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Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2, page 12


Unbound: The Pentagon Group, Book 2

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  “I’m sorry. I can’t.” The mistrust and hurt were still too fresh for me to have sex with Matt. A flurry of negative images flashed before me just when I was about to surrender to our passion. It was like a splash of cold water. A dreadful feeling washed over me, and all I felt was the need to flee. Matt wanted me to take my pleasure, but I couldn’t. I attempted to get off of him, but he held me firmly on top of him, bringing me down to his chest.

  “Okay, babe. It’s okay. I don’t want you to feel pressured. Let me take care of you.” He turned us to lie on our sides. His erection didn’t wane. I felt his strong need for me. His heart raced, and his breathing was ragged. “How about I make us a hot, bubble bath? It will relax you. I’ll take care of you.” He said as he caressed my body with his strong, large hands, alternating between kneading my flesh and tracing circles on my skin with the pads of his fingers. I felt my body heat and tingle with his touch. He gave me a deep kiss, pulled away and said, “I’ll be right back.” He sat up and jumped out of bed, jogging to the large master bathroom.

  Within a couple of minutes, I heard the water running in the vast tub. The scent of roses wafted into the bedroom. I lay in bed thinking I had made a horrible choice. In the prenuptial negotiations, I’d asked for abstinence. Matt had agreed, but in the car he reasoned we hadn’t signed the prenup and we would adhere to my request once we both signed. I desperately wanted him. However, once he was before me, willing and able, I couldn’t get past his role in destroying my life. After a long while, the water stopped running. Matt returned to the bedroom and extended his hand to me. I shivered as I looked at his striking, nude body, and resisted running my fingers over his hard, chiseled muscles. His erection gone, but his cock was still magnificent and impressive in its flaccid state.

  “Come, baby.” I rose up on the bed and scooted to the edge. Matt lowered down and lifted me easily into his arms. My arms went around his neck to support myself. “I’ll take care of you, beautiful.” I saw the sincerity in his eyes. He kissed me.

  I struggled with the duality of our relationship, knowing he loved me and being deceived and used for his personal gain. I was conflicted by my emotions. I hadn’t yet worked through my feelings. I was still angry, but couldn’t stop feeling immense lust and need to have him inside me and showing me affection. I was desperate for his touch. My skin missed the heat of his body, the prickliness of his chest hair on my breasts, the caress of his arms on the cleavage of my buttocks, and his strong legs laying heavily over mine as we lay in each other’s arms.

  We entered the bathroom. The lights were dimmed and tea light candles were flickering around the mirrored wall in front of the double sink. Matt had lit larger candles at the back wall of the tub. The entire room glowed like the hotel room where Matt first told me he loved me. The scent was intoxicating, more pronounced, but not overwhelming. All that was needed was romantic music, to complete the sensual ambiance he had created.

  Matt placed me on the tub’s edge and I swung my legs over the side to enter the sensuous bubble bath. As soon as I submerged into the fragrant water, I felt myself relax. All of my reticence seeped away as I watched him press buttons on a remote control. Soft instrumental music was piped into the room. I couldn’t help but leer as he walked to the edge of the tub.

  “I love the way you look at me.” He said. My eyes roamed upwards to make eye contact. Matt swung a leg inside and entered the tub to be with me.

  “What?” I asked innocently.

  “You look at me like you want to devour me . . . and I like it.” He said. I looked away, embarrassed by his observation. He wasn’t wrong. I was biting my lip as I appreciated every inch of his body. “It’s my favorite thing about you.” He said, flashing his best smile.

  “Aren’t you a cocky son of a gun.” I assessed. He laughed heartily. “I’m sure my feasting on you with my eyes isn’t the only favorite thing.” I countered. Matt entered the tub and lowered himself across from me.

  “There are countless favorite things. Come here.” He said in a low, gravelly voice filled with lust. I shivered with his command, and stalked on my hands and knees over to him. I knelt before him wondering how to align my body with his. Matt pulled me from the waist and turned me to sit on his lap. His cock beside my thigh, which I felt jump at the touch of our skin. He kissed my neck.

  “Do you want me to tell you my favorite things about you?” He quietly asked. I figured he wouldn’t require a response. I laid my head on his shoulder and nuzzled within the crook of his neck. I nodded as I stared at the candle flame flickering. “Well, let’s see. Should I go from top to bottom or bottom to top? Hmm. Maybe I should list my favorite things about you in order of preference.” Underneath the water, he stroked my exposed thigh.

  “Go from top to bottom.” I requested, kissing his neck. Needing to touch him, I stroked his arm.

  “When I first saw you in the examining room the first thing I noticed were your eyes. You have piercing almond shaped eyes. Your eyes ate me up from the very second I walked into the room. I could tell right away you wanted me. Because of these eyes, I knew there was a chance I could have you.” He pulled away slightly, turned toward my face and kissed me between the eyes. It was a sweet and tender act, filled with love. In the moment, lust wasn’t part of the equation, peeling back the first layer of my defenses. My heart leapt with his words. How could a man who said such lovely things have been capable of hurting me so badly?

  “Your hair is so long and soft. I love it when you drape it over my body, caressing me with it when you suck me.” He stroked my hair with his wet fingers. “However, you won’t let me run my fingers through your hair.” I shook my head, ‘no’. Matt chuckled. “You took your hair down in my office when you lay on the examining table. All that long hair draped over your shoulder and down your breast was sexy. My dick got so hard.” He kissed my forehead as he adjusted me on his lap. “I imagined taking you from behind and wrapping your hair around my arm and fucking you hard and deep.” My folds quivered at his naughty words.

  I smiled, biting my lip to keep me from moaning. He must’ve felt my grin widen on his shoulder. “You find it amusing?” He asked. I nodded in response. “Well, it wasn’t the only time I reacted to you during my examination of you. But there will be plenty of time to describe those moments.” He revealed. My breath halted. When I felt him move his arm to the edge of the tub, I lifted slightly to allow him more freedom of movement. Within minutes, Matt pulled me back to his chest. He must’ve soaped the sponge because he rubbed my back and I smelled the lavender scented soap.

  Matt nudged me up and I sat up. My eyes roamed up his chest to his beautiful brown eyes. He rubbed the sponge in soft circles around my chest. He lowered the sponge to my left breast and softly rubbed the sponge on my areola. My nipples peaked at his gentle touch. “You know I love your breasts. They are so big and comfy. I love how your nipples invite me to suck.” He cupped my breast and with the tip of his tongue he gingerly licked my nipple. A soft gasp escaped me as my body shuddered and my flesh heated.

  “You missed a part.” I said, holding him back. “My neck. You didn’t tell me about my neck.”

  “No. I didn’t. It’s not a favored body part.” He went back to teasing my nipple, pulling it forth with his teeth. I groaned.

  “Why?” I asked.

  “You never let me mark you there. I’ve wanted to give you a massive hickey there since we started making love, but you never allowed me. I’m not intimately connected with your neck. Besides, it holds up your hard head.”

  I shoved him, “Hey.” I said. He laughed, holding the back of my head and pulling me to his lips. He gave me a sensual, deep kiss. His tongue teased mine as we licked and wrestled within each other’s mouth.

  “This is my recitation of my favorite things. You can’t interject your opinion or point out what I missed. You didn’t let me do it when you did it to me, and turnabout is fair play.” He kissed me on the cheek.

sp; “Fine, continue. No interruptions from me.”

  “Thank you.” He cleared his throat. “I’ve loved your tits since I saw them in my office. You had on a white sweater, accentuating your fullness. I imagined what kind of bra you had on . . .” I felt my cheeks redden and chest flush.

  “Blush lace.” I answered. He groaned.

  “It was obviously thin because when you slipped into my arms, I saw how your nipples hardened when I held you. I wanted to rub your nipple with my thumb, making it harder. If I could’ve, I would’ve ripped off the sweater and sucked you through the lace bra. I desperately wanted to fuck them. When I went home that night, I jerked off to the memory of these beautiful breasts.” He cupped it again and ran his thumb over my nipple. It was so sensitive and heated from his manipulation.

  “That night, I touched myself too, wishing it was your hand, your lips and tongue on me. I never thought you’d ever be interested in me.”

  “I can’t imagine wanting anyone else. I love you desperately.” His brown eyes bored into me before he kissed me. My heart skipped a beat with emotion. I wanted to cry, but didn’t dare shed a tear in front of him. It was such a romantic moment I didn’t want to spoil it with my deep seeded animosity over what he and his friends took from me. I gave him a kiss on his lips and laid my head back down on his shoulder.

  He stroked my back. “I love your back. How strong it is. I love holding onto it with my arms when you’re on top of me. Your skin is so soft, but your muscles are strong. I love running my hands across your back when I’m fucking you from behind.” Matt’s cock jumped next to my thigh.

  I lifted off of him slightly giving him room to adjust himself. “I’m too heavy for you. Let me sit in between your legs.”

  “No. You’re perfect. I want you right here. To me, you’re light as a feather.” He held me down with his strong arms. “Now, stop interrupting every time you get uncomfortable with what I’m saying.” Matt knew me so well. He could see right through my insecurities and didn’t allow me to dwell on them, calling me out on my nonsense. I had a hard time listening to his compliments. I hadn’t heard them before and wasn’t prepared to receive them. He was right, ‘turnabout was fair play’. I needed to sit there and listen.

  “Your back leads to a huge part of what I like. You have these cute dimples leading to your ass. I remember how I smacked your ass when I had you on all fours, fucking you from behind. I needed to slap them to stop myself from coming. You looked so hot with your ass open to me.” I bit my lower lip, listening to his dirty talk.

  “When I saw you in my office with those little black shorts, I think I leaked a little.” I nipped at his chin. “Part of the examination required me to have you bend over to check your spine. Your ass was in the air, I had to take a deep breath and not grip your hips and drive my dick right into your ass. I couldn’t breathe. I had to take deep breaths as I felt your spine. When I rubbed myself out, I used that moment too.” His hands rubbed the crevice of my ass. A finger dipped in between my cheeks and rubbed at the tight opening of my anus. I jumped and clenched my lower muscles.

  “Has anyone taken you here before?” I shook my head ‘no’ in response, trying to relax as he rubbed my tense opening. “Are you open to me playing with you here?” He gently pressed the tip of his finger inside. I tried not to resist him. I wanted him to know I trusted him without reservation. I nodded as I brought my lips to his and kissed him deeply. He took the liberty of pressing in further, holding himself inside. He didn’t stroke or wriggle. He just held himself in as I relaxed with the foreign sensation and allowed the slight burn and tingle pass.

  As I relaxed, he pushed his finger in further. The burn was too much. I got nervous. “Relax, baby. I won’t hurt you.” I tensed at his words. “I’ll never hurt you again. I promise.” He kissed me, leaving his finger inside my ring, and with his other hand rubbed my clit with his middle finger. I gasped at the sensation.

  “This pussy is amazing. I love your little pink pussy. Your smell and taste are addictive. I still regret not feeding from you the first time we were together, but I wanted to be inside you so bad. You taste so sweet. My favorite thing is to wake up and feed on you. I know you enjoy it as much as I like giving it because you grab my hair and pull me closer. You give me the best massage as you writhe upwards to meet my mouth. Fuck, my mouth is watering now.” I arched my back, widening my legs to him. Matt slid his fingers downward cupping my sex, dipping a finger into my channel.

  As he wriggled his fingers in each pleasurable opening, I cried out because of the dual sensations. He ground and circled his palms on my clit. Matt kissed my neck, nipping at my flesh behind my ear. I felt another finger enter my folds, curving in toward my g-spot. He alternated between wriggling his fingers and rubbing inwards. I was approaching the crest of an orgasm when I felt his finger push forward into my ring. A guttural groan came out of me. The palm of Matt’s hand pressed down on my mound, fingers stopped moving within me. I realized I was panting. When my breathing regulated, he removed his fingers. My eyes widened and I looked at him.

  “Hey, what are you doing?” I asked surprised.

  “Holding you off.” He said casually.

  “What? Why?” I whined.

  “Don’t worry. I’ll let you come . . . later.” He kissed me.

  “That’s fucked up, Matt.” He chuckled.

  “Holding you off will make you come harder when I fuck you in our bed.” I noted his use of ‘our bed’ in his statement.

  “You can finger fuck me in this tub.” I grabbed his hand. He turned the tables and grabbed my wrist, pulling away from my pussy. “You’re a tease.” I accused. He laughed, but I wasn’t trying to be funny. I really needed the release. I needed him to be the one to give it to me. It had to be in the moment so I wouldn’t lose my nerve when we returned to his bed.

  “Let me finish telling you what my favorite things are.”

  “After my ass and my pussy, what else is there?” He chuckled and shook his head.

  “A lot. Can I please finish?”

  “Fine. But wait. Why isn’t this water getting cold?”

  “Are you avoiding the compliments again?”

  “No. I’m curious. We’ve been in here a while and the water is at the same temperature, or is it you rose my temperature up.” I raised my eyebrow.

  “The tub is heated.” He gave me a stern look, and I made a zipping motion on my mouth with my pinching fingers and listened.

  “Now, the next thing I love about you are these thick thighs. They’re so strong. I want them wrapped around my waist as I fuck you against the wall.” I was so turned on by the visual, I kissed him deeply. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I pulled his head back to kiss under his chin and Adam’s apple. I nipped and sucked his strong neck, feeling it flex under my attention. I returned to kiss his mouth. As I kissed him, I lifted up from his lap and straddled him. I urgently needed to feel him at my folds. Wriggling my mound over his erect penis, I lifted my hips up and down. He moaned his pleasure as I rubbed our sex together.

  Matt’s hands gripped my hips. His thumb dug into the flesh of each hip joint as his fingers gripped my thighs. He held me down with his strong hands.

  “Stop!” He breathily voiced. “You’re not going to fuck me, Perla. You’re going to have to be patient, babe.”

  “Ugghh! You’re killing me.”

  “You’re going to beg me to start and you’re going to beg me to stop.” With his declaration, my insides quaked.


  “Stand up, Baby.” Matt asked in a whisper. I did as asked, stepping away from him, so he could stand. Matt stepped out of the tub and gave me a hand to step out. He toweled me down from neck to toe then wrapped me in the bath sheet. “I’m going to take you to bed, baby.” I shivered. “Are you cold?” He asked. Rubbing my towel covered arms, I shook my head. My nerves were high. With the exception of the first time he bathed me and made love to me, I wasn’t used to the seduction. This was more intim
ate and emotional than the first time. Matt was reaffirming his love and affection for me.

  However, now knowing what I know, I couldn’t truly believe any of his actions were heartfelt. Because of my profound love and yearning for him, I stood before him, waiting for proof of his love. Despite my discovery of the truth, I still wanted him. Not a day went by when I didn’t need his touch. I sought his body in my sleep. Just like when I smelled my laundered clothes and was transported to a very special memory, there were moments when I would catch a scent which uniquely reminded me of him. My body would shudder at a passing thought of our sexual encounters. I couldn’t deny it any longer; living without him was torture.

  Matt unwrapped my towel. “Lift up your arms.” He directed. Once I’d raised my arms over my head, he rewrapped the towel around my body. When snugly wrapped again, he picked me up. My heart leapt when he lifted me into his arms. My towel covered breasts were crushed by his broad chest and my feet dangled by his shins. I wrapped my arms around his neck, never wanting to let go of him.

  “I love you, beautiful.” Matt said before kissing me gently on the lips. His eyes were heavy lidded, looking at my face as he carried me into the master bedroom. What once was so natural and freeing to say, I couldn’t bring myself to return.

  “I’m going to lay you down and clean up the bathroom a bit. I’ll be back.” He set me to stand on the floor. He pulled the towel off from around my body. “Lie in the middle of the bed, face down.” A myriad of physical and emotional things happened; my skin tingled, nipples hardened, and my folds moistened at his command. Usually, I was the dominant sexual partner because I felt more confident when I took over. I felt insecure when he directed me. As I complied with his instructions, I gave myself a pep talk to calm my nerves.

  I heard him enter the room after a few minutes. He carried candles in each hand and placed them on the nightstand. He made a couple of trips back to the bathroom for some more of the flickering lights. After he found the remote control, Matt dimmed the bedroom lights allowing the candles to glow ethereally in the room. I remained in my position as Matt returned to the bathroom. When he came back into the bedroom, he had a bottle in his hand.


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