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Marek (Knights Corruption MC #1)

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  The bathroom door flung open and the steam from the shower billowed into the room, looking more like smog it was so heavy.

  Marek sauntered into the room, and what I saw made me gasp out loud.

  He was completely naked.

  He busied himself running a towel through his wet hair, the fabric covering part of his face so he couldn’t see me gawking at him. Maybe he forgot for a brief moment he wasn’t alone. Or maybe he didn’t. Maybe it was his way of telling me I didn’t affect him, or his actions. He would continue to live his life just like he had, not caring at all that I was now involved.

  Tossing the towel on the floor, an action which immediately irritated me since I liked the bedroom to be a place which was nice and neat, he stalked toward the bed.

  Oh, my God! Is he going to get into bed with me naked? Does he expect to have sex? Is he going to force me?

  I hadn’t even realized my expression had changed, but it apparently had because he stopped walking and stood still. I couldn’t help myself; even in my frightened state, I blatantly admired his body. He was extremely fit, not an ounce of fat anywhere on him. His hardened muscles enticed me to touch, but I didn’t dare. Running my eyes slowly down the length of him, I eventually came to the most intimate part of his body. Defined lower abdominal muscles in the form of a V encouraged my gaze to sink lower. It was then I saw all of him. His cock was flaccid . . . and very large. But the more my gaze tickled him, the more his body reacted, his thickness hardening right in front of me.

  I licked my lips, both fear and desire dueling inside. When my eyes finally made their way back up to his face, my skin prickled at the way he watched me. A curl of his lip told me he liked the way I appreciated him.

  My face flushed a bright red, my embarrassment at being caught ogling him beyond devastating.

  “Are you done now, or do you wanna keep lookin’?”

  I had no idea what to do or even say, so the only thing that came out of my mouth was a barely audible apology. “I’m sorry.”

  It was as if he was waiting to banter with me, his response so quick his deep voice actually startled me. “Don’t apologize, sweetheart. Look all you want. I’m your husband now, so it’s your right.” Pulling the covers back, he added, “Just like it’s now my right to look at you.”

  Scrambling toward the head of the bed, I gripped the covers tighter and watched him carefully while he situated himself on top of the mattress. He never made a move to grab me or to cover his nakedness, too busy basking in my uncertainty.

  The longest minute passed between us before I finally broke the silence. “Are . . . Are you going to . . . ?” My ragged breaths stopped my voice altogether.

  “Am I going to what?” he asked, raking his teeth over his bottom lip.

  I swallowed hard, the sound piercing my ears and accelerating my panic. “Are you going to rape me?”

  “Well, considering you’re now my wife, isn’t it your duty to give it up?” He chuckled, the sound both enticing and disarming.

  “I-I . . . can’t . . .” I stuttered.

  Hopping off the bed, he grabbed a hunter-green T-shirt and some dark, loose-fitted jeans from his chest of drawers and quickly put them on. Pulling on his cut, he moved to the side of the bed I was lying on and leaned down so close his lips hovered above mine.

  “Don’t worry your pretty little head, Sully. When we finally do have sex, you’ll be the one begging me for it.” I balked at his audacity and the sheer madness of his statement. But I never said anything, too stunned to come back with a retort.

  Walking across the room, he turned the handle on the door and pulled it open. Turning his head to the side, he gave me his parting words. “I’m gonna lock the door from the outside, but just in case you get creative in trying to escape, I always have a few men on duty walking around the compound.” His voice became deeper all of a sudden. “Keeping out those we want out . . . and holding on to those we want in.”

  The last thing I saw was his back as he disappeared from the room, indeed locking me in with my own thoughts and fears.


  Hot breath kissed my cheek.

  Fingers trailed over my collarbone, latching around my neck before I could even open my eyes.

  “You little cunt! Did you not think I’d find you?” the enraged voice seethed. “And here you are, in his bed.” His grip tightened, cutting off any chance I had of taking breath into my starved lungs. “Did you let him fuck you?” Stars flashed behind my lids. “I bet you liked it too, you whore.”

  He straddled the bed, his thighs pinning my arms in place so I couldn’t move. Opening my eyes, I saw Vex sitting on top of me, a large, sharp blade held in his free hand. His green eyes were darker than I’d ever seen them before, his square jaw ticking in an uncontrollable rage.

  I tried to shake my head, but his grip was so tight I couldn’t move. I tried to struggle underneath him, but he was no match for me.

  I was completely immobilized.

  I couldn’t breathe to scream.

  I couldn’t move to escape.

  I was going to die without the chance to defend myself—not that it would do much good anyway.

  Just when I was falling into blackness from lack of air, he took his hand away from my throat, and sat back as if he was fascinated with what he’d done. I instantly started sucking in air and coughing uncontrollably. But I didn’t scream. I couldn’t. My throat burned from the pressure, bile threatening to spew forth if I wasn’t able to control my response soon.

  While I struggled with the scene unfolding in front of me, I dared to look up at his face, and what I saw had me closing my lids a few times just to refocus.

  After the third time of opening and closing my eyes, I came to rest on the image of the man above me.

  It was Marek, but he spoke with Vex’s voice, his tone not as deep as my captor’s.

  “You’re going to die now, Sully,” he threatened, the blade glinting off the single beam of moonlight filtering in the room.

  I tried again to scream but my vocal cords were paralyzed, my own body betraying me in my desperate time of need.

  It was mere seconds before the sharp tip of the blade ripped open my skin, tearing through my chest and puncturing my heart. He pushed all of his weight down on the weapon, practically slicing me in two.

  When he retracted the knife, he licked my blood from the metal, smiling insanely while he prepared to stab me again.

  It was then that I found my voice and I let loose like never before, wailing loud enough for anyone to hear me. I prayed someone would come and save me, but the only person who showed up was my mother. She was standing in the corner of the room, bathed in white light, her arms outstretched to welcome me. I knew in that moment that I would be taking my final breaths, my pierced heart taking its final beats. My mother had been dead for years, and she was there to usher me home.

  But I wasn’t ready.

  I fought it. I screamed and cried and begged for him to let me go.

  His arms came down on my shoulders and he started shaking me. “Sully,” he called out, his voice hard and unyielding. “Sully,” he said once more. “Wake up,” I heard, warm breath tickling my lips while my brain tried to understand what was going on.

  Flickering my eyes open, I saw Marek’s face suspended above me, a look of fear and anger pouring off him in waves. Letting out one final cry, my cheek burned from the connection of his hand on my face.

  He’d slapped me.

  I was hysterical and wouldn’t calm down, but the shock of his hit balanced me in some small way. Focusing my gaze on the man above me, realization calmed me enough to stop my screaming.

  I glanced around the room to see if there was anyone else there with us, and there was. Ryder and Stone stood by the door, watching on in confusion.

  “Sully . . . It was just a dream,” Marek soothed. “You’re okay now.” Backing off me so I could breathe, I pulled myself up into a sitting position, tucking my knees under my
chin and rocking back and forth.

  “It was so real,” I confessed. “You . . . It was . . . It was you trying to kill me,” I said, looking at him, not even knowing what to feel right then. “But it was Vex’s voice. Your face but his voice,” I mumbled, trying to make sense of the dream in the dawn of realization. “My mother . . . She was there too. I was dying, and she was there for me.” I babbled on and on about my nightmare for the next two minutes, continuing to rock back and forth until I’d finally calmed.

  Marek had no idea what to say or do. He was at a loss, so he just sat on the edge of the bed. Ryder and Stone had disappeared, leaving the two of us alone to hash things out.

  “I thought you left,” I said, my heartbeat finally falling back into a normal rhythm.

  “I was just down the hall, staying in someone else’s room.”

  For a split second, I thought he was referring to a woman, and a pang of jealousy ripped through me. My heart momentarily picked up its pace and my fingernails dug into the skin of my palm. Having no justification for the strange emotion, I shoved it aside and focused on his face instead. The way he looked at me was strange. He seemed annoyed that I’d woken him with my screams, yet compassion danced in his eyes. Or was that pity? I was still too unfocused to tell.

  He rose from the bed. “Are you all right now?” he asked, shoving his fingers through his tousled dark hair.

  “Yeah. I think I just need to wash up.” Looking at the clock on the bedside table, it was only then I noticed it was six in the morning. Had it not been for the bright red numbers blaring at me, I would have no idea what time of day, or night, it was.

  “Good, ‘cause when you’re done, we’re gonna eat then I’ll take you to my house. You can’t stay here anymore. No females camp here,” was his simple explanation. He took off before I could ask him any questions. What was going to come out of my mouth, I had no idea, but he didn’t even give me time to think of something. He was always disappearing after he’d had his say.

  Another minute and I was calm enough to scramble to my feet and walk toward the bathroom. A thick layer of sweat glistened on my skin and my clothes stuck to me, making me uncomfortable. I knew the hot water would work miracles for not only my body but my mind as well. I longed for the calming arms of peace to rain down over me, washing away my nightmare and helping to soothe the predicament of my new life.

  My fingers trailed over my skin, the smell of Marek’s body wash invading my senses and making me think only of him. An ache kicked up inside me, starting in my chest and traveling lower until my clit pulsed with a need I’d never experienced before.

  I was aroused.

  I’d explored my own body in the past, but I’d never felt such an explosive desire toward a man before.

  A stranger.

  An enemy.

  Marek’s handsome face appeared in front of my closed eyes. I’d seen him angry. I’d seen him cocky and condescending. And I’d also seen him concerned. Worried about me.

  No one had ever been worried about my well-being before.

  Not my father.

  Not Vex.

  It was astounding that the man who’d kidnapped me from my home would be the one to show me an ounce of compassion.

  I palmed between my legs, trying my best to sate the need growing inside me. As I rubbed my finger over my clit, I remembered his promise from just hours before.

  When we finally do have sex, you’ll be the one begging me for it.

  He sounded so sure of himself, his arrogance surprisingly quite a turn-on, although I would never voice such a thought. I never knew if he was testing me, or waiting for me to mess up so he could punish me. Usually, I kept quiet, minus the few outbursts which seemed out of my control at the time.

  I pictured the way he licked his lips then bit down on the lower one while he’d stood naked in front of me. My own slickness allowed my finger to glide back and forth with ease, shooting bolts of desire through me, so pleasurable I never wanted to stop.

  I recalled his large cock growing to life right before my eyes, how he seemed to love my appreciation for his glorious body, the way he remained still while I committed him to memory.

  My back arched and I spread my legs, rubbing faster and faster until my body seized up. Balancing myself with one arm against the shower tile, I finished myself off, my orgasm tearing through me while I pictured the one man I shouldn’t have.

  My husband.

  “Sully, Prez says to hurry the hell up.” I was so involved with ‘taking care of business’ that I never even heard anyone enter the bathroom. Oh, my God! Did he see me? Did he hear me? Was I even making any noises? I was so wrapped up in my own head I had no idea if any sounds had escaped my lips.

  I thought it was Ryder who’d scared the shit outta me, but I couldn’t be sure. Shutting off the water, I slowly slid the shower door open to make sure no one was standing in the bathroom waiting for me.

  The coast was clear.

  I was almost done drying myself off when the door opened. I screamed out in surprise and quickly wrapped the towel around me. Marek stood in the doorway staring at me, his eyes narrowing the more he took me in.

  “Why is your face all flushed?” He moved closer, the tension between us increasing with every step. “Were you playing with yourself in the shower?” His lips turned up in a sexy grin. “Were you thinkin’ bout me?”

  There was no way he could know, was there? Did he have cameras in there? My paranoia gave me away and he picked up on it. But I still tried to deny it.

  “No,” I whispered.

  “No, you weren’t playing with your pussy, or no, you weren’t thinking about me?” He chuckled and moved even closer, the air suddenly extremely stifling.

  “Uh . . . n-no . . . t-to both,” I stammered. All I wanted was for him to leave, but then I knew once he did I’d miss his presence. He was nothing like I’d expected, and I found I craved his attention when he wasn’t near me. But again, I would never let on to that because it was insane.

  I should hate him.

  I should cringe every time he came near me.

  I should fear him.

  But I didn’t.

  “Just say the word, Sully, and you could be riding my cock.” He winked then walked from the room.

  Again with the disappearing after he said shit like that.


  We pulled up outside my place, a half hour away from the club, when a thought occurred to me. Pulling out my phone once Sully had slid off the back of my bike and was stretching her legs from the ride, I dialed Jagger’s number.

  “Hey, I need you at my place in an hour. And bring shit with you for a few days.” Ending the call, I swung my leg over the bike and planted my feet on the ground, rifling through my bag to find the keys.

  “Let’s go,” I said, ushering my wife toward the front door. My wife. Shit! That was still such a fucked-up concept. It’d only been a couple days, but I didn’t think I would ever get used to saying it.

  Out loud or in my head.

  Since I’d pushed the limits already by allowing Sully to stay at the clubhouse for more than a few hours, I knew it was best to set her up in my own personal residence. My house wasn’t anything fancy, but it wasn’t a rundown shack either. It was a nice log cabin I had built six years back, the wraparound porch one of my favorite features. What I loved most about it was that it sat on ten acres of solidarity, not a soul in sight, which was exactly how I liked it. I hated neighbors, and the less people I had to deal with the better in my book. Outsiders were judgmental, and could be quite dangerous if their curiosity got the better of them.

  Pushing open the door, I guided her inside and set my bag down on the floor, walking toward the kitchen to grab a drink. I was thirsty, and the hot summer day only exacerbated my need for cool liquid. Twisting off the cap to a bottled water, I took a few long gulps then walked back over and handed it to Sully.

  She frowned and looked as if I’d just handed her a dead kitten.<
br />

  “That’s gross,” she huffed, pushing the bottle away from her.

  “What the hell are you talking about? It’s just water.”

  “I don’t want to drink after you. Why can’t I have my own?” she asked before taking a step back. My expression probably put her on alert, although I didn’t know why. I wasn’t upset, just merely confused.

  “What’s the problem?” Shoving the bottle back in front of her, I said, “Just take it.”

  “Germs, bodily fluids . . . Should I go on?” Shocked she was speaking so freely, I crossed my arms over my chest and settled in. This should be fun. I stared at her so intently that she blushed and stopped talking.

  “No, please continue.”

  “That’s all,” she whispered before lowering her head.

  “Sully. Look at me.” She raised her head and looked me directly in the eyes, her tongue sneaking out and wetting her bottom lip. My dick pulsed and pushed against the seam of my pants. Her dark eyes roved over me, leaving my face briefly before lowering them to take in the rest of my body. I didn’t even think she realized she was checking me out, lost in a faraway place in that beautiful head of hers.

  I cleared my throat, loving the unexpected back and forth between us, visually as well as spoken.

  I was going to put our little conversation to bed. “As far as bodily fluids go, my spit will be the least of your worries.” Reaching out, I grabbed hold of her wrist and pulled her to me. She didn’t fight, which was a good sign, but I wasn’t sure if she was shocked or if she was easing up around me. Lowering my mouth to her ear, I promised, “When I fuck that sweet pussy of yours, I’m gonna leave behind a reminder that I was inside you. So much of a reminder that it’s gonna be dripping down those sexy-ass thighs of yours.”

  I heard her gasp and it made me smile. I had no idea why, but I loved toying with her. Maybe it was the innocent way she looked at me, trying her best to hide her desire for me. Maybe it was the pleasure of having someone who was all mine. Maybe I was trying too hard to show her she was safe in my club. Well, physically safe. Not so much sexually or emotionally.

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