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I Scream for Halloween

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I Scream for Halloween
I Scream for Halloween

  Robert C. Waggoner

  Copyright 2014 by Robert C. Waggoner

  I Scream for Halloween

  Teddy and his three friends, Mike, Moe and Mick were hanging out at Starbucks slurping their favorite drinks. The talk was about what to do on Halloween upcoming shortly. “Guys, even the toughest dudes are scared to enter old Carvers house at night. I’m sure you remember a year ago when three college students from upstate came down to prove that there was nothing to be scared of in Carver’s house. I think we should see if we can find out what happened to those three students. What do you guys think,” said Teddy.

  “The police almost tore the house apart and found nothing,” said a nervous Mike. “I like my living life and I’ll not be part of any scheme to try and see what is inside that horrible place. I’m not sure if you guys remember or not, but that house is over four hundred years old. Local history tells us five members of the Carver family were found dead inside that house the day after Halloween.”

  “Yeah, and all were found dead in their beds without a mark on them,” said Moe.

  “My dad talked to a private investigator about those college kids. My dad told me that some things just can’t be explained very well. Their car was parked outside the house and two weeks later the parent of the car owner drove it off. My mother said that a friend of hers told her that those three students probably found a door to another dimension.”

  “Wow! If that was true, I want to see what the other dimension might be like. We already know this one, don't’ we? Where is your sense of adventure anyway? Americans have always taken a risk so why not we four take a walk to the other side of here.”

  “Man you crazy sum bitch. I like my choco - Americano I’m drinking right now. Who knows what’s on the other side to drink. Besides, what would we do for money,” asked Mick.

  “Well, I talked to my girl friend and she wants to go tomorrow night into the Carver house. She made me promise to take two flashlights and have our cells at the ready. We’re set to go at 10 pm. Be there or be square,” said Teddy.

  The three “M’s” as they were called, watched Teddy walk away with a swagger. All three realized he was brave, but maybe just a little bit foolish.

  Teddy knew they were watching him walk away. Outwardly he showed his macho image, but inwardly, he was a little scared of that haunted house of Carvers. Liz, his GF was strong for a girl, but like most girls, a little conservative. He looked at his watch seeing that it was close to noon. He had a lunch date with her at the local pizza joint. Liz hated anyone being late so he broke into a jog to make sure he wasn’t going to be on her shit list.

  He was a little out of breath as he passed through the doors looking around for her. In the back he spotted her chatting with the clean up guy who went to their school. He was a little nerdy, but Liz liked to share her popular self around to others. He nodded to his classmate and winked at Liz.

  “I ordered Teddy and I’ve just come from the library where I’ve been doing some research on the Carver house. The stories that float around are pretty much what the history tells us. The house was built in 1703 by William Carver who came from Scotland with his wife. They set up house and had three children. He was a hardware store owner and very successful.

  Now here is where the story gets interesting Teddy. One day an old woman comes into his store. She asks for some supplies, but doesn’t have any money. He tells her he needs money to buy goods so he can sell to his customers. She promises to bring him some silver she has and wonders if he would accept silver. He tells her that indeed he’d take silver. She told him she’d bring the silver next time. He says when you bring the silver you can have the supplies. She tells him that he best give her the supplies or she’d put a spell on his family. He laughed and she mumbled some words and flashed some fire into the air. She cackled out the door.

  Carver goes home and tells his wife. His wife is scared for her and their three children. She tells him that lots of witches are around the east coast of America and beware. The next day all five are found dead in their beds. Well, Teddy, how do you like them apples. Oh, look Terry is waving his arms. Go get our pizza while I carry the cokes.”

  After wolfing down half a pizza, Teddy said, “Okay what about the other family after the Carvers’ was found dead. I love these old tales of witches and such things.”

  “I didn’t find much as what was originally found about the Carvers. A family moved in sometime in or around 1800. They were from Germany. They were warned but didn’t heed the warnings. They too were found dead in their beds just like the Carvers. Townspeople tried to burn the house down but every time they’d start a fire, it would go out. Anyone who entered was confronted by ghosts.”

  “Well Liz, do you still want to go inside tomorrow night?”

  “Why not. I’ll try to make friends of the ghosts if they show up. Now let’s take a walk by the house and check it out while the sun is shining on an October day,” said Liz walking out waving at Terry.

  Trick or Treat

  The next morning Teddy was on the verge of waking up when a dream occurred. He was in a dark place with somebody behind him holding onto his belt loops of his jeans. His battery powered flash light was about shot as a dim yellow beam made him even more nervous. Suddenly a voice was heard: “Teddy wake up and get ready for school,” yelled his mother from downstairs.

  He swung his legs over the side of the bed feeling his heart beginning to slow down from the nightmare. He moved quickly to the shower to wash away the bad feeling he had. After a quick breakfast he was out the door just as Liz drove up to give him a ride to school.

  As they drove to school, Teddy noticed the wind was blowing the autum leaves off the trees. What should have been a warm lovely sight only increased his reluctance to venture into a haunted house that night. Liz said, “Did you have a good night’s sleep Teddy?”

  “Hell no I had a nightmare this morning. I think it was you and me in a dark place with a flashlight that was out of batteries. Tonight I’ll make damn sure I’ve extra batteries.” He almost blurted out that he’d wished he’d never tooted his horn about going into a house that had killed two families and just last year swallowed three college students.

  At school the students were a buzzing with awe at Teddy and Liz as they went to class. He was their hero of the year to brave the entry into a haunted house. The three ‘M’s were just as envied. Teachers had heard the rumor and just shook their heads knowing full well what folly this adventure really was. Be that as it may, the mystic grew almost exponentially as the day went on and into the evening. By 9 pm a crowd had gathered outside the Carver house waiting for the heroes to arrive.

  Liz was driving and the three M’s in back with Teddy riding shotgun. They parked in front and slowly got out. The wind had died down, but a slight drizzle was falling. The crowd of onlookers was deadly quiet watching as the five brave souls walked up the old broken walkway to the wood steps of the porch. Slowly, with flashlight in hand Teddy stepped onto the first step wishing no sound would be heard. However, after hundreds of years, the wood creaked and groaned breaking the silence of the area. Teddy raised his light to the door seeing it wide open. However, the porch itself was dusty without any foot prints leading to the door. Who opened the door, he wondered. The he felt Liz hook one or more fingers into his belt loops of his jeans. He flashed back to the dream he had.

  When he reached the threshold of the doorway, Teddy shined his light inside revealing nothing but an empty room. He could feel Liz at his back pressing against him. The three ‘M’s had formed a semi-circle behind Liz. Flashlight beams were flying all over the room. Seeing or hearing nothing out of the ordinary Teddy took a few steps
into the empty room. The rest followed staying close to their leader. Teddy took a deep breath thinking this wasn’t so bad after all. But suddenly the front door swung shut making the old iron hinges scream with metal to metal friction. All of the party turned at the sound seeing the door shut itself. Liz held her hand to her mouth afraid to scream. The three ‘M’s stood frozen in space and time. Teddy felt his pulse rate increase. He said, with a whisper, “Remain cool guys. Let’s wait a minute to see what happens next.”

  Teddy swung his flashlight back to the room seeing a stairway leading upstairs. No sounds or ghosts appeared. It was kind of eerie as usually house this old would move a little making some noise of wood against wood or wood against dust. Liz whispered, “Let’s look in the kitchen Teddy. Believe it or not I smell bread baking. I know cause my grandmother always makes homemade break when we visit her.”

  “You know I too can smell something cooking. Okay let’s go slowly.” By now the three ‘M’s were all bunched together behind Liz and Teddy as they walked to the kitchen. At the door way Teddy peeked around the corner with his flash at the center of the kitchen. Liz was looking over his shoulder and the other boys were jockeying for position to see for themselves what was there.

  Teddy’s mouth dropped open as he saw an outline or a transparent figure standing at the counter next to an old wood stove. Teddy heard Liz gasp and then the figure said, in a voice that none could describe, “Welcome younguns It’s been a year to the day since we had any visitors. We do get a little lonely not having anyone to talk to, but we’re told that when we gather in the flock, the good Lord will let us enter his Kingdom. With you five and last year’s three, we lack two for a total that will let us move on. Oh, forgive my bad manners, but my name is Mrs. Carver. My husband and kids are waiting for you to pass through the inner door. They love to hear new stories and believe it or not, you’ll enjoy your stay until we reach the magic number of ten. I can’t apologize for what will happen to you as you entered our home on your own volition. You knew the risk and now you must live with it. Like I said, we only need two more to fill our dance card.

  If you’ll turn around you’ll see a doorway to a place you might or might not enjoy. I can’t explain to you what is behind the door. Regardless, make due of it what you will. I’m told it can be good or bad; it’s up to you. I’ll see you later after the bread cools.”

  Outside the gawkers remained on vigil for some hours. By midnight, the last of them left a dark and mysterious house. The next day the townspeople all just shook their heads and they also wondered who would be the next foolish person to challenge to dark side.

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