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  “It’s the way it should be. You didn’t even try to find out what I felt. You just ran.” He released her hand got out and met her as she got out of the car.

  He led her into the house. She felt both exhausted and nervous. She really hadn’t expected him to come after her. Not after she’d told him that she didn’t need his protection. She hadn’t really thought that he’d care.

  “I didn’t think my leaving would matter. There are other women. I thought you’d find one.” She walked into the house. She was surprised by how secure and at home she immediately felt. She’d missed just being with him.

  “Come here. Let me hold you again.” He lifted his arms and urged her to him.

  She licked her lips and hesitated. She wouldn’t be able to think about the future while he held her. Any resistance would fail once she was in his arms. Did she really want to fight him anymore? She wanted to be with him. Her eyes closed. He’d come after her. He wanted her but it was such a risk. Her own feelings were so strong she was afraid she’d read too much into his feelings. He’d never lied to her, one part of her insisted. She took a step forward.

  After the first step, she couldn’t stop. A moment later she was in his arms. He pulled her against him, a soft groan rumbling in his chest.

  “You’re going to have a hard time walking away from me again.” His hand stroked down her back. “How could you think I could be with you and not see how special you are? I don’t need some mystical ability to recognize that you and I belong together.”

  “I don’t want you to think you have to be with me because you’re my mate. I don’t want you to regret being with me.” She slid her hands up his shoulders. “You might get tired of me.”

  “Get tired of you? You might drive me crazy at times but you’re never going to bore me. I love you, little witch. I’ve been trying to tell you that since you walked into the room at the Council building.” His hands framed her face.

  She searched his eyes. She could see the sincerity and the worry in his eyes. Suddenly it hit her. As much uncertainty as she felt, he felt the same. The sign of vulnerability convinced her. He wouldn’t have been uncertain unless it mattered so much to him. She threw her arms around him and gave in to the desire to kiss him.

  “I was so afraid that I was going to trap you into a relationship that you’d hate. I didn’t want to ever see disgust in your eyes,” she whispered against his neck.

  “You’re my witch. I wasn’t about to let you go.” He lifted her chin and kissed her, claiming her lips. “Now why don’t we go to the bedroom and you can show and tell me how you feel about me this time.”

  She skimmed her hand down his chest and shaped over the hard ridge of his cock. “You’re supposed to be teaching me everything about being a vampire, not seducing me.”

  He chuckled, the sound relaxed and happy. “Judging from where your hand is, there could be some doubt about who’s seducing whom. We’ll get to the teaching later. You’ll learn everything you need to know. Now I need to feel your body against mine.”

  She smiled and leaned back to wink at him. “I think we can take care of that. You want to carry me there or walk? If we walk, I’d bet we could both be naked by the time we get to the room.”

  She unbuttoned the top two fastenings on her shirt. His eyes dropped to the widening v and locked there for a moment just as she knew it would. The way he responded to seeing her body made her feel like the sexiest woman ever born. His fingers lifted and brushed the slope of her breasts revealed by the gaping shirt.

  “I like that idea.” He pushed the fabric to the side, revealing more of her breast. His fingers kept going until they encountered the lace of her bra. “Why don’t you start taking off your clothes and lead the way?”

  “You just want to look at my ass as I walk down the hallway.” She finished unfastening the buttons of her shirt and let it slide down her arms.

  She didn’t look as it fell to the floor and kicked out of her heels. The soft carpet felt wonderful beneath her toes, but she wasted no time savoring it. She flicked the fastening of her slacks open. Stealing a glance at him, she saw that he was already down to his blue briefs. She pushed her pants down and she bent, blatantly teasing him with the pose. His hands cupped her round butt cheeks, smoothing up and over silky film of her panties. His arm slid around her waist, pulling her back against him. He leaned over and pulled her hair to one side.

  “Do you know how much you tempt me?” His breath puffed over her ear. “Hurry up. I want to see this gorgeous ass swaying in front of me as we go to the bedroom.”

  “We could go to the bedroom later.” She wriggled her butt just to tease him.

  She felt his cock, thick and hard, against her. She’d love to pull down her panties and feel him sliding deep right here and now. She was that ready for him.

  “No, you’ve been out of my life for too long. I want you in my bed, where you belong.” His hands grabbed her hips to keep her from moving again.

  She laughed softly. “Okay, bed it is. If you’ll let me go, I’ll remove these nasty panties and bra and lead the way.”

  “No tricks, Serena.” He let her go and she felt him step away from her.

  With a sigh, she straightened. Reaching behind her, she released the catch on her bra. The silk dropped to the floor. She glanced over and saw him watching her. He was completely naked. His cock jutted toward her and the rounded head was dark and enticing. Licking her lips, she decided she’d have to taste him tonight. She hurriedly pushed her panties down.

  Walking slowly, she led the way to the bedroom. The bed was spread with a simple red blanket and an open box of condoms sat on the bedside table. If he hadn’t been so convincing, she might have wondered about what had happened since she’d left. Instead, she knew he’d made sure everything was ready and waiting for them. She smiled. It was good to be back here. His hands clasped around her waist and lifted her off her feet. She drew in a sharp breath and clutched at his arm. He laughed and put her on the bed.

  His mouth came down on hers as he joined her there. She hooked an arm around his neck and played with the ends of his hair as he kissed her. Hunger built and she trailed her foot down his calf. She didn’t want only his kisses. She needed more than that after the time away from him. Her juices coated her thighs. His hand slid down her stomach and cupped the mound of her pussy. She widened her thighs. Two of his fingers slid between the plump folds.

  “You’ve missed me.” His fingers stroked into her pussy.

  “Every day.” She stared into his eyes letting him see the truth. Pushing on his shoulder, she shoved him onto his back. “Now let’s see if you’ve missed me.”

  “Do you think it’s necessary? I came after you.” He didn’t seem to mind that she’d taken over the play.

  Dropping kisses on his chest, she played with his nipples for a little bit. His hands slid down her back and flexed on her buttocks. She licked around the darkened circle and tongued the hardened bead of his nipple. His fingers slid between her legs and found the slick entrance of her pussy. She gasped as he thrust his fingers deep. She knew she had to get away from those fingers before she came. His cock had to be inside her when she came again.

  Reaching down, she slowly eased those talented digits out of her. She shuddered as her muscles clenched and her body protested the loss. Determined to give him pleasure, she moved down his body. She hadn’t thought she’d have the chance to do this again and she was going to enjoy it. Clasping his shaft in her hands, she dropped a kiss on the head.

  Her tongue swirled around the tip as her hand began stroking its length. A groan tore from Marcus’ throat. She enjoyed the sound of his enjoyment and it only kicked her response to an even higher level.

  “Straddle my leg.” His voice was rough and growly. She absolutely loved it.

  “I like where I am.” She opened her mouth and took the head inside.

  He put his hand on her shoulder. Serena’s eyes widened as he lifted her until her mouth pop
ped free of his cock. She knew he wasn’t using most of his strength. The threat was clear. If he didn’t get his way, she wasn’t going to get to play.

  She straddled his left leg and went back to her project. Her hand slipped down to play with his balls as she took his shaft deep into her mouth. His leg rose and his calf pressed against her pussy. She wouldn’t mind having him come now and sucking him until he was hard and ready again. Marcus didn’t seem to be willing to wait. The pressure of his leg on her pussy was going to drive her insane and she knew it was deliberate.

  She stroked her mouth up and down his shaft. His hips lifted and she knew he was getting close. His hands grasped her shoulders, lifting her away from his cock again. She eyed the bobbing head with desire before she met his eyes.

  “Not this time. It’s been too long since I’ve felt the warmth of your pussy.” He grabbed a condom and ripped open. “Put it on me. With your fingers.”

  She took the condom and rolled it onto his cock. Not wasting time, she straddled his hips. She wanted him inside her. He reached between them and held his cock at her sopping entrance. She lowered her hips slowly, wanting to savor the sensation. As her butt touched his thighs, his hands clasped her hips and began guiding her in a slow rocking motion. When she took over the rhythm, he released her and slipped one of his hands between them on the upstroke. Every time she lowered her hips, his fingers brushed against her clit. She closed her eyes. He knew how to torment her.

  Her stomach tightened and the wild feelings were only building even more. Her hands smoothed over his chest. She wanted to make him as desperate as she was. Her nails scraped across the hard nubs of his nipples, drawing a hissing breath from him. His finger circled her clit on the next downward stroke. She trembled. So close, but the need clawed through her belly. Desperate, she leaned down and nipped at his nipple. His hips thrust against her. As his finger ground on her clit, pleasure ripped through her body, shaking her down to her toes. Her mouth found his neck and before she realized what she was doing, she bit. Liquid flowed into her mouth and she instinctively swallowed.

  Marcus groaned and his hand tugged her away from his neck. When she felt his teeth sink into her skin, it felt so right. His hips rocked against her, lengthening the pleasure of her orgasm. Finally, he lapped at her neck and relaxed back onto the bed.

  Serena savored the feeling of still being connected to him. She wasn’t in any hurry to move. In a way it was solid proof that she was really here. It would probably be a few days before she could believe that this was real, but she was going to enjoy reassuring herself and him, if he still had any doubts.

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  Rebecca lives in the heart of Texas. She loves the outdoors, growing things and working on crafts when she’s not lost in the worlds of her characters. Please feel free to write and tell her what you think; she’d love to hear from you.

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