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White Locks

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  My grin was wide as I took in his words. Of course I hadn’t forgotten – how could I forget the place where we’d shared our first kiss and started falling for each other, under the dark sky with a full moon and sparkling little stars? It was out of the question.

  I squeezed his hand back. “Not in a million years, angel.”

  After that there was a military parade, then military aerobatics, and eventually we had a separated dinner with the royal family, with me sitting at the head of the table of female family members.

  I was grateful for no Talia or evil mother-in-law more than I was grateful for actually finally getting something to eat. The apple I’d gotten to eat when we took our first break wasn’t that satisfying.

  It was my first day as a queen and I was starving – how crazy was that?

  The food was amazing, except the guava juice that was a bit sour. But I was too hungry to be picky and was polite enough to eat a decent amount of everything that was placed in front of me.

  By the time I got back to my wing, I was dead on my feet and ready to crash. I asked Donia to prepare a hot bath for me, hoping that by the time I finished bathing, Mazen would be home so we could call it a day.

  My muscles were relaxing slowly but surely as I spent a good half an hour in the round tub. The oils Donia had put in the water smelled so good, and the salt was working wonders on my skin. I could literally feel the tension of the day easing with every passing minute.

  When I hopped out of the tub, I wrapped myself with a towel and headed straight to the walk-in closet. I had already told Donia that I wouldn’t be needing her help getting dressed and that I would call when the king needed something.

  The king!

  A naughty thought crossed my mind and I found myself biting my pointer finger as I realized I really wanted to do it. My lips formed a grin and my cheeks heated at all of the images flashing inside my head.

  On the couch that was placed in front of the main door of the bedroom, I waited for Mazen, wearing only a sexy gown that left little to the imagination – and the royal crown. My smile didn’t leave my face as I imagined the look in his eyes when he saw me, ready and waiting for him.

  Not too long after, the door opened and Mazen entered the room, his eyes finding me immediately. The way he looked at me made my insides tingle; it was exactly like I’d imagined it. Even better.

  His eyes darkened with desire as they roamed all over my body, and a sweet smile was drawn on his slightly parted lips. He closed the door behind him, but didn’t make any other move, so I decided to make a move myself.

  I stood up and took a few steps closer to him. “See something you like, your majesty?” I bit my lip, giving him the most innocent look I could muster.

  “Not really,” he answered, and I gave him a questioning look. “I’m seeing something that I love.”

  A small laugh escaped my mouth and I took the rest of the steps separating us, until I was standing right in front of him. “Are you going to do something about it?” I dropped my hands over his shoulders, right where the royal necklace was.

  His hands touched my hips. “Oh, I plan to do something about it,” he nodded, his eyes not leaving mine. “Lots of things, actually.” His lips crashed my own as he gave me a steamy kiss that knocked the air out of my lungs and left me breathless.

  His lips left my mouth and hungrily kissed all over my jawline and neck. I moaned and squeezed his shoulders in response. “Oh, Mazen!” I breathed.

  “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this all day long.” he panted into the tender skin behind my ear, sending shivers down my spine, his hands touching wherever he could reach and his erection grinding into my hip.

  He was placing kisses all over my face when he suddenly stopped. My vision was clouded with the lust I was feeling when I looked at him questioningly, my eyes widening at the look of distaste on his face. “What? What’s wrong?” I asked in confusion.

  “Uh, … “

  “What is it? Tell me.”

  “It’s, uh, the crown,” was all he said.

  “The crown? What about it?”

  “Um, my mother used to wear that thing, so …”

  “What do you mea– … oh! Ooh!” I said as I finally got his point, and it was my turn to mirror the same look that was on his face.

  Mazen laughed at how fast I took the crown off, walking to the dresser beside the window and placing it there. I gave him a look that made him shake his head at me as he started taking his clothes off.

  “Did you know that she was going to be in the ceremony?” I asked him when he came to stand next to me, as he placed the necklace beside the crown.

  “Of course I knew. That’s why I asked if you were going to be okay!” he replied, frowning. “Wait! You didn’t know?”

  I shook my head.

  “I thought that one of the ceremony planners had told you about all of the details of the ceremony!”

  “She did. She said the ‘Queen Mother will do this, and the Queen Mother will do that.’ I thought she meant your grandmother; I didn’t realize she was talking about your mother. I get it now, though.”

  Mazen shook his head. “I’m sorry about that, princess.”

  “Hey, it’s okay. I’m fine. I promise,” I told him. “The ceremony was magical and everything went okay.”

  “Yeah, it was,” he smiled.

  “Will I ever get to see your side of the ceremony? I really dislike the fact that I wasn’t there while it happened.”

  “Me too, I wish you could’ve been there. And of course you can see it. You can google it,” he winked. “It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve googled my name.”

  “You and your smart mouth!” I narrowed my eyes at him, and my answer was said mouth being pressed to mine in another steamy kiss.

  “Hey, Mazen?” I breathed when he broke our kiss to work his way down my neck.


  “I need to learn Arabic soon. Like, yesterday.”

  Later that night, I was still confused about Mazen’s mother and her actions. My confusion led to me telling him about how his mother had acted during the ceremony – how she’d looked like a different person and how she’d looked genuinely happy while giving me the crown. She wasn’t even close to happy on our wedding day.

  Mazen explained it in a few words, and it was so easy for me to understand when he said, “My mother wanted me to be a king, Princess. It’s all she’s ever wanted, and today she got her wish. I bet she wasn’t even showing how happy she truly was.”

  Since we were actually talking about her now, I thought I might ask more questions, maybe to just feed my curiosity.

  “Where has she been all this time?” She’d obviously been elsewhere; she hadn’t been taking care of the palace or any of the things she usually managed around the kingdom. Prince Fahd had told me that she couldn’t hurt me even if she wanted to, and I always wondered what that meant, but had been too skittish about bringing her up to actually ask.

  Mazen told me that his mother had been punished by his father for her actions. There was a small, private trial where she’d been judged guilty for humiliating and attempting to hurt the Queen Mother– her punishment was to not leave her room for the next five years. She was only allowed by the king to do her part in the ceremony, and that was all.

  To be honest, I found myself a little mad that her punishment was only for what she’d done to the Mother Queen, and not for what she’d done to me. But sadly, there was no law against Common Deflowering, even if none of the women in the kingdom accepted it and most men didn’t really find it necessary.

  Either way, I was glad she wouldn’t be a bother for me anymore.

  “Mazen, does that mean that she won’t be able to accompany the King to Germany for his surgery?”


  “But the King will be all alone in a foreign land. It’s already going to be difficult for him, being so far away without any family.” The king was such a nice ma
n, and I disliked the fact that he wouldn’t be surrounded by his loved ones during this hard time.

  “Fahd will be with him for the entire time, for his surgery and through his recovery and treatment. Janna will also be meeting them there to help take care of him.” Mazen assured, and I was actually happy to hear that.

  That night we fell asleep very late despite the fact that we were both exhausted from the long day. We made love and talked for hours; I was so happy in Mazen’s arms that I couldn’t believe anything could take away from our happiness.

  I was wrong.

  A few hours later, I was awakened by a sharp pain in my lower stomach. For the past several days, I’d had cramps on and off, but none of them were as sharp as the pain I was feeling right then. Heck, it wasn’t like any pain I’d ever felt before.

  I stayed in bed for a while, hoping that the pain would go away, but a few minutes later, the pain was so unbearable that I had to get up and go to the bathroom, trying my best not to disturb Mazen, for I knew what a light sleeper he was.

  In the bathroom, I was devastated to see the blood on my panties – not because it was too much, but rather because I’d really thought that I wouldn’t see it for a long time.

  A lone tear escaped my eye at the disappointment I felt when I realized I wasn’t pregnant, then the tear found companions when other tears followed, streaming down my face.

  It was stupid, I shouldn’t have been that upset, knowing that I’d tried all this time to convince myself that I might not be pregnant. I guess the hope was still alive in me despite all of my attempts not to let it be.

  I spent God only knows how long in the bathroom, crying my eyes out and internally cursing myself for being so upset about something that didn’t happen, but I really couldn’t help how I felt.

  A knock on the door startled me and then I heard Mazen’s voice that was laced with concern, “Marie, are you okay? You’ve been in there a long time.”

  I should’ve known better than to think I’d been successful in not waking him up when I’d left the bed, but it was really sweet to think that he’d stayed up waiting for me to come back to bed.

  I wiped my tears with the back of my hand before answering, “Just a minute,” then got up and searched the cabinets for some pads or even a tampon. I found one cabinet that was packed with many options that I could use; I had no idea if it was Janna’s doing, since she’d been the one to prepare everything in the wing, or someone else’s. But I was grateful.

  When I came out of the bathroom, Mazen was waiting right outside, his smile disappearing when he saw the look on my face that I couldn’t tame.

  “Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong?” he asked, taking me in his arms for a second and then backing away to look into my eyes the next.

  “Um, yeah,” I replied. “I, uh, I got my period.” I waited to see a look of disappointment in his eyes. I waited to see sadness, but it was concern that I was met with.

  “Oh.” He paused, and I would’ve paid anything to know what he was thinking in that moment. “Are you in pain?”

  “Yes, horrible cramps,” I said honestly, not able to control the tears that left my eyes.

  Mazen thought it was from pain, and it was, but it was the pain in my heart, not the pain he thought it was.

  “Oh, princess. Come here.” He took me in his arms again, hugging me tightly, and I closed my eyes, inhaling his scent, knowing very well the kind of effect it had on me. “I’m sorry about that. Do you use a specific painkiller, or do you want me to get you something?”

  “Anything strong would be good. Thank you,” I said in a low voice.

  Mazen carried me to bed and tucked me in, placing a tender kiss on my forehead and telling me he would be right back before he put a shirt and sweatpants on since he was only in his boxers, and then left the room.

  I took the time he was gone to curl into a ball and cry some more, wondering if Mazen was actually upset because I’d gotten my period and was just hiding it from me, or if he really didn’t care.

  For some reason, I couldn’t decide on the latter, and told myself that he just didn’t want to show me how sad he was that I wasn’t pregnant.

  Thankfully, the pills that Mazen gave me made me drift into a deep sleep just fifteen minutes later, while he smoothed my hair above my head and wiped my tears away.

  The pain wasn’t as horrible over the next few days, but my period lasted longer than ever and I’d never had it that heavy before. I just thought it was because of how late it was and didn’t think much of it.

  Mazen was incredibly sweet and took good care of me whenever he was around, but there were days when he had to attend to the affairs of the kingdom and be gone for the whole day. When that happened, he called as much as he could and always sent a text saying that he loved me. His messages always came at a time when I really needed to hear it. He even made sure I had chocolate beside me all the time.

  For over a week, I didn’t leave my wing, not for work and not to do my duties as queen. I took advantage of everyone who was willing to help me – Rosanna and Huda, even Mona took care of things for me and offered me all of the help I needed.

  When my decisions were needed, I made them from inside the wing and did everything possible not to leave it while Mazen wasn’t with me.

  Mazen thought it was only because I was sick. And I let him believe it.

  It wasn’t easy to accept that change in my life, but I tried all I could to make all of the adjustments needed to make it feel normal. I knew my not leaving my place wasn’t normal, but I hoped that one day soon I could do it. One step at a time, I told myself.

  One of the letters I received during the week was from Janna. She was congratulating me on the coronation and apologizing for not being able to be there, telling me that her appearance prevented her from attending the ceremony.

  A smile found my lips as I read her words, realizing that she meant she was showing more than she should be, as far as everyone knew. The thought of my nephew or niece doing well in her stomach made my insides warm, imagining what my parents would’ve felt about that.

  ‘Would you like to visit the horses with me tonight? We never made it that night after all,’ Mazen texted.

  ‘Sure. What time?’ was my instant reply.

  ‘I’m not sure yet, but I’ll do my best to come back early tonight. I love you.’

  ‘Can’t wait. I love you back.’

  I made sure to finish most of the work during the day. I really was looking forward to a night with Mazen; it felt like it had been so long since we’d been intimate. I wasn’t feeling well most of the time and had as little conversation with him as possible.

  He hadn’t pushed me to talk, only hugged me and kissed my lips, pouring all of his love for me into those hugs and kisses and kind words. I didn’t know what I would’ve done without him.

  When Mazen finally made it home, I was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, knowing that we probably wouldn’t be seen in public which would require me to dress in something more formal. Mazen also changed into casual clothes and then asked if I was ready.

  I was a little confused when we didn’t use the secret tunnels, but didn’t question it. And then I was surprised to see that two cars were leaving with us when we started moving. Both were full of royal guards, of course.

  “Is that necessary?” I asked Mazen, pointing to the cars. “I mean, we have Fawaz and that other guy’s name I can’t pronounce.”

  Mazen chuckled, “Mo’taz, Princess. His name is Mo’taz.”

  “Right, that one.”

  “Of course it’s necessary. Our safety is more important than ever now; we have millions of people depending on us.”

  I nodded my head in understanding. I didn’t say anything when we went to the stable while eight guards protected our every step. It wasn’t comfortable, but I didn’t argue. Mazen was right, our purpose in life went beyond our own personal goals now – it involved other people as well.

  We had a good
time with the horses. Faith and Hope looked so much bigger than the last time I’d seen them over three months ago. God! It seemed like forever. Too much had happened since then.

  Mazen took me by surprise when he suggested that we go to our mountain. I was all for it, but didn’t think it would be as good as last time, given that we wouldn’t be alone.

  “How come I can ride Thunder if he only allows you on his back?” I asked Mazen as he helped me to hop on like he had last time.

  “Because it’s me who’s helping you onto his back. You wouldn’t be able to do it alone,” he replied as he got on behind me.

  I made myself comfortable and got ready for the wonderful ride I knew was to come. My grin was already planted on my lips and my heart was already thumping hard in excitement. I didn’t know that Mazen was planning to leave me breathless with the next words he whispered in my ears.

  “You know, the last time we did this, Princess? You were panting and screaming, ‘faster, faster.’ You gave me the most painful hard-on right then and there. I imagined you saying those words in a much different setting – those words rang in my ears for a long time.”

  Oh, my God! I’d had no idea! But thinking about it, it just clicked in my mind that this was the reason why he’d hopped off Thunder so abruptly last time. I don’t know how I hadn’t realized it then.

  “You’re such a pervert,” I chuckled, trying to hide my blush.

  “Am I?” he asked, not really waiting for an answer as he tightened his left arm around me then pulled the rope around his right hand, causing Thunder to run faster and put more excitement in me than anything else.

  The ride was as amazing as I’d imagined it to be – even better. I may have had said ‘faster’ once or twice just to tease Mazen, enjoying the sound of his groan as I panted the word, and laughed when he said, “You’re playing with fire, Marie.”

  For his sanity, I decided to stop with my teasing. Thunder stopped when we reached our destination, as did the eight horses with the guards behind us. Four of them went up on the mountain to scout the area while the rest waited with us.

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