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Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2, page 34


Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2

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“What kidnapping?” Eric shrugged. “I’m escorting one client to see another client who have a shared interest.”

  “Are you taking me to Brady? If you are, you should know he’s done everything in his power to destroy my life. I think he’s obsessed without me. If you take me to him, I might be harmed. Please, don’t do this.” I pleaded with him, hoping to tap into his empathetic nature. Eric ignored me the rest of the time. Everything I’d ever read or heard about kidnappings was summarized by one thing, ‘never let them take you to another location.’ I tried the door handle, like I’d done weeks ago.

  “You won’t be able to escape this time. Also, the windows are reinforced.” The windows were heavily tinted which made it difficult for me to see out and determine our location. “You’re riding just like the President of the United States. No expense was spared this time in taking you to your final destination. I must say, you’re quite clever and strong to have foiled Tony. He’s the best driver in the Northeast. Unfortunately, we didn’t know you had bodyguards watching over you. Your ‘husband’ was smart to put a team on you. But they weren’t smart enough to ensure to keep at least one guard with you at all times.” Eric concluded. The tears welled in my eyes. All I could do was say a little prayer that I suffer little, my family recover from my loss, and Matt not feel guilty and find love again.

  A buzz broke the quiet. Eric pulled his phone from his belt-holster. He looked at me and said, “We’re here.” I furrowed my brow. The car pulled to a stop. Eric got out of the car first, slamming the door behind him. I tried to open the handle once again, and the door opened. Outside stood my captor, Tony. He extended his hand to have me exit the vehicle. I refused to take his hand and exited the car on my own. I could hear the sound of engines whirring in the background. When I turned to my left a private plane’s propellers were turning. I was at the airport.

  I knew then I was going to be taken away from Boston, away from Matt and everything I’d ever known and loved. I felt myself swaying. Eric grabbed me by the arm and Tony sidled up to my other side and grabbed my free arm. They walked me toward the steps of the plane. When we approached, I saw a figure walking down the steps. My vision adjusted in the bright light of the sun. When I focused on the apparition before me, I realized it was a woman. I gasped and thought, ‘the bitch is back.’ Feeling like I was walking through a tunnel, I saw darkness fading the image before me. My legs collapsed under me, and I fainted.

  To Be Continued

  Stay Tuned . . .

  For the next book in the series, published in

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  Bound, The Pentagon Group, Book 3 by Rosemary Rey

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  Rosemary Rey, Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2



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