London Evening Standard

  Long, Huey P.

  Long, Frank Belknap; and amateur journalism; on HPL; with HPL in New York; and HPL’s death; HPL’s letters to; and HPL’s marriage; influence on HPL; politics of; as revisionist; travels with HPL; and Weird Tales; writings by

  Long, Mrs. Frank Belknap, Sr.

  Long, Samuel

  Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth

  Looking Backward

  Loop, Elizabeth E.

  “Lord Dunsany and His Work”

  Lord Jim (Conrad)

  “Lord of Illusion, The” (Price)

  Loring & Mussey

  Lost Legion, The (Munn)

  Lost Valley and Other Stories, The (Blackwood)

  Lost World, The (Doyle)

  Lost World, The (film)

  Loucks, Donovan K.

  “Love Versus Lovecraft” (Russell)

  Lovecraft, Aaron

  Lovecraft, Emma Jane

  Lovecraft, Frederick A.

  Lovecraft, George

  Lovecraft, H. P.:

  LIFE: and amateur journalism; ancestry of; and Antarctica; and astronomy; and cats; and chemstry; childhood friends of; childhood games of; and clothing; diet of; dreams of; early readings of; employment of; and father; finances of; and firearms; and grandfather; health of; and mother; robbery (1925); schooling of; and sex; and temperance; and trolleys; and violin lessons

  RESIDENCES: 454 Angell Street (Providence, RI) (1890, 1893–1904); Massachusetts (1890–93); 598 Angell Street (Providence, RI) (1904–24); 249 Parkside Avenue (Brooklyn, NY) (1924); 169 Clinton Street (Brooklyn, NY) (1924–26); 10 Barnes Street (Providence, RI) (1926–33); 66 College Street (Providence, RI) (1933–37)

  THOUGHT: aesthetics; aesthetics of weird fiction; Anglophilia; atheism; contemporary literature; early thought; economics; film; later thought; politics; racism; theory of poetry

  TRAVELS: Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Cape Cod, MA; Charleston, SC; Chepachet, RI; Cleveland, OH; Dedham, MA; Dudley, MA; Elizabeth, NJ; Endless Caverns (New Market, VA); Florida; Foster, RI; Gloucester/Magnolia, MA; Kingston/Hurley, NY; Nantucket, MA; Narragansett Co., RI; Natchez, MS; New Hampshire; New Haven, CT; New Orleans, LA; New York City; New York City area; Newburyport, MA; Newport, RI; Paterson, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Plymouth, MA; Portland, ME; Portsmouth, NH; Quebec; Rehoboth, MA; Salem/Marblehead, MA; Vermont; Virginia; Washington, DC; Western MA; Westminster, MA

  WORK: astronomy writings; book publications and prospects; early essays; early poetry; early stories; later poetry; letters in Argosy/All-Story; recognition of; revisions; travel writings

  Lovecraft, John Full

  Lovecraft, Joseph

  Lovecraft, Joseph, Jr.

  Lovecraft, Joshua Elliot

  Lovecraft, Mary Louise

  Lovecraft, Sarah Susan Phillips

  Lovecraft, Thomas

  Lovecraft, William

  Lovecraft, Winfield Scott

  Lovecraft: A Biography (de Camp)

  Lovecraft: A Look Behind the “Cthulhu Mythos” (Carter)

  “Lovecraft—an Appreciation” (Goodenough)

  Lovecraft: Disturbing the Universe (Burleson)

  “Lovecraft and Benefit Street” (Walter)

  Lovecraft Annual

  Lovecraft at Last (Lovecraft-Conover)

  Lovecraft Chronicles, The (Cannon)

  Lovecraft Collectors Library

  “Lovecraft on Love”

  Lovecraft ou du fantastique (Lévy)

  Lovecraft Remembered (Cannon)

  Lovecraft Studies

  Lovecraft’s Book (Lupoff)

  Lovecraft’s Legacy (Weinberg-Greenberg)


  “Loved Dead, The” (Lovecraft-Eddy)

  Loveman, Samuel; and amateur journalism; and Ambrose Bierce; and Sonia Davis; HPL on; on HPL; with HPL in Cleveland; with HPL in New York; and HPL’s fiction; HPL’s letters to; travels with HPL; writings by

  Lowell, Amy

  Lowell, James Russell

  Lowell, Percival

  Lowell, Robert

  Lowndes, Robert A. W.

  “Luck of Edenhall, The” (Longfellow)

  Lucretius (T. Lucretius Carus)

  “Lucubrations Lovecraftian”

  Lumley, Brian

  Lumley, William

  Lupoff, Richard A.

  Lurker at the Threshold, The (Derleth)

  Lurker in the Lobby, The (Migliore-Strysik)

  “Lurking Fear, The”

  Lurking Fear, The (film)

  Lurking Fear and Other Stories, The
  Lusitania (ship)

  Luten, J. Randle

  Lynch, J. Bernard

  Lynd, Robert

  Lyrics of Lowly Life (Dunbar)

  M., Dorrie

  Mabbott, T. O.

  Mabley & Carew’s

  “Mac Flecknoe” (Dryden)

  Macauley, George W.

  McColl, Gavin T.

  McCormack, John

  McCurdy, “Monk”

  MacDonald, George

  McDonald, Philip B.

  McGavack, Henry Clapham

  McGeoch, Verna

  McGrath, Patrick

  McGrew, Donald Francis

  Machen, Arthur

  McIlwraith, Dorothy

  McKay, Claude

  McKeag, Ernest Lionel

  McKeogh, Arthur

  McKim, Charles F.

  McKinley, William

  McLaughlin, E. Dorothy

  MacLeish, Archibald

  Macleod, Fiona (pseud. of William Sharp)

  MacManus, Peter J.

  McMullen, S. Lilian

  McMurtry, Larry

  McNamara, M. Eileen

  McNeil, Everett

  Macpherson, James

  McWilliams, Carey

  Madero, Francisco I.

  “Madison, A. T.” (pseud. of Alfred Galpin)

  “Madness of Lucian Grey, The” (Bloch)

  Magazine of Fun

  “Magazine Poet, The”

  Magic Carpet

  Magician among the Spirits, A (Houdini)

  Magistris, Mariano de

  Magnalia Christi Americana (Mather)

  Mailer, Norman

  Main Street (Lewis)

  Maine (ship)

  “Maker of Moons, The” (Chambers)

  Maker of Moons, The (Chambers)

  “Making of a Motion Picture, The” (Shehan)

  Malaeska: The Indian Wife of the White Hunter (Stephens)

  Mallarmé, Stéphane

  Man from Genoa, The (Long)

  “Man in the Mirror, The” (Hunt)

  “Man of Stone, The” (Lovecraft-Heald)

  “Man of the Crowd, The” (Poe)

  Man on All Fours, The (Derleth)

  Mandeville, Sir John

  Mann, Henry

  Man’s Place in Nature and Other Anthropological Essays (Huxley)

  Mantell, Robert

  Mappin, Beryl

  Marblehead (Lupoff)


  Mariconda, Steven J.

  Marion, Frank

  “Marriage Auction, The” (Jackson)

  Marryat, Frederick

  Marsh, Henry G.

  “Marsh-Mad” (Galpin)

  Marshall, Mrs.

  Marten, Robert D.

  Martin, Harry E.

  Marvel Tales

  Marx, Karl

  Mary Adorita, Sister

  Mashburn, W. Kirk

  Mask of Cthulhu, The (Derleth)

  “Masque of the Red Death, The” (Poe)

  “Master of the Macabre, A” (Derleth)

  Masterpieces of Mystery (French)

  Masters, Edgar Lee

  Mastropierro, Lorenzo

  “Materialist Today, The”

  Mather, Cotton

  Matheson, Richard

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