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  After we finalize the papers tomorrow Raven, everything will transfer into your name, electric, phones, cable, internet and those, oh and will you need a car, she said in one breath. Actually I will need a van, nothing big’ mind you, I admitted. Shilla took a business card from her purse and handed it to me, my family owns businesses throughout this city, we wear many hats Raven, I’m sure that I can fill any need that you have she offered smiling.

  I took that card, we keep you moving Eric Patton owner, the card read. Thank you, I said to Shilla; I feel as though you’ve done so much for me, leaves me feeling some type of way Shilla I told her, I feel like, I owe you, I confessed to her, not sure if I liked feeling this way or not. Good, I hope you continue to feel that way Raven, if anything ever happens and you decide to level Pleasantville, perhaps you’ll give me and my family an opportunity to vacate, remembering we are not all bad, Shilla said with much seriousness in her voice. Our eyes locked for a moment, with me remembering some of the stories I had heard about a few of my ancestors having troubles with city folks. I understood her concern, I assure you that this is a new day Shilla, those days of “release the Kraken,” is over for my ancestors, and if I level anyone, it will start and end with Regina, I promised smiling reassuringly. Can I hold you to that Raven? Shilla said extending her hand for me to shake it. I pushed her hand away and opened my arms for a hug, which she gladly received, even kissing me on my cheek. We both laughed as we gathered our things from the wall table and headed to back to her office to collect my luggage. I’m so excited, what a perfect end to an imperfect day and, I have a place to call my own. I have but to move in and “Raven’tize it.” Walking back to Shillas office, she filled me in on all the shops and owners, letting me know what to do and what not do as a shop owner, learning to coexist and mix with the other shop owners will take some preparing.

  Shilla revealed to me that if I wanted to have an opening for my shop that I would have to have two openings, one for the shops owners, then one for the public. That’s not a bad idea I responded to her news, “Grand idea actually,” I told her. Right, I agree, what better way to get to know if one is a potential friend or foe than to invite them into your arena, she replied with mischief in her voice. I looked at her, why Shilla, I do think you would make a much better friend, I said nodding my head with approval. I was so hoping you would say that she admitted laughing loudly. I’ll plan an owners meet and greet, then personally hand you your invite Shilla I said happily. Why thank you Raven, I’m glad that you understand that I am here for you, she said with much integrity in her voice.

  Here we are, back at ground zero she said unlocking her office door and allowing me to enter first. I stepped in gathered my things, took a deep breath from my excitement, turned to leave, then it happened, Regina stepped into Shilla office locking eyes with me. Shilla stepped between us saying Regina, welcome. Shilla placed her arm around Regina’s waist moving her to one side saying have a seat Regina, I’m almost finished here and at the same time, she placed her other arm around my waist making me keep pace with exiting her office, then focusing her attention on me, she said, thank you Raven for your business, and the opportunity to serve you; I hope that your evening is a most relaxing one, I’ll see you on the new day to close on your property Shilla said as she walked me out of her office. I looked inside the office to see Regina taking a seat as instructed by Shilla. Once out of the office I looked at Shilla, I do think we will be good friends Shilla, I told her. I know we will Shilla agreed giving me a hug before dashing back inside. As I walked off, I heard Shilla say, Regina, what brings you in? I couldn’t hear Regina’s response because I had gotten out of earshot, but, my guess would be, “NOSY!” is what brought her in!” Good thing my shop is on the opposite side of the strip, I have to go out of my way to see Regina and her shop, which will be my pleasure. Now, I’m walking back to my Place, I realize that I am a homeowner/Business owner! I pick up my pace, growing more and more excited to get to my new home and settle in, I pop by my business first to set a few things in order before going to my loft I’m so excited I could burst, I have the full advantage of seeing everything by myself all alone, and having another opportunity to take it all in again, just me.

  Inside my business I’m looking around playing with the remote that controlled the blinds, I love the blinds, electric blinds, during the evening, all I have to do is click evening mode on the remote and the blinds let down to cover the glass windows that when open, allows one to see clear to the back of the shop and when the blinds are down, no one can see in at all. Which means I can unpack and stock my shop without snooping mortals, don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem with mortals, for the most part-like Shilla and Serenity. I don’t have that much experience with them yet, however, if Serenity and Shilla are any indication of how they are, then I am all for that. Rumor would have it though, that many of them are like Regina, and I do hope that rumor is wrong, so far it proves to be just a rumor after all, with Shilla being one simple fact of that proof and Serenity too. Now, with all of my blinds closed, I flip my door sign to close, I’m walking around my shop to create a portal of worlds from this world to my world back home. Lighting my candles and incense, positioning the displays that I may fill each one with my potions, candles, perfumes, herbs, soaps and accessories created by my hands and powers, that’ll lineup on my display shelves after I cast my incantations spell like perfect little soldiers, my products will melt the core of any mortal and I have something for everyone, flesh or spirit, so I thought.

  I began my incantations:

  I call upon the seven winds and seven towers to begin

  A format of gain and harvest to reap

  The hearts of humans the bounty to reap

  Seen as a gift and a treasure to all that stumble into my waiting arms

  Fill my shop with a bounty so rich enticing and sweet

  That all who enter must have what they SEE.

  POOF, POOF, POOF, sizzle POW! Is that all I get, I said standing to my feet to cast the spell even harder, positioning myself and rolling up my sleeves, I hear; Well hells bells and morning glories, what do I have here, a deep voice said, shadowing over me from my ceiling. I look up to see my cousin’s face peering through the ceiling. MALCOM! What are you doing here? I asked annoyed but, with excitement to see him. My daring, daring, newbie to the free world cousin he said, I knew I would find you once you tried to cast your first provision spell, he screamed, laughing and spinning around to free himself from the sixteen feet vaulted ceiling, then landing on his feet like a perfectly executed dismount, that I’ve only seen mortals do on television. Well, will you look at this, he said looking around, is this what you spent your allotment on cousin, he said shaking his head with reservation in his voice? I had to correct him and quick! Don’t even try it Malcom, I rebuked him firmly, before you judge you might want to look it over I said waving my hand around to display my shop, this is my shop, I retorted, not that I have to explain anything to you I said, still wondering what happened with my spell. Don’t be like that Ra’ra, I only want to help, I’ve missed you, even though it’s only been a, well, hmm, not that long he said laughing at me as though I hadn’t said a word. I’m so annoyed at that point, Malcom I am busy, you know I don’t have that much time before mother comes for her inspection visit, two weeks goes fast if you’re backing up, which I seem to be doing! If you really want to help me, tell me what I’m doing wrong, I demanded. Malcom was older than I was at the time, by seven years, and has been on his own for a few years, thinks he knows the ropes and the way things were going I needed him to help me, annoyed or not. Very well, I will help you, you won’t like it he added, but, I will help you nonetheless. Let’s recap, shall we? he said spinning around to showcase my error. “seven winds, and seven towers, gain and harvest, the heart of humans, a gift, and a treasure to all that stumble into your awaiting arms, enticing, and sweet, that all whom enter must have what they see. No-no and no, that will not do at all Raven he informe
d me. I was confused because to me my spell was perfect; Malcom, what do you mean? I replied. Ra’ra, didn’t Auntie tell you that you can’t make anyone fall in love, nor can you change the heart or views of mortals, he said firmly. Mother said that it is preferred that we didn’t, I said in my own defense. Preferred, is a nice way of saying, “DON’T” Raven, I am here to help you, trust me he promised. Okay Malcom, what do you want or need from me I asked. First off you can show me around your new place, I do love the open shop with the glass windows, he said stepping back and looking up, he noticed the upstairs.

  Oh my what do I have here to explore he said positioning himself to jump to the glass balcony above, before I could say anything, he was looking down at me with a smirk on his face and then he disappeared deep into my loft. All I could do was follow, being a witch is one thing, being a warlock is another. I have the lesser power, unfortunately, I can’t transport without my token and both it and my disk was packed away, so I walked around to my loft, locking my shop and making sure no one was snooping about. Once in my loft, I found Malcom, sitting with a bottle on the table and drinking from a wine goblet, I just looked at him in disbelief, leaving me that way and having to walk around. This is perfect Ra’ra, I love it, shop down stairs, apartment up stairs, and it’s private! The floating enclosed decks, one from the living area and one from the bedroom, SWEET! And furnished! Can I stay the night he asked Laughing? I never could stay annoyed with him long, I gave in, of course you can Malcom I said taking my bags to my bedroom and unpacking my token and disk first off then, I placed the disk and token on the entry table by the front door and joined Malcom in the living area then I sat down on my overstuffed couch. Malcom snapped his fingers and another wine glass appeared. He poured me a glass of wine. Where did you get this wine Malcom? I asked. From your provision stash he said laughing loudly. I ran over and looked down stairs at my shop. MY DISPLAYS! FULL, AND STOCKED! all I had to do was place my products where I wanted them. Word to the wise, never drink mortals wine Raven, I’m not sure what they do to it, I remember drinking a bottle with a mortal girl once, I woke the next morning and felt like I had three heads and I swear it added some years to me over night, but, you have been warned’ he said taking off his shoes and crossing his legs crisscross. I’ll remember that Malcom, thanks for the mortal’s wine 101 I said taking a sip of my wine, noticing the taste, so this is papas wine? that it is my dear that it is he said. I took another sip and relaxed, yeah, that’s papas all right, now, tell me what I did wrong Malcom, why did my spell fail I asked him? First, you cannot make anyone buy your goods and you cannot cast a spell to make them do anything that they wouldn’t normally do on their own, that’s just wrong he said laughing, “Seven winds, and seven towers, gain and harvest,” you sound like Uncle Maevis! He said now rolling on the couch with laughter and recalling the days when uncle Maevis was around. I laughed too, recalling every moment, “remember we would hide from uncle Maevis, because his spells were always blowing up!” I said laughing so hard tears ran down my face. YES, Malcom recalled, what about the time when he tried to fly, after he had drunk the moon potion and he was supposed to lay still until the potion got into his system, Malcom said laughing hysterically. YES! I remember that! I said laughing so hard my sides hurt, and he was zipping and zooming about, busting out windows and running into barns and over the cow’s, chicken trying to fly to get out of his way he added. We both laughed so hard it was exhausting. Wow, that was crazy, I said shaking my head, remembering uncle Maevis, NO, I am not that bad, am I? I asked slowing my laughter.

  Nah, you’re not that bad Raven, but you may as well be if you’re not going to follow the codes he said boldly, your first time out and you cast a spell to make mortals be at your feet, really! Malcom said raising one eyebrow shaking his head at me and taking a sip of his wine. You’re right Malcom, I didn’t think about it I said, was my only defense. Right and uncle Maevis didn’t think about it or maybe he did think about and just didn’t care, that’s why he’s in the wasteland, doing time for breaking codes, he said looking at me with a firm look. Okay, I get it Malcom, will you help me I asked? I thought you’d never ask he said clapping his hands together, your shops inventory has arrived, so we don’t need that, but you do need your money, how much did you pay for this place Ra’ra, he asked? looking around with an approving look on his face. A little over six hundred thousand I said, hoping he didn’t think I had over spent. WHAT! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I love it, your place plus your business and you have money left over, I’m proud of you Raven he admitted, how did you manage to get a package like this though and for that price he asked? I guess my landing placed me in right hands at the right time Malcom, I said remembering my landing and how Regina treated me, a realtor noticed me with my bags and gave me a card, I followed up with her, and from what she says her family history and ours work hand in hand, I’ll meet her tomorrow to close on this place. Good thing you did follow up, what a sweet deal Ra’ra, I tell you what, Let’s get you unpacked, I’ll gather some things to spend a few days with you, help you get the shop in order for your opening and then I will be off he offered. That sounds great Malcom thank you, I gladly accepted. We laughed and talked for hours. When will you tell Auntie about all this Malcom asked? After I get everything set up, you know mother, she wants to see results not talk about them, I reminded him. Right, Auntie will want to see you in motion he agree.

  Yes, I have two weeks before she will pop in on me I said. That’s about right, two weeks from now, your provision spell has started your time Malcom reminded me. Oh right, she knows I’ve made a withdrawal for my shop I said. She sure does, and what you took and she’ll know how much money that you’ll request, once I show you how to do it that is he said cracking his knuckles, I do think she will be pleased though, he assured me. Thank you Malcom I said hugging his neck. Let’s go down stairs, I will even walk with you, unless you want to use your transportation disk Malcom said laughing aloud looking at my disk over on the table. Not everyone is a free transporter Malcom I reminded him. You got that right and there’s a reason for that he said standing to his feet, shall we walk then he said extending his hand towards the door. I thought about what he’d said, I stood to my feet, what do you mean “and there’s a reason for that” Malcom, a reason why only males can free fly, Oh and I guess you have the answer to that question too, you seem to be full of knowledge or full of something I said rolling my eyes and heading for the door. That’s not what I meant Raven he said, really! That’s what it sounds like to me I said cutting him off. I’m not saying I am better than you because I’m a male Malcom said, however, given our history and the fact that most of the drama throughout that history came from females he said looking at me for agreement; I have no case I said. I know you have no case Ra’ra, facts are facts, so don’t get upset with me because the females throughout our history screwed things up for all females he said putting his arm around my neck and laughing. You do know that you are my favorite cousin right Ra’ra, he said pulling a pipe out of the air. You don’t mind if I smoke do you Ra’ra? He asked. I looked at Malcom, thinking how lucky he is to be a boy and that he knows a bunch of incantation spells, I think I may have some jealousy issues. Malcom waved his hand over his pipe and taking a deep puff blowing the smoke up into the air, then handed the pipe to me. I don’t smoke Malcom, I never liked that stuff! I said with my nose turned up. Oh I see, you think that this is tobacco don’t you he said taking another deep puff. Isn’t it I questioned? No, this is not mortals tar leaf Raven, you won’t find this in a shop or corner store, oh no, this is from my own garden, I’ve been growing my herbs since my first leaving and no one knows where but me, he said laughing. Herbs, you smoke herbs, why? I asked confused, I didn’t know you could smoke herbs, I said as if I’d just fallen off a potions truck. Malcom stopped dead in his tracks, spun me around, holding both my shoulders looking into my eyes and pulling me close to him, I love You, my poor daring newbie to the free world, I have much to teach y
ou Ra’ra, here, take, puff, see how the other half lives, Malcom said handing me the pipe. I looked at him, it did smell herby and earthy like home. I took the pipe and took a puff like I saw him do, the herbs had a bitter mild taste, nutty, within two seconds I felt calm, relaxed, not anxious at all, I liked his herb pipe, I wanted one of my own and I told him so. Now inside my shop we closed the door, locking it behind us. Malcom laughed, twirling three fingers in the air and retrieved a solid orange long stemmed pipe with blood veins of deep red tearing through the orange handle and a golden mouth piece to draw the smoke from the pipe, the pipe itself was made out of glass and a black raven bird was carved on the pipes handle with its wings spread out making the bird look as if it waited for the golden bowl that it offered to be filled. He handed me the pipe, then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a beautiful silver box that resembled a cigar case, it had the same bird with its wings spread out, making it appear that the bird invited the case to be opened by its holder. I know you so well my daring cousin, I took liberties, no need to thank me Malcom said kissing me on my cheek. I remembered Shilla says that too, “Liberties, I said laughing.”

  What’s so funny, tell me! Before I get mad and don’t want to know’ Malcom demanded. My realtor must have said that very same word today more than twice easily, Shilla, she took liberties, see my shop, loft, and all that it holds I said noticing the look on his face and trying to convince him that I wasn’t laughing at him per say. Shilla, you have to meet her Malcom I think you two will hit it off I added trying to break the paranoid mood. Oh do tell Ra’ra, right your phantom realtor, right out of thin air and so fast too, it took me some time to find my own place he said still upset about thinking I’d laughed at him. I’ll tell you how I meet her later Malcom trust me it wasn’t out of thin air, more like a mercy meeting, I said under my breath, she’s sweet, I said changing the subject. Right, sweet for a mortal that is, Malcom said laughing, yes most are sweet he agreed, we both laugh. I don’t mind meeting her Raven, some of my best friends were mortals he said, handing me the box and pipe. I opened the box and looked inside, bringing the box close to my nose to gently sniffed the earthy golden herbs, thank you Malcom for everything. For walking with me instead of using your power or might also, for the introduction to the herbs, and for my lovely pipe and box of herbs, and for casting my provision spell, Oh and stopping me from making a fool of myself with that bogus spell, I said hugging his neck tightly.

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