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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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  Edgar Allan Poe (Woodberry)

  Edgar Allan Poe: His Life, Letters and Opinions (Ingram)

  Edgar Allan Poe, the Man (Phillips)

  “Edith Miniter”

  Editions for the Armed Services

  “Editorial” (Conservative)

  “Editorial” (Providence Amateur)

  “Editorial” (United Amateur)

  “Editorial” (Dunn)


  Edkins, Ernest A.

  Education of Uncle Paul, The (Blackwood)

  Edward VIII (King of England)

  Edwards, John

  “Egyptian Myths”

  “Eidolon, The”

  Einstein, Albert

  “Elder Pharos, The” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Eldridge, William Tillinghast

  “Electric Executioner, The” (Lovecraft-de Castro)

  “Elegy on Franklin Chase Clark, M.D., An”

  “Elegy on Phillips Gamwell”

  Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard (Gray)

  Elements of Astronomy (Guy)

  Eliot, T. S.

  Elizabeth I (Queen of England)

  Elizabeth Daily Journal

  Elliot, Hugh

  Ellis, Annie Cross

  Ellis, Havelock

  Ellisen, Ed.

  Ellsworth, Lincoln

  Elsie Venner (Holmes)

  Eltdown Shards

  Emerson, Ralph Waldo

  “Emperor of Dreams, The” (Wandrei)

  Empty House and Other Stories, The (Blackwood)

  “Encouraging Recruits”

  Encyclopaedia Britannica

  Enyclopedia of Occultism (Spence)

  “End of the Jackson War, The”

  England, George Allan

  English Journal

  Ennis, Clifford D.


  Epicure in the Terrible, An (Schultz-Joshi)


  Episodes Before Thirty (Blackwood)

  Episodes of Vathek, The (Beckford)

  “Epistle to Francis, Ld. Belknap, An.” See “To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman . . .”

  “Epistle to . . . Maurice Winter Moe, Esq. . . ., An”


  Erford, J. F. Roy

  Ericson, E. E.

  Erik Dorn (Hecht)

  Esenwein, J. Berg

  Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur

  Esoteric Order of Dagon


  Essays Lovecraftian (Schweitzer)

  Etidorhpa (Lloyd)

  “European Glimpses” (Lovecraft-Greene)


  Eusden, Laurence

  Evans, William H.

  Eve of St Agnes, The (Keats)

  Evening in Spring (Derleth)

  “Evening Star” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Everts, R. Alain

  “Evil Clergyman, The”

  Evolution of Man, The (Haeckel)

  Ewers, Hanns Heinz

  “Ex Oblivione”

  Exchange of Souls, An (Pain)


  “Expectancy” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Explorers of the Infinite (Moskowitz)


  Extra Day, The (Blackwood)

  “Eye above the Mantel, The” (Long)

  “Eyes of the God” (Barlow)

  “Eyrie, The” (Weird Tales)

  F., G. W.

  Face That Must Die, The (Campbell)

  Face to Face with the Great Musicians (Isaacson)

  “Facts concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”

  “Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, The” (Poe)

  Facts, Thought, and Imagination (Canby-Pierce-Durham)

  Fadiman, Clifton P.

  Faig, Kenneth W., Jr

  Fairbanks, Douglas, Sr.

  Fairbanks, Henry G.

  Fairbanks Scales Co.

  Fairchild, Dan

  Fairy Tales (Grimm)

  “Falco Ossifracus: By Mr. Goodguile” (Miniter)

  “Fall of Astrology, The”

  “Fall of the House of Usher, The” (Poe)

  “Falsity of Astrology, The”

  Fanciful Tales

  Fantaisiste’s Mirror

  Fantasy Commentator

  Fantasy Fan

  Fantasy Magazine

  Far Off Things (Machen)

  Farnell, F. J.

  Farnese, Harold S.

  Farsaci, Larry

  Fast, F. R.

  Faulkner, William

  Faunce, W. H. P.

  “Favorite Weird Stories of H. P. Lovecraft”

  Fay’s Theatre (Providence, R.I.)

  “Feast, The”

  “Feast in the Abbey, The” (Bloch)

  “Felis: A Prose Poem” (Long)

  Fénélon, François de Salignac de la Mothe-

  Ferle Heller’s


  “Festival, The”

  Fetter, George G.

  Field, Edward

  Field, John

  Fielding, Henry

  Fifty-one Tales (Dunsany)

  “Final Words”


  Fine, Calvin

  Fingulin, A. V.

  Finlay, Virgil

  Finnegans Wake (Joyce)

  “Fire of Asshurbanipal, The” (Howard)

  First Baptist Church (Providence, R.I.)

  “First Law, The” (Jackson)

  First on the Antarctic Continent (Borchgrevink)

  First Universalist Society

  Fischer, Harry O.

  Fisher, H. M.

  “Fisherman of Falcon Point, The” (Derleth)

  “Fishhead” (Cobb)

  Fiske, John

  Fitzgerald, F. Scott

  Five Plays (Dunsany)

  “Flagg, Francis” (pseud. of Henry George Weiss)

  Flaubert, Gustave

  Fletcher, John Gould

  “Florida” (Russell)

  Fog, The (film)

  Fogg Museum (Harvard University)

  “For Annie” (Poe)

  “For Historian—Ira A. Cole”

  “For Official Editor—Anne Tillery Renshaw”

  “For President—Leo Fritter”

  “For What Does the United Stand?”

  Forever Azathoth and Other Horrors (Cannon)

  Forrest, Ira B.

  Forster, Richard

  Fort, Charles

  Fort Standish (Boston)

  Foster, T. J.



  Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (Chamberlain)

  Four Acrostic Sonnets on Edgar Allan Poe

  “Four O’Clock” (Greene)

  Fourteen Weeks Course in Descriptive Astronomy, A (Steele)

  Fourth Book of Jorkens, The (Dunsany)

  Fragment of Life, A (Machen)

  Fragmente der Vorsokratiker, Die (Diels)

  “Fragments from the Journal of a Solitary Man” (Hawthorne)

  Frank, Frederick S.

  Frank Reade Library

  Frank Reade Weekly

  Frankenstein (Shelley)

  Frankenstein (film)

  Fraser, Phyllis

  Frazer, Sir James George

  Fredlund, Arthur

  Freeman, Edward A.

  Freeman, Mary E. Wilkins

  Freer, Archibald

  French, Eunice

  French, Joseph Lewis

  Frenschkowski, Marco


  Freud, Sigmund

  Fricker, Karl

  Frierson, Meade and Penny

  Fritter, Leo

  “From Beyond”

  “From the Sea” (Rimel)

  Frome, Nils H.

  Frost, Robert

  Frozen Pirate, The (Russell)

  “Frustra Praemunitus”

  Fulci, Lucio

  Full, Mary

  Fulwiler, William

  Fungi from Yuggoth

  Fungi fro
m Yuggoth and Other Verses

  Fur-Seal’s Tooth, The (Munroe)

  Further Criticism of Poetry

  G., H. R.


  “Galileo and Swammerdam” (Jackson)

  Gallagher, Patrick

  Galland, Antoine



  Galpin, Alfred; and amateur journalism; and Sonia Greene; HPL on; HPL’s letters to; and HPL’s work; meetings with HPL; as writer

  Galpin, Mrs Alfred

  Galsworthy, John

  Gamwell, Annie Emeline Phillips; and R. H. Barlow; and Sonia Greene; and HPL’s childhood; and HPL’s death; and HPL’s finances; HPL’s letters to; health of; marriage of; residence with HPL; travels with HPL

  Gamwell, Edward F.

  Gamwell, Marion Roby

  Gamwell, Phillips

  Garden of Survival, The (Blackwood)

  “Gardens of Yin, The” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Gardner, Henry B.

  Gardner, Mrs Marinus Willett

  Garland, Hamlin

  Garth, Sir Samuel

  Gaspee (ship)

  Gatto, John Taylor


  Gautier, Théophile

  Gay, John

  Gayford, Norman R.

  Gaynor, Leonard

  Gehman, Richard

  “Gems from In a Minor Key”

  “George’s Sacrifice: By Percy Vacuum, age 8”

  Gerlache, Adrien de

  Gernsback, Hugo

  Gesammelte Werke

  Gessler, Clifford

  Ghorl Nigral


  “Ghost-Eater, The” (Lovecraft-Eddy)

  Ghost Girl, The (Saltus)

  Ghost Pirates, The (Hodgson)

  Ghost Stories

  Ghost-Stories of an Antiquary (James)

  Gibbon, Edward

  Gibson, Walter B.

  Giger, H. R.

  Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

  Gindre, Philippe

  Gissing, George

  Glands Regulating Personality, The (Berman)

  Glorious Mystery, The (Machen)

  Goblin Tower, The (Long)

  Gods of Mars, The (Burroughs)

  Gods of Pegana, The (Dunsany)

  Gods of the Mountain, The (Dunsany)

  Goff, Russell

  Golden Atom

  Golden Bough, The (Frazer)

  Goldsmith, Oliver

  Golem, The (Meyrink)

  Gollancz, Victor

  “Gone—But Whither?”

  Good Anaesthetic, A

  Goodenough, Arthur

  Goose-Quill Papers (Guiney)

  Gordon, Mr

  Gordon, Stuart

  “Gorgon, The” (Smith)

  Gorham & Co.

  Gorman, Herbert

  Gorman, Joseph

  Gorton, Samuel

  Gosse, Edmund

  Gough, John B.

  Grant, Charles L.

  Grant, Kenneth

  Grant, Madison

  “Graveyard Rats, The” (Kuttner)

  Gray, Thomas

  Grayson, Allan

  “Great God Pan, The” (Machen)

  Great God Pan and The Inmost Light, The (Machen)

  Great Meadow Country Clubhouse

  Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (Wise-Fraser)

  “Greater Courage, The” (Isaacson)

  “Greek Literature” (McGeoch)

  Green, J. R.

  “Green Meadow” (Lovecraft-Jackson)

  “Green Tea” (Le Fanu)

  Greenberg, Martin H.

  Greene, Florence

  Greene, John

  Greene, Nathanael

  Greene, Sonia H. See Davis, Sonia H.

  Greene, Sydney

  Greenfield, William H.

  Greenlaw, Ralph M.

  “Grewsome Tales”

  Grey, Zane

  Griffin, W. E.

  Griffith, D. W.

  Grimm, Brothers

  “Grinning Ghoul, The” (Bloch)

  Griswold, Rufus W.

  “Grit Your Teeth” (Bush)

  “Gryphus in Asinum Mutatus”

  Guarriello, Pietro

  Gudeman, Alfred

  Guest, Edgar A.

  Guiney, Louise Imogen

  Guy, Joseph

  “H. Lovecraft’s Attempted Journey . . .”

  HPL (Frierson)

  HPL (Stickney)

  H. P. L.: A Memoir (Derleth)

  H. P. Lovecraft (rock band)

  H. P. Lovecraft (Cannon)

  “H. P. Lovecraft: A Biographical Sketch” (Baldwin)

  H. P. Lovecraft: A Critical Study (Burleson)

  H. P. Lovecraft: A Life (Joshi)

  H. P. Lovecraft: Four Decades of Criticism (Joshi)

  “H. P. Lovecraft, Outsider” (Derleth)

  H. P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West (Joshi)

  “H. P. Lovecraft: The House and the Shadows” (Shea)

  H. P. Lovecraft Centennial Conference

  H. P. Lovecraft Companion, The (Shreffler)

  H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival

  H. P. Lovecraft’s From Beyond (film)

  H. P. Lovecraft’s Re-Animator (film)

  Haeckel, Ernst

  Haft, Racille

  Haggard, H. Rider

  Haggerty, Vincent B.

  Haldeman-Julius, E.

  Hall, Desmond

  Hall, James B.


  “Hallowe’en in a Suburb”

  Halley’s Comet

  Halsey, Thomas Lloyd

  Halve Maen, De

  Hamilton, Edmond

  Hamlet, Alice

  Hamlet (Shakespeare)

  Hammett, Dashiell

  Handbook of Roman Antiquities, A

  Happel, Carl

  Happy Ending (Guiney)

  “Harbor-Master, The” (Chambers)

  “Harbour Whistles” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Harding, Warren G.

  Hardy, Thomas

  Harper & Brothers


  Harré, T. Everett

  Harrington, William T.

  Harris, Arthur

  Harris, Juliette

  Harris, Woodburn

  Harrison, Benjamin

  Harrison, James A.

  Hart, Bertrand K.

  Hartley, L. P.

  Hartmann, J. F.

  Hashish Eater, The (Smith)

  “Hashish Man, The” (Dunsany)

  “Hasting, Consul” (pseud. of Alfred Galpin)

  Hatfield, Gordon

  Hathaway, Abbie A.

  Haughton, Ida C.

  “Haunted and the Haunters, The” (Bulwer-Lytton)

  Haunted Castle, The (Railo)

  “Haunted House, The”

  Haunted Palace, The (film)

  “Haunted Valley, The” (Bierce)

  “Haunter of the Dark, The”

  Haunter of the Dark and Other Tales of Horror, The

  “Haverhill Convention, The”

  Hawthorne, Julian

  Hawthorne, Nathaniel

  Hay, George

  Hazel, Faye Ringel

  Hazlitt, William


  Heald, Hazel

  Hearn, Lafcadio

  Heart of Darkness (Conrad)

  Hecht, Ben



  Heine, Heinrich

  Heinlein, Robert A.

  Heins, John Milton

  “Heins versus Houtain” (Greene)

  Heisenberg, Werner Karl

  “Helene Hoffman Cole: 1893–1919: The Club’s Tribute”

  Helvétius, Claude-Adrien

  Hemingway, Ernest

  Henley, Samuel

  Henneberger, J. C.

  Henry, Patrick

  Hepner, Dora M.

  Herbert Spencer (Elliot)

  “Herbert West—Reanimator”

  “Heritage or Moderni

  Hermaphrodite, The (Loveman)

  “Hermit, The”

  Herne, L’

  Herrera, Philip

  Herschel, John

  Herschel, Sir William

  Hervey, James

  “Hesperia” (Fungi from Yuggoth)


  Hess, Clara

  Hichens, Robert

  Hieroglyphics (Machen)

  High Life

  “Highwayman, The” (Dunsany)

  Hill, Isaac

  Hill of Dreams, The (Machen)

  Hines, Thomas

  Hinsie, Leland E.

  Hippocampus Press

  “His Own Most Fantastic Creation” (Scott)

  “Historical Account of Last Year’s War with SPAIN, An”

  Historical Discourse on the Civil and Religious Affairs of the Colony of Rhode-Island, An (Callendar)

  Historical Reminiscences of Foster, Rhode Island (Tyler)

  History of Dartmouth College (Richardson)

  History of Freemasonry in Rhode Island (Rugg)

  History of the Gothic Revival (Eastlake)

  “History of the Necronomicon”

  History of the Necronomicon, A

  History of the State of Rhode Island (Bicknell)

  History of the United States Secret Service (Baker)

  Hitler, Adolf

  Hoag, Jonathan E.

  “Hoard of the Wizard-Beast, The” (Lovecraft-Barlow)

  Hodgson, William Hope

  Hoffman, Helene E.

  Hoffmann, E. T. A.

  Hogarth, William

  Holbach, Paul Thiry d’

  Holland Society

  Hollick-Kenyon, Herbert

  Holmes, Oliver Wendell

  Holmes, Prescott

  Holmes, Sherlock

  Home Brew

  “Homecoming” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Homeland Company


  Homer, Joseph

  “Homes and Shrines of Poe”

  Honolulu Star-Bulletin

  Hooker, Joseph

  Hoover, Herbert

  Hope Street High School

  Hopkins, Stephen

  Horace (Q. Horatius Flaccus)

  “Horla, The” (Maupassant)

  Hornig, Charles D.

  “Horror at Martin’s Beach, The” (Lovecraft-Greene)

  “Horror at Red Hook, The”

  “Horror from the Depths, The” (Derleth-Schorer)

  Horror from the Hills, The (Long)

  “Horror in the Burying-Ground, The” (Lovecraft-Heald)

  “Horror in the Museum, The” (Lovecraft-Heald)

  Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions, The

  “Horseman in the Sky, The” (Bierce)

  Hoskins, W. B.

  Houdini, Harry

  Houellebecq, Michel

  “Hound, The”

  Hound of the Baskervilles, The (Doyle)

  “House, The”

  House by the Churchyard, The (Le Fanu)

  House of Souls, The (Machen)

  “House of Sounds, The” (Shiel)

  House of the Seven Gables, The (Hawthorne)

  “House of the Worm, The” (unwritten novel)

  “House of the Worm, The” (Prout)

  House on the Borderland, The (Hodgson)

  Houtain, E. Dorothy

  Houtain, George Julian

  “How Our State Police Have Spurred Their Way to Fame” (Van de Water)

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