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  Oh yes, I heard about your landing Raven and didn’t read anything into it thinking that this woman was just an ugly mortal with and attitude problem; BUT THEN WHO WOULD EXPECT THIS! Mother shouted rolling her eyes at Malcom and shaking her head. I never once questioned the report given to me about your landing Raven! Mother said with regret in her voice. Have you ever been in love auntie, Malcom said looking at mother with a blank look on his face? Love, Love mother repeated! Why did he have to say that I thought? What does love have to do with anything Malcom, there’s a lot more things to share in a relationship without having to give your very foundation, your soul, your spirit! Which you’ve done Malcom! Mother said boldly. This is that moment when you say okay, this is a “no do over” this is an “undo” and, without having to take anyone down other than Regina Mother shouted, because this could get real ugly real fast Malcom, I hope you know this Mother said looking at Malcom. Malcom didn’t say anything, he was weak and pathetic, I felt sorry for my cousin that was clearly not himself. However, I am the optimistic one so interjected, hoping that mother wouldn’t get mad with me. Malcom, said in a gentle voice you have to go to her and gain her trust. You must keep her from doing whatever it is that she’s doing to bring you to your knees Malcom, I suggested looking at mother for approval. Mother looked at my effort and chimed in. She will not be capable of a relationship Malcom, so don’t think you can rekindle anything, Lavenia is weak if not dead, why do you think the name changed took place Mother confirmed. When you two mixed bloods you became one and you destroyed what human side she had Malcom, had you stayed together, the merge could’ve taken place completely mother said sitting down on the couch beside Malcom. Had you followed up on your follies, you could’ve read this for yourself in the book of oracles under “MIXING BLOODS!” Good thing too that you didn’t complete the incantation spell properly or you wouldn’t be here right now Mother shouted losing her cool again. All I could do was cover my mouth with a look of terror on my face, thinking that mother would explode any minute.

  What are you saying auntie that I killed Lavenia Malcom yelled at mother with tears running down his cheeks? Mother released her anger and had compassion on Malcom then she looked at me. I understand you only mixed bloods, you didn’t complete the ceremonial incantation only recognized by the elders! mixing bloods is a marriage between a witch and a warlock! Mother said in a soft voice. I doubt she’ll even remember you outside of having a strong attraction to the power that she seems to be perfecting with each spell cast mother reminded Malcom, unless she has perfected the craft, which I doubt, or you wouldn’t be here mother said smiling now in control of her anger. If she remembers you Malcom, let’s hope it’s a knowing only, you’ll know what I mean when it happens mother told him, when you two are together, you’ll feel your powers within her, what she has absorbed, you will feel powerful again, complete, don’t let that change the facts Malcom mother said firmly! And if there is anything left of Lavenia in that shell of a human, we must separate Lavenia from Regina, creating a new form and banishing the other, after Lavenia’s healing is complete that is mother added once we’ve taken your powers back and saved Lavenia’s breath we can banish the other form which is Regina Mother explained if we kill Regina they both will die, and it has to be done “Now” mother said as we are losing time and you are growing weaker.

  Malcom just sit there listening to mother, his blank expression let me know that he was too through, and didn’t know what to do or think. Malcom, go into the shop I suggested, buy something, and make up something I said. Tell her that you’re here visiting family’ doesn’t have to be me Malcom, and I think it best that we keep me out of it, I don’t want to have to look at Lavenia in her eyes Malcom, are we clear I told him. Malcom nodded his head in agreement. I’ll go now Malcom said standing to his feet. I’ll need a place of my own to take her to he said. I’ll call Shilla, keys to a place will be waiting for you when you get back I promised Malcom. I will not leave until this is under control mother said boldly. Then I’ll see you when I get back Malcom said closing the door behind him. All of a sudden mother pointed at me casting a spell that turned me into a gecko, then she popped me inside Malcom’s vest pocket so fast I didn’t know what was going on. I could hear Malcom’s heart beating, his heavy breathing as he prepared to port to Regina’s shop.

  I could also feel the pressure from Malcom’s landing then shifting to walking again. I could feel the powers merging his and hers coming from Regina’s shop as Malcom grew nearer, and Malcom could to, I felt him take in a deep breath as he entered the shop walking around slowly, like he was browsing Regina’s shop, he took my advice well. I heard a voice “are you looking for something special?” I felt Malcom turn to address the voice, I’m visiting and thought I’d have a look around Malcom said, welcome, the last stranger I encountered knocked over my display, ratty little thing too with an odor that you wouldn’t believe, but you, what’s this I feel from you, the voice said now very close to Malcom.

  I have to see Regina, call me ratty ole hag! I poked my head out for just a look I see Regina then popped back in Malcom’s vest pocket. Odor, I wanted to slap her across her face with my tail or put her eye out with it but I stayed still listening. I give you a feel Malcom said to Regina, no one’s told me that before Malcom responded to Regina. I like the feel that I get from you Regina said now close enough that I could smell her, so I tell you what, I’ll show you around our fair city Regina offered; that sounds great, Malcom excepted trying to get away from Regina I felt him back into something then apologize as he shifted to keep her from touching him. This was easier than I thought, what an attraction the two of them had going on! I’ll take the candle, and do you have any valerian Malcom asked, I do Regina answered taking the candle from Malcom, the candle is for relaxing, and the valerian is for sleeping Regina said. I think you may know my problems Malcom confessed. It’s my business to know Regina said, this display here she said pointing to the display to the right of the shop, I’ve been working on this for a few days now; finally finishing this today, Regina said leading Malcom to the display. I poked my head out to see the display of potions, drops and aromatics then popped back down in my hiding place. You make these yourself do you, Malcom asked Regina? This display is new, and yes, I make them myself, and I have three more displays that I will start soon she confessed. Three! Malcom repeated astonished. The displays will take all of your time Malcom said, you don’t sound like you’ll have much time to entertain me he added, grabbing his wallet from his top inside vest pocket. That’ll be thirty-two dollars even, Regina said collecting the payment from Malcom, then handing Malcom his package and trying to touch Malcom hands. Let’s get together for dinner this evening Malcom offered snatching his bag and pulling his hand away quickly; how about my place Malcom said looking at Regina. His place! His place, I thought! I need to call Shilla and quick. I’ll come pick you up Malcom offered. Regina excepted gladly as I heard Regina take in a deep breath she said, I can hardly wait. I felt Malcom turn to leave Regina’s shop, now outside, I felt Malcom walking briskly then I felt him take flight, Malcom landed, and then I heard mother give sigh of relief. I felt myself being relocated from the vest pocket to my bedroom where I took my form again, I walked into the living room looking at mother with my head cocked to one side in disbelief, and a puzzled look on my face as I looked at her for turning me into a lizard.

  There you are dear mother said, did you get everything mother asked me, I shook my head up and down looking at her in amazement! “A dang lizard mother,” had to be written all over my face, but mother didn’t give notice to me, and she ignored my expression. Everyone, sit down, mother instructed. Malcom, tell me what happened mother said expectantly. She didn’t recognize me auntie, but she said she felt an attraction to me Malcom confessed. I sat in silence looking at my limbs and finger and feeling my face and hands, then I looked at mother, like out of all the things mother, a lizard! Continue, mother requested, looking at Malcom. I need my own pl
ace; I’m supposed to pick her up this evening Malcom revealed to mother. I’ll call Shilla right now I said standing and leaving to make the call feeling my legs go numb as I walked to my office and looking back at mother.

  I heard Malcom telling mother what had taken place. Mother was pleased that Regina had no idea of the true power she possessed and that Malcom and Lavenia did such a poor job on mixing bloods, that undoing the spell would be painless. Shilla Patton, may I help you the voice on the other end of the phone said. Shilla, this is Raven I said, hello Raven I hope all is well, what can I do for you Shilla responded to me. I have a friend that needs a place as soon as possible I told her, I know the time may be off I added. How many rooms and does he or she need a space Shilla asked me with no trouble at all. I explained to her what we needed, no business space, few rooms, quiet, not many neighbors around, he’s private I told her. She told me that she had the perfect place, she said I can’t show you the property but I can give you the keys and address, if you like it we can close on it this evening Shilla told me, reminding me that all of her homes are furnished, I excepted gladly. After getting the keys to the house, mother and I made sure that Malcom was settled in.

  The house sat on ten acres of land with a private entrance leading up to the house, someone designed this property with the intentions of not having many visitors I thought. Perfect mother said looking around at the land, no neighbors she added. We opened the door to Malcom’s new home, it didn’t take us long to transfer things needed to make the stay more comfortable. You’re meeting Lavenia here Malcom Mother asked wanting Malcom to explain again. She’ll come to dinner Malcom answered. This can go good, and quick! or this can go extremely bad fast, mother reminded him! We have to get her to drink this potion then separate Lavenia breath, strip Regina of the powers that belongs to you Malcom before we banish her to holdings, mother warned.

  Banish her! Holdings? Malcom repeated. Banish! As in to the wastelands banish Malcom asked not wanting to believe what was happening. What did you think was going to happen Malcom Mother asked him? I don’t know, Malcom said shaking his head in disbelief. Malcom, we will recreate Lavenia if possible, we are only banishing you, your other half, which is the half that you created in the form of Lavenia, because the entity that is within her wills to take over Lavenia, if it hasn’t already, completely, and you, Malcom its either you or it. Therefore, the occasion of sending Regina to holdings, where I know she’ll have no escape, and I will rejoice the moment it happens, so will you after this is said and done mother said; And yes, eventually, Regina will end up in the wastelands, but that is none of your concern and you better be glad that no one else knows about this Malcom or that mortal that we are trying to save wouldn’t have a chance! Mother said snapping her fingers and walking into the other room. Malcom sat listening to mother’s voice ring throughout the house. The thoughts that should concern you should be, “is there even a hint of her still being alive?” and if so, can we recreate? Moreover, will we live though this? Mother continued saying as she reentered the room, you have no idea what you’ve done, but you’re going to find out soon enough, I tell you that much of it! Mother said as she stood over Malcom shaking her head. Malcom held his head down in shame.

  This thing, is absorbing your powers from a distance Malcom and depleting Lavenia every second of everyday, think what’ll happen if she had you near her for a little while, get her hands on you; mother continue saying as she sat down beside Malcom. When you cast a spell, you are using your powers at half the ability level Malcom mother said looking at him, which means, it takes more effort to complete your spells mother informed Malcom. You will not be able to stop it from taking your place Malcom, and by that I mean, your power, your will, your abilities, you will be an empty shell, absorbed, the word alone speaks for itself Malcom; absorbed is the word to not be taken lightly, Mother said grabbing Malcom’s hand with both her hands. How auntie, just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it, if there’s a chance Lavenia can live, Malcom shouted I’ll do it; I will do whatever you tell me to do auntie Malcom promised mother hugging her tightly and sobbing. Mother hugged him tightly, she pulled out a bottle, this potion is to separate the two, Lavenia’s breath will come out of that shell, you have to catch it and place it in this bottle, mother said holding up a green glass bottle shaped like an hourglass. Once the breath is secured, then you must lay hold on Regina locking her tight within your arms, that’s when I come in! I will complete the spell and when I say let go, you let go of Regina, no matter what she says to you Malcom remember you are not talking to Lavenia, is that clear? Mother wanted confirmation.

  Yes, auntie, crystal clear, Malcom said nodding his head. After Regina’s captured, I will create Lavenias form and finish this mother assured. I sat looking at mother, I could tell something was on her mind. Mother I said with a questioning tone? What are you leaving out mother? I asked her. I have to call on your father Raven, she confessed. Father, Why? I asked. This is a breaking of the mixed bloods done by a witch and a warlock, I am undoing this code, I am a witch, your father is a warlock, his power is needed! We can hardly count on Malcom’s at this stage of the game mother admitted looking over at Malcom. I looked at Malcom, he looked wounded. I have to go visit Pokka first that he can mediate to your father Raven for me mother told me; we will return together mother promised then left before I could ask another question, mediate, I didn’t understand but I trusted my mother. I sat close to Malcom laying my head on his shoulder. I am so sorry Raven you must think badly of me, giving you all this advice after I screwed up so badly he said. No, I don’t think badly of you Malcom, I think I will never mix bloods I confessed, we looked at each other. If I ever get out of this mess, I won’t either Malcom professed. In no time mother appeared again.

  Everything is set, your father sends his love Raven and so does Pokka, mother said. Pokka? I wanted to ask why Pokka had to be involved and what she meant by mediate, but I knew better than to cast my questions, I listened and agreed with everything mother said and did. I have to prepare mother informed us both; I suggest going back to Raven’s place, unless everyone wants to stay here mother added I will meet you back there soon I have to prepare mother said. No, I like the idea of going back to Raven’s Malcom agreed, this place has the feelings of bad intentions Malcom said standing to his feet. I agreed looking at mother, will you come with us I asked her. What I need is not at your place Raven, I will prepare then join you soon she said then disappeared. Being home has its advantages I thought as Malcom and I entered my loft, all of our things being there for one thing and it felt better, somehow knowing what was going to happen in Malcom’s house did give the house a gray, doomed feeling. Both Malcom and I were happy to be back at the loft, we lay down on the couch mentally exhausted. Uncle Clawson and Auntie Solidarity in the same room, I hate the circumstance’s Malcom admitted. At least they are working together Malcom that says something I responded. How will Pokka play into this, Malcom asked me. Pokka is a strong warlock he actually outranks my father and my mother, if anything he will be there as backup I assured him not really understanding myself. We need to get this behind us Malcom, once this is over, we will be careful from here out I suggested, looking at Malcom. Malcom nodded his head in agreement. I have to meet Shilla at her office to close on this house Malcom I said gathering my purse.

  This cut’s deep into my finances Ra’ra remind me why I’m buying this property again. He said rubbing his eyes. You are buying this property because we don’t know how things will turn out, and we don’t want anyone roaming around Malcom! We need privacy and you need a place to take Regina for your dinner tonight, and from what mother said all hell is getting ready to break loose, I reminded him. How much money you have or don’t have is not an issue that you should be concerned about Malcom, that’s the least of our worries I reminded him as I walked out the door. After leaving Shilla’s office, I joined mother and Malcom at my place to plan the evening with Regina, Malcom would plan the dinner where he
would get Regina to drink the potion, causing her to sleep for only a few minutes. Malcom was to then, collect Lavenias breath, placing it into the rejuvenating bottle that mother created. When Regina awakes, she will be aware of what is going on, and from what mother says, Regina will be livid and ready to fight.

  Malcom will contain Regina so that the cleansing spell can take, once Regina is bind, Pokka and father, Clawson, will open the portal to banish her why mother and father can’t do it is beyond me but they have their reasons I suppose. My job is to protect Lavenia’s breath and prepared form that mother created to place Lavenias breath in. Once Regina is bind and the completion of uniting Lavenia with her new form has taken place, Lavenia will have very little memory of what happened, wakening in her bed, remembering nothing but her mortal friends if any and the same hope of running her own shop one day, only with no magic. We will continue like nothing ever happened. Lavenia recovers in her new form, Lavenia gets to start over with no memory of anyone and the life that mother put in order for her, like a car that she owns, her house and financial freedom, there are no real friends to name because Regina made sure the friends that Lavenia did have were removed. No one will remember Regina or anything about her, only those involved in removing Regina will remember what happened. The plan to end all plans I thought as I looked at everyone devising what they thought to be a no fail plan. My mother can be unreasonable at times, like she’s two people instead of one. My grandmother told me that my mother, Solidarity, is two people because she mixed bloods with Clawson my father, and when my father left my mother, though she never came against my father in anyway the powers are still within her. Mother refuses to use the extra powers, even though Clawson my father cheated on mother with Pokka, that’s why mother and father separated from each other, but I don’t know about that, something tells me grandmother don’t know the whole story, only the one that she created herself to tell to me. I never asked and mother never told me, but I don’t believe my grandmothers side of the story and mother never gave me room to ask either. Mother never tried to absorb father’s powers I do know that and they are still groovy to each other no matter what caused my parents to split. I do know that witch to warlock blood, compared to human to warlock blood, is not a good mix at all. Now it’s time for the dinner with Regina, mother turned me into a dang gecko, again, and put me in Malcom’s pocket! I’m listening to mother give out instructions, Malcom’s like a dang robot, we have our plans; Malcom you know what to do mothers says. Moving ahead, I’m in Malcom’s pocket again, we all head to Malcom land of horrors.

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