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Marek (Knights Corruption MC #1)

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  “I’ll tell you who I’d like to get into,” he retorted, and had I not known about the two of them his reply would have completely gone over my head.

  My friend huffed in the front seat, but when she turned around to check on me, she winked and smiled, masking her expression as soon as she faced front once again.


  My day with Adelaide was so much fun, more than I think I’d ever had. Her ease, confidence and humor soothed me, bringing out sides of my personality I hadn’t even realized existed. Our banter back and forth wasn’t forced but simply flowed, although Stone was the one who received the brunt of it when he started complaining we were taking too long.

  I’d never had a girlfriend before, and while the dynamics of the relationship were new to me, Adelaide made it very easy.

  My father chose to homeschool me my entire life, so I was never surrounded by girls my own age. Yes, our club had gatherings from time to time, and while there were other kids present, I often chose to keep to myself. Either the other kids made fun of me for how black my hair was, calling me a witch, or they’d call me a slut because my body decided to develop early.

  When Stone and Adelaide dropped me off back at Cole’s, it wasn’t until I was standing on the front porch that it even dawned on me that I didn’t have a key to his house. I was in mid freak-out, prepared to walk back toward the car to tell them I had no way inside, when the front door opened.

  Cole stood on the threshold in nothing but a pair of black sweatpants, holding a white towel and running it back and forth over his wet hair. His bare torso was glorious, every muscle twitching with the exertion to dry himself. The beautiful artwork on his skin danced, and if it wasn’t for the sharp burst of the horn behind me, I would have certainly lost time watching his every movement. Daring a glance below his waistline, I noticed the outline of his thickness through his sweats. And while I was utterly turned on, I was also a little wary that Adelaide had seen him as well. It was hard to miss, and I wondered how many other women had the pleasure of sneaking a peak at Cole Marek’s goods.

  A sudden feeling of jealousy wrapped its ugly arms around me and almost suffocated me. The emotion was foreign, and I had no idea where it had come from. Is this how he feels when Jagger’s around me? Is this why he almost killed him that night? Because if this is the same thing, I don’t want any part of it.

  Realizing I was being irrational, I beamed a smile at him as he ushered me inside.

  “Did you ladies have fun? I hope Stone behaved himself,” he said, walking toward the kitchen to grab a bottled water. After taking a swig, he made a move to pass it to me, but then decided against it at the last minute. “I forgot you don’t like to share my germs,” he taunted, a smirk resting nicely on his lips.

  I’d had the man’s tongue in my mouth. What was so bad about sharing a drink with him?

  “That’s okay. I think I’ve changed my mind,” I responded, reaching out to take the drink. After a satisfying gulp, I handed it back, waiting for his next move.

  I wasn’t gonna lie; the sight of him half-naked was doing wicked things to my body, and if there was any reservation before today about finally joining with my husband, all fears and concerns were washed clear away. First by his soul-crushing kiss earlier, and then by the feelings firing off inside me from the mere look of him.

  “Did you just get out of the shower?”

  “Yeah. I just had a quick workout and wanted to wash up before you got home.” Home. What a weird concept. But he was right. His home was now my home as well, and the sooner I accepted it, the easier things would fall into place.

  Leaning against the kitchen counter, Cole kept his eyes on me. His hair was sticking up in a few spots, but he’d never looked sexier. A few beads of water ran down his torso between his strong pecs, disappearing into the waistband of his pants. I watched the liquid vanish, and it wasn’t until he coughed that I realized I was blatantly checking him out. Again. A light blush crept over my face, instantly giving away my embarrassment at being caught.

  “Like I said before, it’s your right to stare at me as much as you want.” He grinned and turned around to grab a large white box. “I didn’t know what you’d prefer, but everyone loves pizza. Right?”

  “I know I do.”

  “Good.” Gesturing toward the small table in the corner of the kitchen, we both sat down and he dished out a slice for me. We ate in silence, our gazes connecting every now and then. Neither one of us knew what to say, plus I was too famished to think about anything other than downing the yummy food in front of me.

  Once I’d had my fill, I leaned back in my seat and reached for my drink. He’d finished off his initial water and ended up handing me a fresh one. This one I didn’t share, drinking the majority of it after my meal.

  “So,” he said, startling me from the silence of the room. “What have you heard about my club?” With arms folded across his chest, his biceps popped even more. I itched to feel them wrapped around me again, but all in due time I supposed. He’d started a real conversation, and I would be an idiot not to snag the invitation.

  Trying to hide my smile, because I now knew it was bullshit, I revealed the worst thing I’d heard about the Knights Corruption growing up. “Well, I heard that, twice a year, the members of your club were involved in a huge orgy, and at the end, one person was chosen to be sacrificed. The blood of the chosen a gift to ensure the club’s prosperity, or some stuff like that.” My lips curved up, but quickly fell when Cole leaned forward with a surprised look on his face. At first, I thought I’d said something which was in fact true, but seconds later he frowned before smacking the top of the table, laughter pouring from him in complete hysterics.

  “Are you fuckin’ shittin’ me, woman? That’s the kind of crap they told people we did?” His rumble of happiness was music to my ears, never mind that the sight of him smiling was mesmerizing. He was gorgeous. His ice-blue eyes lit up from the inside out, his lips provoking me to jump across the table and bite them, they were so alluring. I’d gotten so lost in the sight of him that I almost missed what he said next. “We only have the orgy once a year, and we sacrifice two people. Tell ‘em to get their facts straight,” he teased, winking at me while he continued to find amusement in what I’d told him.

  A short time later, we found ourselves sitting on the couch. For as intimate as the space was, it was very homey. A single couch, recliner, and end table were the only furniture in the room. A big-screen TV was mounted over a huge fireplace, the beams of the log cabin becoming the second focal point of the home. There were no pictures hung, or any personal effects throughout his house, something I took notice of the first night I stayed there. The color scheme was brown and cream, the lighter color coming from a fleece blanket thrown over the back of the couch, as well as from the few pillows littering the sparse furniture.

  “You really need some pictures or something in here,” I offered, watching him move about in front of me while he decided which movie to pick.

  “Okay. Why don’t you pick something out then? Maybe on your next excursion with Adelaide, you can bring something home that you like.” His back was turned toward me as he spoke, and while I wanted to look at his face, I wasn’t too upset about having to look at the back of him either. He’d thrown on a white T-shirt after dinner, the fabric molding to his body in perfection. If I didn’t watch myself, I would literally start drooling.

  “How about a scary movie? What do ya think?” he asked, turning around to display a few of the horror movies Adelaide had initially dropped off.

  I didn’t want to disappoint him, but I knew from experience they weren’t my cup of tea. I should have just said no, and asked for a comedy or action film. But instead, without thinking, I blurted out something I should have kept to myself.

  “I tried to watch a scary movie with Jagger and I practically ended up in his lap, I was so scared.” Initially, I chuckled at the recollection, but my choice of words hit a very tense nerve of his

  Gone was the laid-back look on his face, replaced with a controlled anger. The mere mention of the prospect had his jaw clenching and nostrils flaring, his large hands fisted so tight I thought he was going to lose all feeling in them. “Is that right?” he asked, the clench of his teeth, shouting at me how upset he was, even if he did try to hide it.

  The only thing I could do was apologize, so that’s exactly what I did. He may not say ‘I’m sorry’ for anything, but I grew up tasting those words every damn day.

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it. Honestly. I . . . I just don’t like scary movies,” I mumbled, hoping like hell he was going to let my slipup go. Turning his back to me once more, he rooted through the box and picked out a different movie, one he didn’t show me before sliding it into the DVD player.

  Just Friends was the title. One I’d seen with Jagger, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to mention his name again.

  A half hour into the film and my eyes started to drift close. It’d been a long day, one filled with warring emotions. I’d been scared, confused, aroused, happy, and conflicted, all within the span of twelve hours, and it seemed my body had had enough. Without even realizing, I cuddled closer to Cole’s large frame, my hands tucked into my lap while I rested my head on his shoulder. I knew he watched me. I could feel his eyes on me, but I was too exhausted to read into it.

  Wanting nothing more than to rest, I closed my eyes for good and gave into the dark slumber beckoning me.


  I figured out my new favorite pastime was watching Sully, whether she was awake or off somewhere in dreamland. She’d fallen asleep barely past the beginning of the movie, and I knew it was because she’d had quite the day.

  Carrying her sleeping form to our room, I removed her dress and bra and laid her on the bed. Since there was no place I’d rather be, I locked up the house and decided to join her, crawling under the covers and pulling her close to me.

  She stirred slightly in her sleep, her lips parting in the softest moans I’d ever heard, but it wasn’t clear if she was having a nightmare or dreaming of something naughty. I had my answer when she reached for me and whispered my name, the sound floating in the air above us, waiting to be snatched and held close.

  “I’m here,” I whispered, pulling her closer. My cock was at full attention, nestled against her plump ass, and it didn’t help any when she started moving her hips and grinding her backside into me. Whatever restraint I still had control over was quickly fleeing. I didn’t want to take advantage of her, but if she kept that shit up, I was gonna flip her over, spread her luscious thighs wide and take her once and for all.

  “Cole . . . please,” she cried out, that time louder than before. What was I doing in her dreams? Was I angry with her and she was pleading with me? Or was I teasing her and she wanted more? I couldn’t wait to find out, so I shifted our bodies until she was lying flat on her back with me hovering over her, resting on my forearms so as not to crush her delicate form.

  Leaning down, I ran my lips over the smooth expanse of her neck, licking, biting and kissing my way up toward her earlobe. “Tell me what you want me to do to you, Sully,” I growled, low enough to not scare her, but firm enough to make her comply. When she didn’t answer me, I nudged her legs further apart and settled myself in between, the rigidness of my cock brushing over her barely clothed pussy. I thought leaving her panties on would be a deterrent, a barrier to leave her alone while she slept, but everything changed when she called out my name.

  Asleep or not, I had to act on that shit.

  Softly kissing her jaw, making my way toward those delectable lips, I continued to demand she tell me what she wanted from me. Finally, once I laid my mouth over hers, our breaths melding together as one, she gave me something to work with.

  “Cole,” she cried out again. “Please take me, make me yours.” Instinctually, she wrapped her legs around mine, digging her heels into the backs of my thighs just like I’d imagined she’d do. I could have easily freed myself and taken her, but I needed her to be fully awake for this, give me her permission before I finally claimed what was mine.

  I wouldn’t steal her passion like some thief in the night.

  ”Sully . . . Wake up.” I kissed her lips once more, grinding myself into her to try and rouse her from sleep. “Sully,” I said more harshly. “Wake up, baby.”

  Her eyelids fluttered open and it took her a few seconds to focus on me, to realize she wasn’t still dreaming but was instead staring into the face of the man she’d just been fantasizing about. “Cole?” Confusion painted her lovely face. A beam of moonlight filtered into the otherwise dark room, illuminating her jet-black hair, which was fanned out over her pillow, the starkness of it against her creamy skin a fascinating contrast. Her dark chocolate eyes pinned me, and I was unable to move or speak. I wanted to drown in her gaze, and if she wanted we could stay like this for all eternity.

  I was losing my reality with her, and I knew it.

  Whatever hold she had over me grew, and I didn’t foresee it ever stopping.

  “What are you doing?” she asked, licking her lips while her eyes focused on my mouth.

  “You were calling my name in your sleep, so I thought I’d wake you,” I answered half-truthfully.

  “By lying on top of me?” She smiled, the slight tilt of her pink lips entrancing me. Before I could answer, she tightened her legs and ground herself against me, my cock jerking from the pressure. I’d never wanted someone so badly before, and if she didn’t give in to me this time, I thought I was literally going to go off the deep end. Dive over the cliff into insanity.

  “Do you want me to kiss you again?” I wanted to start small then work my way toward my ultimate goal.

  “Yes,” she panted, raising her head to take the step before I could. Her soft tongue dueled with mine, the kiss even better than the first time. Although we were new to each other, our passion was an age-old dance, our rhythm falling into place rather quickly.

  We teased and enticed.

  We demanded and submitted.

  We stole each other’s hunger and returned it with a fervent desire, the likes of which I’d never felt before.

  When I couldn’t take it any longer, I dared to ask her the question I hoped she was ready for. “Do you want me to take you? To claim you as mine once and for all?”

  An exhale of breath was all it took for her to respond.

  No hesitation.

  No waiting.


  Changing positions so I was on my knees, I reached for the thin material around her hips and drew the fabric down over her legs, discarding them once they reached her ankles. Needing to savor the moment, I teased her skin with my mouth, working my way from her feet up to her knees, then finally resting just below the one place I wanted to bury myself. Raining light kisses all over her heated flesh, I brought my hand up to play with her, stretching her apart with two of my fingers, pumping in and out of her sweet pussy, my vision blurring with lust.

  “Oh, God, Cole . . . Yes,” she gasped, writhing under me and gripping the sheets in ecstasy.

  Wanting to taste her desire for me once again, I licked her slowly, reveling in the way my touch made her feel. She cried out, calling my name over and over again until she finally clenched on my fingers and rode out her orgasm, my lips wrapped around her clit to draw out every last drop of pleasure.

  Her satisfaction painted my face when I finally crawled up her body, pushed my sweats the rest of the way off, gripped myself and teased her opening with my thickness.

  “Are you on any kind of birth control?” I inquired, praying she was so I could take her bare. I had condoms readily available, though, just in case.

  A quick look of sadness infiltrated her eyes, putting me on guard instantly. “No, but I can’t have kids anyway. So. . . .” She stopped talking, a sudden embarrassment stealing the rest of what she was going to say.

  “How do you know that?”

  “Trust me. I can’t get pregnant.” She turned her head so I couldn’t see her beautiful browns. “Please don’t make me talk about it right now,” she pleaded.

  I would get to the bottom of that statement, but I agreed with her, now wasn’t the time. Instead, I chose to make sure this was what she wanted, asking her again for her consent.

  She turned her head back to look at me and gave me a simple nod, a bite of her lip showing me she was ready and willing.

  Pushing myself inside her, inch by agonizingly slow inch, was the best feeling in the world. Her tight walls gripped me like a fist, strangling the pleasure out of me before I even started. Making sure to take it slow so I didn’t explode too soon, I stopped halfway in and leaned down to kiss her.

  “I can’t move right now or I’m gonna be done before I even start.” I was in the middle of counting in my head when she thrust her hips up toward me, sheathing more of me than I was ready to give. “Fuck!” I yelled. It was another five controlled breaths before I was ready to stake my claim on her. Possess her with everything clamoring inside me.

  “Goddamn it! You’re too tight,” I groaned, throwing her leg over my waist to open her up some more.

  “Does it not feel good?” she worried, her fingers gripping my arms while I bucked into her.

  “It feels too good. That’s the problem.”

  “That doesn’t sound like a problem at all,” she said, her quiet laughter dying when I pulled out and pushed back inside her roughly. “Oooooo . . . Oh, my God . . . Do that again,” she demanded.

  Of course I gave her what she wanted.

  Over and over, and over again.

  Ten minutes and a lot of exertion later, I could tell she was close to detonating. Her moans had become more intense, her demands on my body more aggressive. I would have never pegged her for someone who would take such an active role during sex, her otherwise quiet demeanor indicating quite the contrary.

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