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Marek (Knights Corruption MC #1)

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  Pushing myself off the bed, I paced in front of her, cursing before swiping everything off my dresser. The crash soothed me. A little. But it wasn’t enough. I needed to hurt someone, and it would preferably be Vex and that fucker of an old man of hers. The president of the Savage Reapers. Hell would rain down on that club, the likes of which they’d never seen before.

  All in due time.

  Sully crawled up the bed, pulling her nightshirt down so she was completely covered. Her eyes glanced from me to the mess I’d made. I frowned at her sudden anxiousness, her switch in mood puzzling me. Looking for a distraction was probably her way of coping, but I still found it odd.

  “What?” I questioned, keeping my eyes trained on her.

  “I . . . I just feel out of sorts . . . when there’s a mess. Especially in my bedroom.” Her words weren’t lost on me. She’d said ‘my bedroom,’ and like a giddy asshole it made me smile for some reason.

  Feeling bad for her, especially after finally giving me answers, I tried my best to put her mind at ease. “I’ll clean it up. Don’t worry about it.” I strode toward her, reached for her hand and pulled her to stand in front of me. Placing my hands on the sides of her beautiful face, I promised something I knew right then I would die to hold true.

  “No one will ever hurt you again. Do you hear me?”

  She nodded and relaxed in my hold, averting her eyes to the mess behind me. With a soft chuckle, I released her and began the task of cleaning up the scattered and broken items.


  Never before had I imagined what it would feel like to trust someone, to believe the words they told me and instinctually know they weren’t a lie. I thought it was all fantasy. Those feelings of security only happened to other people. Not me.

  Cole’s promise to never allow anyone to hurt me again relieved a harrowing burden I hadn’t realized I carried. Deep down, maybe I was waiting for my club to barge in and reclaim me, or maybe I thought Cole would change his mind, decide he made a mistake and return me himself. Either way, I was waiting to return to a life of pain and torment, thoughts of extinguishing my own existence a constant desire.

  Every moment living in my new life brought me closer to allowing fate to right the wrong I’d lived so far. And although it was hard for me to have faith in anyone, I was beginning to open myself up and believe there were good people in the world.

  Shoving aside that Cole had just brought me to the brink of bliss, pushed me over and brought me back all within mere seconds, I focused on what he was doing now. Cleaning up the mess he’d caused. He knew it was a source of anxiety for me, and it said a lot that he cared enough about my unease to want to help me.

  While I watched him gather the broken pieces of clutter into his hands, I noticed how his hair kept falling into his face, the strands in much need of a simple cut.

  Walking up behind his crouching form, I offered to help him out. “I can cut your hair if you’d like.” Vex had always expected me to perform the simple act, never giving me a thank you or showing any kind of appreciation when I’d finished. One time, because he’d moved, I’d cut his hair crookedly, and even though I was able to fix it easily enough, I’d earned the wrath of his displeasure. My finger still throbbed when rain approached, even though the once broken appendage had been healed for years. I wasn’t about to disclose any more war stories to Cole, though, fearing he would certainly go off the deep end and do something very dangerous. All in order to seek justice for me. While I found the thought comforting, I didn’t wish to be the cause of something popping off and harming the club that was essentially protecting me.

  When he managed to pick up the last piece of disarray, he rose to his feet and turned in my direction. “You don’t like my hair?” he asked, tilting his head to the side, a gesture which caused more of his hair to fall over his eye. Blowing the intrusion off his forehead, he curved his lips up at my expression. I thought I’d insulted him and was instantly regretful, but his grin succeeded at putting me at ease.

  “I like your hair just fine. It seems like the length is bothering you, though.” I patiently waited to see if he was going to accept my offer or not.

  “Sure, why not?” he said, ushering me toward the bathroom. Once inside, he took a seat on the edge of the bathtub, pointing toward the drawer of the vanity when I asked if he had a pair of scissors and hair clippers. I hadn’t seen them when I was cleaning off the countertop in my urgency for order but sure enough, there they were hiding toward the back.

  Pulling them free, I checked the quality and decided I could definitely work with what he had. Now all I had to do was keep my hand steady enough not to mess up his lovely thick hair. Stepping closer, I straddled his leg to gain better access. I worked quickly but efficiently, making sure not to cut it too short. He told me he liked a little bit of length on top. Running my fingers through the thickness of it, making sure to shake any loose strands free, excited me, for some reason. I’d had my hands tangled in his hair when he was pleasuring me, but the simple act of cutting it and checking my work almost made me feel normal for a brief moment.

  A feeling I grasped onto and held tightly.

  “How’s it lookin’?”

  “Good. Almost finished,” I answered, twisting my body to check out the back. My foot slipped on the tile and I stumbled forward. Luckily for the both of us, the scissors were nowhere near his head.

  His large hands steadied me, resting on my waist and gripping me firmly. “You okay?” His fingers continued to dig into my flesh, but he wasn’t hurting me. In fact, his touch was exciting.

  Cole Marek certainly had a way of disarming me, and since I knew I wasn’t quite ready to take it there, I knew I had to keep my wits about me. What happened before was wonderful, but I wasn’t prepared to have sex with him yet. Yes, he’d had his face buried between my legs and brought me untold pleasure, but joining with him was something else altogether. Maybe I was holding off because I wanted it to be special and not because I felt obligated. I had no idea because I had no frame of reference, every other time the act had been forced on me. All I knew was I wanted our first time to be different.

  Plus, there was the small fact that I still battled with being kidnapped and forced to marry the president of our greatest enemy, even though I was coming around to the idea that fate had sent him to save me.

  When I tried to back away, his grip held me in position, stable until he deemed it time to let me go. When he decided enough time had passed, he spread his legs and pulled me in front of him, leaning forward and resting his head on my belly. No words slipped from his lips as he found some sort of solace with being so close to me.

  My heart thudded inside me, pushing against my ribs so hard I felt like it was going to explode. Every move he made was new, the gentleness of his touch foreign to me, although I was learning to expect such things from him.

  Would he wait for me to decide when the time was right? Or would that be pushing things too far?


  Her smell drove me insane, a break with reality I most surely embraced. I had no idea why I chose to rest my head on her stomach. It simply felt right.

  The woman standing before me was unraveling my carefully orchestrated existence. I was the leader of the Knights Corruption. I wasn’t supposed to fall for a woman. A woman who was going to make me weak. A woman who was going to have the power to crush me if I let her.

  A woman who was going to be my destruction.

  I prided myself on my ability to detach myself from certain feelings, affections toward the opposite sex being number one. I used them just like they used me, for pleasure and nothing else. Then Sully came into my life—or I should say I barged into hers—and ever since then, I’d been questioning my choices.

  Even though I’d basically just met her, I hated being away from her for the time it took Stone and me to deal with Yanez. I hated that I ended up leaving her alone with Jagger. I hated that I’d found out he’d developed feelings for her in their
short time together, and that she seemed more comfortable around him than she was with me.

  I hadn’t spent much time with her since I’d brought her here, but all that was gonna change. If I wasn’t involved in club business, then I would be with her, getting to know her. We were married, after all. Might as well get to know the old ball and chain.

  Cringing at my callous thoughts, I focused back on Sully. I continued to lean my head against her body. When she didn’t make a move to dislodge me, I took it as a sign to see how far I could take things. Running my hands up the backs of her thighs, over her plump ass and up her back toward her bra, I stopped only when I’d reached the clasp. Unhooking it before she said anything, I felt the breath leave her body in a rushed gasp. Slowly trailing my fingers along her soft skin, I stopped when I reached the bottom of her heavy tits, feeling the goose bumps which broke out all over her skin.

  “Sully,” I groaned, my cock thick and ready to come out and play. When she still hadn’t made a move, I reached up and palmed her glorious mounds, pinching the already hardened nipples between my greedy fingers.

  A moan fell from her lips as she took one step closer. Her hands wrapped around my wrists and held tightly. I need more of her. Raising her nightshirt over her head, and disposing of the thin material that had covered her breasts, I sat in front of her, admiring her glorious body. I’d seen her a few times before, but never like this. She allowed my hands to roam freely, and the experience was like none other I’d ever had before with any other female.

  My tongue connected with her skin and she moaned once again. Taking a pert nipple into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the aching bud while sucking it deep into my mouth.

  She tasted like Heaven.


  “Cole . . .” she cried out. “Yes,” she panted shamelessly. I switched to teasing her other one, groping her while sucking reverently. My free hand dropped to her pussy, gently stroking her while I tuned up her body as best I could. She’d never put her panties back on from before, and I’d never been so thankful to have such easy access.

  “You’re so wet. Do you want me to stop?”

  Hesitation emanated off her. “Yes . . . No . . . I don’t know,” she mewled. Her confusion not only came from her mouth, but it was in her body language as well. She pushed her tits into my mouth but struggled when I tried to fuck her with my hand. She was at war with herself, and I had to do something about it.

  Standing quickly, I picked her up by her waist and placed her on top of the vanity, nudging her thighs apart with my leg. Yanking down the zipper of my jeans, I pulled myself out and rubbed the tip of my cock through her swollen, wet folds. “Tell me to stop, Sully. Otherwise, I’m gonna take you so hard, you’ll forget your own fuckin’ name.” I was ready to explode any second if she didn’t give me an answer.

  Placing her hands on my chest, she pushed me back, looking into my eyes before telling me something I didn’t want to hear. “I don’t think I can. Please don’t be mad. I’m just . . . I’m not ready yet.”

  My control shattered. “But you were ready to have my face buried between your legs before?” I grabbed her chin when she tried to turn her face away from me. “What? Now that I want some relief, you’re gonna deny me? Is that how this is goin’ down right now?” I hadn’t meant to say something so harsh, but it just came out. I berated myself for every single word, but for some reason I couldn’t stop myself. The hurtful words flowed easily and it upset not only her, but me as well.

  “I’m sorry,” she whispered, her head jerking from my hold before she looked down at her own naked body.

  “Yeah, I’m sure you are,” I snarled, putting my cock away and zipping up my jeans. Backing away, I took one final look at her before retreating from the bathroom.

  What I did was a prick move, but I didn’t see it turning out any other way. I was pissed that she made me feel as if I was on guard around her, asking for permission to take what essentially belonged to me. I could have demanded she fulfilled her wifely duties and fuck me as many times as I saw fit, but I wasn’t that much of a bastard. Although the way I reacted told a different story.

  At least she seemed to crave my touch. Maybe, given a little more time, she’d come around and give me what I wanted.

  But what to do until then, I had no idea. Not wanting to stick my dick inside the same old club whores, I was fucked and I knew it.

  Soon, my club would know it too, my mood already cresting toward miserable.

  After calling Ryder to come watch Sully while I made a trip to the clubhouse, threatening his life if he acted inappropriately with her, I hopped on my bike and rode to the one place I could escape from the woman twisting me up inside.

  There was already a commotion as I stepped through the front door. A few of the brothers were gathered around, laughing and poking fun at whomever was in the middle of their crowd. Shoving my way through, I saw Hawke sitting in the center with a pissed-off look on his face. It took me all of a millisecond to figure out what he was so upset about.

  His head was shaved.

  And from the look on his face, and those of his brothers, he hadn’t done that shit to himself. One guess who did it, however.

  “What the hell happened to you?” I asked, coming to stand directly in front of him, slapping the back of his bare head before he could answer.

  “That bitch happened,” he groaned, rubbing his hand back and forth over his shaved head.

  “I don’t know why you keep her around, man,” Breck said, shaking his head while continuing to laugh.

  “‘Cause I love the crazy cunt.” He half-chuckled, his semi-laughter quieting as he continued to rub his dome.

  Kicking his leg, I drew his attention back to me. “What. The. Fuck. Happened?”

  He leaned back in his chair and prepared to tell me his story, one he’d obviously shared with the other guys, seeing as how they were already grinning.

  “I must have gotten drunk last night, somehow made it home, and passed out in bed. When I got up this morning, Edana had shaved my fucking head.”

  There was certainly more to the story than that. “Why?” I asked, already losing interest in their crazy-ass relationship.

  Actually looking embarrassed for once, he winced before revealing, “I guess I forgot to take the condom off before goin’ to bed.” Feeling the need to elaborate based on my confused expression, he blurted out, “We don’t use condoms.” Not something I ever wanted to know. “The one time she decides to wake me up with a blow job and that’s when this shit happens,” he grunts, rocking his chair back and forth until he’d had enough and jumped to his feet. Expletives flew from his mouth as he walked toward the bar, motioning for Trigger to hit him up with a drink.

  Walking past him, I decided to hit him with a few words of condolence. “At least she didn’t cut your dick off, Hawke. Be thankful for that shit.” I smirked, slapping him hard on the back before walking toward the room I kept in the back of the clubhouse.

  A loud noise woke me from sleep, jolting me upright and ready to fuck someone up for disturbing me. A loud crash followed by men hootin’ and hollerin’, music playing way too loud and women’s laughter emanated through the hallway.

  Dropping my feet to the ground, I took a few seconds to tamp down my rage, but the extra time didn’t help, not at all. I couldn’t go back to my house, the shitty way I’d treated Sully still weighing heavily on my heart and mind, but it seemed as if I couldn’t stay here either.

  Jerking open my door, I thudded down the long hallway until I came to the common room, and the scene in front of me was astonishing. Well, maybe not astonishing, since I knew my men liked to throw a good ruckus, but I had no idea one was planned for tonight.

  I glanced around the room, looking for my VP, but he was nowhere to be seen. Who the hell’s in charge here? Oh, yeah, that would be me. Sleep still cocooned me in her cloak, the fogginess dissipating slower than I wanted, leaving me hazy and not too alert.

nbsp; That was until I heard another loud crash and Hawke yelled, “Let’s get fucked up!” at the top of his lungs, shattering any remnants of rest I had left. I moved toward the bar, my steps slow and steady until I found a seat in the corner. Luckily, Trigger was still there, passing out drinks to the willing and able.

  “Hey, Prez, how ya feelin’?” he asked, sliding a beer my way. I guessed by the look of me, he wanted to start me off with something light and forgiving.

  I chose to ignore his questions, instead asking one of my own. “What the hell is goin’ on? Who planned a ruckus for tonight?” Swallowing a large gulp of the frosty beverage, my eyes connected with his once I’d placed the mug back down on the bar.

  “Cutter suggested we should have one, you know, in honor of you and Stone making it back alive.” Trigger laughed at his own joke, one I didn’t find all too funny. “What’s wrong with you, Marek? You always laugh at my jokes.” His faux offensive stare almost had me smirking. Almost.

  I felt a presence sneak up behind me. Before I turned around, someone threw their arm over my shoulder and leaned in to me. Fumes from too much bourbon hit my cheek and instantly made me tense up. I’m in no mood for this shit tonight. “He’s just pissed his old lady isn’t givin’ it up yet,” Tripp yelled into my ear. Swiveling around in my chair, I gripped him by his cut and slammed him against the bar.

  How did he know she’d refused me?

  Wincing in pain, then laughing it off simply because he was drunk, Tripp patted my hands which were still wrapped around his vest. What the hell was he even doing out of bed?

  “Why would you say that?” I seethed, the look on my face sobering him up a little.

  “Because you need to get laid, man. You’re miserable, and everyone knows it.” I released him, but luckily caught him before he toppled over, injuring himself so bad it would probably take him weeks to recover. Hell, he still wasn’t anywhere near healed from being shot four times.

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