The Mystery of Lincolns Inn

The Mystery of Lincoln's Inn

Robert Machray

Mystery / Thriller / Mystery Thriller

"A skillful, clever, and engrossing book." -Scotsman "It holds the attention of the reader from the first page to the last." -Yorkshire Post "Those who embark on \'The Mystery of Lincoln\'s Inn\' will not feel that they can quit the atmosphere of the Law Courts whilst it remains." -Gentlewoman "Mr. Robert Machray is not a man who believes in half measures; he means a mystery to be a mystery right up to the last chapter, and has evidently written \'The Mystery of Lincoln\'s Inn\' on this admirable principle. It is a most ingenious story, but it would be a shame to give Mr. Machray away by unfolding the details of his intricate plot. Suffice it to say that this is a tale of an unscrupulous lawyer who lived a double life and kept a secret drawer in his room, all of which led tot he undoing of his guileless partner." -The Bookman
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