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Magic and Mayhem: And Then There's Me (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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  This work was made possible by a special license through the Kindle Worlds publishing program and has not necessarily been reviewed by Robyn Peterman. All characters, scenes, events, plots and related elements appearing in the original Magic and Mayhem remain the exclusive copyrighted and/or trademarked property of Robyn Peterman, or their affiliates or licensors.

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  And Then There’s Me

  You’d think being 27 years old, I’d learn a thing or two about bad days, no, not me, nope; I wake up in a new world every day. Now thirty days on my feet, seven years in recovery, it took almost three years to learn how to walk again, and my skin, still looks like I have never used lotion in my life! Being turned into a gecko has its down points, after all these years, you’d think I would move pass some things, forgive-keep it moving; but then, the draw backs of being bitter has its benefits too. I feel like a bird in a gilded cage. Having to be retaught, learning how to walk, how to cast spells again, even transporting, I couldn’t even practice magic for almost a Year-I got to do my first spell on my own a few weeks ago and even then, Pokka was watching every move I made, just like a watchdog. Thinking about the day that Regina attacked me, like it was yesterday, even though years have passed, I just can’t get it out of my head, every time I think of it, my entire body aches.

  I need change, I could take a vacation, disappear, they’d just come looking for me, I can’t get away ever! I could denounce my craft, become human or near to it, cut myself off, what a thought Raven! It’s not that bad! Note to self: stop talking to self. I’ll stick to reality and try to make up for this wet dark and un-magical day; What a day! Standing in the rain trying to figure out which way to go, if I take the train home I’ll be there in no time flat, I can pack and run away. Go where no one knows me or can find me, change this mug of mine. But if I take a cab I can stop by the pub where I know all of my ratty friends are. Now having made my choice, like a wimp, I’m sitting at the bar reflecting on the week that I had and trying to move on from it, turning up my wine glass for the third time, and nibbling on my cheese and crackers platter.

  All of a sudden, it happens, the wine kicks in, I guzzled the glasses of wine so fast it’s no wonder. I look at the bar tender and owner of my favorite pub, I’m here after work every day with a smile on my face to say, oh yeah, I’m still alive Pokka, one more should do it. Pokka replaces my wine glass with what appears to be white wine but I know it’s not, he looks at me as he slides the glass in front of me, he takes his bar towel and whips it over his shoulder, leans over and says to me, “well Raven, another week and we made it through, looking real fine too. Then he turns to look at the clock, it’s early yet he says to me, I want to show you something in my office Raven, will you follow me? Chimer? Cover me completely! We’re going in, he says to his assistant bartender, as he grabs the glass that he’d slid in front of me and walks from behind the bar.

  You know Raven, seven years to this day you fell into my care he says proudly, with a twisted smile on his face. Yes, seven years to this day Pokka I agreed, following him to what I thought was his office all these years; once in his office, he looked at me and handed me the glass of wine, instructing me not to drink it yet. Raven, I want you to know something about me he confessed as he turned to lock his office door. Now I’m tipsy, but not out of my mind knee walking are anything, I’ve my wits about me, so I walked over to the desk in his office, put my purse down and freed my hands of the glass of liquid, because I’m thinking, “I’m going to have to beat up Pokka or die trying.” I take a deep breath, and then looked at him with my, “it’s going down face on,” now he has a sad look on his face, then he held his head down, you don’t trust me Raven, he says to me, you haven’t given me reason not to but, you better tell me what’s up because you’re freaking me out Pokka, I told him. Oh wow, I bet I am, he said laughing and shaking his head from side to side.

  There is no way to tell you Raven, he says walking over to his desk, I’ll have to show you he said, pressing a button underneath his desk, then stepping to one side. The bookshelf behind the desk opened up like a vault, the air that released from the pressure of the tightly closed door smelled like ginger and vanilla. I took a deep breath closing my eyes, the smell took me back to my childhood, I let down my guard. I have a meet and greet area for our family only Pokka revealed to me, and hereto, you haven’t been able to partake, grab your glass and purse Raven, follow me, he said laughing. I did as he asked, I’ve known Pokka for moons, been in his office a thousand times, it looked like a bookshelf to me, I never would have guessed that Pokka held a secret room behind the bookshelf in his office. I’m totally relaxed now, and followed Pokka. Entering the hidden room, stepping through the door, the room opened up and branched out into three large areas, each uniquely decorated to give each area a personality of its own, the smell is delightful. As I followed Pokka, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to peer into each area taking a quick glance here and there. Every room was filled with beautifully dressed and well-groomed people, witches and warlocks everywhere.

  Drinks were being served as well as food, it was like a three tear restaurant only going downward, the foundation seemed forced, tunneled in, giving yield to the architect’s goal for this hidden treasure. I developed a smile that just wouldn’t go away, and everyone else had the same smile on their faces too. Pokka turned into one of the rooms, I followed him closely. I was amazed at the amount of people that had gathered behind the bookshelf, Pokka laughed at me, he grabbed my arm and pulled me closed to him like a girlfriend that hadn’t seen me in forever, snuggling his shoulder into mine. The good thing is Raven, there’s one way in without powers, he said looking back towards the door with two sides, leading from his office into this hidden treasure. I knew you would love it, and, that now was time for you to meet some of your people, he said kissing me on my cheek. I looked at him, then took a look around at all the beauty in the room, people sitting, talking, being served; some at the bar chatting, and being served at the bar as well. Very refreshing atmosphere, I felt at home.

  We walked farther into the parlor and to a table that was reserved for a big party, people were already seated at the oval table, and as I grew nearer, I recognized many at the table from our realm, and the pub, MY COUSIN, MALCOM! I hadn’t seen Malcom in forever, I’m beside myself! Everyone smiling and chatting, hugging one another in greetings, my neighbor Satiro was also there, I knew he was a warlock, I found out later that he was assigned to watch me when Pokka wasn’t around, I’m so happy my head felt light as a feather. I heard someone say, “there she is,” everyone began to looked up at me from their seats and stand to their feet to greet me, hugs came flooding in and kisses, oh my gosh, tight lovable hugs, and full lipped kisses, I could feel the love. I closed my eyes and savored every moment, we all greeted one another, and then took our seats, still laughing and chatting as we did. Everyone began reaching simultaneously under the table, pulling out small boxes, the boxes resembled one another; I reached under the table in front of my seat too, Pokka laughed at me, you have more than a box coming Raven, he said as we both sat upright in our seats and trying not to laugh hysterically.

  It’s been seven years to this day, here’s to an ending and a new beginning my neighbor Satiro said raising his glass and winking his eye at me. I’ still having the glass that Pokka had given me raised my glass with everyone too; everyone turned their glass up and drank every drop, I turned my glass up as well, now having the taste of peach an
d lavender left in my mouth, I placed my glass on the table and watched as a waiter came over and removed the glasses from the table quickly. I looked at Pokka because this wasn’t wine in my glass, it tasted like the drink that mother would give me whenever I did something good and she was about to reward me for a job well done. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Pokka said boldly, I watched as everyone removed the lid from their box, each box laminated releasing a mist that formed then joined the other mists from the other boxes. Everyone sat, longing for the opportunity to have the mist brush them or touch them in some way, as it formed with the other mists to become one, I now understood what was happening, a welcoming spell, a welcoming party for me, YES, this meant no more watchdog! Not that I don’t love Pokka, but I need privacy in the worse way. Not all of my friends are witches and warlocks but the few that are like Pokka, me and all of those gathered within the hidden chambers, that keep our traditions and our practices alive, though practical, at best; I’m elated at this point, the power in our area alone, no words could describe the feeling running through my body.

  After all, it had been seven years, okay, let me take you back to the day I came to Cordianville; I had turned 21 years old when I landed, it was on my birthday, old enough to be on my own, given one transportation token, which never expires by the way, a transportation disk, that collapses to the size of a coin and expands to the size of a small platter. I could travel anywhere “P-D-Q,” acronym, meaning, “pretty dang quick,” and enough money to open my own business; that’s if I found a place where the people would accept me.

  I’d better back up more than that if you are to understand completely, and tell you that I’m 27 now, when I turned 21, I was given my adult package, see the world, meet people, start a business, and be popular. A real box of joy’ but, I haven’t told how I got to Cordianville, or how I know Pokka, really know him, and all of my blood friends, that are my friends now I should say; I have to tell you too that the first month on my own was the worse month of my life! The other months following, I had become numb and robotic, so getting through a day, was just that, getting through the day, then getting home as fast as I could and locking myself inside my house. My only source of communication, one of the best inventions since the transportation disk, my tablet, cell phone, and computer, which became my best friends or should I say all of my friends were in my devices. The biggest lesson I learned during my shut-in time is that people are often afraid of what they don’t understand, both mortal and immortal, in part, I think that’s why it was hard for me to make friends, I didn’t trust anyone and you will see why soon. I will say this though, once word gets out you’re a witch or have some type of power, it can get ugly real fast, and it did, for the most part. I always try to keep my cool, think before I respond, and I’m known for my slow response, I’ve been laughed at because I respond so slowly. I want to give a positive response, not thinking about my answer or what I want to really say, can cause much conflict. Being a witch, you’d think that I can make people fall in love with me, or make them treat me like a queen, if I wanted that I guess I could make a potion to manipulate, if I were a naughty witch. No, I’m more of a control freak, make you almost come near death so that I can save you, or cause chaos in one’s life, so that I have opportunity to make it all better, I come to the rescue then, I’ll be loved a long time. And “whomever my victim,” will want me forever, that’s how I was, and that’s how I was going to be out on my own, with no one to tell me what to do or how to act.

  That’s how I thought I was going to be, all puffed up, a partial pagan, but, that was before I came to Cordianville, before I almost lost those that I love, before I got to see firsthand how powers in the wrong hands can be devastating, and before I met my real true friends. When I arrived, coming from the compound, where everything and everyone’s related in some way or another, generation after generation, my family a colony of witches and warlocks, and known throughout the lands; whenever one of our own would feel the need to leave the colony, and join the mortal world at the age of 21, like me and many others before me. I always wanted to leave home though, travel around the globe, see how mortals live; all parents honored this, encouraged the separation actually, we were no surprise to anyone, just not liked very much because some of my ancestors were very naughty from the tales that I’ve heard.

  However, let me take you back to day one, my first stop, Pleasantville, charming city, my very first day in Pleasantville, I landed in front of what appeared to be a candle shop and when I landed, I brushed up against one of the displays outside the shop knocking the display over.

  The owner came out of the shop looked at her display then, looked at me up and down taking a deep breath as if I smelled bad or something, and she didn’t know whether she liked it or not. Putting her hands on her hips, she said, “too good to walk through town, I suppose you don’t have to walk anywhere huh Miss Thing, rushing about and do.” But, you do have to watch where you’re zooming about in this city! Even if you don’t think so, she said to me, still looking at me up and down. I apologize, I said, wondering why she thought my name was Miss Thing, but my name is Miss Nivens I told her, not Miss Thing, and I was looking around enjoying your fair city I added, I wasn’t watching where I was going, again, please forgive me, and allow me to restore your display I offered, she just looked at me. I freed my hands and put together the display like new, then I extended my hand to the shop owner but she just looked at my hand like it was dirty or something, then pointing to the sign that hug outside of her shop she said, “Can you read or did you smack your head too?” No, I’m good I told her and I can do more than that, I said, Regina’s Emporium, candles, bath oils and love potions, I read aloud. Love potions, I said amazed, what kind of love potions, I asked her? Her eyes widen and she became so angry that her face turned red.

  Are you stupid she shouted, she must be stupid she said looking around and pointing at me, you will do good to stay away from me and this store she shouted at me and snapped her fingers, then she turned her back to me and walked back into her shop. Rude, and mean to me, I’ve never been treated like that before, it left me feeling some type of way, I was so hurt, I was angry, but I felt sad at the same time, I felt wounded. She’s got allot of nerve I thought and after I put her display back together better than it was too, I’ve made an enemy, so I better own it I concluded; Regina, enemy already, mother will be disappointed in me for sure. But I couldn’t concern myself with that. Regina has the nerve to sell potions, this confused me, a mortal, selling any type of potions, I didn’t learn that in class. Now this would be my quest, to build my business here, and move out “Regina’s business.” And Then there’s me, look out Regina, we’re going to be good friends I can tell, I thought, smiling on the outside as if nothing had happened at all. I thought it would be fun to destroy another. Regina left me standing there, looking like a weak fool, people passing by stopped long enough to see Regina giving me the business and putting me in my place. All I could do was smile and shrug my shoulders like a dummy and act like I didn’t understand why this woman, a stranger to a new comer came down so hard on me, Inside I was dying, hoping someone would have sympathy on me.

  You all right new comer? I heard someone say; my name is Shilla the woman said helping me collect my things from the ground. Thank you, my name is Raven I said relieved and happy that someone came to my rescue; am I that obvious I asked? No, your bags gave you away she confessed, Regina’s not so bad Shilla said, she just had some bad experiences with witches she revealed covering her mouth. Bad experiences, what kind of bad experience’s I asked interested in hearing the details of that story. I can’t stand here all day explaining things to you, I have to get back to work, I tell you what, here’s my card, call me later, I have to go now, welcome to Pleasantville she said as she rushed off. I looked at the card, “Realty Compound,” Shilla Patton Realtor YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS IS A PHONE CALL AWAY the card read. How convenient, at least I don’t have to look for a realtor now
. I looked around to see what my new city held, nearly lunchtime, I’m both famished and parched, I head to the local café I spotted when landing, for a bite to eat and some drink; what a way to start in a new city, I’m thinking how will I explain this to mother, my gaining a foe first day. I take a deep breath, I don’t have to explain it for a while, so, I focus on the café, I’ll eat, then contact Shilla so she can help me locate a house and business space.

  As I walked the sidewalk, winding my way to the café, I notice some of the shops owners peering from their windows. Oh that’s great I thought, alert the media, “there’s a new witch in town,” I smiled and waved as I passed each shop, I have to be on my best behavior. I’m now thinking, that Regina called up the other shop owners to make them aware of my presence, and that she has enlighten them about my being whatever she has made me out to be. I’ll have to change that, smile and wave I thought as I continued walking, I’ll arrange a meet and greet once I get settled, but first, food and drink. As I crossed the street heading for the café, I observed my surroundings more, many shops, all-different, dress shops, hat shops, coffee shops, a shop for all ones needs, and then there’s Regina’s shop. The shop that offers restorations for the mind, soul, and body, which I’m doubting anyone’s experienced in that shop. I’m eager to find out though; But how? Regina all but banned me verbally, I can’t visit her shop now, waltz in there like I’m that naive as to her warning me not to come near her shop then, BOOM! Here I am. Can I just pop in the shop like that? Of course I can, and I will.

  Regina has no clue how persistent I am; I guess I’ll just have to show her. The café, let’s see what awaits. I entered the café; the shops and café were brownstone and built well, right in the heart of downtown, our Pleasantville, looking around the café, I could tell that no one there cared about anything but eating then returning back to whatever tasks they’d left to eat, in the first place. The server came over to greet me. Hello there, a new face and just in time to welcome, my name is Serenity, and I will be your server this afternoon, she said. Hello Serenity, what a name I chimed, smiling and wondering if she carried her name well. Follow me please she said planting me at a nearby table near a window. I was happy to have a view of the outside, I sat down, adjusted myself to enjoy this beautiful café with my perfect view. We have mushroom soup, and watercress salad as a starter, our entrée is eggplant primavera, that is our lunch special, she offered placing menus in front of me; will you need more time to decide Serenity asked me?

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