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Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Is In (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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Magic and Mayhem: The Witch Is In (Kindle Worlds Novella)

  Text copyright ©2016 by the Author.

  This work was made possible by a special license through the Kindle Worlds publishing program and has not necessarily been reviewed by Robyn Peterman. All characters, scenes, events, plots and related elements appearing in the original Magic and Mayhem remain the exclusive copyrighted and/or trademarked property of Robyn Peterman, or their affiliates or licensors.

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  The Witch Is In

  Magic & Mayhem World

  by Rose Pressey

  Paranormal Paradise Spa and Resort—the perfect place to get your paranormal mojo back. The best place on earth to reflect and refresh on woeful witchcraft, shoddy shifting, or even faulty fangs.

  Bubbly witch Piper Perdue owns this supernatural spa. Piper’s health food and clean living can be annoying for some paranormals—okay, a lot of them. Some find the dietary selection lacking. However, the yoga, massages, and hikes make up for it.

  Deedee comes all the way from Assjacket, West Virginia to sort out “issues.” Though she’s not even sure she really has any “issues”. However, a vacation from her hectic life sounds heavenly. A little peace and quiet is all she really needs.

  When a guest appears claiming to have amnesia right after a hunky Shifter arrives, the serene spa retreat is no longer zen. Deedee’s relaxing getaway turns into a fight for her life.

  Piper must help Deedee figure out who’s trying to cause her harm before the yoga corpse pose becomes Deedee’s permanent position.

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  Chapter 1

  I love my job, I really do, but sometimes the customers push me to the edge. They come to Paranormal Paradise Spa and Retreat for relaxation, to ease stress, and to put their lives into perspective. In the process, sometimes I get sucked into their crazy worlds.

  My name is Piper Perdue. I own the spa. Paranormals come to my place from all around the world. Most have hit a bump in the road and come here for a bit of a recharge. When spells aren’t up to par, or shifting ends with a fizzle, or blood just doesn’t sound appetizing anymore, this is the place for them.

  I recently added that saying to a brochure. Do you like it? I think it’s catchy.

  My spa retreat offered massage, facials, and other beauty treatments. Along with beauty there was yoga and other fitness programs. Most important was the calming setting. I’d found a wonderful location just outside the city. The place was made tranquil by the trees, a creek, and rolling hills. It was the perfect place to escape. That was exactly what paranormals needed. I’d restored the dilapidated plantation as the main building and added other small structures for the various activities. There was a massage building, yoga studio, fitness center, etc. This was truly my dream job. I’d always wanted to help others and this was my way of doing just that.

  However, I hadn’t counted on so many complaining people. I supposed it was to be expected when working with others, but I’d had no idea it would be this bad. The current group were driving me crazy. They really needed to take a few more of my yoga classes.

  I’d just finished a class and was headed toward the dining room. Dinner was in two minutes and was running late. We had a chef on duty. Peter Kraatz made scrumptious, healthy fare for all the guests. As I turned the corner down the hallway a knock sounded at the front door.

  Had another guest arrived? How exciting! A witch? A Shifter? A vampire? I hurried over to the door and opened it wide. Okay, maybe I was a little too enthusiastic.

  A pretty brunette stood in front of the door. A couple of bags sat on the steps beside her. Her big hazel eyes widened when I opened the door. She moved back a couple steps. I guessed I’d scared her with my excitement.

  She blew the bangs out of her eyes and said, “I’m here for the retreat.”

  Her voice sounded less than enthusiastic. No wonder she’d been taken aback by my eagerness. She obviously didn’t want to be here.

  I opened the door wider and waved my hand. “Please come in. My name is Piper Perdue. I’ll get you checked in and show you to your room.”

  She picked up the bags and stepped inside. “My name is Deedee Short, by the way.”

  “What brings you to the retreat, Deedee?” I asked.

  She rolled her eyes. “Apparently my shifting was a problem. And I have ‘issues.’” She used air quotes for the last part.

  “Oh, you’re a shifter
? How fun,” I said with a little too much perkiness.

  She grimaced. Okay, apparently now was not the time to discuss her shifting. It must be a touchy subject.

  “Okay, follow me and I’ll show you to your room.” I motioned over my shoulder. “Do you need help with your bags?”

  “I’m good,” she said as she picked up the bags. Deedee followed me up the dizzying staircase. “I feel like I need a safety harness to climb these stairs. Has anyone ever died by falling down them?”

  “Heavens, I sure hope not.” The thought had never crossed my mind. Now that would be all I’d think about every time I got near the stairs.

  We moved down the hallway.

  “The last room in the hallway, huh?” Deedee adjusted the bags in her hands.

  “It has the best view.” I glanced back and offered her a smile.

  Finally we stopped at the last room on the right. After unlocking the door, I opened it and gestured for Deedee to step inside.

  She hurried over and tossed her bags onto the bed. The room was decorated in white. I felt that added serenity to the area. The bed was covered with a white duvet and pillows. Flowing white sheer curtains hung from the window.

  Deedee looked around. “It’s nice.” She peered out the window. “I’m sure I won’t be here long though.”

  They all said that.

  “Here’s a list of the classes and other treatments. We’re having dinner in the dining room now if you’d like to join us,” I said.

  “I guess I could use a burger after the long drive.” She placed her car keys on the table by the door.

  “Well, tomorrow we have tofu burgers for lunch,” I offered with a smile.

  She looked at me as if I’d just told her we’d have puppies for lunch.

  “No meat?” she asked.

  “The menu is explained in the information packet that I just gave you.” I pointed toward the envelope she’d tossed on the bed.

  “This is going to be worse than I thought,” she said.

  Chapter 2

  Deedee followed me to the dining room. I sensed that she’d rather take off to the nearest McDonald’s for a Big Mac. I wouldn’t deny that occasionally I cheated and scarfed down half a pepperoni pizza. It was all about balance though. Deedee would get used to the lighter fare after a few days. If she made it that long. Hell, who was I kidding? If I made it that long. One more complaint might send me to the nearest bakery for a dozen cupcakes.

  The dining room was already full when we stepped inside. Eight separate tables filled the room. That way people could decide who they shared a meal with.

  I pulled up another chair next to mine at the table by the windows. “Here you are, Deedee, have a seat. Everyone, please welcome Deedee.”

  “Hi, Deedee,” the room called out in unison.

  Deedee mumbled something back and stared at the array of food on the table. “Is that dinner?”

  “Yes, freshwater salmon with kale salad.”

  “Yum,” she said sarcastically.

  Sitting at the table with us were Barbara, Destiny, Randall and Candy. Barbara and Destiny were witches. Randall and Candy were vampires. They’d all been in a little trouble lately, so they’d come to the retreat for a little reflection. Randall and Candy had glasses of blood, but they’d barely taken a sip. They rest of us would drink our cucumber-infused water.

  “Deedee, are you a witch?” Barbara asked with a mouth full of salmon.

  “Not a witch,” Deedee said, not offering more information.

  Deedee pushed the food around on her plate with her fork. She’d already stuffed all the kale salad into her mouth and swallowed.

  “Not much of a fish lover, huh?” Randall asked with a smile.

  Deedee shook her head. “No, not at all.”

  Barbara was still staring at Deedee expectantly. “Well, if you’re not a witch, then what are you?”

  Deedee scowled, but finally said, “I’m a shifter.”

  Everyone in the room was now staring at Deedee.

  “What type of shifter, dear?”

  “A deer.” Deedee didn’t bother looking up from her plate, as if more salad would appear.

  Barbara waved her hands. “No, I’m asking you what kind of shifter?”

  “A deer,” Deedee repeated.

  Barbra sighed. “No, dear, what kind of shifter are you?”

  Barbara used her outside voice as if that would make Deedee understand better.

  “Oh, for heaven’s sake, Barbara. She’s a deer. You know, like Bambi,” Destiny said in frustration.

  Barbara’s eyes widened. “Oh, I see. Sorry.”

  Now that that was settled, we could move on to discussing what everyone had planned for the rest of the evening. Sometimes it was like running a daycare. I had to push the guests to try new things.

  “Has everyone signed up for an evening class?” I asked in a cheery tone that I knew irritated most people.

  My enthusiasm was like fingernails on a chalkboard. If I didn’t remain positive though, there was no way they would.

  Deedee groaned under her breath. No one else volunteered information.

  “You haven’t even started yet, Deedee. You’ll love it,” I said.

  Destiny snickered as she munched on her kale salad. I glared at her and she looked down at her plate again. I knew they were making fun of me. That was fine though. I had to remain positive. Positive vibes were better for me.

  “I’ve signed up for a massage,” Randall said. “I figure it’s a good way to end the day after that workout I did earlier.”

  Randall was the only one out of this group who took this halfway seriously.

  “Yes! A massage. That’s what I’ll do.” Deedee used her fork as an exclamation point, thrusting it into the air.

  “Tsk, tsk.” I waved my finger. “I’m afraid you can’t do that.”

  Deedee stopped with her fork mid-air and frowned. “Why not?” she asked with wide eyes.

  “First, you have to take a three-hour trail hike… as a human and not a deer. That would be cheating.” I smiled.

  “Don’t worry, you’ll love it.” Destiny snorted laughter.

  Just then a loud roar sounded from somewhere nearby. Everyone froze.

  “What was that?” Barbara scooted her chair closer to Destiny.

  Randall jumped up from the table and in one fluid movement was standing over by the window. “It sounded as if it came from outside.”

  I hurried over beside him and peered out the window. “Do you see anything?” I asked.

  “Don’t see a thing. It was probably some kind of animal,” Randall said.

  “That sounded like a large animal,” Barbara said, sounding just a bit panicked.

  “There’s no reason to worry. I’ve been here a while now and I’ve never seen any large animals. Just cute little ones.” I offered a smile.

  Everyone stared at me blankly. Was it time for dinner to be finished?

  “Okay, I hope everyone has a great evening,” I said.

  They took the hint and hurried out of the room. I knew they didn’t like hanging around anyway.

  Randall touched my arm. “Are you okay? You seem stressed.”

  “I’m just peachy.” I forced a smile.

  Chapter 3

  The sun was making its first appearance for the day. It was the next morning and Deedee and I were about to head out. The trail led through the wooded area behind the old house.

  When I’d spotted the property for the first time I’d known I’d found the perfect place for the retreat. I’d had a path designed and the area cleared for easy walking. Well, not too easy. The exercise was good for everyone. I didn’t want anyone hurt though.

  Deedee followed behind me as we walked along the dirt path, surrounded on each side by the pine trees.

  “This would be much more enjoyable if I was allowed to shift,” Deedee said.

  “You came here to rest and strengthen your power, right? I didn’t think you’d ha
d time to accomplish that yet.”

  As we moved further into the woods, the air changed. It felt thicker and the energy heavier. Did Deedee notice?

  “It’s a little scary in here,” she said.

  Okay, so she did notice.

  “It’s probably just the humidity and air pressure,” I said.

  It was always spooky back here though.

  “You’re right,” she said. “Besides, I’m used to being in the woods when I shift. It’s always unnerving when you’re surrounded by silence and giant trees.”

  “Yes, I suppose that does make for an eerie scene.” Whew. I was glad she wasn’t freaking out.

  The crunch of branches echoed through the air. Deedee and I froze on the spot. I glanced down to make sure it hadn’t been me stepping on branches. The path was clear under my feet. I looked behind at Deedee’s feet. Nothing there either. Where had the sound come from?

  “It’s another animal,” she said, as if reading my thoughts. “I can smell it.”

  “Nothing dangerous, I hope.”

  She shrugged. “You never know. Things can turn dangerous in the blink of an eye.”

  And I’d worried about her being scared. Now I was the one worried.

  We’d only taken a couple more steps when the sound came again. I stopped to listen. Apparently Deedee didn’t want to listen.

  She took off in a sprint. I was pretty sure I noticed her shifting as she dashed behind a tree. I wasn’t sure whether to panic or wait there for her. She could have at least told me when she’d be back. Now I stood out there all alone. This was definitely frowned upon at the retreat. I liked structure and schedules. This wasn’t on the schedule. Had she run off because she was afraid of whatever animal was out there, or was she going after the animal? Either way, this wasn’t good. Now I had to find her.

  I couldn’t let her do this on her own, although I supposed she was way more skilled at being in the woods than I was. Lucky for her, there were no hunters back here. Of course, I wouldn’t have let anyone walk back here if I’d thought there were.

  Okay, enough of my rambling thoughts. I had to find Deedee. I turned to the right and headed in the direction where she’d run. This was a lot more dangerous because the area hadn’t been cleared for a walking path. The crunch sounded again, but this time I knew it was my footsteps making the noise. Nevertheless, I had to glance over my shoulder just in case.

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