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  His head lifted from the back of the couch. She drew in a slow breath as his lips moved closer to her. Hot, moist breath puffed over her nipple. The thought of his mouth on her breasts sent a thrill pulsing through her. Her back arched, lifting the firm mounds even closer to him. The tightened nipples ached. A smile curved his lips as his hands lifted to the tight, swollen mounds. His thumbs brushed across the taut buds. Sharp sensation streaked straight to her core, an ache building low in her belly. His touch was torture. Not what she needed. Not enough. But her desire didn’t stop her from needing to caution him one last time.

  “No biting.” She grasped his hand and lifted his head until their eyes met.

  He smiled and nodded. “No biting this time. Well, not like you mean.”

  A bite was a bite as far as she was concerned, but she guessed he meant teasing nips. That she didn’t mind as long as the fangs didn’t come out. It was the fangs that did the damage. Those teeth were needle sharp and carried some kind of agent or venom that started the damn conversion. She didn’t know what those teeth carried, but from what she’d learned normal kissing and sex weren’t risky.

  She relaxed and let his head lower to her chest. A breath shivered between her lips as his tongue batted at one darkened peak. Her fingers tightened in his hair. She wanted to pull his head close and feel his lips close over her flesh but waited to see what he’d do next. One of his hands skimmed down her side. A trail of tingling heat followed the slow glide. She shivered as his fingers slid up under the fabric and over her stockings. He sucked at her breast, drawing it deep. His mouth worked pulling. The slow tugging sensation sent white-hot spears arcing through her. Every move, every touch seemed designed to drive her need higher. He seemed to savor every gasp, every wriggle he pulled from her. Her thighs widened in invitation. His hand hadn’t moved any higher. She needed him to touch her. His fingers were so close to her pussy. It seemed like torture to be denied. She could feel the slick moisture on her thighs.

  “Touch my pussy please.” She licked her lips.

  A pleased laugh rolled from him. She felt the vibrations against her back. His fingers again traced the edge of the gray stockings.

  “I’ll want to see you wearing just these sometime soon.” He dropped a kiss on the slope of her breasts. “I love seeing the desire rise in you.” His fingers lightly touched her cheeks.

  “You could see my desire now if you’d stop playing.” Her nails scraped lightly across his shoulder.

  He smiled but his fingers traced up her inner thigh. The slightly calloused tips brushed across the full lips at the juncture of her legs. Anticipation danced through her. Parting the folds of her sex, he lightly brushed the hood of her clit. She trembled, the sensation hotter than she’d ever have imagined.

  In a single move, he stood. He pushed her skirt down, taking the thong at the same time. She kicked out of her heels. His hand went to his fly. In moments, he’d freed his cock and rolled on a condom. He sat back down. Serena straddled his thighs eagerly. She felt her inner muscles clench. She needed him inside her. His hand gripped her hips as he urged her into position. She slowly lowered onto his shaft. She felt his fingers tighten as she took him inside her pussy. For a moment, she savored the feeling of their joined bodies, the fullness. She couldn’t remain still.

  She slowly rose until she felt only the rounded head inside her. His hands pressed her back down until her slick labia pressed against him. His teeth nipped at her shoulder. The sting sliced through her, enhancing the sweet ache throbbing inside her. She ground against him. His hands lifted her, urging her to a faster pace. She tensed as light and pleasure exploded over her. She trembled even as his hands continued moving her on him. Each movement seemed to increase the sensations rippling over her. A moment later, he growled her name and came. Serena collapsed against him, her head resting against his sweat-slicked chest.

  His hands stroked her back, bringing her slowly out of the half doze. She blinked and looked up at him. He was staring down at her, a small smile curving her lips. He looked satisfied and anticipatory at the same time.

  “Let’s go up to bed. I want to try this in a bed.” He let his fingers trail down the cleft of her buttocks.

  She shivered as the tingling sensation sparked a very definite interest. Her muscles tightened around his shaft. His cock began hardening, lengthening inside her. Surprised, she rocked her hips experimentally.

  “Not here. In bed where we can fully enjoy each other’s body.” His hand tightened as he rose to his feet, holding her tightly against him. His hands cupped her buttocks and kept their bodies joined as he carried her down the hallway.

  Chapter Five

  As she surfaced from a deep sleep, she felt a muscled leg against hers and an arm at her waist. The strange sensation pulled her fully out of the heavy fog of sleep. She opened her eyes and stared at the deep brown nipple right in front of her eyes. The urge to lick or nip it rose but she pushed it down. The muscled chest rose and fell rhythmically. She tilted her head up to look at him. His eyes were closed and he looked as if he were asleep. She drew in a deep relieved breath. She didn’t want to have to deal with any questions just yet. Slowly, keeping an eye on his face, she eased back out of his arms. If at all possible, she’d like to go home. She knew he’d argue with her about that. Since he was inclined to just take over, leaving before he woke sounded like a wonderful idea to her.

  She slipped out of bed and looked around the room. Luckily, her clothing was out in the living room and she didn’t have to hunt around in here for the bits and pieces. The risk of waking him would be too great. She slipped out of the room and down the hallway. Halfway to the living room, she realized she’d need a ride. Under the circumstances, she couldn’t just steal his car. He wasn’t a threat to anything but her sanity. It took a few moments to find the number of a taxi. All her friends would be getting ready for work. She called a cab. She had to get home, change clothes and get to the office.

  After a walk to meet the cab, Serena was on her way. She already knew she was going to be late for work but that was the least of her worries. Pills, shower, clothes and then work. Her priorities were a matter of survival. The phone was ringing as she came out of the shower. She let it ring and focused on getting ready. She had a feeling that was Marcus. Her cell phone started ringing a few minutes later. As she finished dressing, Serena put him on speakerphone.

  “Hello.” She tried to sound cheerful and confident even as she continued to move around, grabbing the essentials.

  “That little disappearing act of yours could have easily gotten you killed.” Marcus’ voice was soft but the intensity could easily be heard.

  “Your rogue might make a try for me but he’s more likely to find me through you or one of the other vampires. I think I’m safe enough for the moment.” She twisted her hair into a bun, securing it with pins and a band. “I have to get to work. We’ll talk about this after I get off.”

  “There will be men waiting for you in your company’s parking lot. Do not try to lose them. We’ll talk then,” he ordered.

  She rolled her eyes. “I don’t see any reason to try to lose them. They’re probably wasting their time but they can follow me if they want.”

  “Good.” He didn’t sound any happier than when he’d started the conversation.

  Serena eventually got to the office. The day seemed to drag but after what seemed an eternity she walked out of the building for the day. She spotted the two vampire guards almost immediately. They sat in a silver car nearly directly across from the door. She ignored them as she made her way to her car and left. The silver car pulled in behind her and followed her back to her apartment. She went inside the building. As she got into the elevator, she saw the two vampires enter the building.

  Walking into her apartment felt great after the long day. She knew she’d have to deal with Marcus and probably more demands that she leave her apartment. At least she could actually make a real choice here, instead of the virtual tr
ap of last night.

  Letting down her hair, she headed for the kitchen, wanting to get something cold to drink. As she walked through the door, the front door slammed into the wall. Serena spun on her heel and looked out into her living room. She saw a slim blond-haired man just before he spotted her. It took her a moment to recognize him as the rogue Daniel.

  He must have been waiting in the building, because she was sure that the men Marcus had following her wouldn’t have let him past without a fight. They’d been right behind her until she’d gotten into the elevator.

  He surged forward, running across the living room. Serena stumbled back, instinctively throwing up a shield around herself. The edge of the counter pressed into her back. She couldn’t retreat any farther. She had to meet the attack. Her hands scrabbled along the countertop even as thoughts and magic melded. Unleashing her power, she watched as he flew back. He hit the wall on the far side of the living room. Serena didn’t count on the vampire seeing the truth this quickly. Her hand closed around the handle of a pan. Symbols and images flashed through her mind, combining with raw magic. The vampire slowly got to his feet. A smoky haze rose about two feet in front of her. The gray smoke swirled, forming two muscled legs first then a torso. As the rogue stumbled forward, the smoke solidified into a Shadow Warrior. The Warrior held out his hand and a staff appeared in it.

  “You’re out of your league.” She kept her eyes on the vampire.

  “I’m going to enjoy ripping you apart. Maybe I’ll wait around to see the face of the person who finds you.” His hands flexed and his muscles tensed.

  She licked her lips. She had faith in her magic and ability to keep him at a distance. The only problem would be the time. The longer he was here, the more likely someone else was to walk in and get hurt.

  Daniel barreled forward. She knew he was going to try to go right through the Shadow Warrior. That he’d never seen a Shadow Warrior was obvious. The Shadow Warrior’s staff jabbed into the rogue’s stomach. Daniel stumbled backward, the air bursting from his lips. He looked absolutely stunned but he shook his head and advanced again. Maybe she should have given the Warrior something a little more damaging than a staff. Daniel approached more cautiously this time. The Shadow Warrior’s staff swayed to the right, tracking Daniel’s every move. She felt a little useless and restless. She wished she didn’t have to just stand back and watch but she couldn’t match the vampire’s strength and speed. He really could rip her apart.

  Daniel feinted to the right before coming in low from the left. The Shadow Warrior stepped back and the staff slammed across the vampire’s head and then again on his back. Daniel’s hands flew up to shield his head. He tried to push forward but the Shadow Warrior shoved him back. He stumbled and fell to the floor. Before he could get to his feet a blond man rushed through the door. He was one of the men Marcus had sent to watch her. Daniel looked at the man and then back at her. He lunged to his feet. The blond vampire bared his teeth.

  “So you’re having a few problems, Daniel?” the blond asked as he took a step forward.

  Daniel glided away from the Shadow Warrior. He faced the blond vampire. Daniel glided forward and slammed into the blond. The two men fell back against the wall. Serena heard a distinct crunch as the two men grappled. Fists flew and they broke apart. Her eyes widened as she saw a dent and cracks in her wall. Daniel again sprang forward. The two men slammed into an end table. The blond man’s fist slashed upward into the rogue’s jaw, his hand fisted into his opponent’s shirt to keep him close. The rogue wrenched free staggering to the side. He lunged forward but seemed to think twice about it. Spinning on his heel, he raced out of the door, only a step in front of the blond.

  Serena watched and waited. She had no idea if the rogue would come back. On top of that, she’d never seen the blond vamp before today. She’d assumed he was one of the men sent to guard her but she wasn’t going to take any chances. The Shadow Warrior was staying in place until someone she knew arrived. She knew that could take some time.

  She heard running footsteps out in the hallway. A dark-haired man rushed through the door. She recognized him as the second man who’d followed her into the building. It was another man she didn’t really know. She sighed and leaned back against the counter to wait. She knew if this was one of the men sent to guard her, Marcus would probably show up soon.

  “Are you all right?” the man asked.

  “I’m fine. He didn’t touch me.” She folded her arms and watched him over the counter between the kitchen and the living room.

  He took a step forward but stopped as the Shadow Warrior’s staff came up. He moved to the left then right and the staff followed his every movement. She kept her eyes on him, needing to see his reaction. He frowned, looking more confused than angry. That reassured her but she still kept her Warrior in front of her.

  “Why is that…creation…still in front of you?” He kept his distance but moved so that he could fully see her.

  “Do I know you? I’m keeping my Warrior until I see someone I know I can trust. You’re just lucky he’s not overly sensitive. I personally wouldn’t take being called a creation lightly.” She looked at the large black and gray Warrior in front of her.

  “But you control him.” The vampire shook his head.

  “Don’t think that a shadow is all it is. It may look like a shadow but it probably is more than it appears, James.” Marcus’ voice came from the doorway.

  Serena looked toward the door and saw him leaning against the frame, the side that wasn’t splintered. Dressed in a white shirt and gray slacks, he looked reassuringly calm and solid. She couldn’t recall ever being so relieved to see anyone. She focused, feeling for any trace of magic. When she was sure, he didn’t have any hint of glamour on him, she relaxed. She turned her attention to the Shadow Warrior she’d called to her aid.

  “Thank you so much for coming to my aid, Warrior.” She walked over to stand in front of the large Shadow Warrior.

  “It was my pleasure to serve you, Lady Witch.” He turned to face her as she approached him. The dark gray shadows coving his face fell away revealing golden tan skin. “If you’d given me a different weapon, I could have defeated your enemy.”

  “I only wanted him kept away from me this time. If there’s a second time, I won’t hesitate to use something more lethal,” she said, and gave a small shrug. “If you’re ready, I’ll send you back now.”

  “I’m ready. Are you sure you’re safe with them?” The Shadow Warrior looked over at Marcus.

  “He might yell but he doesn’t want to hurt me.” She looked back over at Marcus and saw him scowling at her.

  “If you’re certain of that, I’m ready.” The gray mist rose, concealing his face once again.

  Serena concentrated, letting her magic rise as she pictured the images and symbols. A moment later, the gray smoke dissolved. Looking up, she saw that Marcus had moved to the kitchen doorway and just stood there, waiting.

  “Just how many times have you summoned that Warrior? He seems protective of you.” Marcus’ eyes narrowed as he glided forward.

  She heard a distinct growl in his voice. Her own eyes narrowed. His attitude went beyond just protective. She could see his frustration and anger as well as hear the possessiveness in his tone. Was it all just because she hadn’t done what he’d said and Daniel had found her?

  “That Warrior, maybe twice, but all Shadow Warriors are protective. It’s part of who they are,” she explained.

  “You can explain about that Shadow Warrior later. You should see now that you’re in danger. He won’t stop coming after you.” Marcus took the final steps closing the distance that separated them. His hand cupped her chin, ensuring that she met his intense stare.

  “I’ll admit that I’m not safe here. He’s found me now and he will come after me.” She licked her lips. “Like I said earlier, he probably found me through the men you set to guard me.”

  “I’m not so sure about that. I trust that you’re not goi
ng to argue about leaving the apartment this time.” His thumb stroked over her cheek before he lowered his hand.

  “I’m not going to argue about going somewhere safer until we catch him. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to argue about going to your house. There are plenty of hotels and safe houses I could go to.” She folded her arms across her chest.

  “We’ll talk about where you’re going to stay a little later. Why don’t you go pack whatever you’ll need for a week,” he suggested. “That way you won’t need to come back here for a while.”

  “I’ll go pack. Why don’t you do something about that door? I can’t just leave my apartment open.” She smiled. The man liked giving orders. She’d love to see how he followed them.

  She heard his soft laughter as she walked past him. Striding back to her room, she left him to the task. Her first priority was getting her medications packed before he followed her into the room. She had no doubt that he’d be in here as soon as he arranged for someone to fix the door.

  She was sorting through her work outfits when he strolled into the room. He leaned against the wall, looking too satisfied. She felt his eyes follow as she walked back to the closet. He seemed content to wait until she could focus all her attention on him. Finally she zipped up her garment bag and then the large suitcase. She wasn’t traveling light. Finished, she dragged the suitcase off the bed.

  “Here let me take that.” He walked over and took the suitcase from her. “Now are you ready to go?”

  “Not until we settle where I’m going to be staying tonight and I’ll need my car to get to and from work. You’re not just going to take over like you did last night.” She faced him and braced her hand on her hip.

  “You’ll be staying at my house. You know I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” His head tilted to the side and he gave her a considering look.

  That was the problem. She wanted him now but any kind of involvement was a bad idea. She knew it would probably lead to him finding out about her transformation. The thought of it was distracting. She kept expecting him to ask who she thought she was fooling.

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