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Magic and Mayhem: And Then There's Me (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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  Malcom collects Regina I’m in his pocket he has the bottle, designed by mother and there’s a fine layer of rice paper just thin enough to keep the potion from mixing with the juice that Malcom will drink after pouring Regina the potion. The rice paper will release so that Malcom can pour the juice into his own glass, making it look like they are both drinking from the same bottle. Simple enough, I’m listening to everything from Malcom’s pocket as we enter the house, I hear Regina say I love your place. I like it okay Malcom redirects. Successfully Malcom manages to poor the drinks handing Regina her drink. Malcom turns up his drink, Regina never touches her drink, and mother is timing everything and basing their entrance on Regina drinking the drink, passing out then binding her, then turning me back into myself to oversee Lavenia. I’ll tell you how that went! Malcom asks to Regina to have a seat making small talk, what do you think about the punch? He asks, I don’t drink Regina says; It’s not alcohol Malcom assures her, I’m sure it’s not Regina says, but I am sure that I didn’t come for the drinks she says getting close to Malcom and taking a deep breath as though savoring something flavorful. I have waited for you she says grabbing Malcom and throwing him across the room. Malcom hit the wall so hard that I fell out of his pocket and went sailing across the room hitting the floor so hard my gecko tail broke right off; I lay there looking at Regina as she pounced on top of Malcom, hitting him across his head with a vase that she had taken from the table. Malcom is out cold!


  MOTHER COME! I yell at the top of my gecko voice but nothing came out, I thought hard, to project a summons to mother! Regina is literally sucking the life out of Malcom. Mother appeared seeing Regina on top of Malcom, mother grabs Regina throwing her to one side, then casting a hold spell on Regina which didn’t hold at all because now Regina is stronger than ever. Regina takes mother and slaps her so hard that mother goes flying through the air and lands beside me on the floor; Mother notices me, she turns me back into my form, I’m in pain, so much pain, we’re no match for Regina at this point. Regina is positioning herself to take on me and mother, I go to take a step towards Regina and my legs crumble like wet paper. Regina hits me with and blast of power that knocks me into the wall so hard that it put a hole in the wall with my body. Malcom is still out cold, and Regina is trying to get to him to finish him off. Mother regroups and jumps on Regina hitting her and knocking her about, then father and Pokka shows up. I hear Regina say, you think this is over! I will be made whole! Then, I passed out.

  When I came to, both my legs were broken and I had a concussion, guess my tail as a gecko wasn’t my tail at all in blood form, good thing, I can’t fathom what that would feel like. Raven, fight Raven, fight it’s okay, you’re okay someone kept saying over and over. I opened my eyes to see mother cradling my head on her lap with tears rolling down her cheeks and Pokka and father lifting Malcom to his feet. I looked around to see Regina, but all I saw was a dark spot that covered the entire ceiling, like it had absorbed something or someone. I see Lavenia laying still in her new form and covered with a clear sheet, suspended in air. The house looked like a heavy wind had just passed through it, taking only what it wanted and discarding the rest. Mother Looked at Pokka and father holding on to Malcom, I have Regina, take care of Raven, mother said to Pokka kissing my forehead then lowering my head to the floor and standing to her feet! She is secure in the compounds prison; she must stay there until the healing is complete mother said walking over to Lavenias body! Go! I have this Pokka said coming over to me and cradling my head, see you in seven Pokka says looking at both Mother and Father and nodding his head. Mother and father looked at me they both gave a smile then vanished. Mother took Lavenia, father took Malcom, and they disappeared. Pokka prepared me for flight, placing me in the middle of the room in that house. He then cleaned up the house as though nothing ever happened. You’ll be in my care, Raven, we are going to be close friends Pokka says as he lifted me in the air to transport me to my new location. My house, my shop, I shouted! Now belongs to Lavenia, everything that was yours is now hers and that’s what’ll be remembered, your name is on nothing, as for this house here he said looking around Malcom’s place; Shilla will not remember him, you, or ever selling this property he added. Your new home is Cordianville, you’ll have a shop with a house atop of it that you can run when you’re able, I’ll help you with everything he said adjusting himself to move me. You do understand that you came a hair short of not being here at all Pokka told me, and the same for Malcom, before you ask me Pokka said looking down at me; Malcom will be in rehabilitation for several years, just like you, and all involved in this misfortunate event, longer if he’s a hard ass! Pokka said taking a final glance around and as far as your living marquee, that is the only thing you get to keep, Pokka said, handsome cat by the way he added. I laid still, feeling like I’d been dropped off of a building then run over by a tank.

  Ready Raven Pokka said placing his hands over me, I will make the transport as painless as possible he promised, we must get you home, Doc is on standby, he said kissing me on my forehead. And just like that’ that episode was over, and here I am, seven years later, took me three years just to learn to walk again. Building my powers back up took forever it seemed, and my skin, dang gecko of all things, and it feels like everything just happened yesterday! However, I recovered, we all did! Moreover, I’m at my welcoming party years later, recovery time complete; seeing Malcom, and Pokka, finding out that it wasn’t father that slept with Pokka, it was father that did something to hurt their marriage, but Pokka wouldn’t say. I had to ask Pokka after all, we had grown rather close and he did extend an invitation to have no secrets between he and I. Regina didn’t go down without a fight, both Malcom and I took a beating, Mother and Father, got banged up, very little recovery time, I can see why mother wanted Pokka there now, he is a strong warlock and mother and father, they are close, odd to say the least, but keep their distance from one another, maybe one day I’ll find out but that’s another tale and Pokka and I are closer than ever.

  Seeing all of my friends and family at my welcoming party, I am home! and just think, I almost let my past destroy my future, so glad I took that cab. Time heals is what mortals say, I say time kills, choices heal, coming to this conclusion, I embraced the mist as it consumed me, restoring all of my powers to the max! I raised my glass to my new life and partied like there was no tomorrow, Pokka, Malcom, And Then There’s Me.


  It’s not over,

  the healing season is over and no one will have guessed that Regina will have aid in returning to finish what Malcom started within her. It will take more than the powers of Pokka, Clawson and Solidarity to stop her this time.

  Part Two, And Then There’s Me-The Opening


  I hope that you’ve enjoyed Part One And Then There’s Me

  In the famous words of Raven “stay calm and think before you respond.”

  Being Optimistic, is a choice.

  Until then, Peace be with you

  Yours truly




  Regina Sanford, Magic and Mayhem: And Then There's Me (Kindle Worlds Novella)



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