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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES), page 173


I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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Boni, Albert & Charles

  Boni & Liveright

  Bonner, G. E.

  Bonner, Marion F.


  “Bonnie Blue Flag, The”

  Bonus Army

  “Book, The” (fragment)

  “Book, The” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  Book of Dzyan

  Book of Eibon

  Book of Forbidden Things

  Book of the Damned, The (Fort)

  Book of Were-wolves, A (Baring-Gould)

  Book of Wonder, The (Dunsany)

  “Bookstall, The”

  Borchgrevink, Carsten Egeberg

  Borel, Pierre

  Borelli’s comet

  Borges, Jorge Luis

  Borough Clothiers

  Boston Herald

  Boston Post

  Boston Transcript

  Boswell, James

  “Bothon” (Whitehead?)

  “Bouts Rimés”

  Boyd, Emma Garrett

  Boy’s World

  Bradbury, Ray

  Bradley, Chester P.

  Bradley, Osgood

  Bradofsky, Hyman

  Braithwaite, William Stanley

  Brandt, C. A.

  Bransfield, Edward

  Brattleboro Reformer

  Brave and Bold

  Brave New World (Huxley)

  “Brick Row.” See “East India Brick Row, The”

  Bride of Re-Animator (film)

  “Bride of the Sea, The”

  Bridge, The (Crane)

  Bridge of San Luis Rey, The (Wilder)

  Bridges, Robert

  Brief Course in Astronomy, A

  Brief Course in Inorganic Chemistry, A

  Bright Messenger, The (Blackwood)

  Briney, Robert E.

  Bristol, William J.

  “Britannia Victura”

  Brobst, Harry K.

  Bromley, Grace M.

  Brontë, Emily

  Brood of the Witch Queen (Rohmer)

  Brooklyn Eagle



  Brown, A. H.

  Brown, Alice

  Brown, Charles Brockden

  Brown, Howard

  Brown, Jack E.

  Brown, John

  Brown, Nicholas

  Brown brothers

  Brown University

  Browning, Robert

  “Bruise, The” (Whitehead)

  Brundage, Margaret

  Brunner, John

  Bryan, William Jennings

  Bryant, Roger

  Bryant, William L.

  Buchan, John

  Bulfinch, Thomas

  Bullen, John Ravenor

  Bulwer-Lytton, Edward

  “Bureau of Critics”

  Buried Caesars (Starrett)

  Burks, Arthur J.

  Burleson, Donald R.

  Burns, Mrs

  Burroughs, Edgar Rice

  Burrowers Beneath, The (Lumley)

  Burton, Sir Richard

  Bush, David Van

  Butler, Samuel (“Hudibras”)

  Butler, Samuel

  “By Post from Providence”

  Byland, Fred A.

  Byrd, Richard E.

  Byron, George Gordon, Lord

  CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)

  C., E. F. W.

  “C. S. A. 1861–1865”

  Cabell, James Branch

  Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The (film)

  Calder, Augustus W.


  “Call of Cthulhu, The”

  Call of Cthulhu, The (role-playing game)

  Callendar, John

  Caller of the Black, The (Lumley)

  Campbell, Ada P.

  Campbell, John H.

  Campbell, John W.

  Campbell, Paul J.

  Campbell, Ramsey

  Campbell, Robert Jean

  Campbell, W. W.

  Can Such Things Be? (Bierce)

  “Can the Moon Be Reached by Man?”

  Canby, Henry Seidel

  Cancer of Superstition, The (Lovecraft-Eddy)

  Candide (Voltaire)

  Canning Wonder, The (Machen)

  Cannon, Peter

  Capron, Reuben

  Capturing a Locomotive (Pittenger)

  Carlyle, Thomas

  “Carmilla” (Le Fanu)

  Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder (Hodgson)

  Carpenter, John

  Carranza, Venustiano

  Carter, Lin

  Caruso, Enrico

  “Case for Classicism, The”

  Case of Billy Sunday, The

  Case of Charles Dexter Ward, The

  Casement, Sir Roger

  Cass, De Lysle Ferrée

  “Cassius” (Whitehead)

  Cast a Deadly Spell (HBO)

  Castle of Otranto, The (Walpole)

  Cather, Willa

  Cato (Addison)

  “Cats, The”

  “Cats and Dogs”

  “Cats of Ulthar, The”

  Cats of Ulthar, The

  Catullus (C. Valerius Catullus)



  Cave, Hugh B.


  “Celestial Objects for All”

  Centaur, The (Blackwood)

  Century Magazine

  “Chadbourne Episode, The” (Whitehead)

  Chain Lightning

  Chalker, Jack L.

  “Challenge from Beyond, The”

  Chamberlain, Houston Stewart

  Chambers, George F.

  Chambers, Robert

  Chambers, Robert W.

  Chaney, Lon, Jr.

  “Chaos Resolved” (Wandrei)

  Chaosium, Inc.

  Chaplin, Charlie

  Chappell, Fred

  Charles I (King of England)

  Charles II (King of England)


  Checkley, John

  Chelsea Book Shop

  “Chemical Brain, The” (Weiss)


  Chemistry III

  Chemistry IV

  Chemistry, Magic, & Electricity

  Chesterton, G. K.


  Chicago Sun Book Week

  Chicago Tribune

  “Children of the Night, The” (Howard)

  Christian Science Monitor

  Christie, Agatha

  Chronicle of Nath (Yergler)

  Chronicles of Rodriguez, The (Dunsany)

  “Chuckler, The” (Wandrei)

  Church, Mrs. Winslow

  “Churchyard Yew, The” (Derleth)

  Cicero (M. Tullius Cicero)

  Cisco, Michael

  Citadel of Fear (Stevens)

  “City, The”

  “City of the Singing Flame, The” (Smith)

  “City of Wonder, A” (Dunsany)

  Civil War

  Claimed (Stevens)

  Clansman, The (Dixon)

  “Clarendon’s Last Test” (Lovecraft-de Castro). See “Last Test, The”

  Clark, Franklin Chase

  Clark, Lilian Delora

  And W. Paul Cook; and Sonia Greene; with HPL in New York; HPL’s letters to; residence with HPL

  Clarke, Arthur C.

  Clayton, William

  Cleveland, Charles Dexter

  Cleveland, Grover

  Cleveland Sun

  Cline, Leonard

  Cloisonné and Other Verses (Talman)

  Club of the Seven Dreamers, The

  Coates, Walter J.

  Cobb, Irvin S.

  Cockcroft, T. G. L.

  Cocteau, Jean

  Cold Harbour (Young)

  Cold Print (Campbell)

  Cole, E. Sherman

  Cole, Edward H.

  Cole, Ira A.

  Coleman, Stuart

  Coleridge, Samuel Taylor

  “Collapsing Cosmoses” (Lovecraft-Barlow)

  Collected Essa

  Collected Ghost Stories of M. R. James, The (James)

  Collected Poems

  College Humor

  Collier, John

  Collier’s Weekly

  Collins, Wilkie


  Color Line, The (Smith)

  “Colossus” (Wandrei)

  “Colour out of Space, The”

  Colour out of Space, The

  “Coming of the White Worm, The” (Smith)


  “Commercial Blurbs”

  “Commercialism—The Curse of Art” (Greene)

  commonplace book

  “Concerning the Conservative” (Isaacson)

  “Confession of Unfaith, A”

  Conger, Alice

  Congreve, William

  Conjure Wife (Leiber)

  Connery, William

  Connoisseur and Other Stories, The (de la Mare)

  Conover, Howard R.

  Conover, Willis

  Conquest of Mexico, The (Prescott)

  “Conquest of the Hub Club, The”

  Conquistador (MacLeish)

  Conrad, Joseph

  “Conscript, The”


  “Conservative and His Critics, The”

  “‘Conservatism’ Gone Mad” (Morton)

  “Consolidation’s Autopsy”

  Constantine I (King of Greece)

  “Continuity” (Fungi from Yuggoth)

  “Convention, The”

  “Convention Banquet, The”

  “Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, The” (Poe)

  Cook, F. A.

  Cook, James

  Cook, W. Paul; and amateur journalism; on HPL; meetings with HPL; as publisher; and weird fiction

  “Cool Air”

  Cool Million, A (West)

  Coolidge, Calvin

  Copernicus, Nicholaus

  Corcoran, Maggie

  Corman, Roger

  Cornelius, B.

  “Coronation of Mr. Thomas Shap, The” (Dunsany)

  “Correspondence between R. H. Barlow and Wilson Shepherd . . .”


  Cosmic Tales


  Coughlin, Charles E.

  Couleur tombée du ciel, La

  Coulthart, John

  “Count Magnus” (James)


  Cowan, Frank

  Cowboy Stories

  Cox, George Benson

  Crafton Service Bureau

  Craig, Mrs R. A.

  Cram, Ralph Adams

  Crane, Charles

  Crane, Hart

  Crawford, F. Marion

  Crawford, William L.

  “Crawling Chaos, The” (Lovecraft-Jackson)

  Crawling Chaos: Selected Works

  Crean, T. P.


  Creditors’ National Clearing House

  Creep, Shadow! (Merritt)

  “Creeper in the Crypt, The” (Bloch)

  Creeps by Night (Hammett)

  Crime of Crimes, The

  “Crime of the Century, The”

  Crispin, Edmund


  Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian, A (Blair)

  “Criticism of Amateur Journals, A” (McDonald)

  Crofts, Anna Helen

  Crookes, Sir William

  “Crossman, Willis Tete”

  Croxall, Samuel

  Crowley, Aleister

  Crowley, James Laurence

  Crypt of Cthulhu

  “Crystal Bullet, The” (Wandrei)

  Cthulhu: Geistergeschichten

  Cthulhu Mythos

  Cthulhu 2000 (Turner)

  Cummings, J. C.

  Cummings, Ray

  Cuppy, Will

  Curious Myths of the Middle Ages (Baring-Gould)

  Curse, The (film)

  Curse of Race Prejudice, The (Morton)

  Curse of the Wise Woman, The (Dunsany)

  “Curse of Yig, The” (Lovecraft-Bishop)

  Curtiss, William Loren

  “Cycle of Verse, A”

  Cyclopaedia of the Literature of Amateur Journalism (Spencer)

  Cymbeline (Shakespeare)

  Cyreno de Bergerac (film)

  Daas, Edward F.



  Dagon (Chappell)

  Dagon (film)

  Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

  Dahibrun, Lyle

  Daly, Carroll John

  “Damned Thing, The” (Bierce)

  “Damon—a Monody”

  “Damon and Delia, a Pastoral”

  “Damon and Lycë”

  Danse Macabre (King)

  Dante Alighieri

  Danziger, Gustav Adolphe. See de Castro, Adolphe

  Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces, The

  Dark Chamber, The (Cline)

  Dark Chateau, The (Smith)

  “Dark Eidolon, The” (Smith)

  Dark Odyssey (Wandrei)

  Darwin, Charles

  Dauber & Pine

  David Copperfield (Dickens)

  Davidson, Avram

  Davies, Robertson

  Davis, Edgar J.

  Davis, Graeme

  Davis, Nathaniel

  Davis, Robert H.

  Davis, Sonia H.; and amateur journalism; divorce from HPL; employment of; on HPL; and HPL’s aunts; on HPL’s parents; health of; marriage with HPL; meetings with HPL; and sex; travels with HPL; as writer

  Day, F. H.

  De Rerum Natura (Lucretius)

  “De Scriptore Mulerioso”

  “De Triumpho Naturae”

  De Vermis Mysteriis (Prinn)

  “Dead Bookworm, The”

  Dead Titans, Waken! (Wandrei)

  “Dead Valley, The” (Cram)

  “Deaf, Dumb, and Blind” (Lovecraft-Eddy)

  “Death” (Hoag)

  “Death” (Shehan)

  “Death” (Shepherd)

  “death diary”

  “Death of Halpin Frayser, The” (Bierce)

  Debs, Eugene V.

  De Bry, brothers

  de Camp, L. Sprague

  de Castro, Adolphe

  “Decline and Fall of a Man of the World, The”

  Decline of the West, The (Spengler)

  Dee, John

  Dee, Sandra

  “Defence Remains Open!, The”

  “Defence Reopens!, The”

  de la Mare, Walter

  Delavan’s Comet

  “Delavan’s Comet and Astrology”

  Delrio, Antoine

  De Mille, James


  Demons by Daylight (Campbell)

  Demons of the Upper Air (Leiber)

  Dench, Ernest A.

  Department of Instruction

  Department of Private Criticism

  “Department of Public Criticism”

  Derleth, August; and R. H. Barlow; and Cthulhu Mythos; on HPL; HPL’s letters to; and HPL’s work; as publisher; and pulp fiction; and Donald Wandrei; on weird fiction; as writer

  “Descendant, The”

  “Descent into the Maelström, A” (Poe)

  Descent of Man, The (Darwin)

  “Description of the Town of Quebeck, A”

  Desmond, Shaw


  Detective, The

  Detective Tales

  de Vries, Peter

  Dewey, John

  Dexter, “Lord” Timothy

  Dexter Asylum


  “Diamond Necklace, The” (Jackson)

  “Diary” (1925)

  “Diary” (1936)

  “Diary of Alonzo Typer, The” (Lovecraft-Lumley)

  Dick, Philip K.

  Dick, Thomas

  Dickens, Charles

  Dictionary of Americanisms (Bartlett)

  Dictionary of the English Language (Johnson)

  Dictionary of the Eng
lish Language (Stormonth)

  Diderot, Denis

  Die, Monster, Die! (film)

  Diels, Hermann

  “Dignity of Journalism, The”

  “Dim-Remembered Story, A” (Barlow)

  dime novels

  “Disinterment, The” (Lovecraft-Rimel)

  Dispensary, The (Garth)

  Dixie Booster

  Dixon, Thomas, Jr.

  Docherty, Chris

  Dodge, E. G.

  Donne, John

  “Doom That Came to Sarnath, The”

  Doorways to Poetry (Moe)

  Doran, George H.

  Doré, Gustave

  Double Shadow and Other Fantasies, The (Smith)

  Doubleday, Page & Co.

  Dowdell, William J.

  Dowdell’s Bearcat

  Dowe, Jennie E. T.

  Down to the Sea in Ships (film)

  Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

  Doyle, Thomas A.

  “Dr. Whitlock’s Price” (Long)

  Dracula (Stoker)

  Dracula (film)



  Drake, H. B.

  Drayton, Michael

  “Dream-Land” (Poe)

  “Dream of a Golden Age, The” (Cole)

  Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The

  Dreamer’s Tales, A (Dunsany)

  Dreams and Fancies

  “Dreams in the Witch House, The”

  “Dreams of Yith” (Rimel)

  Dreiser, Theodore

  Dreiserana (Orton)


  “Drinking Song from ‘The Tomb’”

  Dryden, John

  Dryden, Wheeler

  DuBarry, Jack

  Du Bois, W. E. B.

  Dunbar, Paul Laurence

  Dunciad (Pope)

  Dunn, John T.

  Dunsany, Lord

  Dunsany the Dramatist (Bierstadt)

  “Dunsany, Yeats and Shaw: Trinity of Magic” (Desmond)

  Dunwich, Mass.

  “Dunwich Horror, The”

  Dunwich Horror, The

  Dunwich Horror, The (film)

  Dunwich Horror and Other Weird Tales, The

  Dunwich Horror and Others, The (Arkham House)

  Dunwich Horror and Others, The (Lancer)

  Durant, Will

  Dürer, Albrecht

  Durham, W. H.

  Durr, Mary Faye

  d’Urville, Jules Dumont

  Duston, Cecil Calvert

  Dutton, E. P.

  Dvorak, Lucile

  “Dweller in Martian Depths, The” (Smith)

  Dwellers in the Mirage, The (Merritt)

  Dwyer, Bernard Austin

  Dyalhis, Nictzin

  Dyer, Jim

  Dziemianowicz, Stefan

  Earle, Alice

  “Early Rhode Island”

  Early Years, The (Derleth). See Evening in Spring

  “Earth Not Hollow, The”

  “East and West Harvard Conservatism”

  “East India Brick Row, The”

  East Side Detective Agency

  East Side Historical Club

  East Side News

  Easter Island

  Eastlake, Charles L.

  Ebony and Crystal (Smith)

  Eckhardt, Jason C.

  Eco, Umberto

  Ecstasy and Other Poems (Wandrei)

  Eddington, Arthur

  Eddison, E. R.

  Eddy, C. M., Jr.

  Eddy, Grace

  Eddy, Muriel E.

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