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Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2

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  “I didn’t tell you to do that.” He growled. I was shocked at his assertiveness, making me want him more. As my heart quickened, my belly quivered. Wondering what would happen next, he leaned in to kiss me. It wasn’t tender. He took my lips rough and needy. My heart beat wildly, unable to keep its normal pattern. My hand held his jaw, keeping him close.

  “Pull up my shirt.” He ordered. My hands slid down his chest to his waistband. I gathered the fabric, pulling and fisting until it was out of his jeans. I pulled up. Once it was at his shoulder blades, Matt pulled out one arm at a time. I slipped the shirt over his head, letting it fall to the floor. My hands couldn’t help but stroke his chest. He groaned at my touch while I felt myself wet and aching. My thin panties were soaked, and I could smell my arousal. Shamelessly, I wriggled over him, needing satisfaction for my swollen clit. Matt brought his hand down to my ass, stilling me from my pleasurable movements.

  “You’ll come when I let you.” He hissed. My heart skipped a beat and my insides liquefied. He’d never been so forceful. Even during our last sexual encounter, Matt was loving and attentive. This was pure, primal need, and I was too weak with my own desires to put an end to the inevitable.

  I felt him tug at the sides of my panties. They were one of my new pair, but at that point I didn’t care if he ripped them off. The tugging caused the fabric to rub against my clit. ‘Shit!’ I thought as the bundle of nerves coursed electricity through my core. I wanted him so bad. I needed him to make me come. Knowing he wasn’t going to be making love to me, only a good fuck would satisfy him, I braced myself for what he had in store.

  “Pull my zipper down.” He barked another command. I promptly complied, pulling down his zipper. Daring not to take more action than he ordered, I returned my arms around his neck when he pressed his chest against mine. The strength of his upper body held me up as he attempted to pull his jeans and briefs down over his ass. I’d lowered one of my legs, standing on my tiptoes, to give him room to free himself.

  “Pull it out.” I shivered with the thought of touching him again. I held on with one arm and glided my hand down his muscled chest until I reached into his briefs and held him, feeling the silky soft skin of his shaft. I bit my lip with anticipation of feeling him enter me. It had been so long since we’d been together, and my body missed his touch and the full feeling he gave me when he was inside of me. I stroked him gently. His head went back and eyes shut as he took in deep breaths, controlling his emotions over my touch.

  “Suck me.” He groaned. I shivered at his demand. My other leg promptly slid down his leg. My hands held onto his waist as he stepped back, giving me room to lower onto my knees. I licked my lips ready to take him in. I inhaled his smell, which reminded me of his manliness. I licked the underside of his cock from root to tip then taking his head into my mouth, ensuring to protect him from my teeth. He groaned as I bobbed him in and out. “Fuck!” He groaned, pressing the pads of his fingers against my scalp.

  Matt started thrusting into my mouth, making me take him fully. He paced his movements to a rhythm, allowing me to take breaths. I looked up at him, catching his eyes as I took him deep and then he’d retract. Our eyes locked, it was so sexually charged I knew we were two people with a deep need to take pleasure from each other. I gagged when he lost control and pressed fully into my mouth. Pulling away, I coughed, swallowing the excess fluid in my mouth. We’d always been in control of our faculties when I had him in my mouth, but I saw the raw emotions of lust and fury expressed in the grimace he made when he pumped hard into me.

  Pulling me up by the nape of my neck, I braced myself on his thighs for leverage to stand. He kissed me hard on my lips, gnashing his teeth against them. I felt some pain in the inside of my lip. I decided I didn’t want to push him away anymore. I wasn’t going to deny either one of us what we physically couldn’t contain. If he needed to take me roughly and devoid of love, shadowed by lust, lit by anger, I was going to let him. I needed him in me. There was a burning ache and quivering with desperation.

  “Take off your panties.” He looked down as I lifted my kimono, pulling it up my belly, ready to take it off. “Just your panties.” He directed.

  I slid one hand down to lower one side of my panties while holding my dress with the other. I restrained myself from getting teary eyed. The hurt I felt at being used at the moment was overpowered by the desire to be with the man I adored. The silky fabric fell to the floor. Matt lowered down and picked me up again, pulling my thighs apart as I was lifted. With his torso, he pushed me against the wall, pulling his pelvis back to find my entrance. I moaned when I felt him slicken his tip with my wetness. He exhaled a deep breath, the warm air brushed my chest. I wanted to feel his skin on mine; the hair of his chest scratching against my breasts, our bellies touching, feeling like we were melting into each other. But he denied me the connection.

  Matt thrust upwards. Each strike hit my cervix, giving a pleasurable pain and causing me to cry out. He held onto my hip, pressing me against the wall as he plunged deeply into me. He wasn’t sweet, gentle or loving. It was desire, punishment and anger. His fingers dug into my full hips, pressing his thumbs into my pelvis. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying out from gratification and pain. The pain wasn’t just of the rough fuck he was giving me, but of knowing this wasn’t love. This was control; dominance, commanding my submission and preventing me from switching the roles. He didn’t want to make love in my bed, fall asleep afterwards in each other’s arms, and wake up with our skin fused.

  Slowing his drives, Matt and I looked at each other. I wanted to say, ‘I love you.’ But my pride took over when I realized it was a simple sexual encounter. Two people who were desperately failing at being apart, but unsure of how to make their love work, and finding each other during a vulnerable moment. He groaned as he slowed his movements. He wasn’t as rough, but love was removed from the equation. I couldn’t look at him anymore. I wanted it to end. The pain had crept to the center of my heart and radiated throughout my body, causing my head to ache. I turned my head and closed my eyes, releasing my hold on him.

  Sensing my frustration, Matt increased his speed, pressing harder into me. He kissed my jaw, biting at my neck. He tried to regain my focus and attention, but I was gone. With rapid pumps into me, Matt came, spurting inside of me. I didn’t gain my release, and didn’t expect him to care. He held me until he regained his faculties. The hard grip of my hips loosened, and he pulled out of me. His cum trickled, and I used my dress to stop it from running down my leg. I slid a leg down his leg until I regained balance on the floor. I let my other leg off his hip, standing on my own two feet.

  Without speaking, Matt picked up his shirt, turning it right side out. He pulled it on. Remaining close, he tucked his flaccid cock back in his underwear. After zipping his jeans and buckling his belt, there was a long awkward pause. Matt didn’t move. I could hear his ragged breath, not daring to look at him. He turned to face the front door, and unlocked the lock to leave. Hanging my head in shame and hugging my waist, I waited for the door to shut behind him. I needed him gone. When the door clicked shut, I walked to the door, turned the secondary locks, securing him out of my life.



  The clicking of the lock felt like the sealing of a coffin. I was an asshole. I knew it, and I couldn’t help it. Anger was the only thing coursing through my body when I saw how she was living better without me, in spite of me . . . because of me. Perla made a speech about taking an opportunity I gave her. She could’ve married me and created the job at Pentagon. Everyone at the business spoke highly of her. She’d made so many innovative designs, themes, and marketing plans, and I was proud of her. Part of me was happy she’d proven herself as an executive. However, her happiness was making me miserable because I knew she didn’t need me. And she had him, Nickel, there. She was trying to move on with him using my property.

  I couldn’t help but listen beside her door for any sounds, specifically crying.
She’d turned her head away and closed her eyes. She wouldn’t look at me as I got the last needed pumps into her. Vocalizing her pleasure was common in our lovemaking, and she restrained herself, which angered me more. Coming inside of her after so long was the only thing my body wanted. Her pussy didn’t clamp tightly around my dick, quivering in orgasm which was typical for her when she’d found her release. I never wanted to be selfish with her needs. It seemed that’s the only thing I’ve done. I’ve been a selfish bastard.

  Looking at myself in the mirrored wall in the elevator area, I wiped the lipstick stain from my mouth and chin with the inside of my shirt collar. Her scent was on my shirt and I took a deep whiff of her musk. Pressing the button for the eighth floor, I took my cell phone and texted Marty about my obtaining a briefing. I arrived quickly and walked to apartment 816. I knocked on the door, and Faith opened.

  “I didn’t think you would arrive so early.” She stepped aside and allowed me to enter. I looked in and saw a large male standing in the living room.

  “Good evening, Dr. Keene.” Ken greeted. I nodded.

  “Ken.” I looked around at the fully furnished apartment. I’d paid a premium to house Perla’s round-the-clock security. We still didn’t know who was involved in her attempted kidnapping. Ken had compromised his status when he saved her and had been working in the background since the incident. Marty assigned Faith Hilliard as Perla’s bodyguard, pretending to be Faith Grogin who works as an attorney at the same building. She was able to keep tabs on Perla through the security office. Perla was so stubborn she’d foiled the building’s guards by not accepting the executive car. She’d moved so quickly from Charlestown to Boston, and so close to Pentagon she wouldn’t need use of it. Faith offered Perla to be ‘walking buddies’ at whatever hour she was done with work. Faith was good at encouraging a ‘buddy system’, especially during the days when Perla stayed late into the evening.

  We decorated the apartment to simulate a regular, single woman’s space. It was uncertain if and when Perla would come downstairs to visit with Faith. Faith came highly regarded in the field as a security guard. A former naval officer, she had graduated at the top of her class in the Naval Academy. She did her requisite years of active duty and two tours of deployment and before deciding to retire from the military to take a federal law enforcement job. However, being female she found it more lucrative to serve as a personal bodyguard. Faith had guarded celebrities, models, and public figures. During her work, Faith had the presence of mind to color her hair or wear wigs to change her appearance from one job to the next. We’d hoped Perla didn’t view or analyze celebrity gossip magazines or she would surely have seen Faith pictured beside a notable person.

  I had to admit I used Faith tonight in a personal capacity. She was a beautiful, young woman, and I quickly gravitated to her. I could tell Perla was jealous. She kept watching us as we spoke in the corner of her apartment. When she was out of my sight line Faith would fill me in when Perla would glance our way. I had clearance to enter the building. In case Perla did some investigating, Faith was listed as the true leaseholder of the apartment. However, I paid for everything through a fund I’d kept anonymous and untraceable to me. We’d ensured to cover all the bases to keep Perla unaware of the security team protecting her. We couldn’t let Perla think she was still in danger of being kidnapped, or of a worse fate.

  It had been a four person operation. Ken was the evening bodyguard and was required to back up Faith. Protocol had to change because of Perla’s change in living arrangement. Josh was the morning guard who’d been pretending to be a security guard at Pentagon, which helped with keeping tabs on her movements within the building. Through the building’s security system, a series of camera’s in the elevators and on each floor, Josh monitored her movements, alerting Faith of Perla’s whereabouts. Through inside access to Pentagon’s network, Perla’s personal and executive calendar informed Faith of Perla’s daily schedule. The executive phone given to Perla at the time of her initial employment secures her geographic positioning. Josh alerted Manny who drives her or remains near while she finishes with her agenda. With the exception of Josh, Perla had been kind or befriended the crew.

  “Any updates, Ken?”

  “No, sir. It’s been pretty quiet. She has a lot of friends as evidenced by the party tonight, but she is typically a loner. No dates or dancing since the night she was taken.” I was relieved she hadn’t had dates. “She’s been really safe with keeping her doors locked when she’s home. The phones are always with her, even when she’s going to do laundry within the building. Essentially, she’s following protocol without knowing there is a protocol.”

  “Visitors?” I inquired, wanting to know if Nickel had visited her while she was alone.

  “Other than her assistant, Gill, the designer, her best guy friend, just tonight’s guests only.”

  “And is that a certainty?” I tried to confirm.

  “Yes, sir.” Ken affirmed. Relief washed over me, but it didn’t mean they didn’t have a rendezvous somewhere else. I was being irrational, and changed the subject.

  “Any new clues on her captor?”

  “No, Sir. Marty has been in touch with the police. They have no clues. The car was bought at an auction. It was bought by a man who had planned to use it as a livery cab, but it was stolen from his location in Roxbury. Her captor switched the plates. Tried to file the middle numbers of the VIN, but police were able to match it to the theft based on their computer’s algorithm. It’s still a mystery. Specifically, motive, Sir. If you could give us a motive, then we could expand our investigation along those lines. We’re still at a loss as to why Feather was taken.” Ken informed.

  Marty was contracted to create a crew of security, find the perpetrator, and question the Carve staff about the sex tape Perla used to blackmail the group. There were explicit instructions not to share information about the sex tape with the security team. A knock on the door caused us to stop our conversation. We all looked at each other questioningly. Faith stood up from the chair and walked over to the door, peeping through the hole. She mouthed, ‘Feather’, and motioned for us to leave the room. Ken and I walked toward the only bedroom, and quietly shut the door.

  I could still hear Faith greet, “Hi, Perla. Is something wrong?” I couldn’t hear her response, if she even gave a verbal response. The next sound was the door closing and locks turning.

  I looked at my watch, and it was after midnight. My heart beat fast. If Perla was here to talk to Faith, I’d fucked up royally.


  “I’m sorry to bother you, Faith. I know its super late, but I needed a friend.” Faith led me to the couch and sat, extending her hand for me to sit.

  “Okay. What’s wrong?” She asked with interest.

  “My stupid ex. You were speaking to him earlier.” Faith nodded and listened intently.

  “I promised my friends I would be more open about my problems and feelings, but I need an objective viewpoint. I made a mistake by breaking up with him. I should’ve been honest with him about why I broke it off. I resigned myself to letting him go. Now, I don’t know how to move on when he’s always around. My working for his company is making it difficult to move forward. He just showed up tonight and I didn’t invite him. I have no clue how he even got into the building. I’m required to meet with him once a week. There’s no way I can move on knowing I’m keeping a secret from him, one that could change everything for us . . . mostly for him. I’m sorry, I’m being vague, but I have to be; for everyone’s protection.” I shook my head, curbing the tears. Faith looked like an emotionally strong and distant woman which was perfect for a corporate attorney.

  “Do you think it’s too late to be honest with him now?” She asked. I thought about it.

  “Yes. I don’t think he’ll believe me or want to work things out. He seemed so angry tonight.”

  “He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

  I shook my head. “Not physically. I just couldn
’t get over his emotional mistreatment. I can’t explain it. I just know we’re done.” I sighed, pulling my knees under me. I felt comfortable on her couch, wearing my yoga pants and long t-shirt, my soft leather ballet slip-ons stuck out under me.

  “Why don’t you try? Call him.” I shook my head. “You can call him and ask him for a meeting, something casual, maybe a dinner at a restaurant. He’ll probably be well behaved because you’re in public. And let it all out. Tell him everything.” She looked around for words. “You should just get everything off your chest and let him decide if he wants to make it work.

  “It’s too late to call, besides I left my phone upstairs.”

  “Remember, I told you to keep your phone with you. As a young woman, you need to be safe.” I nodded, finding it peculiar she admonished me and gave me another speech about safety. I briefly wondered if she was attacked and had residual fears which carried over.

  “I won’t forget, but we’re in a safe building.” I reminded. She pursed her lips.

  “Speaking from experience, even crimes can be committed in secured buildings.” She shocked me with that statement, affirming my belief she may have been attacked in the past causing her to warn other women.

  “I should go. I took too much of your time, and it’s late. I hope I didn’t bother you.”

  “You didn’t. I appreciate the visit. I work so much, it’s hard to make friends in the city.” She admitted. I smiled.

  “Thanks, Faith. I’ll let you know if I decide to talk to him.” I got up to go to the door.

  “Wait. I’ll walk you to your door.”

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