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I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES), page 172


I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft (2 VOLUMES)

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  “Account of a Trip to the Antient Fairbanks House . . ., An”

  “Account of a Visit to Charleston, S.C.”

  “Account of Charleston, An”


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  Alien (film)

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  Argosy All-Story Weekly

  Arkham, Mass.

  Arkham Collector

  Arkham House

  Arkham Sampler

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  Barlow, Joel

  Barlow, R. H.; on HPL; with HPL in Florida; with HPL in Providence; and HPL’s death; as HPL’s literary executor; as HPL’s typist; and HPL’s work; politics of; as publisher

  Barlow, Wayne

  “Barlow Journal, The”

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  “Battle That Ended the Century, The” (Lovecraft-Barlow)

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  “Beast in the Cave, The”
br />   Beaumont, Charles

  “Beauties of Peace, The”

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  “Berkeley, Elizabeth Neville” (pseud. of W. V. Jackson)

  Berkeley, George

  Berkeley Square (film)

  Berman, Louis

  Bernays, Jacob

  Best of H. P. Lovecraft, The

  Best Psychic Stories (French)

  Best Short Stories (O’Brien)

  Best Supernatural Stories

  “Bethmoora” (Dunsany)

  Beware After Dark! (Harré)

  Beyond the Great South Wall (Savile)

  “Beyond the Wall” (Bierce)

  “Beyond the Wall of Sleep”

  Beyond the Wall of Sleep

  “Bickerstaffe, Isaac, Jr.”

  Bicknell, Thomas William

  Bierce, Ambrose

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  “Bipeds of Bjhulhu, The” (Sterling)

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  Birth of a Nation, The (film)

  “Birthday Lines to Margfred Galbraham”

  “Birthday of the Infanta, The” (Wilde)

  Bishop, Zealia


  Black, Hugo

  Black Beetles in Amber (Bierce)

  Black Book (Junzt)

  Black Cat

  “Black Cat, The” (Poe)

  “Black Man with a Horn” (Klein)

  Black Mask

  “Black Noon” (Eddy)

  “Black Stone, The” (Howard)

  Black Wings (Joshi)

  Blackstone Military Band

  Blackstone News

  Blackwood, Algernon

  Blair, Hugh

  Blake, Mrs

  Blankenship, E. E.


  Blavatsky, H. P.

  Blessing of Pan, The (Dunsany)

  Blish, James

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  Blue Book

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  “Boiling Point, The” (Fantasy Fan)

  Boland, Stuart Morton

  Bolitho, William


  Bolton, Mass.

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