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Illicit Desires (The Illicit Series Book 1)

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Illicit Desires (The Illicit Series Book 1)

  Illicit Desires (The Illicit Series, Book 1) by Rose B. Mashal

  Copyright © 2016 by Rose B. Mashal

  All rights reserved.

  This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  Edited by J. Brandon

  Cover Design by Jada D’Lee Designs

  Formatted by Lindsey Gray





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  Her smiles brought my own to life. Her beautiful face was what made me get out of bed every morning. Looking into her eyes was my favorite part of the day.

  She was in my every thought, in every passing second.

  My lips craved her lips, and my hands yearned to touch her beautiful skin. My heart called out her name with every beat, and I only had eyes for her.

  Her. My life, my soul, my personal Heaven-on-Earth.

  She was everything I had ever wanted, but everything I could never have.

  She was my flesh and blood.

  She was my sister.

  The following story contains taboo subjects and sexual situations. Recommended for mature audiences only.

  To Sandra, for always being there, for holding my hand, and for patting my shoulder. I love you.

  My heart started beating fast as I saw her coming down the stairs. Wearing her white, strapless sundress, with her hair down caressing her shoulders, she looked like an angel.

  Her green eyes caught mine, and I saw the sadness filling them. She masked it right away, replacing it with a furious stare—trying to tell me that she was mad at me for what I did with her a while ago in her room.

  Well, she could fool anyone else she wanted, but not me. She liked it, and I fucking knew it.

  The hem of her short dress danced along her upper thighs as she took one hurried step after another. Ignoring her angry look, I licked my lips, knowing that it would make her look away because she wouldn't want me to see the need in her eyes.

  And that was exactly what she did. But she was helpless against the redness of the blush which covered her face and neck as she passed me.

  "Daddy?" she began as she approached our father, who was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking his coffee while he read the newspaper.

  "Hmm?" He looked up from the papers in his hand, facing her.

  "I… Um, I want to talk with you about something," she said, looking at the floor—her blush growing more intense.

  "Sure. What is it?"

  "I…Uh, I…" As Lily stood there, hesitant to say what she wanted to say, she looked at our mom, who was sitting at the table across from where Lily was standing. She even caught my eyes for a quick second, but then looked down right away.

  "Do you want to go into my office, Lily?" he asked, placing the paper on the table.

  "Uh, no… It's fine. I just… Uh, well, I’m going to graduate soon, and … uh, there is that guy in my school—"

  Fucking what?

  "H—he asked me out more than one time and … uh, I want to say yes."

  "Lily, sweetheart, we’ve talked about this before, and you know the rule," he said in his calm voice.

  "But, Dad, I'm almost eighteen; I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm the only one my age who's not allowed to date!"

  "Lily, I—"

  "Dave," Mom interrupted, "I think Lily is mature enough to make good decisions."

  Fuck that, she doesn’t know shit.

  "But, Beth, she's not even eighteen yet."

  "Honey, it's just a matter of a few months before she leaves for college. It's better that she starts dating now and learns more about the kind of relationship she wants before she starts a new phase in her life. Don't you think?"

  My blood started to boil in my veins. My own mother was convincing my dad with logic. Now he was actually thinking about it. I didn't want him to fucking think about it; I want him to say a clear no.

  "Sweetheart, I don't think it's—"

  "Please, Dad. Even Adrian is allowed to date, and we’re the same age. It's not fair," She pointed in my direction without looking.

  "I'm older!" I called out, correcting her.

  "By ten minutes, asshole!" she yelled back at me.

  "Language, Lillian," Mom warned.


  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! They were actually considering this bullshit? I had to set my glass of orange juice down on the table so I didn’t end up throwing it at one of them.

  "The only reason I don't want you to date is that you’re so innocent, and I don’t want someone to break your heart, sweetie."

  Or break your fucking hymen.

  "I'm old enough to know how to choose, and I'm mature enough to face the responsibilities of my choices, Dad."

  My Dad let out a long sigh, and then I saw the hint of a smile forming on his lips.

  No! No! No! No fucking way. Come on!


  "So… That’s a yes?"

  "Yes, Lily, you can say yes." He smiled.

  Fuck! A million fucking fucks!

  "Thanks, Dad. You’re awesome." She bent down and placed a kiss on his cheek.

  "You’re welcome, sweetie. "

  She did the same with Mom. "Thanks, Mom."

  She walked over and stood right in front of me. She was so close I could smell her soft peach shampoo as she leaned in a little bit, picking my glass up off the small table.

  "I'll take that if you don't want it," she smiled softly, not waiting for me to reply as she took a sip without taking her eyes off of mine. I'm sure that the green in them was replaced with the darkness of my anger.

  I only snarled at her.

  She leaned forward again, her lips just an inch away from my face. She was so close I could feel her warm breath on my cheek. It took everything in me not to moan.

  "I win, Dear Brother, "she whispered and then touched her soft lips to my cheek.


  She thought she was going to date now that she had permission?

  She thought that she'd go out with a guy and kiss and hug and fuck?

  She thought I'd ever allow anyone to touch what was mine?

  No fucking way in hell!

  When she was about to back off after kissing me, I gripped her forearm and whispered back. "Over my dead body, little sister."

  It was like it all happened just yesterday, but it all started that summer about four years ago…

  My father, Dave was the Chief of Surgery at Seattle Faith Hospital. He was always so busy with work that it was unreal. We were never able to have a proper vacation. But, a miracle eventually happened, and he was able to carve out two weeks for us and take a break. So, we went to our beach house —which we hardly used— to spend the break there.

  Dave was a great guy, really. He always wanted for us to have the best of everything. He wasn't our real father, though. Henry Walter is … was for the record.
He and my mother, Beth, got married young and had us at the ages of twenty-six and twenty, respectively. Henry died when we were just two years old, killed in the line of duty as a police officer. My mother remarried just two years later, and she said her life had never been better.

  Guess my mom had a thing for men in uniform. I rolled my eyes at the thought. I really loved Dave—don't get me wrong—but I didn't like the way Mom had moved on so fast. Yes, two years was fast in my book.

  Henry never really died. I was too young to remember him, but I still felt his love for us. Was that sane? I still saw him in Lily's features, her heart—shaped face, and her brown locks. The way she smiled was a perfect copy of his smile which I'd seen over and over again in photos. I got my tall frame from Henry. I looked more like Mom with her auburn hair and green eyes. Lily got our green eyes from her, too.


  If only I had known how that vacation would fuck up our relationship, I would have—most certainly—just passed.

  "Okay, kids. Go unpack now, and we'll get in the water in the morning, okay?" Mom said.

  "Why can't we go swimming now?" Lily whined.

  "Because it's sunset, you'll be exhausted when you get back, and I'll have to do all the work of unpacking for the both of you!"

  "But Mom—"

  "Lily!" Mom warned.

  "Yes, Mom." Lily left to go to her room, and I went to help her with her bag.

  "It's okay, Adrian. I got it," she said in a low voice.

  "Don't be silly. Let me," I replied as I carried her bag toward the stairs.

  "Jesus! What do you have in here? Rocks?" I asked with a groan as I felt how heavy her bag was.

  She let out a small giggle from behind me. "Just my clothes and … um … some books."

  "Books? Lily, you do realize we're going on a vacation, right?" I dropped the bag on her bed and turned around to face her. She looked a little sad.

  "I know."

  "Hey, what's wrong?" I touched her cheek softly. "Why the sad face?"

  "I figured that she'll end up forcing us to stay home for some reason or I'll be grounded for something; that's why I brought the books—to keep me company," she explained, meaning Mom.

  I sighed.

  "I wanted to go swimming!" she pouted.

  "We will, baby sis. Please don't be upset. We have two full weeks. We'll do all the swimming you want, okay?"

  "'kay," she said, still looking disappointed.

  "C'mon. Where is my sweet smile? C'mon… C'mon… Yes, that's my girl." I kissed her cheek. "Do you want me to help you unpack?"

  "Nah, it's cool. I'll do it." She smiled.

  "Okay. I'll go finish mine, and if you're not done by then, I'll come back and help."

  When we finished having dinner, I went straight to bed, exhausted from all of the packing and unpacking and the three hour drive. It was really crowded on the roads. Then, of course, I had to be the one to check if all of the lights were working on all three floors.

  I was deeply asleep when I felt a warm body creeping into my bed, and I knew right away who it was.

  "Adrian?" Lily whispered beside my ear as I lay on my side, my back facing her.

  I didn't reply; I was really sleepy.

  "Adrian, are you awake?"

  "I am now," I huffed. "What is it?"

  "I'm scared."

  "Of what?"

  "I don't know. I just don't want to sleep alone in that room. Can I sleep with you tonight?"

  "Lily, you're too old to be scared of the boogieman!"

  "Please, Adrian? Pretty please?"

  "Okay," I sighed. "You can sleep in here."

  "Thank you, Adri." I heard the smile in her voice.

  "Okay, call me Adri one more time, and I'll kick you right back out of the bed."

  "Sorry," she chuckled. I was happy I’d made her happy; her happiness meant my own.



  "Would you just hold me?"

  "For God's sake, Lily! Would you just let me sleep?"

  "Please, Adrian. I'm scared."

  I sighed and then turned around to face her, turning her around along with me so my chest was facing her back. I slid my hand under her shirt and rested my hand on her bare stomach, making small circles. "Here, all better?"

  "Yeah, thank you," she yawned.

  "Go to sleep now, baby sis."

  Before she could reply, I heard her soft, steady breaths, telling me that she was already asleep.

  When I woke up, Lily was cuddled tightly against me, her arm and head rested over my chest, and one of her legs was over mine. I smoothly removed myself from her, careful not to wake her up.

  I took my shower and went downstairs even though it was still too early. I filled a bowl with some cereal and milk and started eating.

  Lily came down after a few minutes and had breakfast with me. Mom and Dad were still sleeping. From the looks of it—the empty bottle of wine and all—it seemed they had stayed up late, and they most likely weren't going to wake up anytime soon.


  "Do you want to go for a swim?" I asked.


  "Okay. Go get ready."

  "We'll go without Mom and Dad?"

  "Lily, the shore is just two yards ahead. They'll find us as soon as they wake up and look out the window, so don't worry about it." I went to change, grab a blanket, and wait for her.

  I was sitting on the blanket I'd placed on the sand when I felt something on my ear. At first, I thought it was a fly or something, so I shrugged it off, but it kept coming back. I turned around after feeling something brush my ear several times and discovered that it was Lily tickling me with the tip of her short, white bathrobe's belt.

  "You're in big trouble."

  Once she heard my threat, she ran away, screaming and laughing. I ran after her, catching her easily just a moment later as both of us fell to the ground.

  "You wanna fight? Huh? Huh?" I said as I pinned her to the sandy ground with my hands on her shoulders and my legs on either side of her.

  "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she chanted between laughs.

  "Too late, baby sis! Too late." I started tickling her neck and moved down to her collarbone, which prior tickle-fights had shown me was her most ticklish spot.

  "A-Adrian, Sto-op!" she yelled, not able to hold back her laughter.

  "Say uncle!"


  "Say it!"


  "If you say so." I moved my hands down, reaching for her stomach, and that was when my whole world turned upside down. Her robe was wide open; I hadn't noticed that when I had started tickling her. And there, staring at me, was the most delicious set of breasts I'd ever seen. They were a bit small – she was only fifteen, after all. Her laughter was making them shake a little, making my mouth water in a way I'd never thought was possible.

  My hands froze on her stomach, and for the first time in my life, I noticed how soft her pale skin was. I sat there—frozen—gaping at the beauty of her body. Her breasts were covered by the top of her white bikini, but it did a poor job covering how hard her nipples were. And, nothing was covering the delicate skin that led to her stomach or the very small swell of her hip bone that led to…


  I'm turned on by my sister!

  Shit! Shit! Shit!

  At the time, I had no clue as to how we became like this. The last time I remembered us happy and enjoying each other's company was on that vacation at the beach house. It took one day for that damn house to ruin our relationship … or that's what I'd thought.

  I thought that the house was cursed with some sort of black magical powers which separated a beloved brother from his only sister—his twin! Yeah, silly… I know. But I was only fifteen years old, and I was unable to think of any other reason. We were inseparable before we went on that damn vacation, and the next day, we just weren't anymore.

  I don’t know how long I cursed the house for that, thinki
ng that because we hardly used it, bad spirits had possessed it or something. But I later learned that it was my stupid bathing suit!

  I'd been dreaming of wearing a bikini for so long, but I never got the chance to wear one—given that we hadn't had a vacation in four or five years. And when I did finally get the chance, I wanted to tear it into pieces for what it had done to me and my brother.

  "Say uncle!" he ordered.

  "N-no-oh!" I choked out through my laughs.

  "Say it!" he demanded again. His eyes were crinkled with laughter, but he wouldn't let it out.

  "N-oo!" I insisted.

  "If you say so." Once he said that, I knew I'd say "uncle" and he'd win. He knew how much I hated to lose—especially tickle fights.

  When he reached for my stomach, I squeezed my eyes shut, though I hardly had them open anyway. I was laughing really hard after all. I braced myself for the sensation of his tickles, which would probably bring me close to peeing the bottom of my very expensive bikini. But it never came.

  I waited for a moment, but still, there was nothing. Just his fingertips barely brushing along my stomach. I opened my eyes to see what was wrong, and I was met with Adrian gaping at what looked like his hands.

  "Adrian?!" I called, moving his attention back to me, since he seemed to be lost. He slowly raised his gaze and met mine with a strange look. His eyes were filled with … disbelief? I couldn't tell.

  "Adrian! Are you okay?" I asked—still looking up at him from my spot on the sandy ground, concern filling my voice. One second later, I saw him run back to the house.

  I ran after him to see what was going on, but I couldn't catch him. I was only met with the door of the first floor bathroom shutting in my face and almost knocking me to the ground.

  "Adrian?" I knocked on the door and waited for his answer. But nothing came; he didn't reply. I started to panic.

  "Adrian, please. Are you okay?" I felt my tears threatening to fall. I was so afraid that I had hurt him or something with my kicks, even though I was sure that my legs didn't touch him anywhere.

  "I'm fine." I wasn't one that he could fool with just any lie; I knew Adrian very well, more than I could possibly know myself—and he wasn't fine.

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