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Illusory Moon_A Passion Moon Romance

  Illusory Moon

  (A Shifter Romance)

  A Passion Moon Romance


  Renee Jordan

  Copyright © 2016 by Renee Jordan

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review. Published in the United States of America, 2016

  All characters depicted in this work of fiction are over the age of eighteen (18).

  Cover Photo © curaphotography |

  Cover Art created by Madison Silver

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  Table of Contents

  Truth's Heart

  Sultry Excerpt from “Truth's Heart”

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  Sultry Excerpt from “Illusory Moon”

  The evening air cooled my burning face as I stumbled out of the VFW Hall, Thomas's arm around my shoulders, mine around his thick torso. He was such a stout man. Wonderful to lean against. Big, muscular, a rock in living flesh. He hungered. The kiss we shared inside transformed my blood into liquid fire.

  “My house is closer,” I moaned, shifting my hips. I needed this man in me. How long had it been since I had gotten laid? Three days? Four?

  Did I hook up with Kiernan on Wednesday or Tuesday?

  What did it matter. Kiernan was a cute wolf shifter, but he was a puppy compared to Thomas. My nipples tingled and a hot ripple rushed across my skin, leaving me shivering and leaning against my shifter. My hand slid down and grabbed his ass.

  Firm. Powerful. He would fuck me so hard.

  I needed that. I needed to come. So badly. My head swam. The stars danced overhead, celebrating the man I found tonight. I stared up at them and smiled, loving their twinkling beauty while the moon rose to the east, spilling silvery rays about us.

  “My truck's over there,” I said, pointing.

  “You're too drunk to drive,” Thomas said. “I'm too drunk to drive. We'll walk.”

  “Walk,” I groaned. “We could go to my truck. It has a flat bed. It's roomy.” I whispered that last word into his ear, standing on my tiptoes. My balance slipped, and I leaned into him. His powerful arms held me.

  “And ruin your dress in your filthy truck?”

  Before I could protest, his arms scooped me up. I wasn't a skinny model that barely weighed a hundred pounds. I was a woman with curves and beauty. Thomas didn't even grunt. He picked me up like I was made of styrofoam. I giggled, my arm slipping around his head.

  “Mmm, yes, I like this. That way.” My fingers ran through his black hair as I stared at his face. My fingers tightened. “Take me home so I can ravage your body.”

  He moved at a jog. “Ravage me?”

  I nodded my head. “I want to lick and nibble on every bit of you.” My fingers moved down to the buttons of his dress shirt. I fumbled with them. His white undershirt glowed in the moonlight. Dark chest hair curled around the edges. It stretched across his muscles. “Oh, yes, I'm gonna love this body.”

  My fingernails dug into the undershirt, scratching at his pectoral muscles beneath. So hard. Iron. Steel. Diamond. My toes curled in my heels as another rush of excitement trembled through my body as he carried me through the night. He didn't stop for a rest. He held me and jogged to my house. The cool air rushed by me, trying to steal my ardor's heat.

  It failed.

  Thomas lit an inferno inside of me. Nothing could snuff it out short of heaving beneath his muscular body. I squirmed in his arms, my excitement building as I played with his chest hair, pushing aside his undershirt to twine the curls about my body. I loved men with hair. It was manly and powerful.

  “You're a bear shifter,” I realized as we neared my house. “And I know why you want me.”

  “Why?” he asked. He wasn't even winded. The stamina he had. How long could he fuck me? All night?

  “Because I'm so sweet. You want to taste my honey.” I gave a wicked giggle. “I have so much, too.”

  “I know,” he growled. “I can smell it.” He licked his lips. A liquid, burning warmth spread between my thighs as I shivered in his arms.

  To find out what happens next, read on!

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  Chapter One

  “Spirits of wind, slip into the lock and open the way for me,” I chanted. My totem, a tattoo between my breasts of a whirling tornado bound in red ribbon, tingled as the magic raced out of me. My will focused by the totem.

  I loved being an air witch.

  The cloudy air spirits answered my call. Spirits were all around us. As a witch, I had long learned to ignore the sight of them when I wasn't casting spells. But now that I unleashed my magic, I focused on them. The air spirits zoomed towards me, creating small breezes in their wake as they rushed towards the padlock on the metal security shutter. The barrier between us and the jewelry. The spirits slipped into the lock.

  “That's it, babies,” I grinned as they flowed into the tiny keyhole. A heartbeat later, the lock clicked. Adrenaline surged through me, my body buzzing with excitement. I loved being a thief. It was such a fun game.

  “Awesome, Penny.” Lexie said, beaming at me while wearing the face of Jennifer Aniston. I could only see the highlights of her face and lips from the poor light of a nearby streetlamp.

  “Well, when you're as good as me,” I beamed at my best friend. “I am the best witch in the world.”

  “Right.” Lexie rolled her eyes and a decidedly un-Jennifer Aniston expression crossed her face. “That's why you need my light magic to break into the jewelry store.”

  “I could cast the light spells good enough,” I shrugged. “But I'm kind enough to let you join me.”

  “Uh-huh,” grunted Axel, which wasn't his real name. Lexie's boyfriend pulled off the lock then heaved open the metal shutter. It clattered up, the sound echoing down the deserted street. At 2 AM, not a lot of people were out in this part of LA. “Let's hurry. A cop can drive by at any moment.”

  “Right,” Lexie nodded. “It's my turn.”

  I stared greedily through the window at the glass cases covered in necklace
s, bracelets, rings, charms, and more. Our largest score yet. Giddy excitement rushed through me as Lexie summoned her light spirits.

  We would be so rich after tonight.

  ~ ~ ~

  Five years later...

  Country music twanged through the VFW Hall of Moonrise, Montana. I broke free from the dance floor, my hips swaying from side to side. I loved how it made my bridesmaid dress rustle. And I loved the color. Kotie had chosen well. The lavender set off my blonde hair perfectly. I buzzed with alcohol and fun. Kotie and Forrest's wedding had been beautiful, and their reception a blast.

  I tore up the dance floor, strutting my stuff. The boys all enjoyed my ample curves. Dancing and alcohol always made me more than a little randy. The heat, starting in my belly, spread through me, exciting other parts of me. Plus, I was so damned pretty in my dress. I needed to have a fun romp tonight.

  Wasn't the point of a wedding to celebrate love? And I was eager to celebrate.

  I snagged a beer bottle off the buffet table. Dancing was such thirsty work. I popped the cap off with practiced ease and downed a chug. The sour warmth flowed down my throat, adding more life to my swaying hips. I scanned the room, the reception winding down, and wondered what fun I could discover.

  I spotted Kotie sitting down at a table, looking radiant in her white wedding dress, her blonde hair splashing about the pure fabric. She was a skinny girl, but I didn't hold that against her. She had become my new BFF in such a short time. I took her under my wing, training the girl in witchcraft after she arrived poor and destitute in Moonrise.

  I knew the feeling. Fleeing my past, wanting to forget the red. I shook my head, forcing down the bad memories of Vegas. That was years ago. I was a new person. A better person. I had put myself back together thanks to Miss Maggie's help. The owner of the Moon Tear Roadhouse adopted strays, me and Kotie among them.

  I passed Forrest, looking so hunky in his dress uniform. The Sheriff of Moonrise was a gorgeous wolf shifter. Kotie was so lucky to snag him. She had arrived broken, and Forrest helped put her back together. And now she was so happy.

  She deserved it after the life she had.

  I plopped down on a chair beside Kotie, flashing her my biggest, prettiest smile. “Boy, what a fun night.”

  I took another swig of my beer as Kotie nodded her head, her eyes drifting over to Forrest. He spoke with a group of police chiefs. Forrest knew all the cops in southeastern Montana. He stood tall, heavily muscled, his chin chiseled. He was my type of guy. I had the hugest crush on him when I first arrived in Moonrise.

  “You are so lucky,” I sighed. “A big, strong wolf just ready to protect you. I'm so jealous and happy.”

  “Thanks,” Kotie smiled. She turned and gave me a fierce hug, the silk of her wedding dress rustling. “Thank you kindly for being so welcoming.” Her eyes grew teary. “I know you'll find someone.”

  My heart beat so fierce. Kotie was a special person. I threw my arms around her and hugged her tight, mirroring her emotions. My own eyes grew teary, the world growing blurry. Longing burned in my heart. “I want to. So bad. I want what you and Forrest have. The boys in this town can be fun, even the shifter ones, but...”

  “But you want more.” Kotie broke our hug, her hand sliding down to her stomach, idly rubbing it. “I know the feeling.”

  I nodded my head and leaned back in the chair. Behind her, a burly cop in a dress uniform lounged at a table. My breath caught for a moment. Heat burned in my cheeks and other parts of me. I squirmed, my eyes dancing. Blue eyes flashed and met mine for a moment. He nodded. Young, handsome, broad-shouldered. He wasn't human. After five years in Moonrise, I could spot a shifter. My nipples tingled.

  “Well, well, well,” I muttered to myself. “Who's that hunk? How did I miss him?”

  Kotie looked over her shoulder. “Oh, he's a sergeant in the Olson Police Department.”

  “How did I miss him?” I asked with a throaty purr. Broad hands grasped a beer bottle. I liked men with big hands. They could grab so much of my body. “Mmm, I think I know who's keeping me company tonight.”

  “What happened to finding a man to love?” asked Kotie.

  “Until I find him, I'm going to have fun.” Lots of fun. Olson was the next town down the highway from Moonrise. Not too far. If he worked out, he could be another booty call. I had a half-dozen men I could phone up when I was horny and too lazy to go to the bar. “Besides, how do I know he's not the one unless I give him a try?”

  I didn't hear if Kotie gave an answer as I stood up and strolled to the man's table. I knew a lot of girls would never approach a man. They liked to play coy, make him come to her. They would sit at the bar, looking aloof like they were better than everyone there then complain that none of the men hit on them. Or, if they were hit on, it wasn't by the right man.

  They just didn't understand. Men wanted a woman to be pretty. She didn't have to be hot, beautiful, a super model. Just nice, put together well, a woman who took pride in her appearance even if she was an average girl or on the plump side. And they wanted her to be fun and approachable. If you acted like a bitch, men won't waste their time.

  I never had problems finding guys to have fun with.

  I plopped down in a chair beside the gorgeous man. Stubble darkened his cheeks. Peeking out the sleeves of his light-blue dress shirt were hints of tattoos. He held a beer in his hand, his blue eyes running up and down my body.

  An intense shudder ran through me as a smile crossed his lips. I straightened, thrusting my large breasts forward. I hoped he enjoyed the sight. I was proud of my girls. They were large and soft and oh, so fun to be played with.

  “I'm Penny,” I smiled.

  “Wayne,” the skinny cop said, then pointed to the third cop. “That's Mitch. And the big, dumb one's Thomas.”

  I stared at Thomas, his blue eyes still examining me. Not Tom or Tommy. Thomas. No nicknames. No cute bullshit. He took pride in his name. He sat straight, not slouching like Wayne and Mitch. And he didn't respond to his friend's joke, though Wayne and Mitch both laughed.

  It stank of an old, jealous joke between friends.

  “You boys looked so dour sitting here. It's a wedding and you're all sitting here, sipping your beer, and ignoring a pretty woman.”

  “You've been dancing with one guy or another,” Wayne shrugged. “Didn't see the point in interrupting your fun.”

  Mitch tapped his wedding ring.

  “Oh, I wouldn't have stolen you away,” I laughed. “Just some harmless dancing.” I turned to the gorgeous cop, his blue eyes growing darker as he studied me. What type of shifter was he? Not a wolf. He was big. I loved beefy guys. They could handle my body and make me scream. “And what's your excuse?”

  “Waiting for the right moment,” Thomas shrugged, leaning back in his chair.

  “Oh, and when was that?”

  “For you to get bored.” He sipped his beer. More of his sleeve slipped down, exposing tattoos of flames reaching up his arm.


  “The other men.” He grinned as he set his beer down on the table. “I noticed you on the dance floor.”

  My smile grew. “And you thought that I would get so bored of finding a real man here that I would walk over to your table and throw myself at you.”

  His eyes caught mine. So blue. An ocean begging me to drown in its depths.

  “Isn't that what you're doing?”

  His words cut right through me. I laughed anyways. “No, no. I'm throwing myself at Wayne.”

  “You are?” Wayne sat up straighter, his eyes suspicious.

  “Come on, let's dance,” I said, reaching across the table. “Let's see what you can do.”

  A smile played on Thomas's lips. He watched me stand up as Wayne raced around the table like an eager puppy. I threw a look over my shoulder at Thomas as Wayne led me to the dance floor. Excitement poured off of him.

  It was a little mean what I did with him.

  But the music played fast, and I la
ughed as I danced with Wayne. He wasn't bad. He had a huge grin on his face as he danced with his hands on my hips. Not lower like a bold man. As we spun around, my eyes kept sliding to Thomas. He sipped his beer, watching, his eyes confident.

  I winked at him.

  The next song slowed. I pressed myself closer to Wayne, my hips swaying. His arms slid around, holding me at the small of my back. What did this guy think we were doing? Slow dancing at a High School Prom?

  I liked a guy that pushed the boundaries, testing me, seeing how much I would let him get away with. Poor Wayne's hands trembled. He shook like a doe as we danced, excited to be with me and scared he would mess up and lose me.

  Who wanted to be with a scared man?

  “Whew, that was fun,” I smiled, pulling away from Wayne.

  His face fell. “Why don't you just go and throw yourself at him?”

  “Because I wasn't bored yet,” I told him.

  He snorted and shook his head. “But you are now.”

  “I'm a woman, not your mom.” I patted his cheek. “Try to remember that the next time you dance with a woman. We could have had a little bit of fun.”

  I left him as I strolled back to Thomas. I glared at him, my nethers burning with heat. “You're far too certain that I want to throw myself at you.”

  “Yep,” he nodded as he stood. He took my hand. “You look bored. Let's dance.”

  Before I answered, he stood and pulled me closer. “What if I don't want to dance?”

  “Your hips are swaying. You're itching to dance or...” He leaned in and whispered, “Is it a different kind of dancing you're itching to try?”

  “I'm not that easy,” I giggled. “I like to test drive my men first. Show me you can dance, and we can talk about other things.”

  His smile grew broad, confident. He led me out to the dance floor, striding with purpose. He pulled me close as the twanging guitar and drums played a fast beat. His broad hands grasped my hips, squeezing my flesh as he guided me through his dance. My hips swayed for him, inspired by his presence.

  Beneath his spicy cologne and the polyester of his shirt, I smelled his musk. My nipples throbbed as my breasts rubbed into his broad chest. He pulled me tighter still, his hands sliding a little lower, his fingers brushing around the edges of my butt.

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