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  Midnight Dust,

  Midnight Dust,

  I repeated the name again.

  I love it,

  “Ravens Midnight Dust,”

  Malcom, what do you think I asked. I love it he said raising his glass again. I’ll see about getting my Marquee made tomorrow, the background should be like a thousand stars I said. Malcom stood to his feet, ran to the middle of the balcony, turned his back to the shop downstairs then took his hand and made a square in the air with his fingers, starting small then making the square bigger. “Ravens Midnight Dust” is a name that will represent our worlds Raven, to explore unseen gates and open doors he shouted! Create an appealing Marquee from my mind’s eye, like a beacon to attract, that every mortal may find at the drop of a hat his voice echoed as he leaped off the balcony to the shop below, shouting “grab your disk Ra’ra.” I made a mad dash, grabbing my disk following Malcom to the shop. Getting quick Raven, Malcom said grabbing my hand and whisking me outside to the front of the shop. “Tadah!” he said holding his hands out to display the Marquee that he had created. I looked up in amazement my mouth open wide. Malcom took his finger and closed my mouth, If Mr. Tibbs don’t like this, I’ll eat it Malcom promised. I laughed with joy, I love it Malcom. Letters that spelled out every word;

  “Ravens Midnight Dust,” illuminated a light midnight blue, with little stars that seem to shoot from the letters into the sky. Underneath my shops name read, “Herbs for healing, candles for relaxing, candy for that sweet craving and potions for any notion, a fat, beautiful black cat, sat on top of the moon looking down at me with sun yellow eyes that followed me when I moved. Malcom I love everything about this sign! thank you I said covering my mouth in amazement at the sign that he’d created just for me. You are most welcome, and with this sign Ra’ra, when you go, it goes, it’s a living sign, see that cat, his name is Moonstruck, he is the icon of your business, your own personal logo and will follow you say if you ever move from this location-he said looking up at the cat and waving, saying his name aloud and watching-as the cat winked at him in response to hearing his name called; unlike the one you would have paid to have installed by mortals he continued to say taking a deep breath, that will over charge you and leave you with just an okay marquee, you pay to put it up and to take it down he said clearing his throat and exhaling.

  Now, I’m beside myself with amazement, all I could do was agree with him; I know Malcom, but I just want to give this, live like mortals a try I said. I agree Raven, I really do, but don’t get so mortal happy that you forget yourself. I’m not saying if at first you don’t succeed use magic; I am saying get better at your craft, and you may find that that disk that you used to port yourself, is just a device for now, he said boldly. What, wait, I don’t need my disk I asked in excitement. Yes, Raven, you need it for now, but, I guarantee you won’t need that disk after I’m done with you Malcom promised as he turned and walked back into the shop; I followed him, we both went back to relaxing in the loft, I’m as giddy as a school girl and Malcom is relaxed like he hadn’t performed the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. I can’t get over that sign Malcom I confessed, as we sat on the couch with the soft music playing. That’s nothing, we need to make the invitations Raven, and surely, you are not going to run all over town allowing others to do what you can clearly do better yourself he said. First, you tell me I can’t use my magic to make things turn out the way I want, now you tell me I should use outside vendors to help with the business, really Malcom, make up your mind I argued. Raven you wanted to cast a spell to make people buy your wares whether they really wanted them or not, AND to make yourself likeable to everyone. Making your own sign and business cards doing your own advertising is another thing all together; I’ll help you understand what I’m saying, and what you were about to do Raven, he said standing to his feet. Gain and harvest he said spreading his arm out wide, you cast a spell to make mortals be at your feet he said bringing his arms down to his side; I say cast a spell to help you with certain things, who will know, and you are saving money, you are not hurting anyone Ra’ra by practicing practical magic he declared taking his seat back on the couch. But I couldn’t help but notice the change in Malcom, he seemed drained almost exhausted, as he took a deep breath of air into his mouth and let the air out of his nostrils, as if he had to convinced himself that he was alright and he seemed fine after that.

  You’re right, I’m defenseless, and I surrendered I said holding both arm in the air. Now that we are in agreement, I thought that since you like the marquee so much that your cards, flyers, and posters, everything, should have the same appeal, what do you think Malcom said waving his hand and pulling a card from the air of his imaginations and handing the card to me. The card was an illuminating white, with the name and words, “Ravens Midnight Dust” dominating the top of the card, the same midnight blue that fashioned the marquee and the little stars that seem to shoot from the letters into the sky replicated the card. Underneath the writing of my shops name was, herbs, candles, candy and potions, the black cat sat atop the moon. I love the card but? I made an opening in the air with both my hands and produced my version of the card, then handed the card to Malcom. I’m impressed Raven, I get no fight from you either, Malcom said taking the card and looking it over.

  I am a good student Malcom, you will get no fight from me cousin, I’m happy to have your help, and you will see that I love your design too, the card has one change, I said pointing to the black cat, now lying in the bottom left corner on a golden pillow asleep. I get it Ra’ra, on the building he’s alert, awake, and looking down on all that enter to welcome them to the shop and, on the card, he’s asleep Malcom said laughing, you have to come to the shop to see him awake. Yes, I said laughing in agreement, I love this logo Malcom, this cat will be with me forever I just know it, the stars and the moon, I want on everything, yes, I confirmed. Great Malcom said, next we have invitations, we have two meet and greets, Malcom reminded me. Doing the owner’s first, I want anyone reading the invitation to feel special, like that personal touch, and I want to make a good first impression as a new comer I said. Warm, inviting, fresh and nonthreatening Malcom added. Yeah, I agreed looking at Malcom waiting to see what he would do next. Malcom stood and walked over to the countertop, I followed watching as he took both of his hands running them across a blank invitation that was lying on top of the countertop near the kitchen, that Shilla had left along with a business card for a local printer, I was supposed to draw a design on it and the printer would make it better; Malcom took the invitation after rubbing his hands over it, then handed it to me.

  Meet and greet:

  Raven Nivens

  Owner of “Ravens Midnight Dust”

  Invites you to attend a Cocktail Party

  Introducing Pleasantville’s Newest Attraction

  You only need bring yourself

  An extra ticket enclosed for Mates or Dinner Chaperones.

  Dress is Casual to Light Formal

  Appetizers with cocktails will Accompany a Night of Fellowship

  Time 7:00 pm until

  Present your invitation at the door-hope to see you at the event.

  The black cat sat at the bottom of the invitation looking up as though he was reading the invitation, the letters were in 3D and bronze in color, with the midnight blue background. A golden watermark of a shooting star faded into the invitation resting behind the wording. The envelope that held the invitation matched in color, and the cat sat at the top left corner looking at whoever would hold and open the invitation.

  I created matching binders to hold the flyers, and invitations and I added a pocket to hold the business card he said proudly. I love everything about this Malcom I said in appreciation, we’ve but to find out how many of these we need to make, and the names of each owner to personalize each package I offered. That sounds groovy Ra’ra that way, everyone will feel personally invited, nothing like that personal touch he added. Tomorrow we do a head count and get an idea of t
he traffic of customers, and then we’ll work on our public openings, Malcom said jumping on the couch knees first and grabbing his big pillow completely exhausted. I followed, after we got comfortable again, we sat talking and planning a while longer before we both headed off to bed, excited about the new day and looking forward to more planning. Tomorrow we snoop around Raven, Malcom said as he grabbed his pillow; I am exhausted he confessed, casting spells astounds me these days he finally admitted, I get dizzy sometimes too, he confessed. Dizzy I repeated, I don’t get dizzy, but I do get winded, casting spells takes a lot out of you I admitted, standing and holding out my arms for a hug thinking nothing of what he’d just admitted to me. Goodnight Malcom, and thank you I said kissing him on his cheek, Good night my daring cousin he said kissing me on my forehead. The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee and freshly baked bread, I grab my slippers and my robe hoping the smell is for two, I head to the kitchen. Good morning sunshine, I love these appliances Raven, and I am looking forward to meeting Shilla, maybe she can redo my place that I haven’t been too in a coons age, Malcom said handing me an empty coffee cup and pointing to the coffee pot, yes, before you ask, I still have an apartment, though I haven’t been to it in moons he added. Everything smells and looks amazing Malcom I said, kissing him on his cheek then pouring my coffee and taking a seat at the table. You’ve gotten to know the kitchen well Malcom, and this coffee is delicious I complimented him.

  Special blend Malcom said placing a plate with a toasted hard roll stuffed with berries and fruit and dusted with cinnamon in front of me. I don’t eat meat Ra’ra, not being able to eat meat during the cleansing, either sticks with you are not he said. I agreed, I don’t think you’ll find any meat in the refrigerator I said cutting into my hard roll. No, I was happy to see only raw foods Raven; I’ll enjoy my stay for sure he said smiling at me. I hope so, oh, and I promised Shilla that I would hand her an invitation personally, I’ll go handle my business with her after breakfast, lay claim on this land, I said boldly and at some point, I need to go to the dealership to purchase a cargo van for my shop as well Malcom; that will be later, closing first with Shilla is top of my list, I insisted. That sounds like a plan Ra’ra he encouraged.

  Malcom, I said with a questioning tone and adjusting my body to face him completely. What is it Raven? You worried; it’ll be okay; I promise he assured me. Oh, I know, I have total trust in you Malcom I said. Then in that case, ask me then, what’s on your heart Raven, ask me anything he offered. I cleared my throat, determined to know what he’d been up to all this time. What happened to your girlfriend, you said you didn’t want to talk about it then, is now good, I asked? Malcom took a bite of his hard roll then pulled his chair closer to the table, he took a sip of his coffee then looked at me; I did say ask me anything, fine Raven he said looking at me and folding his hands under his chin. I know you want to know how it feels Raven, finding someone, falling in love and being on your own, you think it’s this huge thing Ra’ra. My advice to you, “never move in with him or her unless you are sure that’s the person for sure.” The woman I fell in love with, almost caused me to become abrasive and accusatory towards her he said. I learned that nothing is as bad as you think it is but, it is as bad as you make it Raven. Overthinking, giving into accusations one towards the other, the slightest thing would happen for example, I could lose a sock and swear she took it and hid it from me, then I find the sock later, under the couch, and I’m happy I didn’t accuse her of taking the sock; the trust that I had and the love that I had for her was gone, he confessed. Seemed like she loved me but she loved my powers more, he said taking his napkin and patting his mouth. We lived together, she wanted more than I was willing or able to commit to, so we parted, after a year of dating and six months living together, I left her. After moving in with her, I found her to be controlling and even crazy at times Malcom said continuing to eat his breakfast shaking his head.

  Controlling and crazy, how so Malcom, I asked? She wanted me to dress a certain way, she picked out my clothes, food and drink, controlling Raven like she wanted to mold me into what she wanted me to be, and when it came to practicing magic, she tried to control that too. She didn’t want me using magic unless I was teaching her how to practice it; she wanted me to be like a mortal outside our house but behind closed doors was another story. She would get upset with me when I didn’t do exactly what she said, he confessed to me.

  What happened I wanted to know?

  She came home one day and found me gone he confessed. I left a note saying, “you can’t be King and Queen too” he said.

  Just like that Malcom, you walked out, I said confused.

  The first few months were fine Raven, we went out, all of our friends called our relationship an active one, we were the perfect couple, I had my friends, she had hers; then she moved in with me, and I don’t know what happened, she wasn’t the same. It was like, she was there, but not there, and the part that was there was mean, cold and demanding.

  She stopped going out with her friends too, my friends weren’t welcome over anymore. Soon, it was just her and me Malcom said. I left her everything though, the house, the car, the funds in the joint accounts after taking my name off of them, that how I found out about bank by the way and the ability to practice magic successfully on her own she had that knowledge, without me. That was about a year or so ago he added. What happened to her I asked? I bought a condo but didn’t spend much time there I felt empty, unfulfilled, I don’t know it’s hard to explain but, I went back to the colony Raven and I’ve been there helping until now; seeing you cast that bogus spell he said giving me a push. I admit, that was lame, I agreed, you haven’t seen her for over a year I asked. That sounds about the time frame he agreed. What’s her name I asked? Lavenia is her name, and let me say for the record, the first few months were amazing he said smiling, then he looked at me with a blank look on his face, I think I may have left something out he confessed.

  Did I mention that she’s mortal? He asked. No, you failed to mention that small detail, I am sure, that I would have remembered you having mentioned that small detail, I said laughing to assure him that I wasn’t judging his choice to date a mortal. I would show her things from time to time and may have left some traces of myself with her, nothing that she could do any damage with, he admitted, not sure if he believed what he’d just confessed to me or not. That’s good, like mother says, powers in the wrong hands, is like a flower in the wind I reminded him. True, but the chances Raven, think about it, what are the chances of me seeing Lavenia again he said. Is that a question or a statement Malcom, I asked? Malcom just looked at me, he didn’t reply. I’m not sure I added, I know enough to be dangerous I said laughing trying to restore the mood, thanks for answering my questions and for the advice Malcom; I don’t think anyone will move in with me, and I know I have no intentions of giving up my place I proclaimed. Wisdom is set, we both declared raising our coffee cups into the air.

  Today we find out what’s what, and who’s where Malcom said. Right, I said agreeing and thinking about the story that he’d just revealed to me, but I couldn’t let him know my concern; we have to find out how many shop owners there are, and the names I said. I’ll go into each shop, introduce myself, and once they tell me their name I’ll place it on the invitation making it look as though their names were known from the beginning Malcom said. Clever, I agreed. Agenda for the day, closing for you, here’s Shilla’s invitation Ra’ra Malcom said handing me the invitation. Oh, and let me have Serenity’s too, she will be at the closing I said. I’ll do the shops and calculate the customer flow so that we can determine how many flyers to make for our public open house Malcom said excited. I agreed and our day was set. Everything went off without a hitch, Shilla was pleased to get her invitation, she gave me a list of investment properties to look at, Serenity has her invitation and I have the deed to this place. Perfect, everything was going grand, until Malcom got back from his tasks, looking all out of sorts, like he’d see
n Auntie May naked again! I made over three hundred flyers I said proudly as Malcom came through the door looking bothered and bewildered. He walked over to the bar and grabbed a glass looking back at me shaking his head and pouring himself a glass of brew, drinking it down then refilling his glass again.

  Malcom, what happened, I asked? I gave out invitations to everyone but one person he said. Whom and why I asked, confused? Malcom sat down rubbing his face. Raven, you will have to hand this invite to the owner yourself he said handing me the invitation. I looked at the invitation, there’s no name on it I said to him, Malcom I don’t understand I’m now very concerned. I met the other shop owners, and gave out the invitations but when I got to Regina’s shop and saw Regina step out of her shop to help a customer he said shaking his Head-Regina is Lavenia Raven! he blurted out. I grabbed my heart, as though I had just seen Uncle George naked again; WHAT, I shouted! Malcom no please, no, you can’t tell me that I said pacing the floor, out of all the places on this planet, I said amazed at the thought. Malcom stood up and walked outside on the deck just off the living room and sat down out there. I had to calm down and gather my thoughts, really think about how to approach this issue, I took a deep breath then I followed him outside grabbing his glass of wine, an extra glass for me, and our pipes. I handed Malcom his glass of wine and his pipe. We both sat there quiet, sipping our wine and smoking our pipes. Taking a deep breath, I said well, at least we know why her products are so dang good. Malcom looked at me, Ra’ra, she didn’t see me, I saw her and went the other way he revealed holding his head down in shame. I see, I would have done the same Malcom, but on the other hand, I don’t really know what I would have done, I confessed. This changes everything, I added. I don’t see how, I just have to plan an encounter before the event is all, he said.

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